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Fernando Verdasco - fourth round

Monday 1 July 2013

Fernando Verdasco speaks to the media following his 6-4, 6-4, 6-4 win over France's Kenny De Schepper.

Q.  You seemed fairly comfortable out there today.  Is that fair?

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Well, I felt pretty good in general.  Of course, it was a little windy and sometimes some games were not that easy.  The ball was moving a little bit more.

But, I mean, in general, I think I played a good match.  Yeah, I felt good on the court and happy to won and be in quarterfinals for first time.

Q.  You looked happy at the end when you did your little dance.

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Yeah, well, you know, my coach is a great fan of one Spanish singer. Yesterday he was all day listening. So I told him if I win, I will do the dance for him.

Q.  You better tell who the singer is.

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Maybe you don't know.  But for sure the Spanish, they will know.  My coach is Richie Sanchez.  He was all day listening El Fary.  He is dead already.  But, I mean, like, it was very famous in Spain.  Richie is the age of my dad, they are 54 years old.  And yesterday all day listening to Torito Gaupo, El Dinero.

I was, like, If I win tomorrow, I will do the dance for you, because he was like all day long.

Q.  Now you're in el dinero because you win.

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Well, hopefully I will get more (smiling).

Yeah, that was the reason.

Q.  Looks like you're going to be facing Andy Murray in the next round.  He hasn't been the greatest of opponents for you.

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Yeah, in quarter-finals of Wimbledon, I don't really expect to don't play against a top player, no?  I think that normally in the last years, the years I've been professional, normally in quarterfinals you play against Nadal, Federer, Murray, or Djokovic, or maybe against Berdych or Tsonga or some other players like that, no?

But, I mean, for me, like I said, my first quarters.  I'm happy to be here.  I'm happy how I played the whole tournament.  In the next match is going to be just one more match for me.  Of course, is going to be a special match because is going to be against Murray here in Wimbledon in quarterfinals.

But, I mean, I'm going to go out there and try to do my game like I did every match and like I try to do every match that I play.  But I know is going to be, of course, a tough match.  He's No. 2 of the tournament.  He's a great player, one of the best players in the last years on tour.  You know, of course is going to be difficult to beat him also with the crowd and everything.

I mean, you need to have faith and try your best to try to win.

Q.  Will you treat the Centre Court or No. 1 court to the dance if you win?

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  If I win, maybe I do that.  Maybe tomorrow he becomes with something new and I do something different.  But, I mean, we'll see.

Q.  What kind of guy is Gil Reyes?  What impact has he had on your career?

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  I mean, I think he was important to me, of course, very important to me in December 2008 when I won Davis Cup in Argentina, then I went to Las Vegas and practiced there before Australian Open 2009 when I reached the semifinals with Nadal.

I think, you know, he's unbelievable person, special person for me in my life after the times we been there.  We had like a really close relationship.  Of course, he helped me a lot.  Is a person that I always like to be in contact with.

Help me everything:  mentally, physically, emotionally.  Yeah, like I said, he's very important person and a person that I like to share many things of my career, of course, with him.

Q.  Andy is close to a lot of the Spanish players like Feliciano López.  Are you close to Andy away from the court?

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Yeah, well, I have a good relationship with Andy, yeah.  I mean, I know him for many years.  He was practising in Spain when he was younger.

We always had a good relationship out of the court and on the court also.  We played many times.  It was never a problem.

You are out there, you try to win, he try to win, everybody try to win.  But, I mean, the relationship is good.

Q.  Can you remember the first time you played him?

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Well, the first time?  Right now, no.  I know that I played with him many times.  I remember one in Australia in 2007 that he beat me in four set.  I don't know if that was the first one or if it was some other before.  But I know we play few times in Australia again when I beat him in five sets, and in London here at the Masters Cup, he beat me 7‑6 in the third.  There were like a few times we play each other.

Q.  Further back than that when he was young?

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  I don't remember, like, playing against him when we were like juniors.  I don't really think that we played when we were younger.


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