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Live Blog : Tuesday 3 July 2012

by Caroline Cheese

21:58The weird hoover machine is out on Centre Court which means it's time for us to pack up and leave for another day. Part or all of five singles matches graced Centre today. Could be a new record. See you tomorrow for: Federer-Youzhny, Murray-Ferrer, Djokovic-Mayer, Tsonga-Kohlschreiber. Sweeeeet.

Agnieszka Radwanska

21:55"I'm just very, very happy, it's the first time I reached semi-finals. I don't know what to say. I think today for me was like 40 hours, I was on and off the whole time, waiting in the locker room. It's always difficult switching courts, I was just trying to be focused every point."

21:54Despite the frankly dismal weather, we are on track with the singles schedule. The women's semi-finals look like this: Serena v Azarenka, Radwanska v Kerber.

Radwanska beats Kirilenko 7-5, 4-6, 7-5

21:49Swings and roundabouts in the first point. Not even sure what that means. But Radwanska ends it by knocking what looks like a fairly easy volley wide. She recovers for 15-15 and then forces Kirilenko to go wide. Closer and closer. Kirilenko belts a backhand into the trams and Radwanska has two match points. She only needs one and she throws her arms in the air in celebration - she's through to her first Grand Slam semi-final

21:47I don't know how she hit that?! Radwanska seems to have overrun the ball but somehow flicks a breathtaking crosscourt winner and she goes on to earn three break points. She only needs one, Kirilenko blazes a forehand wide. Radwanska will have a little sit-down before serving for it...

21:41It sounds so much better when you crack an ace under the roof - as Radwanska would surely testify after zinging one down the T to open the game. She moves to game point with the luckiest/most brilliant shot you'll ever see - a squash shot that brushes the net before dying on the turf - but Kirilenko is back to deuce. Two points away... Ha, Radwanska with the ace out wide. It's 5-5.

21:37The umpire had to remind Kirilenko of the score before she went to warm up. It's 4-4, the Russian is serving with a 15-0 lead and she holds to 15 to move to within a game of her first Grand Slam semi-final.

21:34Just before the players came out, I think I heard the referee telling them "let's hope we can finish tonight." They have just under an hour and a half and it's 4-4 in the third. If they don't finish tonight, we'll be heading into Isner-Mahut territory.

21:28HEY EVERYONE! Guess what? We're not done. Radwanska and Kirilenko have managed to persuade the referee to let them play on Centre. They're heading out now, with their quarter-final - the only one still unfinished - poised at 4-4 in the final set.

Victoria Azarenka

21:25"It was a close match it was a lot of long rallies so it was difficult but I'm glad I could manage to win. It's a great feeling to be in the semi-final of a Grand Slam but I still want to go all the way and it seems so far away! There's no better opponent than Serena in a Grand Slam semi-final so I'm really looking forward to that match. It's not going to be easy but it's a Grand Slam semi-final, what do you expect?"

Azarenka beats Paszek 6-3, 7-6

21:22Paszek with the 2-0 lead, but it's quickly gone. They switch sides at 3-3 after Aza does well to bend and dink the volley into the open court. Paszek into the net with a fairly easy forehand and Aza leads 5-3. Make that 6-3 as a huge return makes Paszek go long. Three match points. Paszek finds the angle on the backhand crosscourt to save the first but the backhand goes long on the second and Azarenka is through to the semi-finals.

21:12Well, you'll be as surprised as I am that Paszek has earned a break-back point. And the Austrian takes us into the tiebreak with a brutal forehand return that Aza can't handle.

21:08Paszek to 40-15 but two wild, wild errors allow Aza back in at deuce. And the Belarusian breaks again for a 6-5 lead. Can she close it out this time?

21:05Tweet from @beninbrighton: Tamira Paszek is quickly becoming my favourite tennis player - such a fighter!

21:02Azarenka challenges at 0-15. She's wrong and she'll clean out of challenges now. She pulls it back to 15-30 but then hooks a forehand wide. Paszek with two break points. Misses the first one with a wild forehand. DOUBLE FAULT. Drama drama drama...

20:58And now 4-4. Crunch time now for Paszek, who has never reached a Grand Slam semi-final... Uh-oh. She nets a backhand to fall three break points down. Missed first serve... and a forehand miles over the baseline. Easily her worst game of the match and Azarenka will now serve for a place in the semis.

20:49Some quality rallies out there for a Centre Court crowd that has been spoiled rotten today. Azarenka holds comfortably to put a bit of pressure on Paszek, who responds with some ferociously deep hitting to take her 40-15 and she closes out by spanking a backhand crosscourt for 4-3.

20:46"Come on Tim" reads a sign held up by a wag in the crowd. Lovely. Now, Paszek holds for 3-2 and on we go. Good effort by Paszek not to crumble in the second set as some of us thought she might. Not me obviously.

20:41There she goes again. Azarenka levels at 2-2. Seriously, I think they should be warned for excessive cmon-ing.

20:36SHE HOLDS! I'm willing to bet this match has already broken the record for use of "come on." It's virtually every point - the words are starting to become meaningless to me. Paszek leads Azarenka 2-1.

20:30I'm reading rumours that Radwanska and Kirilenko might come and finish their match on Centre tonight. Only rumours, I hasten to add. Aza thumps a return down the line for break point but Paszek responds with an admittedly weird-looking backhand winner. Weird but effective.

20:27Paszek threatening at 15-30, but Aza is super fired up. Not one but two determined "come on"s as she gets to 40-30 and there's another one. Huh. Settle down Aza, it's only 1-1, save some for when you actually win the thing.

20:21There's the 1. Paszek holds to love to open the second set and now she's yelling "come on" as if to tell Aza that she's still here and fighting.

20:17Ace down the T takes Aza to three set points and she's soon skipping to the net after her 18th winner of the match. Maybe it will be 6-3, 6-1 after all...

20:15Paszek wellies a forehand well beyond the baseline and we have break point but the Austrian finds a solid second serve and Azarenka nets the return. Every service game a battle for Paszek though... And she's lost this one. Azarenka finds a return winner that lands plumb on the line and Paszek goes wide to trail 5-3.

20:09We press on on Centre Court though where we have roof and lights. Paszek is serving to level at 4-4 against Azarenka.

Play is abandoned on outside courts

20:07Due to damp conditions and deteriorating light, play is abandoned for the day on every court except Centre. That means Radwanska and Kirilenko will have to come back tomorrow to complete their quarter-final, which stands at 4-4 in the third.

20:01Paszek is 0-30 down but comes through to make it 3-3. The Austrian lost to Azarenka 6-3, 6-1 at this stage at Wimbledon last year. Can't see it being so one-sided this time around, but let's see.

19:57Azarenka holds to love to lead 3-2. Azarenka will definitely reclaim the No.1 ranking if she reaches the final here. If she loses today, she'll still be No.1 if Radwanska doesn't reach the final. If she gets to the semis, she'll be No.1 if Radwanka does not win the title. Everyone clear?

19:55She's DONE IT! Tamira Paszek holds serve and it's 2-2 after 23 minutes. We could in for another late one...

19:52Meanwhile, Tamira Paszek is STILL trying to hold serve. Seven deuces in the game now.

19:49Sure enough, the umpire is out to feel the turf. It's raining. AGAIN. The courts are being covered and play is suspended.

19:45Paszek saves two break points and now a third with a brave, brave serve out wide. It's 4-4 on No.1. It's almost like they want it to rain again.

19:43There's no separating them on No.1. Radwanska and Kirilenko at 3-3 in the decider. Meanwhile, I'm practicing my best Azarenka hoot. Why not see if you can hoot along too! Azarenka leading 2-1 and threatening the break.

19:37Already some decent hitting out on Centre. Paszek's ploy of receiving first didn't quite pay off but she levels at 1-1. Still on serve on No.1 too, Kirilenko with the 3-2 lead.

19:26Kirilenko breaks right back and it's 1-1 there. Tamira Paszek wins the toss over on Centre and chooses to receive against Victoria Azarenka. Should be a decent match there too.

19:24The rain has ceased, allowing Radwanska and Kirilenko to resume the deciding third set on No.1 Court. Radwanska with the break early on.

Order of Play

19:21Wednesday's order of play for the men's quarter-finals is out. Federer-Youzhny and Murray-Ferrer will be on Centre Court. No.1 Court gets Djokovic-Mayer and Tsonga-Kohlschreiber.

Angelique Kerber

19:16"I'm very happy to be in the semis for my first time. I mean, she saved the match points but she played very well in those moments. I tried to forget those moments in the third set. We know each other from a young age so it was mentally not easy."

Kerber beats Lisicki 6-3, 6-7, 7-5

19:14Finally, on the fifth match point, Angelique Kerber clinches victory over fellow German Sabine Lisicki. She'll face Radwanska or Kirilenko on the semis on Thursday. Next on Centre: Victoria Azarenka against Tamira Paszek, which was due on No.1.

19:08"Come oooooon" screams Kerber as she crunches the short ball into the open court for two break points. Return into the net. One left. Lisicki overcooks a backhand and Kerber will serve for it. Don't go ANYWHERE.

19:07Kerber holds to 15 and celebrates with a mini fist-pump. It's 5-5. Your guess is as good as mine.

19:05Tweet from @sanjhikhanna Lisicki is responsible for all the points in this one. Hers and Kerber's. It's a bizarre match

19:04Kerber almost smiling as she somehow finds herself at 0-40, with the chance to get back on serve. Someone remind her there's a Grand Slam semi-final at stake here. Lisicki gifts the break with a shanked forehand. This match has gone ugly, people.

19:01Kerber looking a bit of a forlorn figure at 0-40 down and 4-3 down but she musters the energy to rifle a forehand down the line. Then she double-faults and Lisicki will serve for a place in the semi-finals.

18:55The never-ending doubles match between Maria Kirilenko and Nadia Petrova and the Williams sisters is once again called off for the day. They're still to play the deciding set of that second-round match. Most of the other pairs are already getting ready for the quarter-finals.

18:52Kerber balloons a forehand over the baseline and Lisicki breaks right back. Told ya.

18:47Kerber clapping on her racket after Lisicki sends a drive volley crosscourt and right onto the sideline to save a break point. Still 2-2, and Lisicki desperately trying to hang onto her serve... She can't do it though, going wide on another break point. Kerber leads 3-2 with the break, but I wouldn't go calling that one over.

18:44Je regrette to inform you that the covers are on No.1 Court, although play is carrying on elsewhere.

Mardy Fish on his conqueror Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

18:43"I'm a big fan of his. I like the way he plays. I like his style. I like the way he goes about his business around tennis. You know, he's definitely French, but he's got an unbelievable ... he's an unbelievably athletic player."

18:39Kerber has two break points but can't take either and Lisicki is 2-1. These missed chances have got to hurt.

18:38Discussions continue on No.1 Court as Radwanska hops up and down to try to keep warm. The decision is that the players will go off court for a bit because the court is a bit slippery.

18:34Uh-oh. Here comes the WTA supervisor onto No.1 Court. Meanwhile Lisicki has broken right back and it's 1-1 on Centre in the third.

18:32Ahem, it's raining. But play continues on the outside courts. For now.

18:29Lisicki has hit 30 unforced errors, Kerber 4. Kerber breaks in the first game of the third set.

18:28Well, well. Maria Kirilenko takes the second set against Aggy Radwanska and they're also heading into a decider - and some heavy rain is due to roll in imminently.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga explains tennis

18:26"You know, sometimes in tennis - I mean, not sometimes but all time - when you play against an opponent, if the opponent play well you look like you play bad, but you don't play bad, I mean, just because your opponent is better than you at this moment. When you play Rafa on clay you feel like you never play on clay before. So, you know, it's like this, yeah."

18:24Radwanska was a break up in the second against Kirilenko but no longer. The Russian has a 5-4 lead.

18:19Brilliant defensive backhand from Kerber and Lisicki goes wide. Third match point - but Lisicki comes up the winner. Incredible. One enormous serve later and Lisicki has the set point. MASSIVE CHOKE. Lisicki wallops a backhand onto the baseline and Kerber just leaves it. She throws her arms half in the air in celebration - willing the ball to be out - but then seems to realise her error. She challenges - but the ball is comfortably on the line. I'll be super impressed if Kerber can recover now - three match points gone.

18:17Big serve, bigger forehand and it's set point for Lisicki, but Kerber lands the first serve and the return is into the net. They'll switch sides again.

18:15Horrible drop shot from Kerber gets the treatment from Lisicki and it's 3-3 as they change sides.

Serena Williams on her improved performance against Kvitova

18:14"Well, you know, you can't play a defending Wimbledon champion or Grand Slam champion and not elevate your game. I had to weed out the riffraff and just get serious."

18:11Tiebreak time. Lisicki pummels a forehand down the line to hold from deuce. How much are those match points weighing on Kerber's mind? We're about to find out.

18:05Kerber holds off the pumped-up Lisicki to hold for 6-5. Pressure right back on Lisicki now...

18:03Big shout of "come on" from Lisicki echoes under the roof as she levels the second set at 5-5 against Kerber. Turning into a good tussle now.

17:57I believe it is, Francis. But enough of this ivy talk, it's match point Kerber... Lisicki with a brave backhand winner to save it. Here's another... SENSATIONAL POINT. Kerber seems to have it won, but Lisicki puts up some great defence and finishes off the point with a cool volley winner.

Email from Francis

17:56A friend in Japan noticed that some of the Ivy (?) growing on the older buildings of the Wimbledon Tennis Club is red/brown in colour. Is it Virginia Creeper turning red already ?

17:52I'm afraid the forecast for tomorrow is a bit better, Erwin. It'll be interesting to see which quarter-finals are on Centre. I'd guess Murray-Ferrer and Federer-Youzhny. But I'm only guessing. Also, Erwin, thanks for pointing out that small error earlier. I rely on you people to be my sub-editors.

Email from Erwin van Dam

17:52I hope most of the rain will blow over. But not too quickly. I like to see Federer get some extra rest.

17:43Maria Kirilenko tries her utmost to break back - letting out some terrifying shrieks as she does - but it's all to no avail, and Agnieszka Radwanska clinches the first set 7-5. Sabine Lisicki is fighting back and it's now 3-3 in the second against Angelique Kerber.

Petra Kvitova on how tough it is to beat Serena Williams

17:41"It is big difficult. I can't say impossible. She's human. Yeah, I think that's why she's the great champion, because she knows what she needs to play in the important points."

17:34Maria Kirilenko has recovered the break against Aggy Radwanska... although she has just lost it again and the Pole will now serve for the set at 6-5.

17:30Sabine Lisicki seems to be having something of a letdown after her win over Maria Sharapova yesterday - and I don't think we can entirely blame the thumb blister. She trails 6-3, 3-0 against Angelique Kerber. Speaking as someone who only hours ago picked a Kerber-Serena final, I'm feeling quite chipper at this stage.

Tsonga beats Fish 4-6, 7-6, 6-4, 6-4

17:24Cool as you like. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga serves out the win over Mardy Fish and does his now familiar leapage around the court. Decent effort by Fish as he makes his comeback following a heart complaint, but too good by the No.5 seed. The men's quarter-finals look like this: Djokovic v Mayer, Federer v Youzhny, Ferrer v Murray, Tsonga v Kohlschreiber.

17:20I'm aghast. Lisicki is having a medical time-out for a blister. What's the German for "get over it, girlfriend"? Anyway, in an unusual turn of events, we actually have play on other courts at the moment and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a game away from victory over Mardy Fish, which would complete the men's quarter-final line-up.

17:14While Sabine is having a thumb blister looked at, I'm going to hit the salad bar. Minus the salad. Back to you, Fraulein Caroline Cheese.

17:11Lisicki went on a bit of roll there, reeling off two straight games to get the match back to 4-3. But Kerber puts down a decisive hold and Lisicki throws in back-to-back double faults to give away the set. Kerber has taken the first set 6-3 and Lisicki has called the trainer.

17:05Have you heard the name Hassan Ndayishimiye? Well you have now and you're better for it. Hassan is a young tennis player from the African country of Burundi, who is here competiting at Wimbledon with a little help from the ITF's Grand Slam Development Fund. The Fund has assisted other players you may have heard of, including Victoria Azarenka, Marcos Baghdatis, and Li Na. You can read more about Hassan's story here. It's worth a read.

17:03We have players coming out onto No. 1 Court! Aga Radwanska and Maria Kirilenko stroll out to resume their match, with Radwanska up a break and serving at 4-3. I regret to inform you that Kirilenko is still wearing that white smock that makes her look like she's wearing a tent.

17:00Kerber breaks and she's up 4-1. This could be an explosive match if Lisicki can find a way to tap into her A-game, but she's flat out there. It's understandable given the fact she notched the biggest win of her career 24 hours ago. But it's still a bummer.

16:56Kerber holds easily and she's up 3-1. If you're unfamiliar with Kerber she's a fun one to watch. She doesn't look like she's quick and you may expect her to just be a typical basher, but she uses the angles well and her footwork out wide is impressive. She always looks like she's flailing but she's still able to get her weight behind the shot and get it back with pace. It always confuses me and I find her fascinating to watch because of it.

16:55Did you realize that three of the eight women in the quarterfinals are of Polish descent? Radwanska, Kerber, and Lisicki. Quite a little Olympic team they could have had there, especially if you include Caroline Wozniacki.

16:51It's amazing to think Angelique Kerber was ranked No. 100 just a year ago. She's now No. 8 and rising. She almost broke Lisicki to grab a double-break lead, but Lisicki holds. Kerber up 2-1.

16:47Do a little dance, everybody. The covers are being removed. Here's hoping for some outer court action soon.

Florian Mayer after beating Richard Gasquet to make the quarter-finals.

16:45"Today I played perfect match. I really played well. First time in this tournament I felt no pressure going on the court. I played a guy top 15 in the world. He was the favorite. I played with less pressures than the matches before and my performance was much better than the last two rounds. It's an unbelievable feeling for me right now. Eight years ago I was here in quarters, and now eight years later it's again. So it's a wonderful dream for me."

16:42My theory on this match is quite simple: at their best Lisicki should probably win. But I'm not convinced she's recovered from the emotional high of beating Maria Sharapova. So I'm tapping Kerber's consistency to win the day. Oh look! Kerber broke to start the match. Let me know if you want some lottery numbers. I'm here all day.

16:40Are Kerber and Lisicki twins? Boy, they do look alike.

David Ferrer on Andy Murray.

16:35"I think every match is different, but I played two weeks ago in clay court, and now I will play with him in grass court. It's going to be very difficult to beat Andy in all surfaces, but in grass court is more difficult. He's a favorite player because he's better than me, and tomorrow I will try to do my best. I will have to play my best tennis for to beat him."

Andy Murray on his quarter-final opponent, David Ferrer.

16:34"He's a clay court specialist? No, he's not. To me he's not a clay court specialist. He won last week on grass, so he's won, what, eight matches in a row on the grass. He's been in the semifinals of Australia, I think semifinals of US Open, as well, and now he's starting to play better on grass. I don't see him as a clay court specialist at all."

16:32It's an all-Fraulein battle on Centre Court next, as Angelique Kerber faces Sabine Lisicki. Kerber is the one with a remarkably consistent record this year (her 44 wins leads the tour) but Lisicki is the one who's been here before, making the quarters and semi-finals her last two Wimbledons. Tough one to call.

Serena Williams after the match.

16:26"She's been playing so well on grass, hadn't lost since last year so it was tough. I have absolutely nothing to lose and I'm having fun out there. It's exciting. I'm just happy to still be here."

16:24Nice gesture from Serena as she applauds Petra as they walk off the court. As she should. That was a very high-quality match. Pleasure to watch that.

16:20Ace. Kvitova breaks out her slice backhand, which she hasn't used all during the match and she gets an error from Serena. At 15-15...ace. Duh. 30-15 and...a huge return from Kvitova that she yanks cross court as only a lefty can. 30-30...ace. COME ON, really? Match point for Serena and she fires down yet another service winner. Game, set, match, Serena Williams, 6-3, 7-5.

16:18Kvitova comes out a little flat for this game and she's paid for it. Her feet look heavy and she nets two shots that she has no business missing to give Serena a break point. A good forehand wide earns her a short ball to put away and...she clips the tape. Serena gets the break she needs and she'll serve for the match, 6-5.

16:16Before everyone gets up in arms, Serena did put her hand up to apologize for smacking the ball right at Petra. Not entirely sure Kvitova was ok with it, but I suspect she knew Serena meant no harm.

16:12Kvitova's two points from the set and Serena's grunts and shrieks are undeniable now (and amplified under that roof). A good return and the Czech earns a set point with a backhand midcourt putaway. Serena erases it with a big serve (I might as well have that at the ready to copy and paste every few sentences). On game point, Serena races up to get to a short ball and clocks it RIGHT AT PETRA, who's standing at the net. Kvitova's quick hands save her life and she actually gets her racket on the ball. But Serena's there again to put it away. Game Serena, 5-5.

16:10News from the Referee's Office: More juniors singles matches cancelled for the day, including both matches for the No. 1 seeds, Luke Saville of Australia and Taylor Townsend of the USA.

16:09The Velvet Voice of Wimbledon says they expect the rain to cease around 4:30 pm and the covers have been inflated so that if the rain stops they can inspect the courts and uncover them quickly. Good news?

16:05Danger for Kvitova. She's 0-30 on her serve but gets it even with two clutch serves. At 30-30, Kvitova takes some pace off the ball and it seems to take Serena off guard. She swings for the fences and, unfortunately, hits them, which doesn't really work out well in tennis. A backhand long and she's left squatting at the baseline in disgust. Another good serve and forehand combo and Petra gets out of danger. 5-4 to Kvitova.

16:02Kvitova's just not able to hit the winner when she needs to. Had a couple of looks in that last game on some running forehands and sailed them well long. Serena holds to 4-4.

16:01Well that's not good. The covers have been inflated around the grounds.

15:56With Kvitova serving at 40-30, Serena goes wide for a backhand return and flicks it crosscourt. It nicks the line and Kvitova can't believe it, challenging it in vain. She answers by hitting a forehand winner on the next point that clips the outside of the line. We have ourselves a battle in this game. A Serena return winner is answered by a Kvitova service winner up the tee. Game point and a long rally that has Serena scrambling left and right and...oops! Serena falls down mid-point! She gets up and keeps scrambling but the point ends when she sends a defensive lob long. Game Kvitova, 4-3.

15:49Pfft. And then Petra serves bombs and holds at 15. She's closing the gap in winners and hitting with more consistency in this set. Serena will serve at 2-3.

15:44I mean, really. What are you supposed to do when Serena Williams serves like this? That's the one shot you have 100% control over. Serena's served 10 aces already and she's been able to summon them at will. Kvitova stuck standing or flailing in vain.

15:38Back to the match at hand (because, what, I'm supposed to tell you about umbrellas and puddles right now?) Kvitova serves first and the women trade holds. At 15-15 on Kvitova's serve, Serena throws in two scary misses. And I mean scary because the first one almost clocked a ball kid and the second one, a forehand drive, might still be in the air somewhere over Eastbourne. 40-30 and...doh! Kvitova double faults. Deuce. But she's been pretty resilient in this match. She fires down a service winner and then drills a forehand cross court to hold. POJD! Kvitova up 2-1.

15:37The Velvet Voice of Wimbledon says the rain is expected to last for another hour. Sad face emoticon.

15:35Getting back to Cheesey's attempt to embarass my love of stats, the always reliable Kevin Fischer of the WTA tells me that there have never been four or more Germans in the QFs at a Slam. So congratulations, Wimbledon. More firsts for you.

15:32That's an incredible first set line for Serena Williams: 7 aces, 72% first serves in, 17 winners, and only 4 unforced errors. For Kvitova: 2 aces, 65% first serves in, 7 winners, 6 unforced errors.

15:30The difference in that set? Serena's athleticism. She's just a flat out better mover than Kvitova and her defensive ability is what got to Petra's head and allowed her to break the Czech's game down.

15:26First set to Serena Williams, 6-3. Serena answers a return winner that left the crowd oohing and ahhing with an ace. At 15-15, she floats a shot juuuuuuust wide, and then follows it up with an ace. Again, because that's just what she does. At 30-30, Kvitova gets a serve she can hit but she mistimes it and Serena sends the ball right back her feet for a winner. First set point and...Serena kicks a second serve down the tee and Kvitova lunges, sending the return long.

15:23Kvitova goes for a forehand winner down the line at 30-30 and it clips the tape to give Serena a break point, which she saved with a Serena error. At deuce, Serena sends another ball long and Kvitova lets out her famous "Pojd!" cheer, which means "come on" in Czech. Game point for Petra and Serena sends a PERFECT backhand return up the line. With a forehand winner followed up with an ace, Kvitova holds to 5-3. Serena will serve for the set.

15:20Not that Serena cares, but she could climb as high as No. 4 if she wins the title here. She's looked spotty through the first four rounds but wow, so far she's making a huge statement here. Kvitova really isn't doing anything wrong. She's hitting 2-3 winners a point but Serena's athleticism allows her to get them back with pace and perfect placement. Kvitova's starting to feel the pressure to hit bigger now and...yup, she's missing more.

15:17Serena consolidates easily. She's not even letting Kvitova get into the rally on her serve. And, as if she can hear me shouting about all the power on display in this match, she hits a delicate forehand drop shot to take the game. Serena's up 5-2 in 20 minutes. She is absolutely on form here. One bad service game from Kvitova is all it took.

15:16Danger for Kvitova. She opens the game with a double fault, then Serena clocks a return for a winner on the next point. An error puts her down 0-40 and on Serena's second break point chance, Kvitova can't decide whether to smack or place a forehand. She does neither, hitting it wide. Serena breaks and she's up 4-2.

15:14Let's be sure to keep an eye on Aga Radwanska's progress against Maria Kirilenko. Radwanska is the only woman in the Top 15 who has yet to make the semifinal of a Slam. She has a chance to cross that off her list today and if she can make the final here she has a chance of securing the No. 1 ranking. The players are off court right now but Aga has a break lead in the first, 4-3.

15:12At 15-all, a big crosscourt backhand winner off Serena's racket is celebrated by a big "COME ON!" She follows that up with a big serve out wide and finishes off the return with a clean backhand winner down the line. Then...an ace. This match is moving at quite the clip. Can't think any rally has been more than seven shots. Serena leads 3-2, on serve.

15:10Kvitova holds at 30 and it's 2-2. So far it's Kvitova who's misfiring just a smidge more though, which we know she can do. When her footwork gets slow she can tend to yank at the ball and send it flying. Then again, the same can be said about Serena.

15:08Play has been suspended and the covers look to be coming on everywhere. Play continues under the roof on Centre Court.

15:05Serena's serving with authority to start. Holds easily to take a 2-1 lead, on serve. She hit a personal best and Wimbledon women's singles record 23 aces in her win over Zheng Jie in the third round.

15:04Kvitova holds and the explosive sound of the ball of both their rackets reminds me that the roof is closed. Advantage Petra? She didn't lose a match indoors last year, and only lost one this year, a semifinal against Maria Sharapova in Stuttgart.

15:02Why is this match so big? These two haven't played since the 2010 semifinal here at Wimbledon, when Serena beat Petra in straight sets. Since then, Petra hasn't lost a match at the Championships and she's improved by leaps and bounds. Few players can match Serena's power off the ground. One of those few is Kvitova.

15:00Serena wins the toss and if the first point is any indication, this will be a great dust-up between two heavyweight fighters trying to knock each other out with one punch. First-strike tennis at its finest. From 0-30, Serena holds and then opens up the first game on Petra's serve with a blistering return and backhand winner combo.

14:59I'm still trying to find out about that German stat, so thanks for throwing me under the bus, Cheese. Speaking of the bus, I'll be your driver for the next few and I can't be more excited for this Serena-Kvitova match. Really.

14:58Hopefully Courtney Nguyen knows when the last time was that we had four Germans in the singles quarter-finals at Wimbledon. She's taking over now while I go and see what brand new tricks Mansour Bahrami has brought to Wimbledon this year...

Kohlschreiber beats Baker 6-1, 7-6, 6-3

14:55The fairytale is over. Brian Baker loses in the fourth round to a ruthless Philipp Kohlschreiber. That's four Germans into the quarter-finals on the men's and women's side. When was the last time that happened? Someone? Anyone? Kohli next faces Fish or Tsonga, which is the only fourth-round match left to finish. Tsonga up 3-1 in the fourth, leading by two sets to one.

14:54Next on Centre: a potential blockbuster between four-time winner Serena Williams and defending champion Petra Kvitova. If you have a hat, hold onto it for dear life.

14:51News from a raucous Court 14: unseeded pair Jonny Marray of Great Britain and Frederik Nielsen of Denmark defeat No.8 seeds Aisam-Ul-Haq of Pakistan and Jean-Julien Rojer of the Netherlands 7-6, 7-6, 6-7, 5-7, 7-5 in a bit of marathon. Marray and Nielsen march on to the quarter-finals.

14:49Court coverers are lurking, which can only mean one thing: it's raining. We're tentatively carrying on though.

David Ferrer

14:46"I played a really good match - maybe the best of this season on grass-court. Is gonna be very difficult to beat Andy in all the surface but in grass court it's More difficult. I will try my best, I will try to play like today and we will see."

Ferrer beats Del Potro 6-3, 6-2, 6-3

14:43Del Potro swats a forehand into the net to give Ferrer match point and the No.9 seed goes long to put the Spaniard into a quarter-final against Andy Murray.

14:43Quite surprised to see Del Potro losing quite so easily to Ferrer. The Argentine is serving to stay in it, trailing 6-3, 6-2, 5-3 on Centre.

14:32Tsonga is up two sets to one on Fish, who has called the trainer. And they're now off court. Tsonga will be getting jealous. Kohlschreiber is two sets and a break up on Baker, whose dream run must be nearly over.

14:26We have ladies on No.1 Court as we begin the matches that were actually meant to be happening today. Agnieszka Radwanksa, who has a chance of finishing this week as world No.1 as well as Wimbledon champion, faces Maria Kirilenko.

14:21Feels like we're rattling through these remaining men's fourth-round matches now. Kohlschreiber now with a two-set lead over Baker and Tsonga leading 5-3 in the third against Fish.

Andy Murray on his win

14:20"It's a tough match to analyse, it was very bitty, we stopped a lot. I served very well, the third set especially. I started well (after the last break), you're always a little bit edgy after a rain delay when you've had the momentum, and I needed to serve well today and I got a lot of free points that helped me out."

Mayer beats Gasquet 6-3, 6-1, 3-6, 6-2

14:19A bit of a surprise maybe - although Richard Gasquet isn't having a great year. Germany's Florian Mayer reaches his first Grand Slam quarter-final since 2004 here. He'll face top seed Novak Djokovic.

Andy Murray on the scheduling

14:15"I honestly don't care which court I play on - but every player would rather play on Centre because it's got the roof and you know you'll get your match in. I don't deserve to play every match on Centre Court, I'm more than happy on Court 1, I just wish the weather was better."

Murray beats Cilic 7-5, 6-2, 6-3

14:13Another ace takes Murray to three match points and he forces Cilic to net a backhand to win in straight sets. Between the showers, it was all fairly simple. Ferrer or Del Potro next for the No.4 seed.

14:11Cilic holds to love, leaving Murray to serve it out - and he starts with an ace. Tsonga wins the battle and holds for 4-2. Baker and Kohlschreiber into a second-set tiebreak.

14:10Cheers from the No.1 Court crowd as Andy Murray walks out to return with a 5-2 lead. Tsonga facing a battle to hold his serve, leading 3-2 against Fish in the third.

14:06David Ferrer leading Juan Martin del Potro 6-3, 6-2 now and well on his way to the quarter-finals.

14:03Just as I think the fight has gone from Marin Cilic, who needed about five and a half hours on Saturday to beat Sam Querrey, he goes and saves four break points at two sets and 4-1 down. Still a chance for Murray though... Not anymore, Cilic survives to make it 4-2.

13:58The relentless David Ferrer is now leading by a set and a break against Juan Martin del Potro. Murray now leading 4-1 and he is two games away from the quarter-finals.

13:56The peace of The Bunker is shattered by a terrifying roar from Court 14 where Qureshi and Rojer have just fought back from two sets down against Marray and Nielsen to take it into a decider. Marray is the last Brit standing in the men's doubles.

13:54Cilic mistimes a forehand and faces two break points against Murray - who only needs one as he chases down a short volley and whips the pass down the line. He leads by two sets and 3-1.

13:53Tsonga returns from his manipulation to break immediately in the third. Courtesy of a splendid backhand pass, Brian Baker has a second break point against Philipp Kohlschreiber as he looks to find a way back into this match. But nothing doing there.

13:46Looks like a back issue for Tsonga. He is going off court for some manipulation. Richard Gasquet has taken the third set against Florian Mayer, and now trails by two sets to one. Not sure these men realise we're in a hurry today...

13:46News from the referees' office: All junior doubles matches are cancelled for today.

13:43Murray with a chance at 0-30 but that is a horrible drop shot that lands in the bottom of the net. Cilic shows him how it's done with a lovely angled effort to make it 30-30. They're at deuce now. Over on No.2, Tsonga has called the trainer...

13:41Tsonga sends an ace down the middle and he has three set points. Fish saves one with a delicious little half-volley but then blazes a backhand over the baseline to make it one set all on No.2 Court. Murray and Cilic back under way in the meantime.

13:38Still continuing elsewhere. Tsonga and Fish are heading into a second set tiebreak, with the American leading by a set to love...

13:36Murray survives that severe test and claims the opening game. Has Cilic got any more to give? Rain getting heavier again and the players are back on their chairs. Waiting, waiting...

13:35Marin Cilic whips away a forehand winner and he has two break points. Two huge serves from Murray and he gets back to deuce. Emphatic. But Murray now lobs over the line and Cilic has another chance. Boom. Crunching ace out wide, his seventh of the match. Sizzling pass from Cilic gives the Croat a fourth break point - and another ace out wide at 133mph. Amazing. We go on...

13:30There are clouds the colour of night overhead, but Juan Martin del Potro and David Ferrer will carry on regardless under the roof. Ferrer with the first set 6-3. Play continues elsewhere. For how much longer? We know not...

13:29Murray's in a hurry. Yes indeed. He breaks for the second time to take a 7-5, 6-2 lead - aaaaaaaand, it's raining. They're sticking around for now though.

13:26Philipp Kohlschreiber, the man who beat the man who beat Rafael Nadal, is gently crushing the Brian Baker fairytale. He serves out the first set to love, taking it 6-1. Tsonga no longer a break up in the second against Fish. That's 4-4 now.

13:22Murray holds to love for a 5-2 lead in the second set against Cilic. There are grey clouds looming all around. Kohlschreiber leads Baker 4-1 in the first, Mayer leads Gasquet 6-3, 6-1, 0-1, and Tsonga is 4-2 up against Fish after losing the first set. Ferrer closing on the first set against Del Potro at 5-2.

13:16Murray and Cilic about to resume. It's raining a bit but they'll press on regardless.

13:06He saved four break points in the opening game and now Ferrer has one of his own. That's the value of hanging tough. The Spaniard takes it too with a rasping forehand pass down the line. He leads Delpo 3-1. Meanwhile, Andy Murray and Marin Cilic are returning to No.1 Court.

13:03The covers may be off but the umbrellas are up. Del Potro is fairly walloping the ball around Centre at the moment. He is having the better of it against Ferrer but yet to break.

12:58Argument between Delpo and the umpire because the Argentine wanted to challenge, but the ump didn't notice. "What you want I do?" queries Delpo, before waving his arms in the air. "This?" Yes, I think we'd all like to see that. Ferrer holds after a helluva battle.

12:55Whisper it very quietly. But the covers are coming off the outside courts... The first game between Ferrer and Del Potro is STILL going. They need to make new rules for those two. Best of three games?

12:47Ferrer facing break points in the first game - but they're bringing the best out in the Spaniard. He fires a backhand down the line to save one and then backpedals brilliantly to put away a tricky smash.

12:46David Ferrer to serve. Play!

12:38Juan Martin del Potro and David Ferrer stride onto Centre Court, which mercifully has put its hat on. We will have tennis soon. Guaranteed (I think).

12:36The Voice of Wimbledon arrives to bring some calm to proceedings. "There is another shower forecast and that's the reason why the courts aren't being uncovered at the moment," he says, soothingly.

12:31So he did Fabian. I can only apologise. But it's nice to have a mistake to correct while it's raining. Mayer reached the quarter-finals on his debut in 2004, and hasn't been past the third round of any Grand Slam since - until this one obviously.

Email from Fabian

12:30Caroline, Florian Mayer played in the SW19 QF in 2004...

12:21They're still playing on Court 5, venue for that earlier worst warm-up ever. I'd do game-by-game updates but the game would be over by the time I'd spelt out Maria Ines Deheza... Oh, the covers are coming on there now.

Play is suspended

12:18That familiar groan of despair on No.1 Court as the rain begins to fall harder and play is suspended.

12:16All hail The Roof. It is now coming on. Phew. Let the fretting cease. Some courts are playing - including Murray and Cilic. Some are not. It's that kind of a day.

12:13They've already abandoned ship on Centre where the roof was off. Murray and Cilic are going to give it a go despite the mizzle. Murray to serve at 40-0 and he takes less than 5 seconds to make it 4-1 in the second set. They only played one point but they're going to have a little sit down at the changeover anyway.

12:11Murray and Cilic are just coming to the end of the warm-up... but they might not get much further. Umbrellas are up. It's raining.

12:07I mentioned the other day how no one is talking about Richard Gasquet. Now I know why. He is being blown away by Florian Mayer in the last 16, trailing 6-3, 4-1. The German is in the fourth round of a Grand Slam for the second time.

12:03Andy Murray and Marin Cilic return to a strangely empty No.1 Court, but I'm sure it'll fill up in no time at all. Murray leading 7-5, 3-1, and he'll desperate to finish this match before the forecast rain arrives. As we found out on Saturday, Murray is quite good at playing against the clock.

11:53Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Mardy Fish are on their way to No.2 Court. Good to see Tsonga observing Wimbledon regulations right down to his white headphones.

11:44I'm looking at one of the worse warm-ups I've ever seen. Court 5: Maria Ines Deheza v Ipek Soylu. When the ball's not sailing over the baseline, it's hitting the net. One of them just hit a passing shot while the other was trying to volley. Amazing stuff. I suddenly feel a lot better about my tennis.

11:37There'll be an inspection of the courts shortly and then play can hopefully get under way. I hesitate to sound in any way optimistic, but it does look a bit brighter out there. A reminder that play will definitely begin at 12pm on Centre Court, which is resplendent under its roof.

11:29This weather is SO CONFUSING. The covers are off again.

Email from Toady

11:22My sadly no longer with us Mother saw Fred Perry play every year he won. Superstitiously, I made her go and watch Buster Mottram on outside court in '78 when we had Centre Court tix for Borg, but it didn't work, and she was just plain furious with me. Her 3-year-old great grandson charges round his house during the rain delays alternatively brandishing a tennis racquet and frying pan hitting tennis balls. He wants me to go and watch him when he 'wins at the tennis'. Watch out for a contorted granny in the family box, immobile for the entire 2032 final.

11:18I'm good, but not that good. Just after publishing that last tweet, I looked up to see green men running onto the court and pulling the covers across. Il pleut!

11:17Tweet from @grahamphunt: Waiting for the action at @Wimbledon to begin - @CarolineCheese, make the sun come out please!

11:12One of my colleagues has just arrived with the news that he shared a tube with two-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Todd Martin this morning. Said colleague was keen to have a chat with the American but held back for fear of accidentally mentioning the 1996 semi-final that he lost to Mal Washington after having a 5-1 lead in the fifth.

11:08Tweet from @kierappa: duck soup? do u think it could give AgRad some strength? she needs it, playing for her first semi at major! GO AGGY!

11:06For those of you fretting, the Centre Court roof is on, so we should be OK for the 12pm start there.

11:01The Voice of Wimbledon is urging optimism, which in my experience, is never a good sign. However, it is dry for the moment so I think we're good to go for those junior matches starting at 11am. *crosses fingers*

10:58Anyone ever had duck soup? Why not tweet me @carolinecheese or email socialmedia@aeltc.com. Feel free to chat about tennis and stuff too.

10:57Von Cramm injured a leg muscle in the first set of that 1936 final, but I'm sure Perry would have thrashed him anyway. Perry later said of the match: "We had some great battles. But against me that day, I'm afraid, he was duck soup."

On This Day

10:45“I didn't aspire to be a good sport, ‘champion’ was good enough for me.” Today marks exactly 76 years since Britain’s Fred Perry won the last of his three Wimbledon titles. He annihilated Germany’s Gottfried von Cramm 6-1, 6-1, 6-0 to lift the Challenge Cup. No British man has got his hands on it since.

10:42My favourite On This Day coming up...

10:40Seems like a good time to pick Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket. I'm (metaphorically) heading to Court 18 today for some reminiscing. Martina Navratilova, Jana Navotna, Martina Hingis, Lindsay Davenport: it's a who's who of women's tennis. And there's also British interest in a mixed doubles featuring Colin Fleming, and in the opening match - a women's dubs - the lovely Andrea Hlavackova, who is I believe is quite a hit with the male population. Something for everyone.

10:34Sound the trumpets: IT'S NOT ACTUALLY RAINING. The gates are open and the crowds come pouring in. With this British spirit, we can keep the rain away. I'm sure of it.

10:29The other men's fourth-round matches still to be completed are all due to kick off at 1130am. Tsonga v Fish on No.2, Gasquet v Mayer on No.3, Baker v Kohlschreiber on Court 12.

10:26Over on No.1 Court, Andy Murray and Marin Cilic return to complete their fourth-round match, with Muzz leading by a set and a break. There follows the other two women's quarters: Agnieszka Radwanska v Maria Kirilenko, and Tamira Paszek v Victoria Azarenka.

10:23Crashing on regardless, I'm going to take you through the schedule. This much we know for sure, on Centre Court we'll have Juan Martin del Potro v David Ferrer followed by two women's quarter-finals: Serena Williams v Petra Kvitova and Sabine Lisicki v Angelique Kerber.

10:11And so to the weather: another unsettled day with a 50% risk of further light and intermittent rain developing until around noon. Some more persistent spells of rain could arrive during the afternoon and early evening. Risk of rain this afternoon/evening is considered 70% or more. I'm trying to find the more optimistic bits in this page-long Met Office forecast in front of me - but there literally aren't any.

10:07I hope this morning finds you well (and dry). We are due to get under way at 11am on some outside courts, 1130am on others, and 12pm on Centre and No.1. The Centre Court start time is the only one we can guarantee at this stage because, obviously, it is raining.


10:00Remaining upbeat in the face of relentless drizzle, mizzle and greyness is a tough job but never fear, Wimbledon is extremely well-trained in this task after decades of experience. Fuelled by coffee and cookies (and Pimms), we laugh in the face of dampness...

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