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Sabine Lisicki - preview of final

Friday 5 July 2013

Sabine Lisick's press conference before the final

Q.  Still can't wait for tomorrow?

SABINE LISICKI:  Yeah.  I'm looking forward to going out on Centre Court again.

 Q.  Does it feel any different today than it did yesterday?

SABINE LISICKI:  I don't really think about it.  I just go out there to win the match.  I just want to be better than my opponent, and that's all I'm thinking about.

I'm totally focused on the match.

 Q.  What I mean is, when you woke up today, the feeling, I'm in the Wimbledon final, did it hit you straightaway?

SABINE LISICKI:  It didn't hit me yet, no.

 Q.  How will you prepare tomorrow?  What sort of routines?

SABINE LISICKI:  The same as usual.  The same as the last 10 days:  get up, have a good breakfast, warm up, eat something, and then get ready for the match.

 Q.  What will you be listening to?

SABINE LISICKI:  When I walk on court, probably Play Hard.

 Q.  Is this what you thought it might be like to get this far?  How much fun has this been just making this run?

SABINE LISICKI:  It's been a lot of fun.  It's been a great journey.  It hasn't finished yet.

You know, from the start of the tournament I had great matches and good challenges which prepared me for tomorrow, in my opinion.

I think I'm really ready.

 Q.  Has it been what you thought it might be to get this far?

SABINE LISICKI:  You know, I'm so focused on tomorrow it hasn't sunk in yet.  I think I'll realize it maybe tomorrow evening.

 Q.  What are the favorite nicknames that you've heard given to you?

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, one of the first ones I think was Boom Boom Bina.  Yeah, I think it suits my game.  Bina is my nickname in Germany, so I think that suits me quite well with my game.

 Q.  How would you describe the unique habits that Marion has when she plays?

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, she's a person of her own.  She does her routine.  So that's all.

 Q.  What are your observations of that routine?  What do you see?

SABINE LISICKI:  I'm not looking at it.  I'm focusing on myself.

 Q.  There's been some suggestion that some of the other lady players find you too emotional and demonstrative on court.  Is that just being yourself?


 Q.  How important do you think it is to make tennis popular with fans that people show emotions on court?

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, that's just myself.  I enjoy myself out there.  Why shouldn't I show it?  I'm an emotional person.  It helps me to stay relaxed, enjoy the game, and play my best tennis.

I won't change anything.

 Q.  Do you think that's perhaps why the British crowd have taken to you, as well?

SABINE LISICKI:  I think so.  That were the comments that I heard.  Yes, they were happy to see someone who loves what they are doing, to play tennis, and they enjoy it.  It's nice to see a smile on the crowd's face, too.

 Q.  What are you going to eat tonight?

SABINE LISICKI:  I don't know yet.

 Q.  Are you still doing gluten‑free diet?

SABINE LISICKI:  Yes, yes.  I have to.

 Q.  Do you have any lucky charms or anything you'll take on court with you tomorrow?

SABINE LISICKI:  Nothing particular.  My lucky charms are always in my bag, so they'll stay there.

 Q.  What are they?

SABINE LISICKI:  Little, how do you say, (German word).  I don't know how to say in English.  Well, just some lucky charms that I got from my friends.

 Q.  Animal shapes, though, are they?


 Q.  Against Serena you got behind a little and you rallied back.  Would you like to avoid that tomorrow?

SABINE LISICKI:  Of course.  You always prefer to win in straight sets.  So, you know, I'll go out there, play my game, fight for every point, and see what happens.

 Q.  I presume when you were young you used to watch the Wimbledon finals.  Of all the ones you watched, which do you remember the most?

SABINE LISICKI:  I just remember the whole thing itself, you know, the atmosphere of the finals.  It's something special.

At Wimbledon, there's something about it that makes it so different to the other Grand Slams.

 Q.  There's no particular player?


 Q.  I heard a little bit in your German part of your press conference yesterday about when you were younger, the driving around Europe, your parents.  Can you talk a little bit about how your career developed, the roles of your parents, your life before this big‑time moment.

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, my parents did everything possible to let me play tennis.  That's what I appreciated so much.  My dad has worked from 8:00 in the morning till 9:00 in the evening to make it possible so I can play tennis.

We had to cancel tournaments because we couldn't afford to go there.  You know, we've been driving by car.  It's been a big, big challenge.

So to get to this point means a lot to us.

 Q.  How would you describe the style of Marion's game?

SABINE LISICKI:  Aggressive.

 Q.  What impresses you most about what she does on the court?

SABINE LISICKI:  She plays aggressive tennis, so that's all I can say.

 Q.  What is the story on your allergy to grass?  You're a great grass player.  How does that come into play, if at all, with you?

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, I learned how to cope with that.  In the beginning, the first time I was here, which was, what, five years ago, I really was struggling with the allergies.

But by now I know what to do, what to take, to calm those allergies down.  I'm on medication.

 Q.  Do you think it's ironic that you're a great grass court player?


 Q.  Is it hayfever?

SABINE LISICKI:  Yes, it is.

 Q.  What sort of match do you expect against Bartoli tomorrow?

SABINE LISICKI:  It's a final, so it's going to be good, I think.  She plays aggressive tennis, so it will be a totally different game than yesterday.

You know, I had a lot of challenges on my way to the finals with players being aggressive, players who were very solid, moving very well, so it will be another challenge.

I'm really looking forward to it.

 Q.  Will you talk to Steffi tomorrow and try to get a bit of advice from her before you go on?

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, I've just spoken with Boris Becker.  Actually did an interview with him.  I asked him a couple of questions, how it was for him.  He won the first final he was in, so that's pretty good.


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