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Lukasz Kubot - quarter-final

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Q.  How hard a match was that to play?  Looked like it was difficult because you were playing someone from your own country.

LUCASZ KUBOT:  Well, you know, I tried to focus as for the normal match.  Of course, it wasn't easy, but, you know, just trying to focus on myself.

It was my plan game to focus on myself, especially on my game, and try and wait for the chances and try to have opportunities to break Jerzy, which wasn't easy today.

 Q.  How difficult is it to try and break him and deal with his serve?

LUCASZ KUBOT:  Yes, I think, you know, he's got very, very good serve and variations of the serves.

It's not only they're big, powerful, but it's always, you know, little bit slice, little bit keep mixing up, which makes very difficult, especially on the surface which is grass.

I think he use it well today.  I think he got more than 30 aces and he was serving more than 80% first serve.  I mean, he won more than 80% off the first serve.

My best shot, which is return, I didn't have chance anything to work.  Even though he's big, tall player, I think he is moving very well, and I think he return as well very well.

I was always all the time under pressure with my serve.  I had to fight for my service games.  He was winning, let's say, to be honest, easy those points.  And when I had chances to break him, he served big.

There was only one chance, I think, on the set point when there was the rally.  There was only one chance to break him.  That was the only chance I got in this match.

 Q.  How did you find the occasion, playing in your first Grand Slam quarterfinal on such a big court?

LUCASZ KUBOT:  Yes, what I said before.  I have played many matches already on big courts, but it was in doubles.  It wasn't in singles, it was in doubles.

I have let's say more experience, but Jerzy had match before, Almagro, on Centre Court.  So that was for him maybe little bit bonus for him.  I'm thankful we had a chance to play on one of the biggest courts.

And that's it.  I think the atmosphere was great.

 Q.  You know Jerzy's game better than most players on tour.  Does he have it in him to win Wimbledon this year, do you think?

Lukasz Kubot's press conference after his 7-5, 6-4, 6-4 defeat to Jerzy Janowicz

LUCASZ KUBOT:  Well, I think he has potential to be, for sure, top 5 player in the world.  If to win, maybe it's to be.

But I think he use all the chances by far.  You know, he use everything what was in the draw.  He made it up.  He's in semifinals with this age.  He's very young, you know.

But I think he's got very big potential.  With his character he can beat everyone, I think.  He can focus for the next game, and let's see what's going to happen.  I don't know if he's going to think now if he's going to win or not.  I think he should focus for another match and fight.

As I said, it's very difficult to play with such a player which has serving bombs, to be honest.  I don't know which word I should use it.

And the variation of the serve is very good, which gives him high percentage of winning the points after first serve.

Q.  A lot of emotions at the end.  You went around and swapped shirts.  How did it come about that you swapped shirts?  Did you suggest it?

LUCASZ KUBOT:  It was everything happen so fast.  I saw his emotions.  He went on the ground.  I just want to came up, and, you know, congratulate him as fast as possible because I knew it was anyway big moment for both of us.

I think he deserve for sure to win today.  And it came, you know, just very quick.  I said, Let's go.  Let's exchange.  Let's make our tennis more famous, more popular, and show that Poland tennis is in the map of tennis.  Because this never happen before, and that's it.

I think it just shows how important is the fair play and shows the friendship on the court.  We're just fighting, you know, with every point, but when match is finished we are friends.  We are just showing that this is only sport, you know.

Q.  Even though it obviously must be disappointing to lose, does it make it perhaps a little bit easier that it is a friend of yours that is going through to the next round?

LUCASZ KUBOT:  This is very difficult to answer because is first time happening, you know, to me.

Of course, we knew one Polish guy would be in the semifinals.  As I said, I had only one chance today; I didn't make it.  Jerzy definitely deserve to win this match.  He was better player today.

I just want to wish him good luck, and of course I'm going to cross the fingers for another match for him.

Q.  It was pretty unusual to see you swapping shirts at the end.  Was it the first time you did it on a tennis court?

LUCASZ KUBOT:  Yes, it was first time.  As I said, it just came quick to my mind, Let's do it.  Let's do it quickly and show that it's not about only playing and challenging each other on the court.

Let's show the friendship and show that Polish tennis is getting better and we have one player in the semifinals.

Q.  How would you assess your fortnight here?  What are your thoughts after reaching the quarterfinals?

LUCASZ KUBOT:  Well, you know, it's amazing feeling.  It was always my dream.  I was here two years ago in the fourth round.  Didn't make the match points.  I could have chance to be in the quarterfinal.  I didn't make it.

So I am happy to be through, because to be honest it was final call for me because my ranking before this tournament was very far.  I was out of top 100; now I'm getting back.

I'm happy to take those chances in the draw, and this result I think will give me a lot of confidence and give me a chance again to compete in singles still.  We'll see what's going to happen in the near future.


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