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Live Blog : Monday 2 July 2012

by Courtney Nguyen

20:15Ladies and Gentlemen, play has ended before all the restaurants in Wimbledon Village have closed. This has been a rarity over the last seven days. I know better than to look a gift horse in the mouth so we're signing off for the night. See you all tomorrow for what will be a jam-packed Tuesday. Weather permitting....

Tuesday Schedule of Play.

20:00Hot off the presses, here's the schedule of play for Tuesday. Play on Center Court will begin at noon with David Ferrer vs Juan Martin Del Potro, followed by Serena Williams vs Petra Kvitova and Sabine Lisicki vs Angelique Kerber. No. 1 Court will also start at noon with the resumption of Marin Cilic vs Andy Murray, then Agnieszka Radwanska vs Maria Kirilenko and Tamira Paszek vs Victoria Azarenka. At 11:30 am, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs Mardy Fish will resume on No. 2 Court and Richard Gasquet vs Florian Mayer resume on No. 3 Court. The last rescheduled match, Brian Baker vs. Philipp Kohlschreiber will be on Court 12 at 11:30 am.

Novak Djokovic on playing his friend.

19:57"We know each other so well. First match we played he was nine years old and I was eight years old at a tournament in Serbia. There are no secrets between us."

19:54Game, set, match Novak Djokovic. Beats Viktor Troicki 6-3, 6-1, 6-3 to advance to his 13th straight Slam quarterfinal, putting him at No. 4 on the list. He'll play the winner of Gasquet-Mayer.

19:49Troicki has hit two forehand winners for the match. Two! But he does have his serve going for him and he holds. Djokovic serving for the match.

19:47The Velvet Voice of Wimbledon announces that play has been abandoned on all outer courts today.

19:45In a shocking turn of events, Troicki has two break points! Djokovic wipes out one in a cat and mouse point that leaves Troicki practically in the splits. The two keep trading points in an eight minute game but Djokovic eventually -- wait for it -- holds. Novak is up 5-2.

19:41News from the Referee's Office: There will be no further play on Centre Court tonight. Play will resume tomorrow at noon on both Centre Court and No. 1 Court.

19:38Getting close to the finish line now for Djokovic. He gets the break he needs in the third set and Novak is up 4-2. Looks like they really will be able to get that 8:00pm reservation.

Victoria Azarenka on pressure.

19:38"I think when you're on the top, everybody kind of wants to beat you. You always have that kind of baggage to carry with you. But that's the position where you want to be, you work hard to be. There's really no bad or good, it's just the situation and you deal with it."

19:29Well look, folks, they can't all be crackers. So more stats for you: If Novak wins today he'll take sole ownership of fourth place on the list of most consecutive Slam quarterfinal appearances in the Open Era with 13, one ahead of Rafael Nadal and Pete Sampras. That's pretty darn impressive.

19:26To the shock of many (perhaps even himself) Troicki holds in his opening service game. He even smiled in embarassment. So it goes for him right now. Djokovic holds quickly to 2-1.

19:22Well the good news at least is that they were able to get the entire Round of 16 finished for the ladies. Here's the quarterfinal lineup: Lisicki- Kerber, Radwanska-Kirilenko, Serena-Kvitova, and Paszek-Azarenka. All very interesting matches, but I cannot wait for Serena vs. Kvitova. It's a matchup we haven't seen since Serena beat Petra in the semi-final here at Wimbledon in 2010. Of course, a year later Petra won the title. A great test for both women.

19:20Total unforced errors in the match for Djokovic: four. Please see my previous message.

19:19Djokovic served at 92% in that second set. Seriously. Unbothered. This is a practice sesh.

19:16Second set to Djokovic and that took less time than it took him to pocket the first one. 6-1 in 24 minutes. Do these two have a dinner reservation at 8:00pm? If they do, Novak better be picking up the tab.

19:14The Velvet Voice of Wimbledon sounds sad. He says they're not very optimistic about the weather but they're still trying to wait out the rain to resume matches. At the mercy of Mother Nature, I'm afraid.

19:07Here's the thing about playing your practice partner in a real match: you fall back into making it look like practice. That's what Djokovic is making this look like. He looks absolutely unbothered by anything Troicki does. 5-1 to Djokovic and he has a double break lead. Now begins the speculation as to whether any matches will be moved to Centre this match concludes....

19:04News from the Referee's Office: Del Potro-Ferrer has been cancelled for the day, as well as a number of doubles matches that include the resumption of the Williams Sisters' match against Kirilenko-Petrova.

18:59This is the first time in the Open Era that two Serbian men have played each other in the Round of 16 at a Grand Slam. People just love to make history at Wimbledon, huh? Here's another funky stat: The only players Novak has played against more than Viktor on tour are Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Considering Novak's record against Vik you have to wonder how Troicki's career might be different if he wasn't running into his buddy all the time.

18:56Did you know that Novak and Victor will represent Serbia in both singles and doubles at the Olympics? In fact, they're doubles partners. Seriously, you can't say there are any secrets between them, which makes Djokovic's 11-0 win streak over his friend even more impressive. Vik knows what's coming and he can't do anything about it. Speaking of which, Djokovic breaks to start the set, 1-0.

18:51Boom boom pow. Djokovic takes the first set 6-3 over his bestie in 28 minutes. At this rate, we might all get out of here before night falls. Trust me, that's would be a very notable change.

18:46I figured I would wait until someone actually consolidated a break before I announced it so here we go: Djokovic breaks and then holds to a 5-2 lead. A clean match from him so far. Only two unforced errors off his racket. Viktor holds easily and Nole will serve for the first set.

Mikhail Youzhny, who has never beaten Roger Federer, on their upcoming quarter-final.

18:42"Even if I said now, No, it doesn't matter, of course in my head when I lost to a guy 13 times in a row and never beat him, you have to take in our head, I think, in our brains. Because of course I remember almost all our matches, and it's not on my side, actually. But before going to quarter, I understand that new match is like new life. I try to do all my best and don't think about what was previous."

18:39Well look at that. Troicki breaks right back to 2-3. Not rolling over for his good mate. By the by, have you seen Novak Djokovic's tennis bag? What do we think about the golf stand? Yay or nay?

18:36Djokovic gets an early break to 3-1 and it sounds a little muted in Centre Court at the moment. Both these men are going about their business, but the energy level is a bit flat. Let's give them all a moment to sink their teeth into this one. They've been waiting in the wings for long time today.

18:34If anyone has any comments or questions (or "constructive compliments" as I like to call them) feel free to give me a tweet @fortydeucetwits. We're all in this together.

18:27We're only eight points into this match and it's already involved some entertaining points. You can tell these two practice with each other frequently. They know each other's tendencies, pace, and feel already. Troicki started the game with a double fault but he ends it with an ace. Atta boy. 1-1.

18:25Love hold from Novak Djokovic to start the match. Troicki's only chance here is to serve big. That's how he almost beat Novak two years ago at the U.S. Open, when he found himself up two sets to one. He hit 22 aces that day and it still wasn't enough. He begins his service game...with a double fault. Uh oh.

18:22Tweet from @Petra_Kvitova Met some cute fans after my match. Thanks for your support! See you tomorrow :) pic.twitter.com/gwiZayFd

Angelique Kerber on facing fellow German Sabine Lisicki in the quarter-finals.

18:19"I mean, for sure it will not be easy match against Sabine. She beat Maria today. I know she play very well on grass. It's good for Germans to have two players in the quarters and one of us in the semis."

18:16The Velvet Voice of Wimbledon tells us he has no update on when play on the outer courts will resume. Light rain still coming down here and it sounds like there's more coming.

18:13From one Serb to another two: Novak Djokovic and his good buddy Viktor Troicki take Centre Court. Troicki has his head down, while Novak is smiling, head up, soaking in the crowd. He seems pretty relaxed and why wouldn't he be? He's won 11 straight matches over his compatriot.

Victoria Azarenka on her quarterfinal match with Tamira Paszek.

18:10"It's like last year. I know she's been playing great on grass, undefeated. Definitely going to be a tough match but I'm looking forward to it."

18:07The rout is mercilessly over. Azarenka is through to the quarterfinals with a 6-1, 6-0 win over Ivanovic. She smiles to her box and mouths "Let's go, baby." That was quite a performance from her. She'll face Tamira Paszek in the quarter-finals.

18:03The first casualties of extended rain? Doubles matches. We've just got word that a number of doubles matches have been cancelled for the day, including those involving Guccione/Hewitt, Skupski/South, Bryan/Huber, and Fleming-Hsieh.

18:00Azarenka holds to 5-0 with a fistpump. She's feeling it today and I have to say, this is as good a performance as I've seen from her since her winning streak was broken in Miami. Ruthless.

17:58Ivanovic sends a return long and Azarenka lets loose a huge "COME ON!" and stalks to the baseline to get a ball. That intensity is what got her this 6-1, 4-0 lead. Then again, she does have a 6-1, 4-0 lead...

17:55Calm as a cucumber, Azarenka is. Rain delay? Don't care. Feathers? Don't care. Ivanovic finally making in-roads and hitting winners to earn a break point? Don't care. She saves a break point and serves at deuce.

17:53There are feathers raining down on court and it's stopping Azarenka from serving. I don't understand. Is there a hole in the roof? Azarenka's cleaning up the court picking up feather after feather. Is Lady GaGa hanging from the rafters? I AM SO CONFUSED.

17:49The tension is all over Ivanovic's face. It's no fun to get taken to the shed like this on the most prestigious court in tennis. You can see it in every swing she puts on the ball. She's just not comfortable out there. No tension for Vika though. A beautiful running crosscourt forehand passing shot winner (wow, that's a lot of words to describe such a simple shot) gets her break point and she converts. Azarenka up 4-0. I'll be in the corner whistling.

17:47Squeaky bum time on Centre Court. Azarenka holds at love and she's up 3-0 in the second set now. She takes some energy gel on the changeover. Oh, come on, Vika. As if you're breaking a sweat out there. She's making this look so easy.

17:42There's more than just the quarterfinals on the line here for Vika Azarenka. If she wins then Maria Sharapova loses the No. 1 ranking. It would be between Azarenka and Radwanska to battle it out the rest of the week for No. 1. That's right, Aga Radwanska has a chance at No. 1. How weird is that. Azarenka breaks to 2-0 now and this is looking like one-way traffic.

17:39AI actually gets a look at a break point but Azarenka saves it by wrong-footing her. On game point Ana gets a forehand to hit and...YES SHE HITS IT DOWN THE LINE! Oh. It hits the net. So maybe I'm not the greatest tactician. Azarenka leads 1-0.

17:36First point of the game and Ivanovic does well to take control of the rally. She finally gets a forehand to hit but she goes inside-out instead of down the line. Azarenka is right there and she yanks back control. Ivanovic misses. Azarenka playing perfect first strike tennis right. Ana either can't get any stick on the ball or she's going for too much and misfiring.

17:33Second verse, same as the first. Azarenka taking advantage of the Ivanovic serve and getting the Serb on the run immediately. The ball just isn't penetrating for Ana right now. Azarenka breaks to 15 and pockets the first set 6-1.

17:29Azarenka resumes the match serving at 40-30. Wide service winner and she's held to 5-1. A lone cry of "Come on, Ana" lingers awkwardly in the air. Come on, crowd. Get into it!

17:27Azarenka and Ivanovic are about done with their knock-up, so we're set to go. Will the closed roof affect the tenor of this match? Vika was steamrolling Ana before the break. I think the new conditions will help Ivanovic. But we gonna see...

17:25Personally, I can say that Kim will be sorely missed when she's gone. She was always good for a quote, story, and unlike many players, she was willing to talk about any given subject. And she's nice. Very nice. Like, in a "Why are you being so nice to me? What do you want, my first-born child?" kind of way. I would totally give her my first-born child, by the way. GAH, she's so nice.

Kim Clijsters after losing to Angelique Kerber in her final Wimbledon.

17:23"The way that she played today, you know, obviously this is the first time I ever played against her, but she played incredible. I think she played close to the perfect match. Like I said, I never had a chance to get into the match or where she kind of dropped her level a little bit. She was on every level just too good: served better, returned better, and just in the rallies was hitting the ball very deep, very fast onto the bounce, anticipating really good as well. It was too good."

17:20Supervisor is explaining to the players that they're waiting for the green light to come on so they can come out. Literally. There's apparently a green light somewhere that flashes on. Azarenka helpfully points out that it would be simpler if they just called them to come down from the locker room when the light was green so they weren't stuck waiting. She has a point. But here they come...

17:16Victoria Azarenka and Ana Ivanovic are in the hallway about to come back on court. Vika has her boxing look going, with the hoodie up and iPod in. She really should just throw in some shadow jabs when she walks out. Own it, I say.

17:09The Velvet Voice of Wimbledon speaks: "The Met Office tells us this rain will continue intermittently for some time." Then again, based on the announcement this morning, they weren't even expecting to get any play early in the afternoon. Things do change.

Sabine Lisicki on her pre-Wimbledon preparation.

17:07"Well, I didn't play well in my last tournaments, but that's why I went to Florida. I practiced just before Wimbledon there. I got my confidence and my shots back. I just had fun on the court again. Spent twice two hours a day on the court and just feeling good. That's why I went back home to Florida and came in here feeling much, much better. So it's all good."

17:03Here's a status update for when the singles matches resume: Azarenka up 4-1 on Ivanovic, Murray up 7-5, 3-1 on Cilic, Fish up a set 6-4, 1-1.

Roger Federer on his back injury.

16:59"Yeah, I mean, I felt the back going the beginning of the first set, and then I played on it maybe three, four games. I asked for the trainer, the doctor to come out to just talk about it. So I decided to have treatment inside.... [H]onestly I'm not too worried. I've had bad backs over the years. I've been around. They go as quick as they came."

16:56In case you're new to this roof-closing mumbo jumbo, play won't resume under Centre Court for another 30 minutes or so. Plenty of time to get yourself a slice of cake and a coffee. As for me, I'm going to dig through this pile of interview transcripts for some gems...

16:53And finally, after much clamoring for it, HERE COMES THE ROOF. Interesting to see if that helps Ana Ivanovic at all, as she's down 1-4 to Vika Azarenka on Centre.

16:52Here comes the rain and the covers. Players heading off court. Bound to happen today given the grey skies. It's been in the air...

16:51ANDY MURRAY BREAKS. Yup, it's Courtney Nguyen here. Put your earplugs in. This liveblog is about to get shouty.

16:51OK, with Andy Murray threatening a break in the second set against Marin Cilic, time to hand over to the coffee-fuelled Courtney Ngyuen. Expect a lot of bold and capital letters...

Maria Sharapova after her loss to Lisicki

16:50"On any given day, of course there can be an upset. That's the sport. That's why we watch."

16:46Maria Kirilenko beats Peng Shuai 6-1, 6-7, 6-3 to reach only her second Grand Slam quarter-final, and first at Wimbledon. She's got the scarily in-form Radwanska next, so good luck with that.

16:43Andy Murray sneaks the first set against Marin Cilic 7-5 under dirty grey skies. And Mardy Fish serves out the first against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - that would be a mild upset if the American can keep it up.

16:43Is Rufus the Hawk represented by Max Clifford now? He seems to be on every media outlet since his unfortunate theft on Friday. Bet the Sunday papers are fighting it out for the exclusive: My 24 Hours Abandoned On Wimbledon Common.

16:35Mihkail Youzhny is through to the quarter-finals after beating Denis Istomin 7-5 in the fifth. Youzhny was going for a record-equalling seven fourth-round losses at a single Grand Slam without making a quarter-final. Tommy Robredo still has that fine record for his U.S. Open efforts. When I say Youzhny was "going for" it, he probably wasn't actually going for it. Youzhny's reward is a quarter-final against six-time champion Roger Federer.

16:33Ouch. Mardy Fish has just clonked a lineswoman in the eye with a serve and she's had to be replaced. Believe she still made the call though. That's what you call professional.

16:31We're playing! Ivanovic to serve first against Aza. Florian Mayer is a break up against Reeeechard Gasquet on No.3 Court.

16:28Much checking of the grass going on on Centre. We've got the referee and the tour supervisor out on court. I've stuck my head out of the window and it doesn't seem to be raining. I'm seeing shoulder shrugging, bit more discussion...

16:24Murray and Cilic getting to crunch time on No.1. The Brit leads 5-4 on serve. Mardy Fish has the early break against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Kirilenko and Peng into a third set. Istomin and Youzhny? Yeah they're still on serve in the fifth.

Serena Williams on her confidence

16:21"Well, I'm Serena Williams. I'm very confident."

16:17Denis Istomin and Mikhail Youzhny are still plugging away on Court 18. Istomin had a break in the fifth but not anymore. It's 4-4. Victoria Azarenka and Ana Ivanovic about to make their way onto Centre Court.

Serena on the backhand lob that saved her having to face break point in the last game

16:16"I had no intention of hitting that shot. I mean, I thought I was going for a backhand down the line, and somehow it ended up being a cross court lob. That was not in the plans whatsoever."

16:14I was only two questions into the Serena Williams press conference transcript before I started laughing out loud. This next quote is going to be make you feel so much better about your tennis...

Roger Federer on his back injury

16:10It's OK, otherwise I wouldn't be going this interview. It started to feel better as the match went on. It was a bit of a shock. I thought I was in big trouble. I'm pleased I came through and I had to apologise to Xavier for the first set for what happened, it was just a freak thing, can happen to anyone. The back sometimes hurts you just hope it doesn't happen on a big match like today."

16:08Two match points for Roger Federer and he only needs one, the service winner completing 7-6, 6-1, 4-6, 6-1 win over Xavier Malisse. Federer seems to say "Yeah I'm OK," as he and Malisse talk at the net. He's looking like a very relieved man though.

16:06Tweet from @Infostrada2012 Clijsters falls 6-1, 6-1 to Kerber. This is Clijsters' 2nd-worst Grand Slam loss after her 6-0, 6-1 loss to Petrova at 2010 Australian Open

16:05Turnaround time on Centre. Federer was a break down but is now 5-2 up against Malisse and a game away from the quarter-finals. And Murray has recovered the break against Cilic.

16:04Tweet from @sabinelisicki Yesssssss!!!!

16:00Angelique Kerber beats Kim Clijsters 6-1, 6-1 and that's it for the Belgian at Wimbledon. She never got past the semi-finals - it's the only Grand Slam final she never reached. Sad faces all round. She departs No.3 Court with a brief wave. She will, of course, return here for the Olympics.

15:56Angelique Kerber bends down and frying pans a return back to Kim Clijsters. The sheer gall of it! Clijsters wins that point but now she has to face match point... saved. And Clijsters eventually takes the game - at least she won't end her Wimbledon with a bagel.

15:53Kim Clijsters about to serve to stay in her final Wimbledon. Kerber leading 5-0 in the second.

15:50Stern face from Mirka as Federer strolls to the chair after a love game - but he's still a break down at 2-1 in the fourth. Murray saving break points already in the first game against Cilic... not enough break points. He loses the opening game.

15:47This really is Mad/Manic Monday - whatever you want to call it - because while Federer struggles on Centre - he is broken in the first game of the fourth - Kim Clijsters is losing and losing quickly on No.3 Court. The Belgian is 6-1, 3-0 down against Anqelique Kerber.

15:43Xavier Malisse takes the third set against Roger Federer to trail 2-1. Blimey. Better put him back on upset-watch. Federer is off court again, presumably for a bit more treatment on whatever is bothering him - back? hip? - but is returning now.

15:39Boy, Agnieszka Radwanska did not hang around. You won't get many people tipping her for the title but she's been completely so far in this tournament and beats Camila Giorgi 6-2, 6-3. She'll play Peng Shuai or Maria Kirilenko next.

15:37And Xavier Malisse has stealthily moved to a 5-3 lead over Roger Federer in the third set, having dropped the first two. He even had points for a double break. So there. On No.1 Court, Lisicki and Sharapova make way for Andy Murray and Marin Cilic...

15:36Lisicki will play Angelique Kerber or Kim Clijsters next - and Kerber already has the first 6-1 in that match. Is Clijsters' Wimbledon career about to end on No.3 Court?

Sabine Lisicki

15:34"It's just unbelievable. For the third time, I've beaten the French Open champion here. I'm just so happy. I just went for my shots from the first point on. It's my favourite tournament. I just love it."

15:32You'll be seeing plenty of the Lisicki celebration on replay. Drops to her knees, clenching both fists, are there tears too? I think there might be tears. A full house.

15:30Big serve out wide gets Lisicki to a third match point. Ha! Second serve ace down the T. Not a bad way to finish. Lisicki beats Sharapova 6-4, 6-3.

15:27Lisicki with match point - blown it. She overhits a forehand. Now Sharapova goes disastrously long to gift her opponent a second mp and surely she has it now, sweeping a forehand into the corner and getting the short ball to put away - but she nets! Calamity.

15:23Sabine Lisicki winning a lot of fans on No.1 Court - she can't stop smiling. She misses a drop shot just wide, but challenges anyway. It is just out, but I think she just did it for a laugh. Sharapova is serving to stay in the match at 5-2 - and she holds for 5-3. Lisicki to serve for the upset...

15:21Hey autograph hunters, get yourself down to Autograph Island at 5pm to see Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova. I might go myself...

15:16Sharapova challenges a Lisicki serve that was about as in as it could get. Desperate times for the former champ. She trails by a set and 5-2...

15:11Lisicki is two games away from pulling off the upset against Sharapova. Federer has raced away with the second set against Malisse and leads 7-6, 6-1.

15:02So we can take Kvitova and Serena off upset-watch, but what about Sharapova? She is a set and a break down against Sabine Lisicki and very much at the top of the list.

14:59Petra Kvitova comes through 4-6, 7-5, 6-1 against a very unhappy Francesca Schiavone. That means it's a Serena-Kvitova quarter-final - bring it on.

14:55Storm Sanders is in action on Court 8 in the girls' singles. My live-blogging accomplice Courtney Nguyen started a rumour earlier that Storm had a sister called Hurricane. Turns out she was confused with a totally different pair of tennis-playing sisters: Hurricane and Tornado Black. Their mother is called Gayal. You think I'm kidding, but I'm really not.

14:47Petra Kvitova seems to be back on track against Francesca Schiavone, leading 4-0 in the decider. The non-delay for rain appears to have worked in her favour. Agnieszka Radwanska is 3-1 to the good against qualifier Camila Giorgi.

14:43Roger Federer and Xavier Malisse are back on Centre Court where the roof remains off. Yes, I have no idea. Kvitova saves three break points to go up 3-0 in the decider against Schiavone. Sharapova and Liskicki now returning to No.1 Court.

14:38Petra Kvitova is making the best of the conditions. She breaks against a miserable-as-sin Francesca Schiavone to lead 2-0 in the decider. Mikhail Youzhny has a two sets to one lead against Denis Istomin.

14:34The to-ing and fro-ing continues on No.3 Court where Kvitova seems happy to play, Schiavone very much not. She's arguing long and hard with the ump, but she'll have to get on with it.

Wimbledon.com reporter Ian Baker

14:32Serena has just survived a rugby scrum getting out of No.2 Court. Everyone seemed to want to pat her on the back or get a glimpse of her

14:28Great effort, Jon and Julia, that's the spirit. Francesca Schiavone is very much not in high spirits. She wants to stop playing, the crowd are telling her to get on with it. They're back on the chairs and waiting...

Email from Jon & Julia, London

14:27Enjoying the match on Court 1, play suspended, Champagne intended...

14:22Petra Kvitova duly takes the second set 7-5 against Francesca Schiavone. Play suspended on some courts, not others. Told you it was light rain. I suspect Roger Federer just didn't want to get his knitwear wet, might have lost its shape.

Email from Alison

14:22Re 13:44 Cannot now get the image of Roger wrapping Xavier in towels out of my mind, 'now you keep warm, I won't be long , if you need anything ask the man in the big chair'

Serena Williams after a three-set win over Yaroslava Shvedova

14:19"Drama again. I love drama! I feel fine. I'm not tired. I'm not anything. I feel good. The bottom line is I can play so much better than what I've been playing. Today I didn't serve as well as the other match - I can improve on everything. You know me, I'm never satisfied."

14:17They may have scrambled to the end of that match but play is suspended elsewhere. It's very light rain, but rain nonetheless. Petra Kvitova and Francesca Schiavone are still on No.3 Court, sitting shivering under towels. It's deuce on Schiavone's serve, with Kvitova leading 6-5 in the second.

14:14Guttoral roar from Serena as she wallops a forehand into the corner for 30-30. Shvedova surely has the next point won with a backhand into the corner... BUT NO! Serena sends up a desperate - and inch-perfect - lob. Match point. Two-footed leap as she pummels a backhand down the line. Serena wins 6-1, 2-6, 7-5.

14:12Bizarre scenes on No.2 Court as a Mexican Wave breaks out for no particular reason. Shvedova seems to enjoy it, despite the fact that Serena is about to serve for the match.

Play is suspended - on some courts

14:07Short discussion between Federer and the umpire and the players are walking off. Sharapova and Lisicki are also off No.1 Court but they're carrying on elsewhere, including No.2 where Serena and Shvedova are now 5-5 in the third and No.3 where Kvitova has set point against Schiavone.

14:06Gah! It's raining a bit... Rog has put his jumper on.

14:03From 0-40 down, Shvedova holds to lead 5-4 in the deciding set against Serena. Could that be the key moment? Guess we'll find out soon... Federer takes the tiebreak 7-1 - clinical. Whatever happened in the medical timeout, it worked. The trainer comes on to check on Rog but it quickly called to the other side of the chair where Malisse needs some re-taping on a knee injury.

14:01Wow. These are crucial moments all around Wimbledon right now. Lisicki breaks again to take the first set against Sharapova. Federer leads 5-1 against Malisse in the first-set tiebreak. Shvedova saves three break points against Serena and it's still 4-4 there.

14:00As if there wasn't enough going on, it's crunch time on No.2 where Serena Williams has three break points at 4-4 against Shvedova in the third. And Kvitova, trailing by a set, is at 5-5 against Schiavone in the second.

13:58Federer goes a break down, which given the events of the last few minutes isn't that surprising. But he has three points to break back now, trailing 6-5. It's all going on: Sharapova breaks back against Lisicki and now only trails 5-4. Federer volleys beautifully to break back and we're into a tiebreak on Centre.

13:45Malisse holds to 15. Federer is looking a bit uncomfortable, truth be told. How will he serve though? Denis Istomin levels the match against Mikhail Youzhny at one set all. Lisicki now has a 5-2 lead against Sharapova. Federer holds to love.

13:44I think that might have sounded like Federer had wrapped up Malisse before leaving the court. I would like to emphasise that Malisse wrapped himself up. He's now on his feet and trying to keep warm. Here comes Roger Federer, looking as cool as ever.

13:40Um. POSSIBLE DRAMA on Centre. Roger Federer has left the court for a medical time-out, leaving Xavier Malisse draped in towels in his chair. Seems to be the back that is bothering the six-time champion.

13:36Oracene Williams looks on, looking frankly bored and cold. Then suddenly she leans forward and starts barking out instructions at her daughter. Shvedova with the 2-1 lead. Lisicki now 4-1 up on Sharapova.

13:33Scottie Pippen is watching Serena Williams. Dirk Nowitzki is apparently watching Sabine Lisicki. We've gone NBA crazy at Wimbledon today. Lisicki is 3-1 up against Sharapova, Serena and Shvedova are at 1-1 in the third.

13:28Shvedova in a bit of trouble at deuce in the opening game of the third set but seals the game with an ace out wide that produces a satisfying puff of chalk. Petra Kvitova a set and a break down now against Francesca Schiavone.

13:25For the second year in a row, Tamira Paszek is through to the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, beating Roberta Vinci 6-2, 6-2. She'll play Victoria Azarenka or Ana Ivanovic next.

13:23Play is just getting going on Centre and No.1 and Maria Sharapova is already a break up on Sabine Lisicki. Roger Federer leading Xavier Malisse 2-1 on serve.

13:21One set all between Shvedova and Serena - and the Kazakhstani is fist-pumping her way to the net. Upset-watch on No.2 Court as well as No.3 Court. Serena gets a warning from the umpire for racket abuse.

13:20Stunning point by Shvedova, scrambling about on the defensive before knocking the pass down the line to bring up set point against Serena. Service winner from the American. Meanwhile Tamira Paszek is serving for a place in the quarter-finals against Roberta Vinci.

13:14Tweet from tennis writer @BenRothenberg Serena hadn't been broken since first round.

13:13While that was going on, Shvedova broke a a suddenly errant Serena and leads 4-2 in the second.

13:10Dinky slice from Schiavone lands out and Kvitova has a break point. Return out, and now another return goes awry. Set point for Schiavone but Kvitova has the easy put away off the short ball - and belts it into the net. The defending champion flings her racket into the turf in frustration.

13:07You wouldn't get any prizes for guessing that Kvitova has two break-back points. She makes two horrible forehand errors though and we're back to deuce. Now she has another - a NINTH of the set! - and she balloons a backhand over the baseline. Set point for Schiavone now. Double fault. On we go...

13:02Quick google search on Manga tells me it's something to do with Japanese comics? OK then... Francesca Schiavone is serving for the first set against defending champion Petra Kvitova.

12:57Kimmer Coppejans - who is emphatically male not female - is the No.2 seed in the boys' singles, and is fresh from winning the French Open. The 18-year-old's hobbies are computer, manga and friends. Manga?

12:54The rain is holding off for now and just like Serena, Tamira Paszek isn't hanging around, taking the first set 6-2 against Roberta Vinci. Youzhny has the first set against Istomin.

12:47Serena wraps up the first set 6-1 against Shvedova in just 26 minutes. She has a steely look about her, it has to be said. Over on Court 18, Mikhail Youzhny is serving for the first set against Denis Istomin, who is the first player from Uzbekistan to play in the second week of Wimbledon in the men's.

12:43Call off the bagel. Serena nets a return off a second serve and Shvedova is on the board at 5-1. The winner of that match will play the winner of Kvitova-Schiavone, which the Italian leads by a break at 3-2 on No.3 Court.

12:40Serena Williams doesn't seem to keen to hang around on No.2 Court. She's one game away from handing Shvedova the bagel. Shvedova has won 0% of her second serve points.

12:37Time for me to indulge in some patriotism. Britain's Colin Fleming and his Taiwanese partner Su Wei Hsieh return to complete a 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 win over Sa/Rodionova. That was actually a first-round match, so they'll be back again later on Court 18 against Qureshi/Hlavackova.

12:30Serena breaks first up to go 2-0 up against Shvedova. Tamira Paszek is already 3-0 up on Roberta Vinci. And in the time it took to write that, Serena goes 3-0 up. Thought it might favour Shvedova that match not being on Centre or No.1 but not so far...

12:21After one of the worst knock-ups in history - I don't think they got a ball in - Petra Kvitova and Francesca Schiavone are under way, with the defending champ holding in the opening game. Yaroslava Shvedova wins the first point against Serena Williams meaning she is on for the Golden Set. What a story that would be... Oh, she lost the second one.

12:17On No.2 Court, Serena Williams is warming up in a tight, cropped jacket and long white trousers. Love that. In this damp weather, I'm already concerned about the bespectacled Yaroslava Shvedova...

12:09As the players knock up on the outside courts, Andy Murray has arrived at the All England Club and is signing autograph upon autograph. I'm getting worried about repetitive strain injury.

12:03Very grateful to @LFCDanBear - my chief sub this fortnight - for pointing out that Kimmer Coppejans, who is first on Court 5, is in fact a boy, not a girl as I may have erroneously written earlier. Let's move on: players are ON COURT.

11:58I see officials, I see ballchildren (as I believe they're called these days). It's still as grey as night out there though.

11:49The Voice of Wimbledon says play will begin at 12pm, providing there is no further rain.

11:43Tarango was the second player to be defaulted in 1995 after Tim Henman became the first in the tournament's history. Here's how Tarango's wife Benedicte explained why she slapped the umpire: "This guy deserves a lesson. I just tried to slap him once, because Jeff cannot do it and still stay in this sport." She doesn't explain why she slapped him the second time.

Email from former BBC Ceefax Sports Editor Ian Westbrook

11:36I have a Jeff Tarango memory for you (see 1057 entry) – of working for Ceefax at Wimbledon in 1995 on the day of his meltdown. Our office was in what used to be some sort of store cupboard for 50 weeks of the year under the old Number One Court. We were following the live coverage of his press conference when his wife stormed in and interrupted it. Can’t remember what she said but she definitely started either shouting out or taking questions.

11:28So there we have it, it's @toady we have to thank for Great Britain's last win in Wimbledon singles. Meanwhile, the covers are off. Keep everything crossed please, especially you @toady

11:25Tweet from @toady with memory of Wade winning Wimbledon (see 1057): Mum got home to find me sat in contortions on floor afraid to move as Wade winning since I sat like that! #longmemory

11:23In yet more good news, Rufus the Hawk has been found safe and well. The bird in charge of scaring off the pigeons was stolen on Friday morning, but was found on Wimbledon Common - hopefully by one of those helpful wombles. Rufus is back at work this morning.

11:16It has STOPPED RAINING! I was not expecting that... The covers are being deflated. Huzzah!

11:13Tweet from @niannah: I remember Graf v Navratilova. I was 10. Wore my hair in a Graf-style ponytail for ages afterwards! #ivegotalongmemory

11:06Any memories of those, please tweet me up @carolinecheese using the hashtag #ivegotalongmemory or email me up at socialmedia@aeltc.com.

On This Day - Today

11:02Graf d. Navratilova 5-7, 6-2, 6-1. Navratilova had won Wimbledon for six straight years, but was upended by a 19-year-old German in the 1988 final. “This is how it should happen,” Navratilova said. “I lost to a better player on the final day. This is the end of a chapter, passing the torch if you want to call it that.” It was Graf’s fourth of 22 major singles titles. Navratilova won the last of her 18 at Wimbledon in 1990.

On This Day - Yesterday

10:57"No, no, no, I'm not playing anymore." July 1 was the day in 1977 that Virginia Wade, cardy and all, lifted the Venus Rosewater Dish, but it was also the day of Jeff Tarango’s infamous 1995 meltdown. Losing to Alex Mronz, the American was riled by an overrule by umpire Bruno Rebeuh, and his increasing fury was met by a series of code violations from Rebeuh. Eventually, he stormed off – prompting Rebeuh to default him for “leaving the court without permission.” As a footnote, Tarango’s wife slapped Rebeuh in the face – twice.

10:53Ooh, just before that, here's the Voice of Wimbledon. He sounds a bit depressed already. "Unfortunately, the latest information from the Met Office is that this rain or drizzle is likely to remain with us well into the afternoon," he says, before audibly perking up as he continues:: "HOWEVER, there is a chance of a period of dry weather later on."

10:49With 10 minutes until play is scheduled to start on those courts hosting junior matches, it's still raining. To cheer us all up, I've got TWO On This Days coming up. Mainly because I dutifully prepared one for July 1 before realising it was Middle Sunday...

10:36If you've got a ground pass, you could try and cram into Court 12 or 18, but Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket falls to Court 5 for the simple reason that you get to see Hassan Ndayishimiye. He's the boy from Burundi who became the first player from his nation to play in a Grand Slam at Wimbledon juniors last year. He's up against third seed Gianluigi Quinzi. You'll also see boys No.1 seed Luke Saville, and boys No.2 seed Kimmer Coppejans. So basically you'll be watching the future of tennis.

10:27If you're on No.2 Court, you'll have no complaints either. Serena Williams takes on Yaroslava "Golden Set" Shvedova. Agnieszka Radwanska tackles Italian qualifier Camila Giorgi. Jo-Willy Tsonga meets Mardy Fish. Kim Clijsters is out on No.3 Court along with defending champion Petra Kvitova. I'm telling you: it's a great, great tennis day (if it stops raining).

10:24Should play be possible on any other court (I'm remaining pessimistic at this stage), No.1 Court does look like the big draw today. Sharapova v last year's semi-finalist Lisicki, Queen's champ Cilic v Murray, Ferrer v Del Potro. You can see where that lady (see 1011) was coming from.

10:18What we can guarantee is there will be play on Centre Court today where the planned schedule is thus: Federer v Malisse, Ivanovic v Azarenka, Djokovic v Troicki.

10:11The folk at Live@Wimbledon have been in amongst The Queue this morning. If you'd wanted show court tickets for today, you'd have needed to start queuing on Saturday. One woman has turned down Centre Court (with roof) tickets for No.1 Court tickets (no roof) simply because she is desperate to see Andy Murray. Good luck lady...

10:07So, while we are all brimming with excitement about Mad Monday, it befalls me to tell you the weather news: put simply, it's raining and it looks quite set in.


10:00Welcome to Mad Monday. A unique day for a unique tournament. As a result of our little rest day yesterday, we get ALL the fourth-round matches today. I'm saying it: it's quite simply one of the greatest days on the tennis calendar.

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