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Li Na - third round

Saturday 29 June 2013

Li Na’s press conference after her 4‑6, 6‑0, 8‑6 victory over Klara Zakopalova.

Q.  Bit of a tight match.  Your thoughts?

LI NA:  Yeah, I mean, is pretty tough match.  I mean, she has to serve for the match.

But I was really happy I didn't give up.  Still hang in there, yeah.  Fight like crazy, but still at least I will be in the second week of Wimbledon, yeah.

Q.  Two parts to the match.  The first set was tight.  The second set you blitzed.  The third set got tight again.  Talk about the difference between the second and third set?  Did you tighten up a little bit?

LI NA:  Of course, I think everyone will tight when the final set is coming.  Already play two set.  Everyone ‑ how you say ‑ one more step to go in next round.

Also, I mean, she's play pretty flat and also pretty deep.  Sometimes I really I was feeling I have dug my knees in the ground and I can't hit the ball.  I mean, this is grass court.  Lucky not so many players like her, so yeah.

Q.  You've played her before.  The last time you played her was a very close match as well.  On the grass it's a bit different.  At the beginning of the match it seemed like her return of serve was strong, deep.  Were you taken aback by how strongly she was hitting?

LI NA:  Yeah, I mean, after first set I was thinking about little bit only have one‑and‑a‑half minute.  I have to ‑ how you say ‑ I couldn't continue the way; otherwise I would lose the match.  I need change something in my game.

I tried to do something little bit better come even forward to try stay low.  Yeah, I think after I was break her twice.  I think she was give up a little bit in the second set because she have one set in pocket, so...

But the final set, I don't think it was play bad, but still like, I don't know how to say, but so many balls.  I feel I can hit the winner, but the ball just, like, on the net, I still have to keep play.  So, yeah.

But still, I mean, it's very ‑ how you say ‑ not only for today win the match.  It's very exciting how strong I was on the court.

Q.  I noticed your Coach Carlos was telling you to keep fighting.  Maybe you didn't need to hear that.

LI NA:  Because, you know, if I didn't play my best tennis, I only can do is fight on the court.  I didn't really want to go home tomorrow.

So, I mean, player is different than coach.  Sometimes I was think I fight a lot on the court.  Maybe for the team they say, You not fight.  Because we see different thing.

So if Carlos say, Keep fight, that means I can do even more.  So this is what I think, yeah.

Q.  Can you say a few words to your fans in China?

LI NA:  Thanks for the fans.

Q.  On Monday, it's a big day, the fourth round.  We're going to see a lot of new unusual faces in the draw.

LI NA:  Yes.

Q.  What do you think of that?  Is that good?  Is that bad?

LI NA:  Well, good for me.  At least I was in Monday.  Now have a lot of young players call up.  Of course, we can see so many young face, as well.

Uhm, yeah, I think this is tennis, you know.  It's not only for ‑ how you say ‑ you could imagine always have some player on the draw.  That's why this is amazing sport because you never know who can be in the next round, yeah.

Q.  Vinci next up.  Another tough match.

LI NA:  Yes, always.

Q.  Any thoughts on how you'll play her?

LI NA:  I think we have so many year didn't face‑to‑face.  I think last time was, yeah, long time ago.  Different surface, of course.  These two years, both players improve a lot.  For sure tough match.

I saw her play a little bit today because for when I was waiting for my match, she has pretty good slice in the backhand.  Not so many girls use to do that, also especially in the grass court.  So I have to rally and, yeah, fight.

Q.  Vinci, her style of play is almost the opposite of Klara, who you played today, which was bang, bang, bang.  She uses strategy, the whole court.  It will be one that you'll have to use your head even more.  Is that something you prefer to play, or do you like the slugfest of today?

LI NA:  How you say, is pretty different.  Everyone is different style.  But at least I have one more day can prepare for the next round.

So Grand Slam is perfect thing because you didn't have to play every day by day.  Between you have one day off, so you can prepare for your game or for ‑ how you say ‑ for next match.

So, yeah.  I mean, it's really tough to answer because, you know, after you win the match, you think, Okay, I can play this kind of player.  But you never know what happen for next round.

Q.  Is there any difference playing on the two big courts and the other courts?

LI NA:  Sorry, until now I didn't play Centre Court, so I don't know how feel on Centre Court.

Q.  No, last year.

LI NA:  Last year already one year.  One year can change so many thing.

Q. So no difference for you?

LI NA:  (No response.)

Q.  So what about your plans for tomorrow?  Relax or still keep training?

LI NA:  Of course, keep training.  If I still in the tournament, I mean, I always training when I also have day off, yeah.

Q.  Carlos has said you are your biggest enemy.  Do you think so, as well?  Obviously today when you were playing, for a little while, everybody could see you were not performing very well.  You changed it.  Do you think you are your own enemy?

LI NA:  I mean, this is tennis.  If the chair umpire didn't say game, set, match, you always have chance.  Also for the athlete, you cannot always keep same level on the court.

Q.  Obviously in the last round, the second set, like you give up.  With that sort of feeling, sometimes do you think you have to conquer that feeling?

LI NA:  I didn't give up in the second set.

Q.  Not today.  I'm talking about the second round.

LI NA:  I'm never give up.

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