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David Ferrer - quarter-final

Wednesday 3 July 2013

David Ferrer's press conference after his  6-2, 6-4, 7-6 defeat to Juan Martin Del Potro.

Q.  How much did his early injury timeout affect the match?  Looked like it might be pretty serious.

DAVID FERRER:  No, I think it doesn't affect.  He was fell off, but, you know, the first game I won finally because I had breakpoint down.  And finally, I think Del Potro, he play better than me.  He deserve to win today.

Q.  Did the injury make you change the way you played, your game plan?

DAVID FERRER:  No.  I am trying to do my best all the time.  I think the first set I didn't play so good.  I didn't serve very consistent with the first serve.

But in the second and third I play better.  But Juan Martin, he was more focus, he was playing more aggressive than me, and he serve very, very good the all three sets.

Q.  A question about nutrition.  What do you eat during the match?

DAVID FERRER:  Bananas or bar, you know.  Bar of cereals, but nothing special.

Q.  A lot of people have been talking for the last week or so, and everyone seems to have put Andy and Novak in the final already.  Is Del Potro playing well enough that he could cause an upset?

DAVID FERRER:  Well, of course Del Potro, he has chance for to be in the final.  He won one Grand Slam.  He's young player.  I think he has everything for to win another Grand Slam.  He do it.

Q.  There were rumors on the Internet saying you had to cut short your practice session because of an injury.  Did you play with some sort of injury today?

DAVID FERRER:  No, nothing.  I talk with the doctor.  We did the same than the other times with the infiltration.  I have pain, but when I tried to warm up I can't warm up because I have pain with my ankle.

I did the same yesterday, after yesterday, and I won the match, so is not excuse.

Q.  Did you feel the pain more acutely during the match?

DAVID FERRER:  No, no.  The match, no, it was perfect.

Q.  You will be No. 3 in the next rankings.  Everyone has been talking about the big four for so long.  How proud are you being No. 3?

DAVID FERRER:  It is very important for me and my career.  I never have been 3 of the world, so I am very satisfaction myself.

Q.  Was the issue with you physically the ankle only or the toe as well?

DAVID FERRER:  No, is not important.  No, only the ankle.

Q.  You've been playing very intense tennis for a long period of time now.  Do you feel you've been playing so much tennis you need a rest?

DAVID FERRER:  Yeah, of course I need to rest three or four weeks.  I will take two weeks of holiday, sure, and I will have to treatment my ankle, because is very important because the USA season is very important for me.

Now I think I have time.  I think I have never been three weeks or four weeks stop playing any tournament.  So now is perfect for to rest.  I am 31 years old and I need to take my time.

Q.  Where will you go to rest?

DAVID FERRER:  No, I will go to home.  I will go to my small village with my family and friends, and I will treatment with my physio.

Q.  Now that you will be No. 3, does it change your expectations at all going into the U.S. season?


Q.  Do you feel like you need to making more finals or win more tournaments?

DAVID FERRER:  No, change nothing.  Is only a number.  I am very happy for that, but nothing.

I will do the same like I am doing.

Q.  How did you think Del Potro would play after he had that fall?

DAVID FERRER:  Well, no, I was not thinking nothing.  I was only focus with me.  Del Potro, he try to play again.  If he try to play again is because he was good, no?

Q.  What did he show you by the way he played?  Were there any surprises in the way he played?

DAVID FERRER:  No, huh‑uh.  No, I was only focus with my game.  And, of course, he's a very good player.  I know him.  Del Potro, he's top 10.  He won US Open.  I played a lot of time with him.  I know him and he knows me.

Q.  Did he show you anything about how tough he is after that fall, to play as well as he did after?

DAVID FERRER:  I don't know.  Ask to him.  I don't know.  He's a very good player.  All the players will fell sometimes.  He's a hard player, sure, because he's very good player.  He's top 10.  He's No. 6 or 7 of the world.


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