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Jurgen Melzer - fourth round

Monday 1 July 2013

Jurgen Melzer speaks to the press following his fourth round defeat to No.24 seed Poland's Jerzy Janowicz.

Q.  Tough result.  Sorry about that.  I'm working on a feature, so it's not exactly about this match.  If I could just ask two or three questions in general, is that okay with you?

JURGEN MELZER:  No, because I have a Ivanovic doubles match in 45 minutes to play and I would love to get the press done.

Q.  Can I ask you one question?  Just talking about the difference between doubles and singles, what do you see is the main cultural and sporting differences between the two different disciplines, and how does that strike you the most?  You seem to be the most qualified person to answer that.

JURGEN MELZER:  Well, you mean coaching‑wise?

Q.  No, the cultural difference.

JURGEN MELZER:  Well, it's four on the court obviously.  You got to move less and you have to serve, and return and volley is much more important.

Q.  But when you're in the locker room, for example, the atmosphere between the players, is it different in doubles to singles?

JURGEN MELZER:  Probably a little bit.  Probably a little bit more relaxed in doubles, I would say so.

Q.  Perhaps more friendly between the players?

JURGEN MELZER:  No.  I mean, singles players are also friendly to each other.

It's like if life:  Some you like, some you don't.  It's like everywhere else, I would say.  Yeah, the same.

Can we go on? 

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