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Li Na -fourth round

Monday 1 July 2013

 Li Na's press conference after her 6-2, 6-0 win over Roberta Vinci

Q.  Did you feel from the last match, in your practice yesterday and today, that you were going to come up with something so special today?

LI NA:  I mean, actually today the match, I was so nervous really because, like, yesterday, also today, the warmup, my husband, he tried to hit slice.  I mean, it's totally different men and woman.  I was feeling so bad.

Before come to the court, I mean, Carlos was talk to me because he already saw what happen.  I was like, I can't catch the ball, he was hit so slice, I couldn't catch the right time.  But I think he was happy.

For his job, he was make me unhappy, I think is his job.  Yeah, I saw today the match should be so tough because I know how good she will slice on the grass court.

But I was surprise today how was I hit on the court.  Is totally different than last match.  Last match I was feeling like it's not terrible, but I was feeling so tired.

Yeah, I was ready for running for another three hours again, yeah.

Q.  When you started today, basically the first three games you were on fire.  That seemed to relax you.  How did you feel coming off those first few games?

 LI NA:  Is really nervous.  Before come to the court, so nervous.  Come to the court totally relaxed, I couldn't do that.

 Actually, was really, really nervous, you know, because is fourth round, I want to ‑ how do you say ‑ one more step.  Carlos say ‑ how you say ‑ today is contract, you know.  If I can come to the quarterfinal, tomorrow is a bonus.  I really want to cash the bonus.

I think the good ways before the match, he already see something like natural, so he try to talk.  Yesterday I was nervous.  He say, You should speak out.  You shouldn't carry for yourself.  You have to share for the whole team.

Q.  Many people think that Wimbledon is the world's most important tennis tournament.  Do you have a special feeling coming to play at Wimbledon?

LI NA:  I was feeling pretty good until now.  I'm still in tournament.

 Q.  To be an excellent tennis player, which do you think is the most important, superhuman talent, hard training, coach teaching, or something else?

 LI NA:  What do you mean?

 Q.  I mean, which one do you think is the most important?

 LI NA:  I think everything is more important.  I mean, if you have healthy body, you don't have good coach, or if you have good coach but didn't have healthy body, you can't be top player.  You have to prepare everything, and then you have to ‑ how you say ‑ yeah, I think so many people they saw tennis is a person sport because they only saw the tennis player on the court.  But you still have the team working out of the court, yeah.


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