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Jerzy Janowicz - quarter-final

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Jerzy Janowicz's press conference after his  7-5, 6-4, 6-4 win over Lukasz Kubot.

Q.  How does this moment rate in your life?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  I mean, well, right now I'm the most happy person in the world.  I made semifinal of Grand Slam, my best result ever.  Also I have in my mind last year Paris Bercy.  I was there in the final.

But this is a little bit different situation.  This is Grand Slam, yeah.  You have different kind of emotions in your heart, so I think this Wimbledon goes in front of Bercy.

Q.  What does it mean to you to represent your country and make it this far?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Yeah, I'm really proud to represent my country.  Always I'm happy to play a Davis Cup tie.  I didn't miss even one match from 2008.  So this is really important for me.

What I can say actually?  I'm always happy to play for my country.

Q.  What is the reaction in your country?  What are people in Poland saying and doing in response to what's going on here?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  I don't know.  I don't know.  I didn't check yet.  I don't know.

Q.  It was a very emotional match.  How difficult was it to play against a friend?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Honestly saying, if I have to compare this match to some other matches, this was one of the toughest matches of my life.  I was never inQuarter before,Quarterfinal before.  I never had a chance to be in semifinal of a Grand Slam.  I never played against Lukasz before.

Lukasz played today incredible match, and was really one of the toughest matches in my life.

Q.  What has the success and the support of your countrywoman Agnieszka Radwanska meant to you?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  You know, I'm always happy to hear some good comments from people from my country.

What I can say?  It's really important for me to have support like this.

Q.  Are you close with her?  Do you know her very well?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  I know very well.  She's my really good friend.  I know her many, many years.  We stay in touch all the time.  She's my really good friend.

Q.  You were clearly very emotional on the court.  You still seem a bit taken aback by everything.

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Yeah, you know, it's not easy to control all of the feelings inside my body.  If you are going throughQuarterfinal and you are in semi of that kind of tournament is not easy to control emotions, so I was really happy after the win today.  Simply I was crying.

Q.  What are those emotions in your heart and head as you're speaking right now and as you finish the match?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Yes, yes, yes, of course, you know, I was practicing really tough my whole life.  I had some troubles also during my career.  You are practicing and working for that kind of moment.

So in my case, it's not easy for me to control these emotions.

Q.  It looks like you used a lot of energy.  What do you plan to do to recoverQuickly from the psychological point of view?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  I think nothing special.  Like I will just have still massage.  I will still stretch my body.  So nothing special.  A day like all of the other days.

Q.  Obviously at the end you swapped shirts, which was a nice touch.  People don't normally see that in tennis.  How did you see that from your point of view?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  I think that was really, really cool.  As I said, I know Lukasz pretty well.  He's my Davis Cup mate, so we know really good.  He's my good friend.

So I think this was nice from both of us.

Q.  How do you prepare for the semifinal?  You don't know who you're going to play against, but what do you think?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Nothing special.  As I said before, I will stretch my body.  I will go to take massage still.  Tomorrow is one practice very busy ‑ and I hope not too many interviews.

That's it.  I will just be focused all the time.

Q.  It looks like Andy Murray is going to be your opponent.  He has match point right now.  What would it mean to you to play against Andy Murray in the semifinal knowing about the country's emotions here?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  I think doesn't really matter who is the opponent, yeah.  I have to be focused on my game.  If I will play against Verdasco, I'm fine with this.  If I play against Andy, okay.  I have no possibility to choose the opponent for me.

So I think if I play against Andy it will be a really cool match, a really nice atmosphere there.  For sure crowd will not really help me, but we'll see how it's going to be.

This is my first semifinal ever, so I don't know what to expect.

Q.  How would you describe Andy as a player?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  He's great player, yeah.  What I have to say?  He's top player for many, many years.  He won US Open last year, [sic] so not easy match.  Definitely not easy match.

What I can say still?  We'll see.  I was able to win one match against him last year, so I hope I'm going to be able to do it one more time.

Q.  Any thoughts on the other semifinal, Djokovic against Del Potro?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  I don't care.

Q.  You talk about your emotions being so strong partly because of the struggles that you've had getting to this point.  What does reaching the semifinals at Wimbledon mean to you as a player going forward and an icon in Poland?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  No, this is really big thing for me.  This is what I was waiting for.  This is what I was dreaming about.  So as I can see, sometimes if you are dreaming about something really hard, it can actually happen.

So I'm really happy I was able to reach that far in Wimbledon, but I hope deep down I will still get two more matches.

Q.  I'm wondering how Andy did against your serve when you played him?  Have you played in such an intense home atmosphere before?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Not really.  Not really.  I hope Andy will feel some kind of pressure.  I'm sure he feel some kind of pressure because Great Britain is waiting for the English champion in Wimbledon.

So we'll see.  I'm not thinking right now about this match.  I have still one and a half day to recover, and we will see how it going to be.

Q.  Have you ever asked your opponents what it's like to try to return your serve?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  No, not really.  But there is many good servers, yeah.  Andy Murray is serving great.  Roger Federer has unbelievable serve because he's aiming exactly perfectly on the line.  So there is many great servers.

I didn't play against Jerzy Janowicz, so I don't know how it is.

Q.  I saw an interview before.  You said you thought your forehand was your biggest weapon.  Do you think your forehand is a bigger weapon than your serve?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  The forehand and serve is the most important for me.  From baseline, definitely my forehand is biggest weapon.  But if is bigger than serve, I don't know.

My serve and forehand is most important for me anyway.

Q.  You mentioned your previous match against Andy Murray when you did very well.  What helped you do so well?  What was the key to the match?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  You know, this match was really close.  He had a match point.  Was really long rally.  He missed the shot by few centimeters.  So I could lose this match easily.

The key maybe I was fighting all the time.  Doesn't matter the score, I was all the time fighting.

Q.  He won, so he's going to be your opponent.  Is there anything else you can share with us about what it's like to play against Andy for you?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Fun.  It's fun.



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