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Gianluigi Qunizi - Boys' Singles Final

Sunday 7 July 2013

Gianluigi Quinzi speaks to the media follow his 7-5, 7-6 win over Hyeon Chung in the boys' singles final

Q. You seem very excited. You've been close. You must be excited.
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: Yeah, I'm very excited.

Q. Talk a little bit about the match.
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: Before the match I was a lot of tight because I knew that I was playing in the big court my first time. So I was a lot of tight, but my coach said to me before the match, Don't look around. Look only the court. Look the Korean guy. Think what we have to play.
And I go to the court. I was a little bit tight the first two games. But after I play my game and I win the tournament. I can't believe that I win. I'm so happy. (Smiling.)

Q. It was a pretty close match. What do you think the difference was?
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: Play very, very good the important points. The first two game I play very good. I was aggressive. I think he was a lot of tight because he did too many double faults for two games.
But after I was tight again, me. My serve was not very good in the first set. 5 3 him, I break him; three winner from my backhand.
So at 5 4 I play three aces. 5 All I break again, 7 5. I was a lot of confident for the second set.
Second set, until 6 All there was no break. The tiebreak was unbelievable. I play my best tennis in the tiebreaker.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about how physically demanding the match was, because the weather was very hot and a lot of the rallies were long. It was a very high standard. Did you find it tough to compete out there?
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: Yeah, I was pretty good the first game. The first set I was too tired because we play like 20, 25 shot in a row. So was a lot of tension.
And with the tight, you are too tired. But after I get some recovery stuffs so I was better.
But I play good with my first serve the second set, so I didn't play too much. Like I say before, I play good the important points so that I win the match.

Q. What are your thoughts on grass? Obviously you didn't play growing up on grass court.
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: Yeah, grass court I feel good last year. I play unbelievable tennis last year.
But this year, after Roehampton, after the quarterfinal that I lost in Roehampton, I thought that I play unbelievable tennis. He play unbelievable, too.
But I was confident. I didn't think I have to do semifinal again. So I went to the court the first round, and after the first round that I win, I tell to my coach, Maybe I'm going to win this tournament. And then I win.

Q. Your family seemed pretty excited there.
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: I didn't talk to the family yet. Maybe I'm going to talk later or after. I don't know.

Q. You said all through the week you felt you were mentally ready to win here. How did you feel this morning?
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: Yesterday I didn't sleep at all. I was a lot of tight. 11:00, 11:30 I went to sleep. I was thinking on the match until 12:00.
But after I was tight. I was not 100% today because I didn't sleep well. But after, it's a match. I went to the court, I play my game, and I play unbelievable tennis and I win.

Q. Did you know much about your opponent in terms of like a past history?
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: Yeah, he's IMG player. I don't know if until now he's IMG player. He's one of my best friends. I know him pretty well. He's a great guy. I practice with him all the time when I was IMG.
I play him two years ago in Bonfiglio and he was a really good player. He improve a lot in these two years.
In grass court, today was unbelievable rallies we play. He was better at the back. I play good important point. He played not good the important point. That's why I win the match. But in the back, he was better.
So I play with him in Bonfiglio two years ago. 6 1, 7 5 I win the match. But today was impressive for me.

Q. Are you looking forward to the ball?
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: Of course. I'm going over there, yeah.

Q. Do you have somewhere special to put the trophy at home?
GIANLUIGI QUINZI: Somewhere special? I don't know, maybe in my windows. I don't know.

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