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Live Blog : Friday 29 June 2012

by Caroline Cheese

21:31So two days running, the last match on Centre has gone to five sets. Last on Centre tomorrow? Yep, our hero Andy Murray against Marcos Baghdatis... I'll see you tomorrow for that inevitable drama. Can't wait already.

Roger Federer

21:23"It was a tough match. Oh my God, it was brutal. Bit of luck maybe on my side, who knows? I tried in the third, fourth and fifth to stay alive. I'm very fortunate and very happy the crowd was so into the match, and I appreciate that enormously. Julien was playing amazing. I knew it was going to be difficult. He played so well, he was making me doubt for most of the match. The thing is to stay calm, you just try to play tough and focus point for point."

Federer wins in five sets

21:22I'm not sure I can take any more of this drama. Both players get a standing ovation as they walk off together, Benneteau acknowledging the cheers with a tired wave.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 6-7 1-6 Federer

21:20Benny with the legs to chase down a lob and try the hot dog - doesn't even reach the net. Service winner puts Fed 40-0 up, and Benny is hobbling about almost in tears. One last backhand into the net and Centre Court erupts. Federer squeaks through.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 6-7 1-5* Federer

21:18Federer backhand pass brings up a set point and a virtual match point. Coach Paul Annacone joins in the applause as Benneteau goes long and leaves Federer on the brink of victory.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 2-6 6-7 1-4 Federer

21:14A hold to love for Federer and he's two games away from the recovery. Benny getting some more massage on his weary legs. Doesn't seem quite right this, to be honest...

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 6-7 1-3* Federer

21:12Brutal hitting by Federer, sending Benny scurrying back and forth along the baseline. Looks quite energetic, the Frenchman, but he's facing two break points. SIZZLING forehand return down the line. Federer breaks.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 2-6 6-7 1-2 Federer

21:08Federer giving the umpire a mouthful - not often you see that. Seemed to be over an overrule. Anyway, doesn't matter now, Fed holds and as they go back to the chairs, the trainer runs on and starts giving Benny some serious massaging on his thighs. "What's going on here?" Boris Becker ponders on the BBC commentary. Indeed, BB.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 6-7 1-1* Federer

21:05No doubt who the Centre Court crowd want to win: and it isn't the underdog. Great cheers meet Benny's backhand into the net, and now the Frenchman is flexing his leg. Uh-oh. If it's a fitness battle, there really is only one winner. He's not pushing up into his serve now and a double fault gets Fed to 30-30. Ha. Ace. And he holds - skipping up and down to try to get the blood flowing.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 2-6 6-7 0-1 Federer

20:59Brad Gilbert tweets that he thinks Fed will win the set 6-2 "or less". Early games surely key, and Benneteau has a glimmer of hope at 30-30. Nothing doing.

20:58Is anyone still worried about Vera Zvonareva? She retired midway through the second set of her match against Kim Clijsters - although weirdly was back on court later to win a mixed doubles. She says she's been suffering from a respiratory infection. So there we go. Mystery solved.

20:57Only one winner now right? Wait, didn't I say that last night?

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 6-7 Federer

20:45Henman Hill is absolutely packed for this one. Drive volley by Fed and he has the mini-break at 3-2 - only briefly though, Benny's crosscourt backhand is enough to bring the volley error. They change ends at 3-3... Another wicked second serve forces the return error. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE THIS NEXT POINT. Net cord forces Benneteau to change from forehand to backhand volley in a flash. Fed chases it down, but Benny responds - plenty of fist pumping there. Benny now nets the backhand, and Fed leads 5-4 with the mini-break. It's gone again though - Fed stretching for a volley that drops wide. 5-5. Serve down the middle and it's set point Federer. Backhand pass... into the net. 6-6 and they're switching sides. Benny over the line with a backhand and it's set point on Fed's serve. HE'S STILL ALIVE! Benny nets the forehand and we're going into a fifth.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 6-6 Federer

20:40Massive net cord for Benneteau and Fed overcooks his forehand. He challenges, but it's clearly out. 0-15. Big serve out wide and it's 15-15. Whoah. Benneteau powers a forehand winner and he's two points from victory. Big serve, big forehand. 30-30. Ace out wide - cool as you like. 40-30. Fed at the net but awful approach shot and Benny smacks a huge backhand which Fed can only net. Deuce - and Benny into the net with a backhand. Game point for Fed and he seems to have badly overhit a forehand. Benny stops the point to challenge - and he's right. Deuce agai. This is T.E.N.S.E. Big serve, game point again. Backhand into the net - TIEBREAK TIME!

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 6-5* Federer

20:37Will Benny be the first to blink? Nope. He responds with a love service game of his own. Incredible. Meanwhile, Lukas Rosol has lost his latest five-setter - going down in the men's doubles with his partner Mikhail Kukushkin to Cerretani/Roger-Vasselin.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 2-6 5-5 Federer

20:34Love hold from Fed. No sign of a waver from either of these two. Camila Giorgi proving quite the hit among the male population of The Bunker by the way.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 5-4* Federer

20:31Benny seems to have the point wrapped up as he sweeps a forehand into the corner, but Fed - in true Fed style - gets there and rattles a backhand back past a stunned Benneteau. Benny's not worried though - his serve staying solid and he's a game away from the fourth round. Sounds easy huh? Meanwhile, qualifier Camila Giorgi takes out No.20 seed Nadia Petrova 6-3, 7-6 to reach the fourth round and a meeting with Aggy Radwanska.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 2-6 4-4 Federer

20:28Fed eases into a 40-0 lead, is held up by a leaping backhand return down the line, and closes it out with a service winner.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 4-3* Federer

20:24Well, well. Benneteau loses the first point, leaving us all wondering if this is the turning point... but no. Brilliant shotmaking from the Frenchman and he wins the next four.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 2-6 3-3 Federer

20:21Federer almost a different player than the first two sets. He is so much more confident - but Benneteau hasn't gone away yet. Haha. The Frenchman almost got the umpire two games ago, now he does make contact with another shanked return. No harm done. Another easy service game for Fed.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 3-2* Federer

20:16Federer sweeps a backhand down the line and brings up three break points. Weird attempt at a lob by Fed drops wide. Now Benny brings out an unreturnable serve, and on the third, he puts the smash away. And much to everyone's surprise, Benneteau survives. Mikhail Youzhny beats Janko Tipsarevic 6-3, 6-4, 3-6, 6-3. He'll play Denis Istomin next.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 2-6 2-2 Federer

20:14That went by quick. Fed out to 40-0 and though Benny holds him up briefly, the Swiss closes the door with a big serve.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 2-1* Federer

20:10Benny powers a wickedly angled forehand right onto the sideline to get to game point, before serving out. Hard to know which way this will go now. Benneteau back to the form of the first two sets, so can Federer raise it a notch?

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 2-6 1-1 Federer

20:08Benneteau almost takes the umpire's head off with a shanked return - but he's got quick reactions, Enric Molina, and ducks out of the way. Dreamy drop shot from Fed to clinch the game - he looks a lot more comfortable with his game now.

20:07From Jonathan via email: I am at 2000 metres, no tv no nothing, come on fed!!

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-6 1-0* Federer

20:03Benny almost back to his old tricks, swishing groundstrokes from corner to corner and now drop-shotting. Off to a solid start in the set.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 2-6 0-0 Federer

20:01He serves it out to love and we're into a fourth. MASSIVE set of tennis coming up now: Benneteau's chances probably rest on it. Federer hasn't lost before the quarter-finals here since 2002.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 2-5* Federer

19:59And hold he does. Federer to serve to reduce the deficit. A reminder that the roof is still on - as it has been all day - and that means we'll play to a finish. Or 11pm. Whichever comes sooner. If it's 11pm, well...

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 1-5 Federer

19:56A love hold for Federer. Benneteau muttering something to the umpire. Don't know what. He could do with at least winning this game so he doesn't have to serve second in the fourth.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 1-4* Federer

19:53Benny holds him up at least. Richard Gasquet is through to the fourth round - and yet still no one is talking about him. He beats Nicolas Almagro very easily, 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 over on No.1 Court.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 0-4 Federer

19:52Not sure many would agree with you, @vborah, but you never know. The soon-to-be world No.2 recovers from 0-30 down to move to 4-0.

19:49Tweet from @vborah Federer is done ...needs to retire

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 0-3* Federer

19:48Benny might let this set go now. Broken to love with a cruel net cord.

Benneteau *6-4 7-6 0-2 Federer

19:46A fairly comfortable hold to 30 for Federer. Benny rolled his ankle in that last game. We'll see how he holds up. Maria Kirilenko through to the fourth round after routing Sorana Cirstea 6-3, 6-1.

Benneteau 6-4 7-6 0-1* Federer

19:42Yes, we're going game by game again. It's like deja vu all over again. Bathroom break for Benny, immediate break of serve for Fed.

Federer two sets to love down

19:32Benneteau down the other end with another booming ace. Challenge from Fed - again wrong. He trails 5-2. Backhand pass up the line has Fed almost on his knees. Benneteau has four set points for a two sets to love lead. Ace saves the first. FEDERER INTO THE NET!

19:29Still all over the place is Federer. He begins by wafting a forehand wide and Benneteau has the immediate mini-break. Sweet backhand down the line and now it's 2-0. Carumba. Booming ace down the T - challenged by Fed, but wrongly. Fed on the board with an ace to make it 3-1, and a faulty volley from JB makes it 3-2. Fed mis-hits a return and they switch over with the Frenchman leading 4-2...

19:25Second set point for Federer as Benny nets a backhand. ACE! Now a raking return right on the line by Federer and he has a third set point. First serve into the net... eek... lands the second serve and, well, that is cheekiness of the highest order. Benny plays an outrageous drop shot that catches Fed totally unawares. Fed plonks a backhand volley into the net on game point and Benny forces the tiebreak...

19:21Set point as Federer somehow gets a smash back and Benny nets the second smash... WOW. Benny simply fizzes a forehand into the corner for a clean winner. Slow serve out wide takes him to game point. Double fault. Again. Service winner for yet another game point. This time? No. Forehand long. So tense...

19:18Federer seems to look to the heavens as he cracks a backhand into the net to give Benneteau two game points. He wastes the first by scooping a forehand wide and then double-faults. Is this Fed's chance? Not yet. Ace down the middle - Fed challenges but it's a hopeless cause. Forehand long now from Benny, who's starting to show the first sign of nerves. Back to deuce.

19:14Federer did indeed go two sets down against Haas at the French Open before recovering to win in five immediately after Nadal was knocked out by Soderling in 2009. He's now leading 6-5 in the second against Benneteau.

19:12Tweet from @wattsgoingon: He'll come through in five. This is just his traditional post-Rafa-upset wobble - like his match with Haas at FO 2009.

19:10No. Way. Benneteau scrambles to his right and whips a stunning forehand down the line. Federesque you might say. He holds to 15 and it's now 5-5.

19:05Break point for Benneteau! Service winner from Fed. Back and forth from game point to deuce for a little while before Federer scrambles the game. It's not pretty though - and Benny seems to be enjoying himself. A steely fist pump from the world No.3 as he heads for the chair leading 5-4.

18:58Now Benneteau in bother as Federer gets to deuce. But an ace out wide does the trick and it's 4-4. Keep expecting the Real Rog to turn up but nothing so far. Vogue editor and No.1 Fed Fan Anna Wintour apparently sitting in the players' box.

18:53Eek. Federer is now 0-30 down on his serve... and now Benny has a break point. Oof, good time to bring out a big serve, Rog. He's hanging on. The six-time champion is hanging on.

18:50Benny's 15-30 down... but digs himself out of that small hole to level at 3-3. Richard Gasquet is a set up on Nicolas Almagro. Have I mentioned that? I really can't remember.

18:47"It would be so weird if he lost," muses someone in The Bunker. Indeed. He holds though and edges into a 3-2 lead in the second.

18:44String of Federer errors and Benneteau holds easily to make it 2-2. Lady in Federer hat and matching earrings looking VERY stern. As well she might. More like Fed-error at the moment.

18:41What the blazes? Federer blasts a volley miles over the baseline to gift Benny a break point and now Fed finds the net. The Swiss is off-colour here - and Benny is back on serve.

18:36Xavier Malisse beats Fernando Verdasco 1-6, 7-6, 6-1, 4-6, 6-3 to reach the fourth round for the second year in a row. The 2002 semi-finalist faces the winner of Benneteau-Federer.

18:35Federer with a third break point... and BENNY'S ON THE TURF! Oof, looked like a painful one, he gets up rubbing his hip. Federer has the break at 2-0.

18:31We're about to find out if Julien Benneteau is a Rosol or a Stepanek. Federer has a break point at 1-0 in the second set but dumps a woeful backhand into the bottom of the net. Now he has another - Benneteau putting the volley away now. Ooh la la.

Heather Watson on losing 6-0, 6-2 to Radwanska

18:29"I held it till I got off the court, and then was just a bit, you know, let it all out. Now I'm fine. It's a great learning experience for me. I'm emotional on the court. I show how I feel. Yeah, I've learnt a lot today. I'm going to come back stronger and improve from this."

18:27Has any man reached the fourth round WImbledon as many times as Mikhail Youzhny and never got any further? I swear the Russian was born in the last 16 here. He leads Janko Tipsarevic 6-3.

18:23Tweet from @SI_BTBaseline: While I was Googling "Katie Holmes Tom Cruise", Benneteau has broken Federer and is serving for the set. #wimbleweird

Benneteau wins first set against Federer

18:21...And he's 40-0 up. Wow. Federer saves set point 1 with a nonchalant backhand winner down the line. Federer now with the forehand down the line and Benneteau can only net. Here's the third chance - and he's done it! Big serve does the job.

18:18HOLD EVERYTHING! Julien Benneteau has broken. While I was watching Denis Istomin's moment of glory. He's serving for the set against Roger Federer...

18:16They'll be dancing in the streets of Uzbekistan. Denis Istomin is flat on his back and punching the air all at the same time. Alejandro Falla overcooks a backhand to give the Uzbekistani victory. Mikhail Youzhny or Janko Tipsarevic next for Istomin.

18:04Alejandro Falla and Denis Istomin head into a fourth set tiebreak, with Istomin leading by two sets to one. One of these characters will make history. No man from Colombia or Uzbekistan has reached the fourth round at Wimbledon before.

17:58Roger Federer is yet to break serve, but he leads Julien Benneteau 2-1 on Centre. Fernando Verdasco serves out the fourth set against Xavier Malisse and they are into the fifth on No.3 Court.

17:43A couple of potential five-setters in the Gentlemen's Singles. Alejandro Falla and Denis Istomin on Court 18 are heading to the climax of the fourth set, with Istomin leading by two sets to one. Fernando Verdasco is a break up in the fourth against Xavier Malisse, hoping to force a decider on No.3 Court.

17:40Kim Clijsters is through to the fourth round in her final Wimbledon - but, so the cliche goes, not as she would have wanted. Whatever is ailing Vera Zvonareva has proved too much and the Russian retires while trailing 6-3, 4-3.

17:36Cheers echo around Centre Court, which still has the roof on, as Roger Federer glides out, with Julien Benneteau daring to share the same air space behind him...

Juan Monaco on his friend Rafa Nadal's loss

17:34"Of course I'm surprised. It was like I don't know how many years that he didn't lose early in a Grand Slam. I didn't talk to him. I know for sure he's very disappointed. He's sad because he's a great champion. He played very well last four months ago, so, I mean, it's good time to rest for him, I guess."

Agnieszka Radwanska

17:31"I really had to focus the whole match. She started playing better in the second set. She's a really good player, she just needs some more matches, some more experience."

17:29Another winner. No.8 seed Angelique Kerber makes short work of Christina McHale, winning 6-2, 6-3 to set up a fourth-round meeting with Kim Clijsters or Vera Zvonareva - who is now back on court and up and running.

17:26Another error from Heather Watson and Agnieszka Radwanska has a first match point. Not yet though. Watson chases down a drop shot and belts it crosscourt. Here's another... this time she hooks a backhand wide and Radwanska wins 6-0, 6-2 in 57 minutes.

Maria Sharapova on Lukas Rosol

17:22"Well, I mean, when the guy's firing missiles left and right, going for broke, I think it's one of those days. Obviously, you know, I'm sure Rafa feels it was unfortunate he was the one across the net."

17:22Zvonareva is leaving the court for more attention. All very curious. Radwanska is a game away from victory on Centre.

17:20Tears on No.1 Court as Vera Zvonareva talks to the trainer. Not sure what's going on. They seem to be taking her pulse.

17:17Great cheers from Centre Court as Heather Watson wins another game. They still believe. Radwanska leads 4-2 in the second. The Bryans beat Haase/Nieiminen and are through to the second round where they will face Jamie Delgado and Ken Skupski of Great Britain.

Radek Stepanek on Czech countryman Lukas Rosol

17:14"I think, you know, everybody was definitely shocked, because, you know, it was if you put a million on red yesterday, it was there every single time. He was just swinging, swinging, and, you know, it was very impressive from his side what he did yesterday."

17:11And Speng is through. Shuai Peng beats Arantxa Rus - conqueror of No.5 seed Sam Stosur - 6-1, 6-2. HEATHER IS ON THE BOARD! Big scream from Watson as she pegs Radwanska back to 6-0, 3-1.

17:06Radwanka leading 6-0, 3-0. HAVE SOME MERCY, AGGY. Our Facebook team have pleased us all with their new cover photo - of a pigeon. Unfortunately it has prompted some terrible puns as we look to give the pigeon an appropriate name: Boris Pecker, Stefan Edbird, Feather Watson... Feel free to tweet them @wimbledon

17:01Kim Clijsters steps on the gas again to take the first set against Vera Zvonareva 6-3. Zvonareva reached the final in 2010. Remember? No?

16:56GAH! Heather Watson finds a brilliant angle out wide but Radwanska is there, scrambling the ball back and Watson panics, putting a drop shot in the net with the court gaping. Still no game for Hev.

16:53S.Peng, which I always feel should be pronounced as one word - Speng, is rolling to the fourth round for the second year in a row. She's 6-1, 3-2 up over Arantxa Rus. (Radwanska took the first set 6-0, please mention it quietly).

16:50Yes this is very much my territory. A Brit competing well - but not winning any games. Too many unforced errors from Heather Watson at the moment - 10 so far, to Aggy Radwanska's 2. The Pole leads 5-0 after 20 minutes.

16:46A Brit is losing badly on Centre Court right now. I think that's my cue to let a true Brit take over. Back to you, Cheesy. I just really don't have that many tea and crumpet jokes left in me.

16:43Looks like Clijsters is up to her starts and stops again. She raced to a 3-0 lead over Vera and now it's back on serve with VeraZ serving at 2-3.

16:41Is it just me or is it pretty amazing that either Alejandro Falla or Denis Istomin will be into the second week of Wimbledon? Did any of you have that on your drawsheets? Here's another cool fact for you: the winner of this third round match will make history. There has never been a man from Colombia or Uzbekistan in the Round of 16 at Wimbledon.

16:39Ah, there's that squatting backhand of Radwanska's that I love. It always cracks me up when she does it and yet when you realize how effective it is as a shot (in absorbing and redirecting pace) it's pretty cool. She's up 3-0 on Heather Watson early. Young Hev really needed to come out sharper than this.

16:36FeVer and X-man in to a second set tiebreak. They're both playing for a chance to possibly play Roger Federer in the fourth round.

16:33Peng Shuai and Arantxa Rus are out on Court 12, with Peng up 5-1 on the Dutchwoman who knocked Samantha Stosur out of the tournament in the second round. The Chinese women are always on grass. Flat groundies, good movement, and willingness to take the ball early are the keys.

16:30X-Man has his teeth back in the match like Wolverine. Sorry. That seriously made no sense. Wolverine doesn't have fangs. Duh. Anywho, after dropping the first set 1-6 to Verdasco, he's up 6-5 in the second.

16:27Kim Clijsters has jumped out to a 3-0 lead on Vera Zvonareva. No Nonsense Kim, we call her. And by "we" I mean "me."

16:23So far, not so good for Christina McHale. She's down an early break to Angelique Kerber, 0-2. Kerber is the winningest player on tour this year with 42 match wins already. That's, like, a lot. She played a total of 50 matches last year.

16:21Looks like they won't open the roof for the Radwanska-Watson match. Any thoughts on whether the roof helps or hurts either of these two? Tweet or email us and let us know. The ladies are on court.

Novak Djokovic after the match.

16:16It was a tough match. But I think I played the second, third, and fourth set very well. I love these conditions. I love playing under the roof.

16:11Triple match point for the Serbian man with the jokes and he casually knocks a cross-court passing shot into the court and Djokovic is through to the fourth round to face his good buddy Viktor Troicki. Once he got into gear he was a machine. A very relaxed machine. Beats Stepanek, 4-6, 6-2, 6-2, 6-2.

16:08We have another qualifier into the third round. The 19-year old Slovakian qualifierJana Cepelova has ousted the No. 26 seed Anabel Medina Garrigues, 6-7, 7-6, 6-3 in their resumed match. She'll face Victoria Azarenka tomorrow. Good luck with that, dude.

16:06STEPS HOLDSSSSS. Big ovation from the crowd as he finally gets on the board in the fourth set and let's just say Stepanek isn't exactly telling them to be quiet. Throws his arm up in triumph as he heads to the chair. Djokovic leads 4-6, 6-2, 6-2, 4-1.

16:05Kim Clijsters and Vera Zvonareva stride out onto No. 1 Court. Could this be Kim's last match at Wimbledon? Will I ever stop asking that? Probably not. Oh come on, you're thinking it too.

16:04The boys on Centre Court are in exhibition mode now, as Novak Djokovic tosses his racket in the general direction of a Stepanek winner that's out of his reach. At least they're all having fun. Radek is stuck in a deuce game that won't end. 10th deuce now.

16:02It's not a day at Wimbledon until you see someone do a bellyflop onto the grass. That person is Radek Stepanek, who just dove for a ball and took a tumble. He's alright though as the good folks at the All England Club have made the lawn nice and inviting. A few grass stains and he's good to go.

Maria Sharapova on her rematch with Sabine Lisicki next.

16:00That's a tough one. She obviously did really well here last year and she's a really good grass court player. So I look forward to it.

15:56Hsieh saves two match points against Sharapova, but Sharapova is still in the driver's seat. She's attacking well and all Hsieh can do is play defense, get the ball back, and hope Maria misses. She doesn't and earns a third match point and converts. Maria Sharapova is through to the fourth round with a 6-1, 6-4 win. So we get a rematch of last year's semi-final against Sabine Lisicki. That should be a doozy.

15:54BREAKING NEWS: Viktor Troicki has won a match at a Slam without needing to go the full five sets, snapping his streak of SEVEN straight five-set matches. He beats Juan Monaco 7-5, 7-5, 6-3 to equal his career-best Slam performance. Unfortunately for him, it's looking like he'll get his countryman Novak in the fourth round.

15:52Novak up 4-0 now. Stick a form in that one.

15:48The wind is really swirling on No. 1 Court and it's wreally wreaking havoc on Maria's serve. "Come on, Maria," she says to herself as she earns a game point, and with the wind wisping her skirt about, she gets a first serve in and eventually finishes the point at with a forehand pass. Big fist pump and a "Come on!" Hsieh will serve to stay in the match after the changeover. 6-1, 5-4.

15:46Danger again for Sharapova as Hsieh -- who hits with two hands on both sides -- earns herself a break point. But Shazzy saves it with an awkward volley from her shoetops and Hsieh eventually sends a defensive volley wide. Deuce.

15:46Lather, rinse, repeat. Djokovic breaks immediately in the fourth set, consolidates, and Stepanek looks out of gas. 2-0 to the Serb.

15:44Meanwhile, FeVer is up 4-0 on the X-Man. Rollin'.

15:42"You gotta fight, fight, fight, fight for this love." In Sharapova's case, her love is winning tennis matches. She fights to get the break back and...yup. Hsieh sends a shot wide and Shazza is back even in the second set. 6-1, 4-4. Maybe we will be able to share a cup of tea and have a laugh about that double fault after all.

15:40Djokovic is in clinic mode now and Stepanek has run out of ideas. The Serb takes the third set 6-2 with ease and he's one set away from lunchtime. The sun is shining brighly on the outer courts. Surely they'll open the roof after Novak's match, no?

15:37That double fault Sharapova served up two games ago is like a comedy movie that gets less funny over time. Hsieh consolidated her break to maintain her lead. The wind is swirling on the outer courts and that might explain some the serving woes we're seeing out there. Hsieh leads 4-3 in the second.

15:34I'm almost positive that Arnaud Clement has retired at least 31 times by now, but he's just won his doubles match witjh partner Michael Llodra (who wore a matching Clement-like headband), beating Jamie Murray and Eric Butorac 6-3, 7-5, 6-4. Clement has been appointed as France's new Davis Cup coach, by the way. I hope he still wears the sunglasses and headband on the bench. Necessary.

15:33Fernando Verdasco and Xavier Malisse have taken to No. 3 Court for their third round bout. All I can think as I watch them warm is, "Geez. That's a lot of hair gel." I need a few minutes to refocus on the tennis.

15:31Sometimes you just have to laugh. Maria Sharapova just hit an epic doublefault that saw the second serve bounce on her own side of the net (I believe) to hand Hsieh a break in the second. Not that Maria laughed. Me. I laughed. Hsieh leads 3-2 in the second.

15:24We have an upset in women's doubles as well, as Flavia Pennetta and Francesca Schiavone -- two Italian Fed Cup stalwarts -- oust last year's champions and No. 3 seeds Katarina Srebotnik and Kveta Peschke. No repeat for them here.

15:22Big upset in men's doubles! Top seeds Nestor & Mirnyi go down to Braccialli & Knowle in straight sets, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. Men's doubles is always unpredictable but I did not see that coming.

15:18One thing you must say about the Czech players, both men and women: they're fearless. That can lead to reckless decision-making sometimes but it also means they're up for any challenge. Despite being down 0-3, Stepanek is challenging Djokovic on his serve right now, forcing the Serb into a prolonged deuce game. But he goes for too much on a forehand approach and goes barely wide. Nole holds to 4-0.

15:15Doh! I spoke too soon about The Principality's prospects. Monaco leveled the set at 5-5 but went on to lose the next two games. Tricky Troicki is one set away from his best performance at Wimbledon, leading Monaco 7-5, 7-5. Did you know there have never been more than two Serbian men through to the Round of 16 at a Slam? That could end today, as Djokovic, Tipsarevic, and Troicki are all in action.

15:12Vroom vroom, says Novak Djokovic. He's raced out to a 3-0 lead and a double-break advantage over Stepanek, who's gone flat in the face of Novak's precision. I mean...he's won a few Slams for a reason...

15:09Slow down, you move to fast, Maria. She takes the first set 6-1 over Hsieh in 28 minutes and she did it while serving 50% first serves and only hitting four winners. Hmmm...not exactly riveting but she'll take it.

15:07Boom Boom Pow. Sabine Lisicki just finds a way to keep winning at Wimbledon. She's through to the fourth round with a 7-6(5), 1-6, 6-2 win over Sloane Stephens. Stephens was up 5-2 in the first set tiebreak and mismanaged the windy conditions to drop five straight points. Lisicki could get Maria Sharapova next, in a rematch of last year's semi-final. Pop, pop, popcorn.

15:03I catch myself humming Starship as Djokovic breaks immediately to start the third set. How did he turn that match around? In the first set he hit 8 winners to 4 unforced errors, while Stepanek hit 13 winners to 6 unforced. In the second set? Novak hit 17 winners to three unforced errors and Stepanek hit 3 winners to 5 unforced. That's a huge swing. Djokovic leads 4-6, 6-2, 2-0. Is anything going to stop him now?

14:59Meanwhile, Juan Monaco has erased his second set deficit to Troicki, evening things at 5-5. You have to tip your cap as to how well Pico has played this season. He's playing with a lot of confidence these days, something he's lacked desperately in the past.

14:56Blink and you missed it. Novak Djokovic evens up the match at 1-1 after he rebounds to take the second set 6-2. He's trying to become the first man to successfully defend his Wimbledon title since Roger Federer in 2007? I'm on fact overload right now. You're welcome.

14:52Sharapova is already up a break on Taiwan's Hsieh Su-Wei, who is currently being coached by Paul McNamee, former tournament director of Hopman Cup. Facts? I got 'em. Maria up 3-1 in the first. Meanwhile, her Head sponsormate, Novak, has another break on Stepanek and he'll serve for the set at 5-2.

14:49Triple break point for Sabine Lisicki against Sloane Stephens. These ladies have been mighty streaky today but Boom Boom fires that patented forehand for a winner and she's three games to the good. 3-1 Deutschland.

14:45Djokovic looked to have turned the screws to tighten up his game in this second set but a few loose errors he's given Steps a chance to get the break back. Nole wiggles out of it though with some clutch serving and on game point he puts Steps on the run and puts away a meek attempt from the Czech at a lob. 4-2 Novak.

14:42Good afternoon, morning, evening, whatever suits your fancy. I'm Coutney Nguyen and I'll be your waiter today. May I interest you in some if today's specials?

14:38Djokovic still a break up but a set down, Sharapova about to get under way, and Sloane Stephens has taken Sabine Lisicki into a decider. With that, I'm going to hand over to Courtney Nguyen for a little while. I've just eaten five Jelly Babies - the sugar crash will follow shortly...

14:34Sam Querrey doesn't face Andy Murray as I erroneously wrote earlier. He faces Marin Cilic, then he might face Murray if the Brit beats Marcos Baghdatis. Thanks to @LFCDanBear for putting me right.

14:28Tweet from Bob Bryan's baby daughter @MicaelaBryan: You beat my Uncle Rafa, but I won't hold it against you. #lukasrosol pic.twitter.com/vU2aQQmX

14:26At this rate, Viktor Troicki's proud run of five-set Grand Slam matches will come to a crashing halt today. He's 7-5, 3-0 up against Juan Monaco...

14:24Tweet from Wimbledon.com reporter @MattyAT Querrey after defeating Raonic: "I did a good job of putting those aces behind me and just moving forward."

14:23Don't make him angry... Novak Djokovic responds to losing the first set - and missing five break points - by breaking at the first opportunity in the second set. Big task for Steps now.

14:21Juan Monaco was a break up at 5-4 but lost the last three games to lose the first set 7-5 against Viktor Troicki.

14:18Sam Querrey sees one match point slip by but makes no mistake on the second, banging an ace down the middle for a 6-7, 7-6, 7-6, 6-4 win and a third-round meeting with Marin Cilic.

14:16And Stepanek takes the first set against Djokovic. Wow. He forces Djokovic to put a backhand volley wide on the first of his three set points. Unheralded Czech against overwhelming favourite. Think we've been here before.


14:13Sam Querrey serving for the match against Milos Raonic.

14:10So... Serena Williams' hitting partner Sascha Bajin had a bet with Italian player Fabio Fognini about the football last night. Guess who lost? I'm guessing Sascha, unless he usually strolls around Aorangi Park in a skirt...

14:00Sabine Lisicki wins the first set against American teenager Sloane Stephens on the tiebreak. Djokovic forces the volley error for two break points. On the second, Stepanek's forehand is called out but immediately overruled by the umpire. Djokovic isn't happy because that actually gives Steps a first serve on the replayed point and he goes on to win it.

13:51Novak Djokovic still hasn't broken serve. Huh? Sam Querrey is now three holds of serve away from knocking out Milos Raonic. Juan Monaco is serving for the first set against Viktor "Five Sets" Troicki. Sloane Stephens and Sabine Lisicki are into a first-set tiebreak.

13:43If Milos Raonic was on the ropes before, now his knees are buckling and the canvas is looming into view. He is broken in the first game of the fourth set by Querrey. Stepanek up 40-15 but pegged back and a forehand into the net gives Djokovic a break point. Perfect serve out wide saves the day. For now. He leads 3-2.

13:39Tentative volleying by Raonic but he gets away with it to set up his first set point. Backhand into the net though and it's 8-8 in what seems like a fairly crucial third-set tiebreak. Querrey with a second set point - and this time Raonic plonks a low volley into the trams. Querrey with a two sets to one lead and on his way to a small upset there on No.1 Court.

13:35Sam Querrey has a set point but he misses the first serve and it's downhill from there on. He had a 4-0 lead but it's now 6-6 as he and Milos Raonic change ends again.

13:34Zoinks. They're only into a tiebreak on No.1 Court. Sam Querrey leads Milos Raonic 4-2 at the changeover.

13:26Here's a stat: Viktor Troicki's last SEVEN Grand Slam matches have gone to five sets which equals an Open era record. The run started in the first round of last year's US Open. He's now playing Juan Monaco on No.2 Court.

13:21Interesting. Radek Stepanek is changing his shoes. He had a multi-coloured pair on, and had a long discussion with the ump that I couldn't hear - but he's now putting on a virtually all-white pair. I think he's the latest to fall foul of the predominantly white rule?

13:18This is absolutely BONKERS. The Queue for show court tickets is full. FOR TOMORROW!

13:14Sam Querrey holds to love in double quick time against Milos Raonic to go up 4-3 in the third. They split the opening two sets. I'm not saying it's a serve-dominated encounter, but there have already been 34 aces in that match.

13:11OK. I see players. On all courts. This is good. We're ready to go.

13:07And when we're not applauding, we're slow handclapping. Bit of impatience out there I sense, but patience is a virtue in these circumstances - or you could just head to the Kids Zone and chat to Bally.

13:04Round of applause as the officials walk onto Centre Court. We literally will applaud anything in this country.

13:00Voice of Wimbledon says a dry spell has arrived and we'll be playing very soon.

12:56Now then. If you're here and wondering how to occupy yourself during the rain, you could always take a stroll over to the Kids Zone where Elena Baltacha will be meeting and greeting at 1pm. Later on at Autograph Island, you will find Philipp Kohlschreiber (2.15pm), Julia Goerges (2.30pm) and Belgian David Goffin (4pm). Don't go mistaking Goffin for a ball kid, it's easily done... Another TBC Kids Zone 1pm Elena Baltacha Another TBC

12:53Bah, I'm so confused... The roof IS closing. Probably wise given the showery forecast

12:51Or maybe we won't need the lid on? The covers are coming off...

12:48Little burst of sunshine to break the rain, but still no sign of play, if only we had a roo.... WAIT A MINUTE! Yes, Novak Djokovic and Radek Stepanek will be arriving on Centre Court very soon. A 1pm start there.

12:37I'm blaming it on the weather but I'm actually going to get my lunch. It's early, and I know I will regret this decision later...

12:33Booooooooooooooooooooo. The covers are back on. It's raining again.

12:27So where does Rosol's win over Nadal rank for you in the great Wimbledon moments? I'd put it in the Top 10, but clearly nowhere near Tim Henman's five-set win over Paul Haarhuis on People's Sunday in 1997. I was 10 rows back on Centre Court. Our pals over on the British Tennis facebook page want to know your favourite Wimbledon moment - and Goran's 2001 win is today's choice so hop over and give it a 'like' if you're so inclined.

Ivanisevic on when Rosol's win will sink in

12:23"Probably never. He should enjoy it. He should enjoy every second. He deserves every signature, every answer, every question because he really played an outstanding match yesterday."

12:21Well done Live@Wimbledon for managing to catch the man of the moment as he came off the practice court. Rosol is then greeted by a huddle of photographers. Incredible. Sharapova, Murray, Kvitova are all at Aorangi right now - but there's only one man everyone wants a photo of.

Lukas Rosol on Live@Wimbledon

12:19"Maybe I will start to believe after couple of days but it's still like a little dream for me. It's a good question, what happened? I was in like a trance, and everything was working."

12:15Goran responding to a question about Nadal's loss opening up the draw for Andy Murray. "You already put him in the final. The same thing happened actually in 2001 with Tim Henman and one guy from Croatia, I know him very well, came and beat him. I broke all your hearts. Sorry."

12:14Cheers around the grounds as the covers start to come off. Still quite grey out there but we live in hope...

12:11Lukas Rosol is down at Aorangi Park practicing and he gets a high five from Petra Kvitova. Goran Ivanisevic is discussing Rosol's win with Live@Wimbledon right now...

Rafael Nadal

12:07On the match:
"I played against a player that played very aggressive without feel the pressure. Especially in the fifth set he hit the ball as hard as he dream."
On what he was thinking in the 5th set.
"I try to be there. I try to force to him to play every point. Try for him to serve every time. But thinking that at some moment he gonna feel the pressure and maybe serve second serves. It didn't happen."
On possibly being annoyed by Rosol's moving around during his serve.
"Seriously, you know, any answer of me about that now will sound like excuse. I prefer to say nothing. I know what happened out there and for me that's enough"

12:06With this weather, it's almost like they WANT us to keep going on about Lukas Rosol...

12:01While it's raining, you could have a look at Wimbledon.com's Top 10 Upsets and Near Upsets.

11:57Here is the Voice of Wimbledon who reports that the light rain is likely to continue in the short term, but REST ASSURED when it stops, we'll start.

11:52Tweet from Wimbledon.com reporter @Viv_Christie Love watching military precision of those covers coming across court first hand though. Completed in seconds, claps all round #wellpracticed

11:46It's gone 1130 which means we should be under way on the outside courts - but as forecast, it's raining. That hasn't put off the madding crowds though. Wimbledon is officially full.

11:42Funnily enough, I was reading about that match this morning - in the context of Karlovic-Murray I think it was. Ashe simply soaked up all the power of the 22-year-old Connors in a stunning 6-1, 6-1, 5-7, 6-4 win. "Everything he did was good," Connors said. "Fine returns, short and long, and hard serves and volleys."

11:40A late entry for Biggest Men's Singles Shock At At Wimbledon from @jimgilch on Twitter: Ashe-Connors #longmemory

On This Day

11:26Wimbledon debutant Billie Jean Moffit lost to Yola Ramirez 11-9, 1-6, 6-2 in 1961 in her first singles match. Before the 17-year-old’s match, a British journalist took her to Centre Court. "He had me close my eyes and when I opened them, it was love at first sight. It was just like I'd pictured it. The symmetry, the way it was small and intimate." She won the doubles title that year with Karen Hantze Susman, the first of 20 Wimbledon titles for the living legend more commonly known as Billie-Jean King.

11:25@adamjld: Still can't believe Nadal is out. Was on the outside courts so didn't see but the roar from the crowd when Rosol won was unreal

Email from Peter Mc, Dorset

11:17I can't believe I was sitting next to the family who Lukas Rosol is staying with on Tuesday when we cheered him on in his first round match on court 7, I got loads of background info from the father of the family (a really nice Canadian bloke, he was in the players box tonight blue cap & shirt with glasses sitting next to his daughter/wife), he was very complimentary about Lukas, he seems a really humble and respectful player, always out before time called and never stops jumping about the place, my wife and I saw he was drawn against Rafa in the 2nd round and thought oh well that will be a nice experience for him to play Rafa on Centre court, but wow just wow, unbridled, inspired and eye balls out tennis, take note that's how you beat Rafa, just go for everything at 100mph! Trust me he played nowhere near this level on Tuesday (but didn't have to), hope it works for him in the 3rd round!

11:14Heads up, ground pass holders. Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket is Court 19. Why? You can see a fella called Lukas Rosol playing in the doubles with his mate Mikhail Kukushkin.

11:10I've just popped my head outside to carry out an old-fashioned weather forecast. It's drizzling very slightly.

11:02First up on Centre today, we have Novak Djokovic against Radek Stepanek. Then Aggy Radwanska against Heather Watson, with Roger Federer against Julien Benneteau to finish. Over on No.1, Milos Raonic and Sam Querrey are back to finish their second-round match, which is stuck at set all 3-3. Then it's Sharapova-Hsieh, Zvonareva-Clijsters and Almagro-Gasquet.

10:57So the weather: I don't what to tell you. It's the longest forecast I've ever seen. It's like an essay. I'm boiling it down to this: good chance of rain early on, drier this afternoon, good chance of rain this evening.

10:46Anyway, we'll continue the debate I'm sure but I've checked with the officials, and apparently this tournament WILL continue, so we better check the weather and see who's on the schedule for today...

10:43Yep, a big shock. But Federer was a rising star and everyone knew it, and Sampras was approaching his 30s. Lukas Rosol is 26. He lost first round of qualies each of the last five years. I doubt you would have found a single person that would have tipped him to even take a set off Nadal.

10:40Tweet from @San_Ayda: Sampras-Federer was a big shock for me.

10:36I feel your pain @AndrewCorcoran, I really do, but I'm not sure we can accept for inclusion under "shocks". Let's file that one under "crushing a nation's heart".

10:35Tweet from @AndrewCorcoran: Henman-Ivanisevic (after the rain delay). Tore my heart out.

10:29So was Rosol's win the biggest shock in Wimbledon Men's Singles history? I'd say bigger than Bastl-Sampras in 2002, because Sampo was on the wane. But I'm not sure it beats Peter Doohan over two-time defending champ Boris Becker in 1987. Or even Ivo Karlovic over defending champion Lleyton Hewitt in 2003. Karlovic was ranked No. 203 and lost the first set 6-1 in 19 minutes.

Queue full

10:18I promise I will get round to talking about today soon, but I think we all need a bit of post-Rosol therapy. A quick message though: The Queue is officially full. Anyone already in it has a very long wait to get in, so if you were planning on coming down, think again...

10:10That transcript will be up on Wimbledon.com later by the way. In the meantime, you can watch Rosol's news conference and you can also watch Rafa's - including his usual array of quizzical facial expressions.

10:05Peter Doohan, Ivo Karlovic, George Bastl, and now Lukas Rosol. Any more to add? Rosol's interview transcript from last night is packed with gems. "Where is this match in my career? It's the highest. Never, never happened to me." I said it last night and I'll say it again: it won't happen to him again either.

Good morning

10:00So Lukas Rosol, what were your expectations before this match? "Just to play three good sets, you know. Just to don't lose 6-0, 6-1, 6-1."

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