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Mikhail Youzhny - fourth round

Monday 1 July 2013

Mikhail Youzhny's press conference after his 6‑4, 7‑6, 6‑1 defeat to Andy Murray

Q.  The tiebreak in the second set was crucial?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  No, I don't think just tiebreak and after tiebreak match is over.

But second set, it was really close.  In the end I have little bit more chances, but I didn't play good.

Yeah, third set, it was another story.

Q.  Was there any point in the match where you thought you had a real chance?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  Yeah, always you think you have even chances.  When is score 5‑1, 15‑30, you still have chances.  If you have one break, maybe you take the serve, nobody know what happen on 5‑3.  That's why you just try continue play every point and see what happens.

But, of course, after the second set tiebreak, Andy have already much more chances.

Q.  Did the crowd make things difficult for you today?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  No.  It was really good atmosphere.  The crowd was really polite, I mean, to me, really good.  I didn't feel any pressure from the crowd.  Actually for me it was surprise with Great Britain people.

I think it was really good atmosphere.

Q.  How far do you think Andy can go?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  I doesn't want to give any prognosis something.  Not easy next match for him against Verdasco.

 Q.  Your record against Andy wasn't good before today.  Did you go in today with particular plans to do anything different?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  But still is better than against Federer for me (smiling).

No, was new match.  We didn't play really long time.  Last time we play almost four years ago, I think.  We never play on grass.  We never play Grand Slam best‑of‑five sets.  There's so many things.

Of course, when you going to court, you look forward, try to do everything for 100% to win this match.  Doesn't think you can lose before the match or something, no.

Last results in Wimbledon, everybody, nobody is losing before the match, and anybody can beat anybody in one match, in one tournament.

I understand I still have some chances.  Will be tough, but I must do it.

 Q.  Can you describe what it's like to play Andy Murray, what are the particular difficulties he poses?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  Of course, it's tough play against Andy.  He's now No. 2 in the world.  It's tough to play against any player in the tournament when you play fourth round.  It's more tough than to play first round.

But still, you know, you have chances.  You never think it will be tough, I can't do it.  If you think like this, you pull out before the match and doesn't go and play.

I don't want to talk now if I win the second set, maybe...  No.

Was close, first two sets.  But Andy serve better than me.  That's why he won.

 Q.  When you're 5‑2 up in the second, did that set turn around because of your mistakes or because of Andy's good play?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  You know, from my side, I can say, yes, my mistakes, that's why I lost.  I give him everything or he miss this points.

So it's tough question.  Okay, 4‑2, 3‑2, it's Andy's mistake what I broke him or my fault?  He make the double‑fault.  I don't do the double‑fault.  He play aggressive, he play good.  But I still have chances.  Deuce, just small out.  He missed little bit focus during the second set, in the middle, and in the end.

It was very, very close.  Yeah, he's good player.  He's top player.  He didn't give me any present.

 Q.  Do you think the performance from Andy today is good enough to beat Djokovic?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  I think it's long story before the Djokovic.

 Q.  What will be your main memory of this Wimbledon?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  I think I play good three matches and four matches.  Good level of my game.  Yeah, I didn't beat Andy.  Was pretty good match for me.  Again, it was fourth round, but...

But it's okay.  Actually, it's nothing special right now for me from previous Wimbledons.



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