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David Ferrer - fourth round

Monday 1 July 2013

David Ferrer's press conference after his 6-7, 7-6, 6-1, 6-1 win over Ivan Dodig

Q.  What caused the 10‑minute delay before you got on court?  Is it your big toe again?

DAVID FERRER:  No, no, I was warm up before.  No, nothing.  I was talking with my physio, Rafael Garcia, talking about the match.  But, no, I delayed.  Sorry for my opponent.

Q.  After you lost the first set, did you change your game plan at all?

DAVID FERRER:  No, no.  Because in the first set I had a lot of chance for to win the set.

He played better than me in important moments.  In the second I had three or four breakpoints down.  I make it.  I was focused all the match, I was positive and consistent with my game.

When I won the second set, the third and the fourth, I receive better, I play more confident with my game, and of course him take down, so...

Q.  Your results here at Wimbledon have gotten progressively better over the years.  This is your second time into the quarterfinals.  What do you put that down to?

DAVID FERRER:  Grass court I'm trying to play aggressive with myself, no?  I need to serve better than other courts obviously when I am playing the second shot.

And, well, I am okay.  Every match I am playing better with my game.  I am with more confidence.  Now I am quarterfinal.  Now I would like to rest, relax, because I had a little bit physic problems ‑ not important.  This is the most important.

Q.  Having made the final at Roland Garros recently, does that give you more confidence coming to this match?

DAVID FERRER:  No, no.  I am okay.  I am positive mentality like the last year.  I think the last year I played my best tennis in Wimbledon, in grass court.  This year I am playing good also.  I am doing a very good season.

But, no, no, I think every tournament is different, every match is different, different feelings.

 Q.  Two rounds ago I asked you a question about the tradition of shorter players in our sport.  You said it was a little too hard to answer in English.

DAVID FERRER:  (Translated from Spanish.)  I'm not so tall.  I don't have such a large serve.  I try to combine this with how I move my legs and the rest.

I try to be coherent, consistent.  There are players who have very strong serves, and others who don't.  Then those who don't maybe control the ball better or have more stability in the court.

If you're tall, you are stable, and you're a good server, for instance, like Djokovic, Murray, then that's perfect.

 Q.  Are there times that in some ways you feel there's an advantage to be short?

DAVID FERRER:  No, no, I am okay.  I am trying to do my best with my serve, my game.  I know what's my possibilities.  I am trying to improve my game every year, to improve my serve, but I know my possibility.

Q.  Is there one shorter player in the past, Laver, Rosewall, Hewitt who...

DAVID FERRER:  I am similar like Hewitt, Juan Carlos Ferrero.  There are a lot of players like me.  Of course, every year the tennis is evolution about the big players.  I know that.

Well, I am 4 of the world.  I am happy for that, no?

 Q.  You had some success with volleying today.  Could we see you serve and volley?

DAVID FERRER:  Not all the times.  But, well, I know in grass court I have to finish the points in the net, and the volleys is very important shot, of course, in these type of courts.

 Q.  You seem to have volleyed more this Wimbledon than we've seen before.

DAVID FERRER:  Oh, I don't know.  I don't know.  I think the last year I play very good with my volley and my serve.  But I don't know.  I don't remember.

 Q.  Can you run us through the physical problems you were talking about.

DAVID FERRER:  I am okay.  I think every player had a problem, a physic problems, because is normal.  Grass court is more difficult to not have physic problems.

Well, I have problem the first day with my ankle.  But is not important.  I can play.  I have my physio here, the doctor of Federacion Espanol de Tennis.

I will can play sure after tomorrow without the problem of my injury.

 Q.  And your big toe, have you still got a problem?

DAVID FERRER:  Yeah, it's okay.  Is not important, no.  I have little bit pain, but is normal.  It's impossible to play without any pain or any hurt.

 Q.  Pain is normal?

DAVID FERRER:  For me and for everybody, I think so.

 Q.  With Roger and Rafa out, there's a lot of media attention on Novak and Andy.  Is it an advantage not having as much media attention?

DAVID FERRER:  No, not for me.  I am only focused on my next match against Del Potro or Seppi.  I don't care about Novak or Murray.  They are in the other draw.  I will try for my best to win after tomorrow against Del Potro or Seppi.

 Q.  You have a strong record against both of those players.  Any thoughts ahead of that match?

DAVID FERRER:  About them?

Q.  Yes.

DAVID FERRER:  Well, with Del Potro, he's a very great player.  It's going to be difficult, sure.  I need to play my best tennis for to win Del Potro.  And in grass court I think is more difficult.  He play better than me in grass court.  Last year I won to him.  But I think I play my best match in grass court.

And with Seppi, he's playing very good in grass court.  He play very flat with his shots.  I need to play very consistent all the match and to be good physic, no?


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