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Live Blog : Saturday 30 June 2012

by Caroline Cheese

23:14Marin Cilic up next for Andy Murray and that will be on Mad Monday when we play all the fourth-round matches on both sides of the draw. Could be another long night - bring it on, I say. Have a GREAT Sunday y'all.

Murray on his form and chances

23:13"I was very nervous today, I knew it would be tough match. I was just kind of hustling my way through the match and I'm going to have to play a bit freer if I want to make my through the draw."

Andy Murray on the 11pm curfew

23:10"They had it on the screen (in Centre Court) - even if it hasn't finished, we can't play beyond 11pm. So when I got to 4-1, I tried not to sit down, I'm glad they let us go a few more minutes. I don't know what the rules are. It's maybe the first time it happened here."

23:08Well, well. Three straight nights of high drama on Centre Court at Wimbledon 2012. It's delivering, this tournament, in bagfuls.

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 7-5 6-1 Baghdatis

23:05Ace out wide and he has three match points. Baggy obliges by hooking a forehand return over the baseline. It's 11.02pm and Murray is through to the fourth round of Wimbledon after 3hrs 13mins. Incredible atmosphere inside Centre Court. But I think we might be getting a stern letter from the council on Monday morning...

Murray *7-5, 3-6, 7-5 5-1 Baghdatis

23:02Baghdatis goes long. It's 1059 according to the Centre Court clock... tick, tock, tick. What happens at 11? Do the lights go off? Anyway two break points for Murray - and he only needs one. Surely they'll carry on??? Yes...

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 7-5 4-1* Baghdatis

22:57After losing the first point, Murray moves to 40-15 but then slightly overdoes a forehand - slapping his forehead in despair. I reckon it might have a future: tennis against the clock. He holds. And Murray doesn't even sit down at the changeover! He has a quick drink and then heads straight down the other end. Baghdatis takes his time...

Murray *7-5, 3-6, 7-5 3-1 Baghdatis

22:55Does Murray know about the curfew? He seems to be trying to hurry up, and it's not working. Baggy holds to 15.

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 7-5 3-0* Baghdatis

22:54Murray consolidates the break in supreme style with a love hold. I'm not sure what happens if they're really close to finishing at 11pm. We don't know, because we've never been here before.

Murray *7-5, 3-6, 7-5 2-0 Baghdatis

22:52Some things happened in that game - but unfortunately all the lovely words I wrote are lost somewhere in the internet ether. The end result was that on about the fourth break point, Baghdatis double-faulted.

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 7-5 1-0* Baghdatis

22:40Murray seemed to half join in with the Mexican Wave there. Weird. Breaking at the end of the set means he'll serve first in the fourth and... WHOAH! Incredible point. Murray has Baghdatis on the floor again with a cheeky reaction lob to end a fabulous rally. After all that, a hold to 15, with an ace to finish.

Murray *7-5, 3-6, 7-5 0-0 Baghdatis

22:33BIG game here. Baghdatis steps in to crack a backhand - almost as if he's sick of the to-ing and fro-ing in the rally - but belts it long. Forehand winner though and it's 15-15. Murray gets to 30-30, and a stunning drop shot has Baggy scrambling and slipping. Set point. He's done it - finds the backhand pass when he needs it and celebrates with a HUGE roar and clench of the fist. Are we carrying on? I think we are...

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 6-5* Baghdatis

22:28For the THIRD time, a ball falls out of Murray's pocket mid-point. Never seen it happen so often. He concedes the point and then blasts a forehand wide for break point. Massive serve out wide to save it. A nation breathes again...

Murray *7-5, 3-6, 5-5 Baghdatis

22:23Murray clenching his fist and feeding off the roar of the crowd as he gets to 15-30. Baghdatis recovers to get to game point but now he goes wide with a forehand. Deuce - but a great serve from Baggy and now a slightly ridiculous point which ends with Baggy just landing his smash inside the line.

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 5-4* Baghdatis

22:19Great roars from the crowd as Murray moves to 40-0. Momentum shifting here... Hold to love.

Murray *7-5, 3-6, 4-4 Baghdatis

22:14A reminder that play will finish at 11pm tonight. Whatever happens. Baghdatis forced long and there's a determined "come on" from Murray. It's 15-30. And now he has two break points after a delicious drop shot. Murray bouncing around waiting to receive. He's pumped. GAH! He's on the floor again. He's furious. But he gets on his feet and takes the second break point when Baghdatis puts a weird looking drop shot thing in the net.

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 3-4* Baghdatis

22:10Becker has his hand clapped over his mouth as Baghdatis slaps the net with a forehand, and now another. Murray with the 40-15 lead. An easy hold.

Murray *7-5, 3-6, 2-4 Baghdatis

22:04Baggy hooking a backhand into the trams and it's 30-30. Can Murray find a way? Well, he might not need to because Baggy overcooks another backhand and gives Murray a break-back point. Murray backhand into the net. Punishing rally ends with Baggy threading a lovely pass up the line - that's got to hurt Murray - and now a sizzler of a forehand down the other line. Wow.

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 2-3* Baghdatis

21:59Murray double-faults to start the game, and now a forehand into the net and a shanked backhand wide and long and who knows where it went? Three break points for Baghdatis. Mis-hit backhand to give up the first. BACKHAND WINNER ON THE LINE! Incredible hitting from Baghdatis and he has the break.

Murray *7-5, 3-6, 2-2 Baghdatis

21:54Yet another slip from Murray. Needs to get the spikes on. Wins the point though, and the next one as Baghdatis goes wide with a volley. 0-30, return long, 15-30. Boris Becker still in the Royal Box as is skeleton gold medal winner Amy Williams. Well done them. Murray scrambles a smash back and gets the reward when Baggy nets. Two break points. Ridiculous slice backhand bends wide. One left. Murray scrambles to his left to pick up a volley but can only blaze long. He's trying everything here, desperate to seize the initiative. Not in this game though.

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 2-1* Baghdatis

21:51Ominous black tape around Murray's left knee by the way. I can't help feeling that he could out-hit Baghdatis if he wanted to, he just, well, isn't. Serving nicely under the roof though and another huge ace gives him the game.

Murray *7-5, 3-6, 1-1 Baghdatis

21:47Baggy is 0-30 down but he produces a sublime, angled drop shot to get up and running before Murray thwacks a return into the net. Backhand into the net now from Murray and Baghdatis levels.

Murray 7-5, 3-6, 1-0* Baghdatis

21:44I believe we may have had a bit of a change of crowd in the break. The noise when Murray cracks an ace on the first point is IMMENSE. It's like a totally different match. Four aces in the game from Murray.

21:40Goodness, there's a lot of faffing around in tennis no? But we're good to go. Kim Sears, in her bright yellow jacket, takes a deep breath and Murray will serve first in the third set.

21:32Here they are! Baghdatis is still smiling as he leads them out. We'll have the warm-up and then we'll be back under way, with the match at one set all.

21:30Uh-oh. It's Mexican Wave time. And now a slow hand clap. Tick those off in your Waiting For Something To Begin bingo sheet. They should bring the Military Wives' Choir back for a song...

21:26A gentle hum around Centre Court. The officials are back on court. All we need now is a couple of players and we are good to go.

21:19There'll be a five-minute delay while I eat some dinner.

21:09There'll be about a half-hour delay. I feel like I've been here before... Oh yes, last night. And the night before that... Remember, we can't play beyond 11pm.

21:07Cilic-Querrey is officially the second longest men's singles match in Wimbledon history at 5hrs 31mins. Phew. It's all going on Baggy with the set point - but he nets the volley. Now another, and the return is long. One set all, and here comes the ref with the roof chat... The players are ready for it and they're packing up. ROOF TIME!

21:02Baggy serving to level the match... while Cilic has match point after the longest rally IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE HISTORY OF TENNIS. Oh. That's that then. Querrey balloons a return long and Cilic wins 7-6, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 17-15.

21:00Murray on the turf yet again as he chases down a drop shot. He's feeling his ankle... Seems to be OK on the next point although he's now 5-2 down. CILIC HAS BROKEN, HE'S SERVING FOR IT AT 16-15!

20:56It's 15-15 between Querrey and Cilic. No, no, not in points - in GAMES. Huh! They are edging closer to being the second longest Wimbledon Men's Singles match in history. Venus and Serena level the match against Kirilenko/Petrova, and the match is suspended for bad light.

20:54Um. Baghdatis breaks and leads 4-2 in the second set, to applause from his coach Miles Maclagan. Murray looking at the ball in despair.

20:50HOLD IT! Marin Cilic has two break points - gone in a flash, and it's back to deuce. Sam Querrey serving for a 15-14 lead. Baghdatis holds for a 3-2 lead against Murray. The roof is doing its warm-up stretches. And I'm hearing it's not actually Mohamed Lahyani in the chair over on No.2 Court.

20:48Jubilee time as Dominic Inglot and Laura Robson beat defending champions Jurgen Melzer and Iveta Benesova 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 and move into the third round of the mixed doubles.

20:42Baggy's smiling as he and Murray engage in a battle of "who can slice a backhand more." Baggy saves that break point but he'll have to face another... Pfft. Ridiculous point. Went on forever, and Baggy's smiling again because he put away the volley.

20:40Murray double-faults to be broken straight back. Roof, get yourself ready, you could be on.

20:35DRAMA! Andy Murray is on the canvas again. He's fine, but he'll have to face a break point. What is this??? There are two balls on the court - one of them fell out of Murray's pocket and he is so distracted he completely shanks the forehand. Lucky Muzz. He'll get to replay it - and wins it.

20:32Querrey, for what seems like the millionth time, is two points from victory but massively overcooks a return and Cilic holds for 12-12. They'll have to get to at least 60-60 before we start talking records...

20:25Dipping, chipping forehand from Murray - it was a weird shot, ok? I don't know how else to describe it. A surprised Baggy puts his reply wide and Murray has two break points... Long rally, Baggy forces the error. One left. Another EPIC rally. Baggy gets the short ball and puts it away. Murray belts a backhand crosscourt for another break points. This time he does it, as Baggy nets the volley. Murray leading 7-5, 2-1 with the break.

20:19Baggy starting to step into his forehands now, which is danger time for Murray at the start of this set, but he holds to 30. Querrey leading Cilic 11-10. Still on serve. Obviously.

20:14Murray whacks an ace out wide - his first of the match - and he has the first set 7-5. Another hour of this and we'll definitely need the roof on. Querrey and Cilic still on serve - you won't be surprised to learn - the American leading 10-9.

20:08As Querrey holds for 9-8 against Cilic in the neverending match on No.2, Murray pegs Baggy back to deuce again. If you're a fan of the backhand slice, you'll be loving this one. "Come on," Murray urges himself as he gets to break point for the first time. Return long. Passing shot now from Murray and this time Baggy goes miles wide with an angled shot. Baggy challenges - it's about a foot out. Murray will serve for the set at 6-5.

20:04Hmmm... Williams sisters 5-2 down against Kirilenko and Petrova. Murray holds to 15 to make it 5-5 against Baghdatis. Querrey two points from victory against Cilic, but the Croat holds for 8-8 in the fifth.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on his trademark celebration

20:03"You know, this is something I did when I start on the tour, when I enter in the top 100. I started at Queen's. And that's it. I did it. The crowd did a standing ovation for me, so I said, OK, if it works here, it will work everywhere. And anyway now it's my brand and I like to do it."

19:59It's 4-4 and deuce on Baghdatis's serve and Murray is at his scrambling best, but Baggy manages to put him away in the end with a short volley that even Muzz's legs can't get to. But now Baggy blasts a forehand long at the end of a draining 26-shot rally. Deuce again, but Baggy comes through. Murray wants to challenge a call but he's left it too late - he looks up to his box where Kim Sears shrugs her shoulders.

Mardy Fish on Roddick

19:56"He was the alpha male in our generation, certainly the biggest name by a good distance. He handled the burden of the press and the pressure and the expectation for 10 years, and there were some guys to come and go as he stayed there. Unbelievably consistent. Doesn't get enough credit for it. He finished the year, finished in the top 10 in the world eight straight years. Pretty amazing."

Andy Roddick pressed on whether he'll be back next year

19:52"I don't have an answer for you. I'm not going to be able to give you much else."

19:50Ice cool, like his sort of namesake Bjorn, Matthias Borgue takes victory on his second match point against Alexios Halebian - a 6-7, 6-4, 14-12 win. Anyway, back in the real world, Murray is fending off break points. On the second, he flicks a pass back off a weak Baggy volley and it lands right on the back of the line. Don't worry about the nation's hearts Andy, we'll be fine...

19:45Querrey breaks right back and it's 6-6 against Cilic. But all eyes are on Court 7 where Alexios Halebian is fighting back against Matthias "Bjorn" Borgue - he has saved a match point but has seen two break-back points come and go.

19:43Things are happening. Andy Murray has slipped over - but he's OK. Marin Cilic is serving for the match against Sam Querrey. Mathias Bourgue has saved a match point against Alexios Halebian and is now serving for it at 13-12.

19:36First question asked in Andy Roddick news conference. You think you may not be back here next year? Are you able to give us a definitive answer yet? Answer: "No."

19:34Murray taken to deuce on his serve for the first time, but he comes through to level at 2-2 against Baghdatis.

19:29Alexios Halebian and Mathias Bourgue are DEEP into a third set in a first-round boys' singles encounter on Court 7. Halebian leads 12-11 on serve. According to the junior guide, Bourgue's hobbies are girls and shopping. In that order.

19:27Venus and Serena Williams are out on Court 12 against Maria Kirilenko and Nadia Petrova. Bit of a bonus for you Court 12-ers. Baggy leading 2-1 on serve, Cilic and Querrey at 4-4 in the fifth - seriously, all night...

19:23Murray already using every angle out there, sending Baggy scampering about. Hold to 15 and it's 1-1.

19:20Baghdatis holds to open the match. Over on No.2, still on serve in the fifth between Querrey and Cilic at 3-3 - they could be going all night (until it gets dark).

19:18John McEnroe reckons Andy Murray will be better suited to the windy conditions since he grew up in Scotland and his opponent is from Cyprus. It is still very gusty out there.

19:12Sad news from a British perspective. Heather Watson's Wimbledon is over as she and Ross Hutchins go out of the mixed, losing 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 to Zimonjic/Srebotnik. Still some hope on No.1 Court where Laura Robson and Dominic Inglot take on Jurgen Melzer and Iveta Benesova - who are the defending champions. Oh.

19:10Tweet from @71radders: I'm nervous...I've got to admit, I'm slightly nervous...

19:07"Aw, Marcos Baghdatis is laughing," gushes one of his biggest fans here in The Bunker. She shall remain nameless. My favourite Baggy moment came at this year's Australian Open when he sat at a changeover and systematically destroyed four rackets. I'd sort of like to see how his racket-smashing technique is on grass...

19:05Right then. Centre Court is ABUZZ. Andy Murray is about to walk on with Marcos Baghdatis. Murray hasn't failed to get past the third round since his debut in 2005.

18:59And while all that was going on, Sam Querrey took the fourth set on the tiebreak and he and Marin Cilic are heading into a fifth on No.2 Court.

18:58The BBC's Garry Richardson asks Ferrer what he thinks about the upcoming match between Murray and Baghdatis. Not sure the Spaniard's all that bothered. He's got a fourth-round encounter with Juan Martin del Potro to worry about.

David Ferrer

18:56"He started really good, serving with great power but in the last three sets, I receive really good and play good with my forehand and I took my chances."

18:55Long and lingering goodbye from the 29-year-old Andy Roddick, who turns and blows a kiss to the crowd.

18:53Yep. David Ferrer catches fire (not literally) in the last few games to leave three-time finalist Andy Roddick reeling. Ferrer wins the last three games - breaking serve twice - to win 2-6, 7-6, 6-4, 6-3.

18:52Allez Jo-Willy. Tsonga shakes hands with Lukas Lacko and then performs his usual leapy and jumpy routine. The Frenchman through to the fourth round with a 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 win. And we might have another winner very shortly...

18:48Bad few minutes for the Americans as Sam Querrey is broken back by Marin Cilic, who now leads 6-5 in the fourth.

18:47Ha! Desperate times for Roddick now. He's break point down and Ferrer powers a backhand return down the line. Roddick is challenging the call - not on the return, but his own serve. Sadly for him, it caught the line. Ferrer with the 4-3 lead and he's closing in on the last 16...

Find Rufus!

18:39Tweet from @RufusTheHawk account Hello lovely Twitterers, no news yet, but we must be hopeful. Thank you for your kind and lovely words, they're much appreciated #findRufus

Wimbledon.com reporter Ian Baker

18:34On No.2 Court some spectators are trying to pick Cilic up after he lost the third set. No problems today but 'come on Marin' sounds remarkably like 'come on Murray.' Potential supporting issues for Croatian fans if both make it through to play each other on Monday!

Lleyton Hewitt's former coach Roger Rasheed on Live@Wimbledon

18:31"I like Andy (Murray) in this match-up completely. My opinion is he gets through to the last Sunday. The interesting thing is we will play with the roof closed tonight - it'll be an indoor match at some point."

18:29Roddick sits on his chair, looks at his friends and family and clenches his fist. He's still fighting and leads 2-1 in the fourth against Ferrer as he looks to force a fifth.

18:26If you're wondering why we haven't yet from Yaroslava Shvedova about her Golden Set earlier, she's now playing mixed with Mikhail Kukushkin and will face the thronging journos after that.

18:21Jo-Wilfried Tsonga doesn't seem to be having any issues against Lukas Lacko, now leading 6-4, 6-3. Having said that, our Live@Wimbledon reporter says the Frenchman completely missed a first serve at the start of the second set because he was looking at a Mexican Wave.

18:18All set for an epic on No.2 Court where Sam Querrey is now a break up in the fourth, having dropped the first two sets against Marin Cilic. The winner of that one will play the winner of Murray-Baghdatis.

18:17OK, Ferrer to serve for a two sets to one lead over Roddick. Two good serves get him to 30-0, oof, and now an ace out wide. Nerves of steel. Or maybe not. Misses the first serve and Roddick pounces on a tentative second one. But Ferrer shuts the door with the next one and he leads by two sets to one.

Juan Martin del Potro after matching his best run at Wimbledon

18:11"I'm still prefer the hard court, but is good if I have time to play on grass - and also for the Olympics. I'm playing better day to day, training hard on grass court for this tournament and for the Olympics also. If you win matches, the sensation is more comfortable for me. But, anyway, is difficult surface for the Argentinian player."

18:09That superfast start from Andy Roddick seems a long time ago now. Daveeeeed Ferrer has the break and a 4-3 lead in the third set on Centre. Given the late-night drama of the last couple of nights, we're all starting to look at our watches now. We still have Murray-Baghdatis to follow this...

18:05Tweet "from" Bob Bryan's baby daughter @MicaelaBryan: @DjokerNole and I have undeniable chemistry. pic.twitter.com/CpTJsL5Z

18:01Marin Cilic belts a forehand long and Sam Querrey walks back to the chair clenching his fist after reducing the deficit to two sets to one on No.2 Court.

17:57Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is already a set to the good against Lukas Lacko, winning it 6-4 on No.1 Court. Marin Cilic and Sam Querrey are into a third set tiebreak which Querrey must win to stay alive.

17:50Hello again. Just had a wander out to Henman Hill. While I was there a couple of people on a nearby picnic table produced a cake for their friend and starting singing Happy Birthday. Slowly but surely, the entire hill - which is packed by the way - joined in and then burst into a round of applause as she stood up to acknowledge them. Bizarre but brilliant.

17:44It looks like my time with you is over for the day. I have a hawk to find. I will not rest until Rufus is back with us. Back to you, Caroline. Can't wait to throw things at you while you attempt to blogify the Andy Murray goodness later this evening. How do you like your Pimm's? Extra ice?

17:37Roddick nets a forehand and Ferrer has taken the second set. That match is all even at a set a piece and I'm think it's going to be a while since we see Mr. Murray take on the Bag Man. While Roddick is battling, Mardy Fish has closed it out over David Goffin. Takes the tiebreak to advance to the second week with a 6-3, 7-6, 7-6. Fantastic win for Mardy, really. I mean, the guy had heart surgery a month and a half ago. Great story.

17:36Goodness gracious. Roddick/Ferrer are 8-8 in the breaker and Goffin? Fish are 5-5 in theirs. STOP WITH THE MARATHONING.

Serena Williams on the equal prize money debate.

17:33I deserve to get paid the same amount. I don't deserve less 'cause I have boobs and they don't. I think it's just one comment that made it pop up again and up guys ran with it. The conversation's totally over for me. That was so 2000

17:28Goffin and Fish are into a third-set tiebreak! I really feel that Goffin will win this match if he gets this set. Roddick and Ferrer are 3-3 as they change ends.

17:26Tiebreak for Fair-air and A-Rod. I'm not sure if it's the wind or what, but there has been some wonky shotmaking in this set.

17:24Last year's boy's finalist Liam Broady has won his first round juniors match, beating Filip Bergevi for Sweden, 6-3, 7-6.

17:20"You need to get your forhand in. Andy Roddick..." sings Caroline Cheese sings as Roddick sails forehand after forehand long. Good tip, Cheese. Ferrer holds at love and Roddick's serving to force a tiebreak.

17:18Some tight matches for good buddies Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish. Roddick is 5-5 in the second set now and Fish is on serve at 5-4. Can DJ Goffy Goff mount a comeback from two sets to love down?

Philipp Kohlschreiber on playing Lukas Rosol instead of Rafael Nadal.

17:15Well, of course I'm very happy that I'm not playing against Rafael Nadal, that's for sure. Because if I would go to the match against Nadal, the chances would be 90/10 to win or lose. Today was more 50/50. I would say if you have your dream day, I think everybody can play and win against everybody. We saw that (with Rosol against Nadal). Yeah, of course I was hoping he's having not that day again against me.

17:11Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Lukas Lackos for Nothing have started on No. 1 Court. Tsonga said he wasn't going to dive anymore since he hurt his finger but I don't believe him. That dude was built to be airborne.

17:07But Fair-air holds and Roddick will serve for 3-4. Rolling around the grounds I see Tamira Paszek JUST WON'T STOP PLAYING TENNIS. After her three set win over Yanina Wickmayer a few hours ago, she and partner Julian Knowle win their mixed doubles match 6-1, 6-2 over Lopez/Husarova. Seriously, Tamira, TAKE A NAP.

17:04Andy Roddick gets a bit annoyed that a linesman called a ball in, then out, then in. Has a little chat with the umpire and Hawkeye (sniff...we miss you Rufus!) reveals the ball was...in. No bother though, as he's erased his second set deficit and now has a break point. But he misses an odd attempt at an inside-out backhand and we're at deuce.

Zheng Jie after her match with Serena Williams.

17:01"After we finish the match, she just told me, 'You are crazy. You are crazy'. She say, 'Oh, this is a unbelievable match I think for us.' So, yeah. I just wish her can win this year (smiling)."

16:59Tweet from @SlavaSays: Today I laid a golden egg!

Lukas Rosol on his win over Nadal.

16:57For sure I would like to see the video at home to see what's happened that day and that night. For me it's already past. I have to look forward what's going to happen next days, next matches. I cannot live from this match what happened already. I have to live what's going to be.

16:54Watch out, here comes David Ferrer. He's up a break in the second set on Roddick, 3-1.

16:50While I was pouring one out for Rufus, Juan Martin del Potro eased into the fourth round with a 6-3, 7-6, 6-1 win over Nishikori. I mean, who steals a hawk. Really.

16:45BREAKING NEWS FROM THE BUNKER: Rufus the Hawk has been stolen from Wimbledon! Rufus is Wimbledon's official patroler of the skies, keeping those dastardly pigeons from disrupting play (and from disrupting your coif). Rufus was stolen between Thursday night and Friday morning from a parked car in Wimbledon. If you have any information, please email us. These are dark times, my friends.

16:39Andy Roddick closes out the first set 6-2 and he gets to deuce on Daveed's serve in the very first game of the second set. But Ferrer is able to eek out the hold. The Goffster and Fish are 6-6 in the second set tiebreak. But Goffin duffs a backhand slice approach shot into the middle of the net. He smacks the ball into the court angrily. On set point, Fish fires a serve wide and Goffin misses the return. Fish with a 2-0 lead on Le Goff. Not floundering, that Fish.

Ladies' Singles Fourth Round Matches

16:35So with the fourth round complete for the ladies, here are the fourth round matches that will kick off on Monday:Sharapova-Lisicki, Clijsters-Kerber, Radwanska-Giorgi, Kirilenko-Peng, Serena-Shvedova, Kvitova-Schiavone, Paszek-Vinci, and Azarenka-Ivanovic. That's quite a nice set of matches. Which one's your favorite? If you can condense your excitement to under 140 characters, do tweet us.

16:33I have a confession to make, you guys. I'm depressed. All the ladies singles matches are done for the day. Have a good rest, fans of women's tennis. Remember, we all get a break for middle Sunday tomorrow!

16:31Now here's some news that will warm the hearts of the Brits: are into the third round of mixed doubles and they could face another Brit duo in the form of Ross Hutchins and Heather Watson. Ross and Heather are up next on Court 14.

16:29I hate to be the bearer of bad news, my friends, but the epic comeback of Mirjana Lucic is not to be. She loses to Roberta Vinci, 7-6, 7-6. The Italian was simply too solid, I'm afraid. Fare thee well, Mirjana. Don't be a stranger now.

16:27While Roddick is cruising, his countrymen are not. Sam Querrey lost his first set lead and dropped the set 7-6 and Mardy Fish can't seem to shake off the Goffin, stuck at 5-5 in the second. He's a pesky little one, that Belgian. Just ask Roger Federer.

16:25We have our first dive! Roddick goes airborne to get a backhand volley and he gets it back for a winner! I'm only giving him a 2.5 on the bellyflop though.

16:24Daveeeeeeeeeeeeed Ferrrrrrrer finally gets on the board at 4-1. Phew. That was looking pretty dicey for the Spaniard. Roddick playing a clean game of tennis right now.

16:18Well, well, well. A-Rod has broken again at love and he's got a 3-0 lead on Ferrer. Roddick couldn't have asked for a better strt. Nor could his wife, Brooklyn Decker who is doing well to stay hydrated as she chugs down a bottle of Evian.

16:15 Check out this tweet from @PaulFMcNamee: The Greatest meets the Greatest? Roger and Jack @Wimbledon pic.twitter.com/Ojoinect

16:12Andy Roddick gets the good start he needed. Breaks Ferrer immediately for a 1-0 lead. And now, that cannon of a serve...

16:10Tweet from @Petra_Kvitova Loving the grass :) Looking forward to the second week :)

16:07A little bit more complicated than Del Potro would have liked, but he does go on to take the second set tiebreaker and build a 2-0 lead on Special Kei Nishikori. I'm not sure how a 6 foot 6 inch Grand Slam champion can move through a draw without being noticed. But DelPo's doing it.

16:06Mardy Fish gets a great start on David Goffin on No. 3 Court, taking the first set 6-3. But they're even at 2-2 in the second. I remain convinced that Goffin is actually in the juniors event. He looks like a baby!

16:01While I was engrossed in the Serena/Zheng drama, there's been a momentum shift on Courts No. 1 and 2. Delpo was cruising with a break lead in the second set against Nishikori, but now they're in a tiebreak at 2-2. Sam Querrey was also a break up on Cilic and now they're on serve with Sam serving at 4-5.

16:00Yowza. That was some gutsy (and gusty) stuff on Centre Court. Now for some more gutsy stuff from two gutsy guys: Andy Roddick and David Ferrer. I'm still blown away (wind joke!) that this is a third round match. The gentlemen are about to take Centre Court now.

Serena after the match.

15:57"We always have unbelievable matches together and I knew it was going to be tough."

15:56Big fistpump and celebration from Serena on match point and some nice words exchanged at the net between the two. I'm not in Serena's head (could you imagine?) but I have to think she has a load of respect for how hard Zheng has pushed her over the years and never backed down. Nice ovation from the crowd for Zheng as she walks off the court.

Serena Williams survives.

15:54Another big serve and she gets Match Point No. 3: Let, fault, second serve in. Zheng returns the ball to the mid court, Serena hits a forehand cross court but Zheng chases it down. She fires a forehand passing shot but...Serena's there! Easy volley and she's done it. Serena Williams survives Zheng Jie with a 6-7, 6-2, 9-7 win. WOW.

15:52But when you have that serve, why worry? Two big serves from Serena gets her two match points. She's doing full body squatting fistpumps now at her box. The desperation is so so clear. On the first match point, Zheng's return clips the line. Once again, Serena can't believe her luck. Match Point No. 2 and Zheng redirects a return on a big serve and Serena yanks the backhand wide. DEUCE.

15:49A double fault is probably not how you want to start a game but that's precisely what Serena's done. 0-15. But a big serve gets her to 15-15. On the next point, Zheng looks like she's pushed a backhand long but she challenges the call and...it's in! Serena's jaw literally drops. She can't believe it.

Serena to serve for the match!

15:41Serena pumps up her grunting, putting everything behind her shots and Zheng absorbs every single one of them. But Serena gets the game to deuce with some heavy returns. She crushes a return to earn a BREAK POINT. But Zheng, plucky plucky Zheng, saves it with some tremendous defense. ARRRRRGH. But Zheng's backhand fails her again as she pushes it long in the next point and Serena has a second break point. Another heavy return down the middle and Serena's broken! She'll serve for the match!

15:40Pfft. FOUR ACES. Now *that's* how you hold. Zheng serving at 7-7 now.

15:37Zheng Jie holds to 7-6. Serena Williams, the woman with the best serve in tennis, serving to stay in the match. We've seen Serena get tight in the big moments this year. But she's shown no signs of yips on her serve so far in this set. And as I type that, she fires down an ace for a 15-0 lead.

15:35Patrick Mouratoglou is sitting next to Richard Williams in Serena's player box. In case you didn't know, Mouratoglou runs a tennis academy in Paris and he's been working with Serena a bit since she lost at the French Open.

15:34Those windy conditions are clearly present on Centre Court as well. All you need to do is watch the direction of Serena's hair and the hemline of her skirt. It's like a wind tunnel down there. But service games so far have been fairly clean. Serena holds easily. 6-6.

Brian Baker on the windy conditions today.

15:32It was really blustery out there. Never felt like the wind was even in the same direction every game, so I think we were both struggling a little bit with the wind. Made it tougher to serve, serve big. Even on the returns it was moving a lot. I think that made a few more unforced errors today.

15:28No problemo for Serena in that game. She held at love and Zheng is now serving at 5-5. Now she holds easily, too. What is this, Isner-Mahut? How are these ladies holding with such ease with the pressure at an all-time high? It should be said that Serena's giving a bit of help. She's going for way too much on those returns and she's missing. She should dial it back a bit. 6-5 Zheng, and not that you need reminding but there are no final set tiebreaks here.

15:26Two highly-anticipated matches involving Americans are just starting. Sam Querrey will try to pull of another upset after he knocked out Milos Raonic yesterday. Today's task is Queen's Club champion Marin Cilic. Meanwhile, Mardy Fish is up against young upstart David Goffin. The Baby-Faced Belgian is trying to become the first man to make it to the Round of 16 at his first two consecutive Grand Slam appearances.

15:23No sign of nerves from Zheng as she holds to love to lead 5-4. She even fired down an ace in that one. They'll sit on the changeover and think about things. Do you ever wonder what's going through a player's mind when they're sitting there? I think I would think a lot about what I wanted to eat after the match. Which is probably why I am not a professional athlete. The only reason, of course.

15:21Enough from you, Caroline. She keeps making fun of me for talking about Mirjana Lucic so much. So sue me if I love a good comeback story. Speaking of comeback stories, Serena is still trying to fight back against Zheng Jie. It's 4-4 now with Zheng serving.

15:22OK, time for my regular afternoon stroll. Courtney will take you through the culmination of Serena Williams against Zheng Jie, who leads 4-3 on serve in the third. She's also impossibly excited about Roberta Vinci against Mirjana Lucic. She's eccentric like that...

15:14Second seed Victoria Azaranka makes swift work of Slovak qualifier Jana Cepelova, winning 6-3, 6-3 to book a fourth-round meeting with Ana Ivanovic.

15:09Yaroslava Shvedova won the first 24 points, lost the next eight (we think), and won 6-0, 6-4 against No.10 seed and French Open finalist Sara Errani in one of Wimbledon's weirdest matches. I've just pitched that as a feature idea: Wimbleweird. Serena or Zheng next for wildcard Shvedova.

15:06Nick Bollettieri seems to be struggling to keep his eyes open on No.1 Court where he's watching his academy graduate Kei Nishikori. The Japanese No.1 lost the first set 6-3 against Juan Martin del Potro. Serena Williams comes from 0-40 down to hold for 2-2 against Zheng Jie in the decider on Centre.

15:00Shvedova and Errani are at 4-4 in the second after the Kazakhstani took the first set WITHOUT LOSING A POINT. Sorry, but thought it was worth the shouting again. You know there's that plaque outside Court 18 for Isner/Mahut's longest match? They might need one No.3 Court. Amazing.

14:53Meanwhile, Serena is getting back on track against Zheng Jie. It's a set all on Centre. Juan Martin del Potro a break up on No.1 Court against Kei Nishikori.

14:52Definitely the new Peter Doohan. Lukas Rosol goes down 6-2, 6-3, 7-6 (6) to Philipp Kohlschreiber, who was the last man to beat Rafael Nadal before, erm, Lukas Rosol. Confused? Brian Baker next for Kohli.

14:42Re the Shvedova Golden Set - there have only been two before. Ever. Victoria Azarenka is cruising at 6-3, 1-2 against Jana Cepelova. Lukas Rosol's hopes of staying in this Wimbledon hang on a third-set tiebreak. He's already two sets down against Kohlschreiber.

14:34Errani now leading 2-0. Weirdest match ever? Shvedova came close to a "golden set" in 2006 in Memphis. She lost the match 1-6, 6-0, 6-0 to Amy Frazier... Serena has the break in the second set against Zheng Jie.

14:32And the fightback's on. Sara Errani breaks in the first game of the second set. Was she even on the court in the first set I'm wondering...

14:29I bet Alex Willis didn't expect this... (See 1424) Yaroslava Shvedova takes the first set against Sara Errani 6-0 - WITHOUT LOSING A SINGLE POINT in 15 minutes.

14:26Tamira Paszek recovers from a first-set horror show to beat Yanina Wickmayer 2-6, 7-6, 7-5. Roberta Vinci or Mirjana Lucic next...

14:24Serena misses a backhand to give Zheng the first set. And Serena is still struggling in this wind. I'm quite surprised to see Yaroslava Shvedova leading Sara Errani 4-0. Alex Willis, editor of this esteemed website, tells me it's not all unexpected. OK then.

14:19Serena and Zheng at 5-5 in the tiebreak.

14:14ROAR from Serena as Zheng goes long - but this wind is playing merry havoc with the American's game. She's 3-2 down in the first-set tiebreak.

Francesca Schiaove on facing Kvitova

14:11"She's the champion, so everybody want to beat her. I think it would be a really, really tough match. She has the character to play on grass, so I think I have to play really a great match to beat her."

14:08Petra Kvitova completes a completely dominant 6-1, 6-0 win over Varvara Lepchenko on No.1 Court. The defending champion is in scary form right now. Watch out Francesca Schiavone (who she faces next).

14:05Kohlschreiber rattles through the second set to lead 6-2, 6-3 against Lukas Rosol - whose moment in the sun is fast coming to an end. He's still got a Question of Sport appearance in a few years to look forward to.

13:58Wow wow wow. Brian Baker is though to the fourth round after a four-set win over Benoit Paire. He'll next face Rosol or Kohlschreiber, and given his form, he won't be worried about either of those two. Amazing.

13:57The wind is so blustery on Centre Court that Serena's dress is up around her ears. I'm not even kidding. We are going to be seeing a lot of those hot pink pants today...

13:51Brian Baker is about to serve for a place in the fourth round of Wimbledon. That's the Brian Baker who didn't even have a ranking this time last year. Not enough words to describe how incredible this story is.

13:45As Petra Kvitova bludgeons on against Varvara Lepchenko, leading 6-1, 2-0, it's much closer on Centre where Serena and Zheng Jie are on serve.

13:43Lukas Rosol has dropped the first set against Philipp Kohlschreiber quicker than you can say "one-hit wonder". The Czech man of the moment is down 6-2.

13:39Ana Ivanovic is serving for the match... but she's break point down. Boom. Swings a forehand winner right onto the edge of the line. And now an ace. Match point - and a ear-splitting scream from the Serb as Goerges slaps the net with a forehand. Ivanovic wins 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 and awaits the winner of Azarenka-Cepelova.

13:35Bit of relief for Varvara Lepchenko as she gets on the board against Petra Kvitova at 5-1. Lepchenko is 26 and hails from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She changed nationality last September and will represent the United States at this year's Olympics.

13:28So Serena Williams and Zheng Jie are just going through their warm-up on Centre, while Petra Kvitova has already jumped into a 4-0 lead against Varvara Lepchenko on No.1 Court.

13:24On Centre Court, Sue Barker has been introducing the great and good of the sporting world in the Royal Box. There was also recognition of Armed Forces Day, and the volunteer military service stewards who have been coming here since 1946.

13:22Brian Baker wins the third set against Benoit Paire 6-1 in 19 minutes. Decent response. Ana Ivanovic is a break up on Julia Goerges in the decider - but struggling to hold her own serve at 3-2.

13:15Now it's not been Great Britain's finest hour it must be said. Ken Skupski and Jamie Delgado go down 7-6, 6-0, 6-2 to the mighty Bryan twins. Couple of juniors have already fallen by the wayside. But Kyle Edmund is up a break against No.8 seed Mitchell Krueger in the Boys' Singles.

13:08Ana Ivanovic duly does wrap up the second set against Julia Goerges - although not without a struggle. Meanwhile, I'm back from the canteen where I learned that corned beef is proving to be the most unpopular sandwich filling.

12:52Arms in the air from Francesca Schiavone as she completes a 6-0, 6-4 win over Klara Zakopalova. Not turning out to be a bad week for Italian sport, all things considered. Other scores on the doors: Benoit Paire has recovered the break in the second against Brian Baker, Ana Ivanovic a game away from forcing a decider against Julia Goerges, Tamira Paszek is down a set but up a break in the second against Yanina Wickmayer.

12:43This is your final warning: We are minutes away from capacity and the gates being shut. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.

12:41I also hear that Lukas means 'lemon' in English.

12:38Tweet from @Wimbledon: Did you know the word 'Rosol' (as in Lukas Rosol) translates to 'jelly' in Czech. And we thought he was a man of steel when he beat #Rafa!

12:31And with that she was onto Italian questions. She's up against Aggy Radwanska next, so if she wins that one, I expect she might get a bit more of a grilling. Zakopalova is making more of a fight of it in the second set, 3-3 against Schiavone. Brian Baker breaks. Again. He leads Paire by a set and a break now.

12:28Q. Next round, Radwanska, No. 3 ranking, it's a big challenge?
CAMILA GIORGI: Yeah, it will be interesting match. It will be a good match. I think so.

12:26Next entry will be the entire English transcript from Camila Giorgi's news conference after her win over Nadia Petrova yesterday.

12:25Tweet from Wimbledon.com reporter @GilbertHels: Off to cover the aesthetically pleasing Ana Ivanovic v Julia Goerges much to the annoyance of my males colleagues.

12:21Ana Ivanovic is a set down against Julia Goerges. The winner of this one faces the winner of a later match between Victoria Azarenka and Jana Cepelova. Azarenka has dropped seven games in her two matches so far.

12:19Turns out to be an excellent tongue twister: Brian Baker breaks. Say it three times, see how you go. Set point now for the American... and he takes it, sending down an unreturnable first serve.

12:17Brian Baker breaks. Try saying that later on after a few Pimms. Fairytale Boy will serve for the first set against Benoit Paire.

12:15If you were to hurry down to Autograph Island you'd catch Shuai Peng right now. Up later: the fragrant Camila Giorgi - Italian qualifier extraordinaire (1pm). Florian Mayer at 1.30pm, and a mystery guest later.

12:10Tipsarevic lost to perennial fourth-rounder Mikhail Youzhny yesterday, failing to join fellow Serbs Novak Djokovic and Viktor Troicki in the last 16. Meanwhile, Francesca Schiavone dumps the bagel on poor old Klara Zakopalova.

12:05Tweet from @TipsarevicJanko Bad bad day at the office yeterday…Life goes on

11:59If you were trampled by a gaggle of photographers this morning, they were almost certainly on their way to No.2 Court where Ana Ivanovic is playing Julia 'Gorgeous' Goerges. The German leads 3-2 there, on serve. Francesca Schiavone now leads 4-0. Yikes.

11:51Few singles matches getting going now. Yanina Wickmayer has raced out into a 3-0 lead over Tamira Paszek, conqueror of Caroline Wozniacki, and Francesca Schiavone is also leading 3-0 against Klara Zakopalova. Benoit Paire and Brian Baker on serve early doors.

11:44I've not heard any more about those David Beckham rumours by the way. Starting to think it might not happen... *sighs*

11:40"Sure, I've been on the Tube. I caught one to Eastbourne once." Serena Williams there with one of Wimbledon's best ever quotes. More on Wimbledon.com

11:36No, Lindsay, 'fraid not. You need a ground pass to get onto Henman Hill - and The Queue is officially full and has been for a while. You could search out your nearest BBC Big Screen instead?

11:35From Lindsay Long via email: Trying to figure out if we could watch matches today on the hill with some strawberries to be a part of it even without tickets, is there a chance?

11:35Incidentally, the squirrel incident occurred in 1949. Says the Compendium: "The players relaxed while the ball boys chased it away."

On This Day

11:29A mouse, a squirrel, three streakers and countless pigeons. They all appear on the page entitled ‘Centre Court Invasions’ in the magnificent Wimbledon Compendium. On this day in 1981, the doubles match between Miss S.D. Barker and Miss A.K. Kiyomura and Miss J.C. Russel and Miss V. Ruzici was halted for bad light. The Compendium reads: “Amid boos and jeers, cushions, programmes and other objects were thrown onto the Court.” At Wimbledon. IMAGINE!

11:25Cripes. Almost forgot On This Day. It's coming right up...

11:20Right, we're up and running on Courts 4, 7, 9, 10, 16 and 19. Might pick those as my lottery numbers. Plenty of home interest too. Seventeen-year-old Clay Crawford is up against Yoshihito Nishioka of Japan, while Harriet Dart tackles Sabina Sharipova of Uzbekistan.

Royal Box

11:10As is traditional on the middle Saturday, the Royal Box will be bursting at the seams with sporting greats. Highlights include: Sir Bobby Charlton, Ryan Giggs, Geoffrey Boycott, Dame Kelly Holmes, Martina Navratilova, Boris Becker, Jack Nicklaus, Andrew Strauss... That isn't even all of them. I hope they've all brought every trophy they've ever won so they can compare. Pretty sure Navratilova would win that particular competition.

11:04Courtney Nguyen has just furnished me with her fact of the day. If David Ferrer - who is up against Andy Roddick - loses today, there will be more Uzbekistanis (one) in the second week of Wimbledon than Spaniards (zero). Denis Istomin became the first player from Uzbekistan to reach the fourth round of Wimbledon when he beat Alejandro Falla yesterday.

11:03Tweet from @Ayush_RedDevil think it's fantastic that A Rod gets to be on centre court , one tennis player who is liked by the majority of tennis fans

10:58There's only one place to go for Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket - although I will admit it's a bit of a cheat because Court 12 is officially a show court. However, there is an unreserved area for you groundpassers. Lukas Rosol, fresh - or not so fresh - from beating Rafa Nadal on his Centre Court debut, is up against Philipp Kohlschreiber as we find out if the man of the moment is a one-hit wonder. You'll also get to see Victoria Azarenka, Francesca Schiavone, Tamira Paszek and Sara Errani. Not bad.

10:53Another reason to get here early: 11am start today because the juniors are starting up. Here's the Voice of Wimbledon with the news that the likelihood is it'll stay dry today with a high of 22C. BOOM!

10:47I've heard Kool and the Gang's Celebration not once, not twice but THREE TIMES this morning which can only mean one thing: there's some kids showing off their skills on the lawns. Over on Court 11, Serena Williams is practicing, wearing something typically awesome. Always worth getting to Wimbledon early you know.

10:39Forgot to pick up the official weather forecast this morning, so here's my unofficial one: sunny, chance of a shower later.

Annual 'Becks Is Coming To Wimbledon' Rumour

10:36There are rumours that Sir Dave of Beckham will be at Wimbledon today. If that should happen, you'll have to bear with me because I'm likely to go all wobbly.

10:36The gates are open and the people are flooding in. The Queue is full already I'm afraid so if you were thinking of chancing your arm and coming down today, er, don't. The show court tickets were already taken by about lunchtime yesterday. Got to love this country sometimes.

Good morning

10:30Hello, hello. I'm already starting to get that sickening feeling that this tournament might end soon. Two dramatic five-setters to conclude the last two days, with Federer scraping through and Nadal falling by the wayside. Andy Murray against Marcos Baghdatis is the last match on Centre today. #justsaying

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