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Live Blog : Wednesday 4 July 2012

by Caroline Cheese

19:51First of all, we'll have the women's semi-finals: Azarenka v Serena and Kerber v Radwanska. Still waiting to find out the exact schedule for tomorrow. But that's all for today, matches are ongoing on the outside courts so be sure to follow all the action on the live scores. Venus and Serena a set up against Mirza/Mattek-Sands but a break down in the second. See you tomorrow...

19:49As we've known for some time, we will have a first-time Wimbledon men's finalist this year, but now it's between two: Tsonga and Murray.

19:46Murray full of praise for Ferrer, saying the Spaniard doesn't get "enough respect." Murray also says he and Ferrer spent an awkward rain delay getting physio right next to each other.

19:40Nothing but relief etched all over Murray's face as he acknowledges the crowd and points to the sky. Crowd on their feet for both players as they depart. The semi-final line-up is complete: Djokovic v Federer, Murray v Tsonga.

Murray beats Ferrer 6-7, 7-6 6-4 7-6

19:33Murray steps inside the baseline and thunders a backhand down the line to lay down the perfect marker. He's out to 2-0 - but he tries a too-cute lob and Ferrer sticks the ball into the open court to recover the mini-break. Ferrer with a stunning backhand into the corner silences the crowd, and now Murray punts a forehand long. Worried look on Will Young's face. Yes, Will Young's here. Ace from Murray and they switch sides at 3-3. Boom. Another ace. Murray leads 4-3. Ferrer hooks a forehand wide. Murray leads 5-3. Closer, closer. Ferrer sweeps a magnificent forehand crosscourt. Wow. Murray with two serves at 5-4. Can he? Forehand winner and he has two match points. Ace!

Murray 6-7, 7-6 6-4 6-6 Ferrer

19:31Murray's 14th ace takes him to 30-0 and a half-volley backhand gets him to 40-0. Ace No.15 and it's a love game. Tiebreak time....

Murray *6-7, 7-6 6-4 5-6 Ferrer

19:28Ferrer quickly moves to 40-0, but then ruins the love game by overhitting a forehand. Murray doesn't get any further into the game though.

19:28Here we go then...

19:25Tweet from @DjokerNole: Happy to be through to semis. Had a lot of luck with the weather today :)

19:24Back come Murray and Ferrer, with the Spaniard about to serve at 5-5 in the fourth. And they are going to have a short knock-up.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on how he's improved in the last year

19:20"Before I was not enough consistent in my head. I lose many time my concentration. It was tough for me to play tennis honestly because I lost my concentration every single day and it was difficult."

19:16Yes, the covers are coming off - although I'm hearing that there is much heavier rain that could be on its way - and the players should be back out imminently. Will we have a knock-up? That's the BIG question.

19:10I'm calling this a welcome break from the tension. Great match on Centre, really is. I think we're going to try to wait it out, instead of faffing about with the roof.

19:04With a nod of the referee's head, the groundstaff spring to life and start dragging across the covers - although they have to pause briefly while a sluggish Andy Murray gets out of the way.

Murray 6-7, 7-6 6-4 5-5* Ferrer

19:01Watch out for Game Nine Of The Fourth Set Of The Murray-Ferrer Match coming to a DVD near you. Murray holds to love in a game that very much fails to live up to the standards of Game Nine. Players are back on the chairs - it's raining.

19:00Tweet from @anand_cmu Man.. This game 9 in set 4 of the murray ferrer match was the game of the tournament so far..what amazing tennis..

Murray *6-7, 7-6 6-4 4-5 Ferrer

18:52"Why don't you do that always?" queries someone sitting not far from me. Murray fires a backhand winner crosscourt to earn two break points - and yes, I'm calling them virtual match points. Tick that off your cliche list. Misses the first and then sinks to his knees in despair as he misses long on a forehand into the open court. To and fro from deuce to game point now. UNBELIEVABLE! Murray stretches for a barely gettable volley and manages to lob Ferrer with it. Stunning, stunning game because Ferrer now responds with a forehand that clips the line and throws up chalk. Wow. Might not please the home crowd but quite an escape by Ferrer.

18:51Tweet from @BritishTennis: In the open era, Jonny Marray is the first British man to reach the @Wimbledon men’s doubles SF since 1977!

Murray 6-7, 7-6 6-4 4-4* Ferrer

18:46Andre Agassi deep in conversation with Billie Jean King, who isn't actually on the Royal Box list today... CALL SECURITY! Now wait a moment, enough of this frippery. Murray is 15-30 down and he dumps a backhand into the net. Two break points. Puts the volley away on the first, and finds a huge serve on the second before tapping another volley into the space. "Cmooon" he yells as he holds.

Murray *6-7, 7-6 6-4 3-4 Ferrer

18:44Uh-oh. Ground staff gathering by the side of Centre Court which can only mean it's drizzling again. Can't be that bad, and it doesn't put Ferrer off his stride. The Hill is still bursting at the seams as Murray closes on the semi-finals.

18:42Well if this isn't worth of a Union Jack, I don't know what is. Jonny Marray and his Danish partner Freddie Nielsen beat Cerretani/Roger-Vasselin 6-2 in the fifth to reach the semi-finals of the men's doubles.

Murray 6-7, 7-6 6-4 3-3* Ferrer

18:40Murray leans back and rifles a forehand winner down the line before Ferrer nets a return. Love game for the Brit.

Murray *6-7, 7-6 6-4 2-3 Ferrer

18:37Right, I'm back on it. Ferrer still plugging away, and you have to love that effort. As Murray belts a return long, Ferrer is jumping on his toes in delight.

Murray 6-7, 7-6 6-4 2-2* Ferrer

18:36Yikes. Missed a game there. Was reading the email from Felix. Anyone else see it? Murray held anyway.

Email from Felix in Germany (Kohlschreiber fan)

18:35Thanks for the updates! Too bad he didn't make it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Murray to make it into the semis and kick Tsonga out.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

18:33"It was not easy Philipp played well, he served well, better than me. It was really tough so I’m very happy to be through."

Murray *6-7, 7-6 6-4 1-2 Ferrer

18:30Murray going full pelt back and forth along the baseline, straining every sinew to try to press home the advantage, but if anyone thought Ferrer would just fade away, well, they don't know the Spaniard very well.

Murray 6-7, 7-6 6-4 1-1* Ferrer

18:28So Tsonga - who Tebow-ed at the end of that match - awaits the winner of this last quarter-final. Murray holds to 30.

Tsonga beats Kohlschreiber 7-6, 4-6, 7-6, 6-2

18:25Courtney Nguyen concludes: It's over on No.1 Court. On match point, he races out wide to the forehand to hit a running passer down the line, Kohlschreiber gets his racket on it but Tsonga's already racing forward to get the pick up. He pushes it cross court for the winner and boom. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is back into the semi-finals, ending Kohlschreiber's run.

Murray *6-7, 7-6 6-4 0-1 Ferrer

18:23Crack. That's the sound of a backhand winner from Murray. It only briefly holds up Ferrer though, who holds to 15 to open the fourth.

Tsonga leads Kohlschreiber 5-2 in the fourth

18:22Courtney Nguyen writes: Jo-Willy just can't help himself. He just sees an untouched piece of grass and feels the need to roll around in it. For at least the second time in the match, Jo goes airborne, this time for a volley that he gets back perfectly for a winner. Boris would cry a single tear with pride if he saw that. He's up 5-2 now and Kohlschreiber will serve to stay in the match.

Murray 6-7, 7-6 6-4 0-0* Ferrer

18:19Easy really. Murray booms down an ace out wide to serve out to love. Centre Court a much more relaxed place all of a sudden.

Murray *6-7, 7-6 5-4 Ferrer

18:17Bit of pressure on Ferrer and he hasn't exactly been rock solid mentally. Murray spanks a backhand down the line and even Ferrer can't get that back. It's 30-30. Murray gets to break point with a sizzling forehand and then Ferrer goes wide. Murray clenching his fist, and Kate and Wills (who are back) clap approvingly. The Brit will serve for a two sets to one lead.

Tsonga breaks in the fourth

18:14Courtney Nguyen writes: Always set for a letdown when you drop a tiebreaker and that's what's happened to Kohlschreiber. He gets broken at love in the fourth game, netting an easy midcourt forehand. You can tell by the drop of his head that the fight is gone. He's been quite positive all match. Not so much now. Tsonga holds at love and he's hitting winners even while losing his footing. This one could be over soon. 4-1 Tsonga.

Murray 6-7, 7-6 4-4* Ferrer

18:11Time for a Sicilian lemon cookie... Mmmm, Murray slicing that volley as easily as a lemon (?) to hold comfortably.

18:10Tweet from Victoria Azarenka @vika7: great tennis on center court #Wimbeldon right now…u can feel tension even from tv! the atmosphere must be fantastic

Murray *6-7, 7-6 3-4 Ferrer

18:06Ferrer challenging and he's right again, Murray just long. Ferrer with a love service game. You wait ages for one...

Murray 6-7, 7-6 3-3* Ferrer

18:05Welcome relief for the Murray camp as their man holds to love. I can't remember the last love game...

18:04I'm dedicating that last entry to Felix, who emailed in from Germany desperate for more news on No.1 Court. Sorry it wasn't better news for your man, Felix.

Tsonga leads Kohlschreiber 7-6, 4-6, 7-6

18:02From Courtney Nguyen: Big third set tiebreak between Tsonga and Kohlscreiber here, with the German creating a world of trouble for the Frenchie. So far it's a perfect tie-break for Tsonga, as he fires down service winner after service winner to build a 4-2 lead. At 5-2 down, Kohlscreiber closes the gap with a big serve of his own, but Tsonga's deep hitting puts him on his heels on the next point. He nets the ball, and on game point Tsonga does what he's done all day: hit an unreturnable serve. Third set to Tsonga, 7-3 in the tiebreak.

Murray *6-7, 7-6 2-3 Ferrer

17:59Ferrer stops the rally to challenge at 40-15. He must be confident because he's striding to the chair. He's right to be confident. It's out.

Murray 6-7, 7-6 2-2* Ferrer

17:54Rod Laver is wearing a great hat. That's the big news from Centre Court. Also happening: Murray in a bit of trouble at 15-30. Misses first serve, misses second serve. Ferrer gifted two break points but he nets a backhand on the first. The quality of the match has dropped significantly - but Murray goes oh-so-deep with a backhand and is rewarded when Ferrer nets again. Murray survives.

Murray *6-7, 7-6 1-2 Ferrer

17:51Murray threatens a fightback but Ferrer holds to 30. News is that Wills and Kate have left the Royal Box. Tension too much. Tsonga at deuce, serving to stay in the third set... He ekes out the game though and it'll be a tiebreak.

Murray 6-7, 7-6 1-1* Ferrer

17:46Ferrer belts a dangerously short second serve long and Murray holds to 15. Wonder what's going on in the Spaniard's head? "Hit the ball back, hit the ball back..." Kohli leading 6-5 in the third against Tsonga, who is sitting on his chair and looking very downcast.

Murray *6-7, 7-6 0-1 Ferrer

17:43Murray looking to press home the momentum shift at the start of the third and he's FURIOUS at himself when he misses. You would not guess he had just won the set. Ferrer holds comfortably. Tsonga-Kohli at 5-5 in the third now.

17:41Ay carumba. Not sure how much more we can take. Ferrer served for a two-set lead but Murray clung on and clung on and got his reward. On No.1 Court, Tsonga and Kohlschreiber are one set all and on serve in the third. The German leads 5-4.

Murray 6-7, 7-6 Ferrer

17:30Ferrer jumps out into the 2-0 lead but he hasn't exactly shown nerves of steel in this set. Let's see. Hmm. First serve, 3-0. Murray on the board with a big serve of his own. DEEEELICIOUS drop shot, catching Ferrer on his heels. Back to 3-2, but Ferrer still with the minibreak and he stretches the lead to 4-2 as they switch ends. He's unstoppable: 5-2. Murray dances around the ball and sweeps a forehand crosscourt to peg it back to 5-3 and then an ace for 5-4. Ferrer now with two serves for the set. Thumping groundstrokes from Murray but Ferrer just keeps punting them back - increible! Not that one though. Murray minibreaks back for 5-5, but a return that clips the net and goes wide gives Ferrer set point. Saved with a big serve/forehand. 6-6 and they change ends. Another unreturnable serve and Murray has set point. HEAR HIM ROAR! Such a tense rally with Murray apparently holding back a touch but eventually coaxing Ferrer to net and he takes it 8-6.

Murray 6-7, 6-6 Ferrer

17:26Ferrer challenging as a backhand is called wide. As close as you can get, but wide nonetheless. That gives Murray a glimmer at 30-30 but he nets a drop shot and Ferrer comes through. TIEBREAK TIME.

17:25Tweet from @GaryLineker: Gutsy Murray, very gutsy!

Murray 6-7, 6-5* Ferrer

17:22Murray chases down a drop shot and slice-chips it down the line - one of the shots of the day followed by one of the worst as he overcooks a forehand. Eek. Tentative volleying from the Brit but he just about gets away with it and he finishes the game with a sweeping backhand winner. Turned very weird this match.

Murray *6-7, 5-5 Ferrer

17:18Ferrer picks a bad time to start missing. Think he saw a semi-final in front of his eyes. Error-strewn game and the Centre Court crowd erupts as Murray breaks right back.

Murray 6-7, 4-5* Ferrer

17:10Anxious urgings all around Centre Court as Murray falls 15-30 down. And he responds with an ace and then a fizzing forehand onto the sideline. Ah. It was out. Break point Ferrer then. Brave, brave second serve out wide and then the backhand down the line for the one-two punch. But next point he blasts a forehand long and it's another break point. Murray puts a drop shot wide - he challenges, but it's the most optimistic challenge you'll ever see. Even Murray knows.

Murray *6-7, 4-4 Ferrer

17:05Angst on Centre as Murray thwacks a forehand into the net at 30-30 and allows Ferrer to come through. Angst for Tsonga on No.1 as Kohlschreiber levels the match at one set all.

Murray 6-7, 4-3* Ferrer

16:56You know when you used to hit against a wall? That's what Murray's doing right now. Ferrer is playing brilliantly, and you can't really blame Murray for the lapses in concentration. He nets and he faces two break points. Crunch time. He steps on the power and approaches the net to put away the easy volley. Still crunch time. Now a big serve down the middle. Britain breathes again - but not for long. Ferrer makes Muzz hit one more ball - and the smash goes into the net. Break point again. BLEARGH! Such a long rally and Ferrer looks to have it won before Muzz finds the edge of the line and then Ferrer nets. I don't know how, but Murray holds.

Murray *6-7, 3-3 Ferrer

16:55Ferrer responds in kind. These are very tense times for Murray fans.

Murray 6-7, 3-2* Ferrer

16:49Murray could do with a few more service games like that, holding to 15 in a flash. There's Henman Hill: full to bursting, and the camera does well to seek out the couple in the tartan hats.

Murray *6-7, 2-2 Ferrer

16:49Murray stretches to his right to cut off the volley. Every point such a battle. Ferrer with the netcord now to move to 40-15 and though the Spaniard makes an oh-so-rare error, he quickly makes up for it by winning the next point. Tsonga breaks back against Kohlschreiber on No.1 and now trails 4-3 in the second.

Murray 6-7, 2-1* Ferrer

16:44Murray holds to 30 with an ace out wide. Huh. There's a shot of Rod Laver having his lunch. Rocket salad? Anyway, no sign of the trainer so don't know what Murray said to the ump.

Murray *6-7, 1-1 Ferrer

16:40Murray trying to change it up and he earns a break point - but despite some sterling defence, Ferrer cuts off the volley and goes on to hold. Murray said something to the umpire then. Was he calling the trainer? We'll see...

Murray 6-7, 1-0* Ferrer

16:33Murray keeps his nerves in check to hold serve to start the second. Ferrer won 45 points in the first set, Murray won 44. It was that close. Kohlschreiber has a 3-0 lead over Tsonga in the second set.

Murray *6-7, 0-0 Ferrer

16:28Murray into a 2-0 lead but then loses four in a row and Ferrer leads 4-2 as they switch sides. I'm not sure how, but Murray wins a 21-stroke rally when Ferrer dinks into the net. Bizarre. Another EPIC groundstroke rally and Murray nets. Ferrer with a 5-3 lead. "Come on," Murray urges himself as Ferrer goes wide to make it 5-4. Clutch serve down the T from Muzz, and now a backhand into the net. Ferrer has set point at 6-5 and forces the error. A nation STRESSES.

Tsonga leads Kohlschreiber 7-6

16:23Mansour Bahrami sitting with the Tsonga support camp on No.1 Court. Interesting. They're also into a tiebreak. Tsonga lets a 6-2 lead become 6-5. He is serving with one last chance: Ace. Nice.

Murray 6-6 Ferrer

16:19Cheeky Murray, completely catching Ferrer off guard by throwing in a drop shot. That puts him 30-0 up and Ferrer nets a return to make it 40-0. Murray takes the game by latching onto a Ferrer angled backhand and flicking it back, with his back to the net. Not bad. Into a tiebreak we go.

Murray *5-6 Ferrer

16:15Brilliant. Murray has Ferrer on a string before putting the forehand onto the sideline for a clean winner and a 0-30 lead. Two poor errors though and back we go to 30-30. Completely misjudged return and Ferrer has game point, which he duly takes.

Murray 5-5* Ferrer

16:11Murray still having words with himself, but in a good way if that's possible. He's placing his backhand nicely now and even the jet-heeled Ferrer can't handle it. Murray balloons a forehand long to waste one game point but he's clenching his fist Tim Henman style as he levels the set.

Murray *4-5 Ferrer

16:04Murray at the net for the putway and here's a chance at 15-30. Ace. It's 30-30. Brutal angled forehand from Ferrer takes him to set point. But wait... Murray steps into the return and makes Ferrer go long. Back we go to deuce. Backhand into the net from Ferrer and now Murray has break point. Ferrer with a beautifully constructed point to save it and now a backhand winner from Murray. Break point again and this time he gets it. A backhand pass does the trick and we're back on serve.

Murray 3-5* Ferrer

16:01Some anxious yells from the fast-filling Centre Court as Murray walks out to serve to stay in the set. You can see why they're nervous. Not too much consistency in Murray's serving so far, but he manages to hang on here to make Ferrer serve for it. Still on serve in the first between Tsonga and Kohlschreiber.

Murray *2-5 Ferrer

15:54Murray looking up to his box and giving them some self-critique. Never a good sign - especially this early on. Ferrer at the net with a dinky volley and Murray can't get there, game over.

Murray 2-4* Ferrer

15:50Murray steadies the ship with a hold to 15. He finishes the game with a near-perfect point, finding the angles to get Ferrer off balance - which isn't an easy task.

Murray *1-4 Ferrer

15:43Murray with a miraculous defensive lob that he scoops up and lands right on the baseline, before putting away a volley for deuce. Then he nets the backhand to sort of waste all the effort. Meanwhile, Venus and Serena recover from 4-1 down in the third to beat Kirilenko/Petrova 3-6, 6-3, 9-7 and reach the third round.

Murray 1-3* Ferrer

15:39Trouble for Murray now at 30-30 and he gets involved in a long and passive rally from the baseline before floating a backhand slice long to face break point and he can't save that one. Ferrer with first blood.

Murray *1-2 Ferrer

15:33Weirdly error-strewn game from Ferrer here and Murray has break points. Spaniard's serve is cranking though and he digs himself out of that particular hole.

Murray 1-1* Ferrer

15:29Murray has to save two break points but he comes through his opening service game to level up. Plenty of empty seats on Centre as everyone has a breather after the Federer masterclass.

15:28Onto the next men's quarter-finals. Andy Murray and Dave Ferrer are already going on Centre Court. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Philipp Kohlschreiber are warming up on No.1.

15:26The Bryans have come through tight one against French pair Michael Llodra and Arnaud Clement, prompting much whooping and hollering on Court 14. On Independence Day, they win 6-2 in the fifth and will face fellow Americans Lipsy/Ram next. Lipsky/Ram beat Guccione and Hewitt earlier.

Novak Djokovic

15:22"It took me a little while to get used to the conditions, I played the last three matches indoors, so I'm very satisfied with my performance overall. Looking forward to the (semi-final) always, it's always a pleasure playing against Roger, he's obviously a great champion ... He's really the ultimate challenge on a grass-court."

15:20Tweet from @Infostrada2012: #Federer & #Djokovic will meet in the semifinals for the 6th time out of the last 8 Grand Slam tournaments dating back to the 2010 US Open.

Djokovic beats Mayer 6-4, 6-1, 6-4

15:14Not quite as emphatic as Federer but Djokovic, after saving three break-back points, bangs an ace down the middle to set up a MOUTHWATERING semi-final against Fed.

15:13Tweet from @SI_BTBaseline: With the win, Federer has more match-wins at Wimby than any other Slam (64), and moves to No. 3 for most match-wins at #Wimbledon.

15:12Novak Djokovic now serving for victory at 5-4 in the third against Florian Mayer.

Roger Federer

15:09"I thought I played great out there today. My game maybe suits up well against his, I don't know. He fought hard but maybe wasn't enough today. I think it helps when royalty shows up and other legends of the game come and see you play - it's inspiring for the game of tennis. I'm happy they all came and supported tennis and supported me."

Federer beats Youznhy 6-1, 6-2, 6-2

15:06Federer with two more match points. He finishes it off in superb style with a delicately angled drop volley. A stroll in the park for the world No.3, and he wins in just over an hour and a half.

15:04Absolutely not. Youzhny has FIVE games now. He's rolling... Fed to serve for it now.

15:04Tweet from @mattdvernon Aha! Becker beat Paul Chamberlin 6-1, 6-2, 6-0 in 1989!!! YOUZHNY'S NOT THE WORST EVER!!! #wimbledon

15:00Like an innocent lamb to the slaughter, Youzhny comes gamboling up to net to see a forehand come flying past him. He plonks a backhand wide and faces three match points. He saves one with an easy volley into the open court and now Fed nets a forehand and then a backhand. He's choking! It's deuce...

14:54Seriously, I don't know either. @mattdvernon tweeted that Djokovic's 3, 2, 2 win over Lu was the most one-sided Wimbledon quarter-final since 2000. And Federer's best Wimbledon effort was dropping 10 games against Cilic in 2000. That's as far as I got. He's now serving for a 5-1 lead.

Email from Nicolas

14:52So, what was the most one-sided quarterfinal in Wimbledon's history? Seriously, I don't know...

14:50Venus and Serena Williams have finally resumed their second-round doubles match against Maria Kirilenko and Nadia Petrova. They're in a third set, Venus managed three straight double faults to drop serve, and the sisters trail 3-0.

Djokovic leads 6-4, 6-1

14:45Not much competition in either of these two quarter-finals as Djoko knocks off the second set against Mayer in super-quick time. WAIT! Youzhny has two break points but slaps a return into the net before yelling something very loud and very Russian. I think it was probably along the lines of "hit it over the net." He manages it on the second but too long - and Fed survives.

14:45Tweet from @RobKoenigTennis: Youzhny has just asked Agassi, sitting in the front row, what he needs to do to beat Federer. Priceless @Wimbledon moment!!

14:42"Help me," Youzhny seems to be saying to the Royal Box as he looks up at a row of tennis greats and William and Kate. Not sure if Wills passed on any tips but the Russian holds at least to trail 2-1 in the third set.

14:34Novak Djokovic doesn't seem to fancy hanging around much either. Maybe he's got a tea engagement with the royals. He's now 4-1 up in the second against Florian Mayer.

14:32Sorry Mikhail, I was just moved to ask what was the most one-sided quarter-final in Wimbledon history...

Federer leads 6-1, 6-2

14:29Federer seems to delay slightly to admire his own forehand. And who can blame him? It was a stunner, hitting the crease and swerving away from Youzhny's flailing racket. Federer serves out to love.

14:25Uh-oh. Youzhny break point down again and the sheer force of Federer's forehand forces him to shank one wide. Federer to serve for a two-set lead. Djokovic and Mayer still on serve in the second.

14:23All very well hitting the ball cleanly but doesn't do you much good when you can't get your racket on Federer's serve. Fed leads Youzhny 6-1, 4-2. Djokovic leads Mayer 6-4, 1-1. The Federer-Djokovic semi-final is edging closer.

14:20Youzhny still hitting the ball cleanly enough and a raking backhand down the line gets him the game to reduce the deficit to 3-2.

14:17Federer is 3-1 up in the second. Maybe nobody beats Mikhail Youzhny 15 times? The Russian at least managed to take a set off the Swiss in the fourth round last year...

Djokovic takes first set 6-4

14:11Set point for Djokovic and Mayer comes hurtling into the net and sends an excellent volley into the corner. Djoko is there though, sliding across the greasy grass to send up a high ball, which Mayer slam dunk smashes to see off the danger for now. Now another though and this time Mayer slaps the net with a forehand. Shame.

14:08All eyes on No.3 Court for the handshake as Liezel Huber and Lisa Raymond wrap up a straight-sets win... But the handshake is fine actually. Which is good for tennis, but bad for scandal and gossip lovers.

14:04Alert! Florian Mayer has two break points at 4-4 in the first set against Novak Djokovic. Typical deep hitting from the defending champion saves the first, and then Mayer dumps a backhand into the net on the second. Djokovic survives and now Mayer will have to serve to stay in the set.

Federer takes first 6-1

14:00Federer serving at 5-1 and Youzhny manages to get to 30-30 by chasing down a drop shot and flicking it crosscourt for a winner. He raises his arms in the air in mock celebration. And then loses the next two points. Federer with the set 6-1.

13:57The roof remains off Centre Court. We're nothing if not optimistic, us Brits. Federer and Youzhny are back under blue-ish skies and more importantly, so are Wills and Kate. Djokovic and Mayer are also back out on No.1 Court.

13:49Had to edit that email a bit. Don't want any trouble. But it is true that Liezel Huber caused a bit of a stink at the Aussie Open and this latest incident is causing a buzz on Twitter right now. Replays apparently show the ball hitting Huber on the elbow, but the American claimed she hit it with her racket.

Email from Adam

13:48Re 1334: This isn't the first time Huber/Raymond have been involved in an incident with Vesnina. At the Australian Open, Vesnina and Mirza had match points and the ball bounced twice before Huber hit it. After they complained, Huber said she got to the ball.

13:39Sudden shower sends the players scurrying to the locker rooms. Wills and Kate are off to the bar. I'm off to join them. Maybe.


13:34Tweet from Wimbledon.com reporter @WriterSnyder: Drama in Huber/Raymond match when ball hits Huber and drops over. Chair didn't see. Makarova and Vesnina fuming.

13:32Eye eye. What's up on No.1 Court? Novak Djokovic seems to be having some trouble with his contact lenses. We'll keep an, ahem, eye on that... Still on serve and 3-3 there.

13:28If you can imagine applause with reverence, that's what's happening on Centre Court right now, with Federer gliding into a 3-0 lead. Federer, I may as well point out at this stage, has a 13-0 in the head-to-heads against Youzhny. Still, no one beats Mikhail Youzhny 14 times in a row.

13:24"COME ON ROGER," bellows a man in the crowd, overcooking the enthusiasm this early in the match. Federer with his fourth break point in Youzhny's opening service game, but the Russian digs out a first serve and sees the six-time champion bury a return into the bottom of the net. He eventually does break for a 2-0 lead. Djokovic and Mayer level at 2-2 on No.1.

13:21Good point, Peter. Although if Steffi started celebrating all the anniversaries of her 22 Grand Slam wins, she'd be a very busy woman.

Email from Peter, Melbourne

13:20Why aren't they celebrating Steffi's anniversary as well? (see 1213)

13:15Roger Federer is well used to all this royal kerfuffle and holds comfortably to start us off on Centre. Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf have the honour of front row seats, Agassi wearing what looks like a cream suit. Still testing the fashion boundaries after all these years. England manager Roy Hodgson is sitting behind them - he isn't wearing a cream suit.

13:09Kate has recycled! She's wearing an Alexander McQueen sailor dress that she also wore on a North American tour. It's knitted. Very wise. And Federer will definitely approve.

13:07Oh. I was wrong. The Duke and Duchess are on Centre to see King Rog. Kate seems to be wearing some sort of tennis-themed outfit. And I don't mean she's got a John McEnroe headband on.

13:04There's no doubt that Wills and Kate are hot-footing it to Court 19 to see if Luke Bambridge can finish off the win over Maximilian Marterer. He's a set and 5-3 up.

13:01The Royal Box is beginning to fill up as we await Roger Federer and Mikhail Youzhny on Centre Court. There's Pam Shriver looking rather lovely in a July 4-themed outfit. Rod Laver chatting to Mark Philippoussis, no doubt angling for a spot on the Pou's next reality show. And there's Michael Parkinson. Tim Henman's parents laughing about something with Todd Martin. Splendid scenes.

12:59Tweet from @Annagroenefeld: My life is complete! I don't care that we won the Mixed! Prince William said hi to me! I was so excited I won my service game.

12:57Royal news: Prince William just said hello to German doubles specialist Anna-Lena Groenefeld. There's a sentence I never thought I'd type.

12:54You better believe it @kazziefwil. And if Wills and Kate can't sort out the Centre Court roof and its indecision over whether it's on or off, then who can? Maybe Jeremy Piven? I'm told he's famous but I've never heard of him.

12:53Tweet from @kazziefwil: impressive line up of guests today !

12:48William and Kate came to Wimbledon last year, so very much old hat around these parts. But as always, we look forward to seeing the lavish menu from the Royal Room. It's unlikely to match my now famous tuna and salad baguette with a garnish of ready salted crisps.

12:42 @rennaestubbs: Sitting in the players transport area @Wimbledon and who walks by, oh just the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

12:40Now, those mystery guests I referred to earlier? They're here! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be in the Royal Box this afternoon. That's Wills and Kate to you and me.

12:28You want proof that Roger Federer warmed up in a T-shirt with a picture of himself on it? Well, here you go. To be fair to His Fedness, I'm told that Rafa has been sporting his own version of that T-shirt.

12:24Andy Murray bravely defying the drizzle to sign some autographs for the hardy fans down at Aorangi Park. Murray and David Ferrer said a friendly hello to each other after practice.

12:20Tweet from Wimbledon.com reporter @GilbertHels: Wimbledon traffic hell. Martina Navratilova has the right idea tho. She just cycled past on her bike sporting a huge GRIN! #envious

12:18Shower has passed. Covers are coming off. Everyone stay calm.

12:13Players are off. Covers are on. How about we take a look at the Royal Box list to cheer us up... It's chock full of the tennis glitterati today - as well as two mystery guests that I will tell you about later. Andre Agassi and his missus Steffi Graf are in town to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his 1992 win. They are joined in the posh seats by Rod Laver, Richard Krajicek, Todd Martin, Mark Philippoussis, Pam Shriver, Peter Fleming and many more.

12:03I regret to inform you that it's drizzling. Please do not panic.

11:58Hey, want to see a photo of Novak Djokovic holding up playing cards, one of which is a photo of him as a kid? Thought so. You better go and find out about the ITF's now legendary Olympic book which features all manner of brilliant photos.

11:53Tweet from @HollyM_2510: camping in the rain made worth it by centre court tickets, pimms and strawberries & cream

11:47Over on Court 19, Luke Bambridge of Great Britain is well on his way against Germany's Maximilian Marterer. If he wins, he'll be back on the same court a little bit later and probably facing the aforementioned Luke Saville. Liam Broady - beaten finalist last year - is also on that court, the No.5 seed facing Enzo Couacaud of France. Lot of vowels there.

11:40Indy de Vroome always worth a mention - simply for having one of the best names in tennis. She's got a brother called Max but he went out in the first round of the boys'. Indy is from the Netherlands and is ranked 13th in juniors. Her ambition, she says, is to be No.1 in the world. But she's a break down against Switzerland's Belinda Bencic.

11:32The sun is trying its best to shine and we are getting going on the outside courts. Boys' No.1 seed and defending champion Luke Saville is in action on Court 15. Saville might have been in the men's singles had it not been for an admin error. He was given a wildcard into qualies here but had already entered another tournament in Germany and forgot to withdraw. Oops.

11:25Two things: Happy 4th July. To everyone, even if you're not American. And Happy Birthday Pam Shriver. The 21-time Grand Slam doubles winner turns the big 5-0 today.

11:21While we're on a history theme, did you know David Nalbandian has always had a bit of a rebellious streak? He was defaulted from the junior semi-finals in 1999 for turning up late. This and more gems in our Top 10 Random Facts.

On This Day

11:14If you think Andy Murray or Tim Henman let a few Wimbledon semi-finals slip by, it’s worth remembering Ann Jones. By the time she won in 1969, she’d lost in six semi-finals as well as the 1967 final. On this day 43 years ago, Jones fought from a set down to beat the great Billie Jean King, the American double-faulting at match point down. Brilliantly, it was Jones’ last ever Grand Slam singles match. Not a bad way to bow out.

11:12Shall we have an On This Day?

11:10It's true. I have just seen pictorial evidence.

11:07Tweet from @KarthiSport: Federer is warming up on court wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt with a picture of himself on it.

11:01In light of this good (ish) news, let's have a look at Cheesy's Outside Court Golden Ticket. Get yourself to Court 12 where you will catch sight of Aussie battler Lleyton Hewitt in what may very well be his last Wimbledon. He's still in the men's dubs with Chris "Gooch" Guccione. You'll also chance upon Wimblelegends Martina Hingis and Lindsay Davenport, as well as doubles specialists Leander Paes, Mike Bryan, and Lisa Raymond. Can't say much fairer than that.

10:52Here comes the Voice of Wimbledon. He sounds PERKY, and here's why: "The weather is already brightening up and the latest information predicts that though there is a further threat of showers, from mid-afternoon to early evening there should be a continuous dry spell." In this British summer, this folks is what passes as one of the better weather forecasts.

10:49Definitely a lot brighter that yesterday @ZoeAshdown1 but there is occasional wet stuff falling from the sky.

10:43Tweet from @ZoeAshdown1: Very excited to be off to @Wimbledon this morning for the men's quarter finals! Come on the sun

10:41Following Federer and Youzhny on Centre will be Andy Murray and David Ferrer and I can tell you there is plenty of fretting here in Britain about what the relentless Spaniard might do to home chances. Ferrer is on a nine-match winning streak on grass. On No.1, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga meets Philipp Kohlschreiber.

10:32Federer, of course, had to go off court twice for treatment on his back during his fourth-round win over Xavier Malisse. He is up first at 1pm against Russia's Mikhail Youzhny on Centre Court. At the same time (weather permitting), Novak Djokovic will meet Florian Mayer on No.1 Court. The winners of those two matches will meet in the semi-finals.

10:28Andre Agassi is also due at the All England Club today on the 20th anniversary of his Wimbledon win. I won't be repeating that too often, makes me feel a bit old. Rod Laver picks Djokovic as a marginal favourite for the title, by the way. The Aussie legend is a bit worried about Federer's back when it comes to the crunch.

10:22Today is, if you will, Another Day In Paradise as we look forward to the men's quarter-finals. And I'll tell you what makes it even more special: Rocket Rod Laver is here. Possibly one of the most dignified sportsmen you'll ever come across. "I was very fortunate to play some of my best tennis at the right time," he tells Live@Wimbledon radio as he discusses his two calendar year Grand Slams.

10:16Tweet from @MarkBrock: Glad you didn't choose Phil Collins' "I wish it would rain down" (see 10am)

10:11On my long walk from Southfields, it rained. A lot. But in a cruel twist, I notice it has now stopped. The weather forecast is a teeny bit better than yesterday - there is even mention of, wait for it, sunshine.

Good morning

10:00Hello. Welcome to a mouthwatering men's quarter-finals day. Despite the grey gloom of drizzle yesterday, we are on track with the singles schedule. If I was going to dedicate a song to yesterday at Wimbledon, I'd pick Phil Collins' Against All Odds.

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