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Kaia Kanepi - quarter-final

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Kaia Kanepi speaks to the media following her quarter-final defeat to Sabine Lisicki 6-3, 6-3

Q.  Quarterfinals at Wimbledon is a great achievement.  Do you think this is also a turning point, like going back to the old Kaia Kanepi who has been so successful at Grand Slam tournaments in the past?

KAIA KANEPI:  Well, I think the last few months has been quite successful for me with the comeback.  Grand Slams are also very special tournaments anyway.

So, yeah.

Q.  What are your personal goals for the rest of the season after this?

KAIA KANEPI:  I didn't set any goals after the injury.  I just wanted to come back and start playing well again.  I'll not going to set any goals this year anyway.

Q.  How did you feel you played today?  You played yesterday, as well.  Was that difficult for you?

KAIA KANEPI:  I think I played yesterday better; I didn't play that well today.  That's what I felt.

But she played well.  I thought if I tried to attack in previous matches I hit winners and did well, but today I was missing a lot.

But on grass there is no Plan B.  I just have to go for my shots.  If there is a ball, I have to hit it.

Q.  (Question regarding clay court.)

KAIA KANEPI:  Well, in clay you can hit more with the spin.  If it's not your day, you're going to hit the balls back and try to hit them on the court.

On grass, you just can't hit them on the court because others are going to hit winners.  It's also easier to run on the clay than the grass.

Q.  What are your plans now when you finish here?

KAIA KANEPI:  Right now I'm going home, tomorrow.  Then we'll see how my body feels.  Going to decide that later.

Q.  Will you be at the US Open?

KAIA KANEPI:  Sure.  I should start in Washington for the US Open Series.

Q.  Do you think you might have had a little bit too much respect for Lisicki after her beating Serena?  Was it an invisible wall?

KAIA KANEPI:  I don't think so actually, because I think when you beat a top player it's going to be tough playing next day against a weaker opponent, so...

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