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Live Blog : Friday 6 July 2012

by Caroline Cheese

20:45OK. It's time to check out for the day. We all need to raise a toast to Henry 'Bunny' Austin, the last British man to reach the Wimbledon final... before Andrew Barron Murray. See you tomorrow, dudes.

20:43Tweet from @kylieminogue Met #RodLaver today #legend

20:41Suitably bizarre end to a quite surreal day as Murray is asked whether he thinks Fred Perry will benedict his win on Sunday. "Well... Fred Perry's not alive though?" says a completely baffled Murray.

Prime Minister David Cameron

20:39"It is great news that we have our first home-grown men's finalist at Wimbledon for over 70 years especially in this exciting Olympics year when the eyes of the world are on the UK. I'll be watching the final on Sunday and like the rest of the country, will be getting right behind Andy Murray - I wish him the best of luck."

20:29Quite a hilarious press conference this, as journalists attempt to get the famously understated Murray to gush headlines at them. But he's not biting. "It's not the end of the tournament yet. The time for all that stuff (celebrating) is when I'm done. There's no time for anything else." He says Ivan Lendl told him "good job" and then asked him what time he wanted to practice tomorrow.

Murray on facing Federer in the final

20:28"I'm obviously not expected to win the match. But if I play well I'm obviously capable of winning."

Andy Murray on the weight of history

20:27"At the end of the match it was very emotional. It obviously meant something to me. There's a lot of pressure and stress around this time of year. I don't feel it when I'm playing or on the practice courts - but at the back of my mind it's obviously there."

20:22Murray facing the journalists now. So far he has been asked what he was doing 74 years ago, and what influence his dogs have had on his progress.

20:19Tweet from Indian doubles player @Maheshbhupathi: Very very Happy for Andy Murray..Wimbledon Final at home vs the best player of all time. Could be an epic...

20:18Tweet from @thetennisspace: Grace Jones hugging Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on the competitors' lawn.

20:11Reports this morning of debenture seats - which I'm told can be sold legally - going for as much as £45,000 for Sunday's final. That was before Andy Murray got there. Murray due in press shortly...

19:51Nothing happened during Golden Jubilee year in terms of British success. Worth remembering that.

19:43Tweet from @MayorofLondon Boris Johnson: Well done Andy Murray! Let's hope he can do in this Jubilee year what Virginia Wade did when she won in 1977 during the Silver Jubilee!

Tsonga on whether he'll watch the final

19:35"I have to say yes, but honestly, no! You know, now for me it's finish. I will be on holiday."

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on Murray's chances against Federer

19:28"It's going to be tough for Andy because he need to recover from the last match and this match against me. He looked pretty tired at the end, so I don't know how he will be physically. But I hope for him he will recover and have a chance against Roger."

19:25In juniors, Aussie No.1 seed and defending champion Luke Saville will meet Canada's No.4 seed Filip Peliwo. And what a day for Canada. Eugenie Bouchard will play in the girls' singles final against Elina Svitolina of Ukraine.

19:22Let's calm ourselves down with some doubles news: Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka will face the Williams sisters in the women's doubles final after beating Schiavone/Pennetta. Horia Tecau and Robert Lindstedt are trying to join Jonny Murray and Freddie Nielsen in the men's final. They lead Melzer/Petschner by two sets to one.

19:19Tsonga into press already. He's in surprisingly good spirits although I wonder if after the first two sets today, he sort of accepted his fate. Has a little joke about having "revenge" on Murray after being hit in the crown jewels. If there isn't a "New Balls Please" headline in the papers tomorrow, I'm going to be awfully disappointed.

19:14Tweet from @McIlroyRory: Go on Andy!!!

19:12Is everyone OK? I'm not sure I am...

19:07Tweet from @GaryLineker: Murray in the singles, Marray in the doubles. Getting rather bored now with Britain's dominance in tennis

19:05Tweet from @Becker_Boris: Dreamfinal @Wimbledon....

19:02The stat you don't hear so often: since 1922, only three British men have reached the Wimbledon final: Fred Perry, Bunny Austin, Andy Murray.

18:59Tweet from @SimonNRicketts: HAWKEYE THE NOO #wimbledon

Andy Murray on what his parents went through during the matcj

18:56"I've no idea, I'm not really bothered, it's a lot harder for me that's for sure! It was a very emotional end to the match but I've got to keep it together for the next match. It'll be one of the biggest matches of my life. I've played Roger in big matches before and I need to use that to my advantage, learn from that."

Andy Murray

18:53"Bit of relief, excitement, tough to explain, such a close match in the end, both of us had chances... I just managed to hang tough enough and I'm just so happy to be through. I thought it was in (on match point). I knew when it left my racket it was good. (Tsonga) said he thought it was wide, then he just said 'well done'."

18:51Replays of the Murray support camp on the match point. Everyone up on their feet except Ivan Lendl, who sits with chin on hand, completely unmoved. One more to go, Andy, is almost certainly what he's thinking. And that is against 16-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer on Sunday.

18:49Incredible scenes on Centre Court. Scenes not seen, in fact, since 1938. Murray doesn't look like he can believe it. He sits in his chair and just looks to the heavens. No one can believe it. Sorry, Bunny Austin, God rest your soul, but you're not "the last..." anymore.

Murray beats Tsonga 6-3 6-4 3-6 7-5

18:45Tsonga into the net with a routine forehand on the first point. Tense? Maybe, maybe. He shanks a forehand now. Murray two points away at 0-30... Tsonga with the big first serve and he bravely puts away the smash. 15-30. Volley into the net and Murray has two match points. Oh my word. Murray return is called wide - BUT HE CHALLENGES AND IT'S IN! ANDY MURRAY IS INTO THE WIMBLEDON FINAL!

Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 6-5* Tsonga

18:41Eek. Double fault from Murray, the second serve dying into the net. It's 15-15 and now he slaps the net with a forehand. 15-30. Swinging second serve and Tsonga goes long. 30-30. Awful return from Tsonga, dumping it into the net off a pretty slow second serve. Murray back to the chair. He's a game away from the final again - but it still seems so far away.

Murray *6-3 6-4 3-6 5-5 Tsonga

18:38The corner of sunshine on Centre Court has got to be distracting - well, it is for me anyway. Tsonga out into a 40-0 lead with a calm smash into said sunny patch. Tsonga goes wide with a backhand but now the umpire decides to intervene by overruling a call - and it was in! Oh no. They'll have to replay a point that Tsonga should have won. Well, he wins it anyway so no controversy there.

Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 5-4* Tsonga

18:31Tsonga into the net with a pinpoint forehand into the corner and Murray can't find the pass. It's 15-30, huge point coming up... And that's a HUGE forehand from Tsonga. No getting that back. Two break points for the Frenchman. First serve from Murray, return just long. One more. Missed first serve - challenge - and it's in! Murray will have to go again, and he nets the first serve, but Tsonga overcooks the return. Suddenly, the sun's out - but only in the corner Murray is serving into. Tsonga nets the return and then just misses with a forehand... Britain breathes again. For now.

Murray *6-3 6-4 3-6 4-4 Tsonga

18:26One last push for Murray? It's a good start. Low, dipping backhand to make Tsonga volley wide and then the Frenchman helps out with a wild forehand into the net. Tsonga responds with a destructive ace down the middle. It's 15-30. Backhand volley into the net by Tsonga. Two break points. Misses first serve... a murmuring around Centre...but Tsonga comes up with the volley and Murray slips badly on the baseline. He's OK. Surely he has this point won? NO! Tsonga chasing a lob to the baseline and coming up with a miraculous pass. Huge, huge kudos to Tsonga.

Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 4-3* Tsonga

18:22Anxious moments here as Tsonga slips badly as Murray chases down a drop shot. He shakes his hand in pain... Think he's OK. Murray holds relatively comfortably. Ivan Lendl has taken his sunglasses off.

Murray *6-3 6-4 3-6 3-3 Tsonga

18:17Murray sits down at the changeover and looks up at Ivan Lendl with a melodramatic shrug of the shoulders. Tell you what we don't need, and that's rain. And I've just realised it's been several hours since we last had some... Tsonga again with the Becker dive and it works, plopping the volley into the open court to make it 15-15. He moves to 40-15 but then weirdly stops a rally to challenge - and it's in. No matter, he fires a backhand cross-court for a clean winner.

Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 3-2* Tsonga

18:11Murray pumped up and trying to get the crowd involved to push him over the line... But wait. Tsonga with the topspin pass down the line to end an epic point. That's 15-30. Urgent yell of "cmon" from Murray as he finds the serve down the T. Wow. Tsonga scrambles to his left and sends a one-handed pass cross-court - Murray leaving it, but it drops in. Break point - Murray responds with an ace. Cool as you like. SO TENSE THIS GAME! Tsonga with a deadly drop volley to earn another break point and Tsonga puts his whole body behind the return. As you were.

Murray *6-3 6-4 3-6 3-1 Tsonga

18:08Murray flings a stunning, STUNNING forehand cross-court after battling to stay in the point. Two break points. VOLLEY LONG! And Murray turns to the crowd and pumps his fist Henman-style... He's getting closer...

Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 2-1* Tsonga

18:06For what feels like the first time in ages, Murray sprints out wide and fires a forehand pass cross-court. More like the sort of shot he was playing in the first two sets.

Murray *6-3 6-4 3-6 1-1 Tsonga

18:02Shadows coming across Centre Court now, and Tsonga is serving from the dark side, so to speak. The Frenchman presses the power boost at 40-30 and forces Murray to balloon one long.

Murray 6-3 6-4 3-6 1-0* Tsonga

17:58Murray beginning to look frustrated as he hits a forehand that clatters the net and lands wide. Now, Tsonga's turn to let his anger show as he nets. Murray clenching his fist as he holds to 30. As a reminder of the importance of this match: the BBC have shifted the 6pm news to BBC2. Unusual...

17:55We're getting repeated replays of Tsonga's unfortunate incident in that last game. Murray went for the Frenchman - but he immediately apologised when he realised exactly where he'd connected. Tsonga off court for now and Murray is out at the baseline already, jumping about on his toes. Tsonga returns. Not sure what treatment he had...

Murray *6-3 6-4 3-6 0-0 Tsonga

17:52OUCH! Tsonga's been hit in the... erm, balls. Sorry, there was no other way of putting that. He bravely soldiers on and moves to set point. He only needs the one - Murray netting the return. The nation frets a little more.

17:50Never in the Open era has there been a British man in the Wimbledon men's doubles final... UNTIL NOW! Jonny Marray and Danish partner Frederik Nielsen beat the No.2-seeded Bryan brothers 6-4, 7-6, 6-7, 7-6.

Murray 6-3 6-4 3-5* Tsonga

17:47Mini-controversy as Murray waits ages before challenging a call - and is allowed to do so by the umpire. He's right, it turns out, but surely you can't wait that long? No complaints from Tsonga, to his credit. Murray putting away a volley for 40-15 and takes the game with an unreturnable serve. Tsonga to serve for the third set.

17:46Gadzooks. Jonny Marray and Freddie Nielsen are 5-0 up in the fourth-set tiebreak against the Bryans, and leading by two sets to one.

Murray *6-3 6-4 2-5 Tsonga

17:42Murray pinging the pass down the line, Tsonga diving Becker-style but can't reach it. Tsonga responds with a brutal off-forehand. Challenge from Murray but in vain and he only has one challenge left. Ha. Tsonga has two game points, gambols into the net and flicks a low volley back past Murray. Formidable. Henri Leconte and Mansour Bahrami looking on from the Royal Box will approve.

Murray 6-3 6-4 2-4* Tsonga

17:39Murray with incredible wheels to get to a weird-looking but very effective half-volley from Tsonga. The Brit gets it back but Tsonga's there to push the ball past into the open court. It's the only point of the game for Tsonga and a nice, quick service game for Murray puts the pressure back on the Frenchman.

Murray *6-3 6-4 1-4 Tsonga

17:30Tsonga thwacks the net - in danger of breaking it - with a simple smash. It's 30-30 and Tsonga is into the net behind a good approach, terrible volley though and Murray gives it the full treatment. Break point Murray and Tsonga misses the first serve...challenge, but well long...second serve clips the back of the line and Murray frames the return. Now another chance though, and another second serve, but Tsonga survives again and then staves off another one with a big serve down the middle. Ace to take the game.

Murray 6-3 6-4 1-3* Tsonga

17:25Tsonga upping the pace on the return again and Murray down 0-30. "Come on Jo, Murray looks tired," yells a "character" in the crowd. Not sure about that. His level has dropped though, no doubt, and Tsonga is pumped. Murray nets a simple backhand and the Frenchman has a break point. Tsonga clipping the net with a return of a second serve and it drops... his side. Murray survives, could be crucial.

Murray *6-3 6-4 0-3 Tsonga

17:23Murray threatening the immediate response by getting to deuce but Tsonga consolidates the break, finishing the game with a deft volley. Confidence returning to the Frenchman, it seems.

17:20If you were to switch to Live@Wimbledon right now, you'd be able to watch Roger Federer being interviewed on the roof.

Murray 6-3 6-4 0-2* Tsonga

17:18Murray into the net with a routine forehand and he's 0-30 down. GAH! What on earth was that? A loopy forehand over the baseline and Tsonga has three break points - his first since early in the first set. There it is. Seriously, give that trainer a payrise. Murray tries a pass down the line but well wide.

Murray *6-3 6-4 0-1 Tsonga

17:16The trainer done good. Tsonga sends down his fastest serve of the day to move to 40-15, and he finds an ace to finish the game.

17:14Tsonga off court getting treatment from the trainer. Murray has made FOUR unforced errors, to Tsonga's 20. The Frenchman is now winning 10% of points behind his second serve - and it was zero% in the second set. Back comes Tsonga, getting some sympathetic applause from the crowd.

Murray 6-3 6-4 0-0* Tsonga

17:09"Geeeuuuuaaaaaargh" or something like that, yells Tsonga, as he floats the return long to give Murray two set points. Only needs one as another Tsonga groundstrokes goes long. Bryans take the third set against Marray/Nielsen on a tiebreak.

Murray *6-3 5-4 Tsonga

17:06Just to remind you: this is a Wimbledon semi-final. Murray has 74 years of British failure on his shoulders - and he's playing one of the best matches of his career. Starts the game like a rocket, winning the first two points with a couple of stunning winners. Tsonga does well to weather the storm, holding from deuce.

Murray 6-3 5-3* Tsonga

17:04Murray still pumping himself up - doesn't want to lose the intensity in the face of some French indifference. He holds to love. He has lost one point on serve in this set. The speed of his service games must be killing Tsonga too.

17:03Tweet from @Infostrada2012: With #Djokovic's exit, #Wimbledon will be the first Grand Slam not won by Djokovic or Nadal since 2010 @AustralianOpen (Federer).

Murray *6-3 4-3 Tsonga

17:00Boof. Tsonga takes some frustration out on a volley - pummeling it into the grass. Still looking very unsure of himself, but he takes the game to 30.

Murray 6-3 4-2* Tsonga

16:58Murray bangs an ace down the middle to move to 40-0 and then Tsonga hammers a return long for the love game. Nothing the Frenchman can do at the moment.

Murray *6-3 3-2 Tsonga

16:53Double fault puts Tsonga in trouble yet again at 0-30. Kim Sears smiling in awe as her fella finds a dipping pass and Tsonga nets the half-volley. Two break points. Misses the first... and Tsonga pulls his racket away at the very last second to see a return drop wide. Tsonga winning 13% of points behind his second serve at the moment. Tsonga serve-volleying again and he sees the ball come flying past - again. Another break point and another second serve to look at - Tsonga pulls a forehand long and wide. Easy street for Murray... at the moment.

Murray 6-3 2-2* Tsonga

16:51Centre Court now almost full again after the toilet/bar breaks. Anyone spotted Joey Barton yet? The football bad boy is around somewhere. Just no-one upset him. Venus and Serena beat Huber/Raymond 2-6, 6-1, 6-2 to reach the final of the women's doubles - and Murray effortlessly holds to love in 69 seconds.

Murray *6-3 1-2 Tsonga

16:48Hearts in mouths time for Murray and his supporters as he slips and grimaces. He's OK though, and quickly sensing another break as Tsonga makes a forehand error to allow Murray in at 30-30. "Nooooo," groans Murray as a backhand goes wide. And the Frenchman comes through.

Roger Federer

16:47"Now for the finals, of course I'd love to play Murray. I always say in whatever country I am I like to play the local hero, I kind of call them, and Andy is exactly that here at Wimbledon. So I hope the match comes along, even though I like Jo very much. Here it would be very special playing against him. I don't know. I hope I have some crowd support, but it's not the very most important thing right now."

Murray 6-3 1-1* Tsonga

16:42Tsonga again looking accusingly at the turf as another point slips by. Murray closes out the game with an ace - his fourth.

Murray *6-3 0-1 Tsonga

16:38Tsonga nervily pushing a forehand into the net and now an 11th unforced error puts him in trouble already at 0-30. He puts away a smash - although it's closer to the baseline than he might have liked. Tsonga is almost falling over as he fires a backhand into the net. Can't seem to work out his footing at all. Deuce. Another nervy smash from Tsonga and Murray gets it back, but then can't quite get to a drop volley. Tsonga clings on.

Murray 6-3 0-0* Tsonga

16:33Murray is almost airborne as he mullers a forehand down the line to bring up two set points and he's soon jogging to the net. A near-perfect set by Murray and it's all going very nicely for Britain's other men's semi-finalist. Jonny Marray and Denmark's Freddie Nielsen take the tiebreak 11-9 and are now two sets up against the Bryan twins. Blimey. Venus and Serena 3-1 up against Huber/Raymond.

Murray *5-3 Tsonga

16:29Kylie looking down from the Royal Box, a study in concentration. Or was she asleep? Hard to tell behind the dark glasses. Tsonga slices a backhand wide - pushing for too much - and he is pegged back to 40-30. Muzz just misses with the backhand pass and Tsonga makes him serve for the set.

Murray 5-2* Tsonga

16:26The way Murray's playing right now, they'd better hurry up and retake their seats... Murray up 40-15 and he finishes the game with a glorious running forehand pass, raising the roof (if there was one on).

Murray *4-2 Tsonga

16:24Simple answer, Geoff: everyone's either at the bar or in the toilet. Or both. After two and a half hours of Federer v Djokovic tension, you can hardly blame them. They'll be back, don't worry. Tsonga closes out a love game with an ace.

Email from Geoff

16:23Hi , Why so many unoccupied seats at Murray v Tsonga?

16:23Serena and Venus take the second set 6-1 against Huber/Raymond and they're into a third. Bryan brothers go into a second-set tiebreak against Marray/Nielsen.

Murray 4-1* Tsonga

16:16Murray and the crowd can scarcely believe it as a Tsonga volley-lob clips the baseline. Murray wipes out the early advantage by crunching a backhand winner, but then Tsonga goes to 15-30 behind a booming return and a perfect pass gives him two break-back points. The Frenchman into the net on the first, and then Murray forces the error with a raking cross-court forehand. Tsonga stamping on the slippery turf in frustration, but don't think the grass can be blamed for that. Two aces from Muzz to close the game.

Murray *3-1 Tsonga

16:14Tsonga with a not-too-shabby, sliced approach - but Murray is there to whip the pass cross-court. Lady there having to shade her eyes with a Union Jack, such is the strength of the sunshine. Tsonga wins the next four points to get on the board.

Murray 3-0* Tsonga

16:10It's like a backhand slice-fest for a moment - and Tsonga wins it when Murray is tempted to go a bit too floaty. It's the only point he wins, the Frenchman failing to get enough returns in. HURRAH! There's the Hill, and they're looking a lot happier now it's stopped raining, and their man is off to the perfect start.

Murray *2-0 Tsonga

16:06Murray scampering to his left and whipping a backhand cross-court, and now he gets to 30-30. Another error from a nervy Tsonga and it's break point for Murray. Tsonga comes up with the delicate half-volley and Murray can't get there. Deuce - but Murray delivers a dipping pass as Tsonga ambles into net, the Frenchman slipping and falling as he scrambles to reach it. Break point and in the middle of a pedestrian baseline rally, Murray suddenly steps up and spanks a backhand down the line. Hmmm. Venus and Serena now 5-1 up in the second set, having dropped the first against Huber/Raymond.

Novak Djokovic on how he was feeling against Federer

16:05Not so great really. I had bad last couple days. Last five, six days I wasn't feeling great. But I don't want to talk about it now.

Murray 1-0* Tsonga

16:01Murray 40-0 up but pegged back as first Tsonga sends up a perfect lob and then the Brit nets a backhand, but Tsonga overcooks a backhand and already there's a little "come on" from Murray.

16:00Murray to serve first on Centre Court. Play...

15:57With the sun (almost) shining, play is up and running on the outside courts. On No.1 Court, top seeds Liezel Huber and Lisa Raymond are a set up on the WIlliams sisters. And crikey, Bob and Mike Bryan have lost the first set against Britain's Jonny Marray and Freddie Nielsen of Denmark.

15:48And don't worry, we're in no way Andy Murray-obsessed. We love Jo-Willy too. Here's some stuff you might not know about the flamboyant Frenchman. His trademark victory celebration is commonly known as the "dance of the thumbs."

15:45Time for some pre-match homework. Some things you might not know about Andy Murray and not-so-fond memories of his three previous semi-final losses here.

Wimbledon finalist Agnieszka Radwanska

15:44“Unfortunately I have picked up an upper respiratory illness, which is affecting my nose and throat. I have been playing a lot of matches here in the rain and cold wind, and I haven’t been well for a few days. The most important thing is that I’m feeling good on the court and playing some good tennis, despite not being able to talk much away from the court. The priority is my singles match tomorrow, so I will do whatever it takes to make sure I’m ready to play the best I can."

15:40Everyone put the kettle on, Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga are due on court and the roof is coming off. Literally, not metaphorically.

15:37Speaking about returning to the Wimbledon final after three years away, Federer says that when he lost to Tomas Berdych in 2010, "everyone was like 'How can we survive a Wimbledon final without you?'"

Roger Federer

15:31"Obviously I'm ecstatic, I'm so happy. Great match today, tough tournament for me, but I was able to play some fantastic tennis today. Third set obviously key to the match, got a bit lucky maybe. Tough match, great crowd and it really was a lot of fun playing out there today. It feels great to be in a Wimbledon final, this is what you want to play for: the Wimbledon trophy."

15:29After 2 hours, 19 minutes, a very calm celebration by Federer as he takes his Wimbledon semi-final record to 8-0 - raising one clenched fist into the air as he looks up to his supporters. Terrific tussle between these two. And whoever wins this second semi-final, playing like this, Federer will be favourite to win his seventh Wimbledon title.

Federer beats Djokovic 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-3

15:25Djokovic with a brave-as-you-like drop shot, and it's perfect - clipping the net and dribbling over. That's 15-15, but Federer is into the net to put away the easy volley. 30-15 and he's two points away again. Can't buy a first serve in this game and now he's swiped a forehand into the trams. 30-30. Great serve out wide, but Djokovic clips it back - called out, but correctly challenged. We go again. Federer with a first serve - challenged by Djoko - but it's in! Match point for Federer, First serve and returned into the net. FEDERER THROUGH TO THE FINAL!

Federer *6-3 3-6 6-4 5-3 Djokovic

15:20News from the referee's office: if the weather remains as it is, the roof will coming off at the end of this match - which might be quite soon. Djokovic goes into the net and Federer is two points from victory at 30-30. Sizzling forehand down the line from Djoko which Fed can't do anything with. Puff of the cheeks from the Serb. He survives, but Federer to serve for his eighth Wimbledon semi-final win now...

Federer 6-3 3-6 6-4 5-2* Djokovic

15:17And approximately 30 seconds later, Federer holds to love.

Federer *6-3 3-6 6-4 4-2 Djokovic

15:12Hil will be fistpumping at her desk, pretty sure she would have heard the huge roar from Centre Court as Federer delivers a delicious, dipping forehand pass to bring up three break points. Djokovic saves the first two, and the third with a booming first serve. Needs several more of those. Very tight game, but Djokovic is clinging on for dear life.

Email from Hil

15:11The blog is a lifesaver while I’m at work, even though I wish I was at home with a glass of the red stuff in one hand, eyes glued to the box. Was sad to see Nadal out but knowing that Feds is doing so well is huge compensation!

Federer 6-3 3-6 6-4 4-1* Djokovic

15:08As the clock ticks to two hours, Federer holds comfortably. He'll still be wary though - Djokovic doesn't tend to know when he's beaten.

Federer *6-3 3-6 6-4 3-1 Djokovic

15:04Indeed he does Joao - and by doing so he will equal Pete Sampras's record of 286 weeks at No.1. Fed already guaranteed to overtake Nadal for the No.2 spot. Djokovic looks forlorn as he lamely hits the net on the first point. Federer with a chance at 30-30 but nets a forehand and then hooks one just wide - he challenges, and he's right again! Back to deuce, but Djokovic stops the rot.

Email from João Pedro Neto

15:04In the event that the impossible happens and Murray doesn't win it (smile) will Fed get to number one in the rankings if he wins the tournament?

Federer 6-3 3-6 6-4 3-0* Djokovic

15:02Djokovic wide with a return and Federer consolidates the break. Is Djoko still thinking about that smash? I know we all are...

Federer *6-3 3-6 6-4 2-0 Djokovic

14:57Raking backhand return from Federer which Djokovic can't handle - the Serb is down 0-30 and it's danger time again. Horrible, horrible backhand from Djoko - miles wide. Three break points. Sizzling forehand down the line saves the first - but another awful shot, this time a forehand, into the trams. Djokovic has lost it. Four games in a row for Fed.

Federer 6-3 3-6 6-4 1-0* Djokovic

14:54Federer off to the bathroom straight after winning that set. He'll have the benefit of serving first in this set - which he begins with an ace. Blows a forehand though and Djokovic with a glimmer at 30-30... quickly snuffed out by a Fed first serve.

14:52Tweet from former player @rennaestubbs: wow Fed up 2 sets to 1. Awesome set point! no mistakes from Fed on his over head! @DjokerNole might regret the one he missed. #lookinggood

Federer *6-3 3-6 6-4 0-0 Djokovic

14:46Stick with us Kuldeep, we'll bring you every game of today's semi-finals. Djokovic off-balance on the baseline and Fed powers away the winner for 0-15. Federer down the line with a forehand and it's 0-30. Danger time for Djoko. First serve does the damage and it's 15-30. GAH! Djokovic blasts a smash long and how crucial could that be? He faces two set points. Huge roar inside Centre Court. Djokovic stays cool, sending down the first serve and then pushing the forehand down the line. Second set point coming up... HE'S GOT IT! Another super-tense rally, with Fed looking like he's won it several times over. The six-times champ finally puts away the smash and clenches his fist in delight...

Email from Kuldeep

14:45We were waiting for rain from a long time in Delhi, India. Now when it finally arrive, i'm not happy. As it will take me atleast 2 hrs to reach home & i don't want to miss a min session. So i'm staying in office & refresh my screen. GO FED...

Federer 6-3 3-6 5-4* Djokovic

14:42Jelly Babies: different flavoured jelly sweets in the shape of babies, each of which has a name. Quite simple really. Bit like gummies I'm told. Federer under pressure at at 30-30 and then he goes long with a forehand for break point. Djokovic can't return the serve though and two more big first serves from Fed get him out of a hole.

Email from Michaele Bergan

14:41Going to be triple-digit HOT in Virginia today . . . again. Yet another American slightly confused over the concept of eating a jelly sweet the shape of a baby (see 1349 entry), but love the blog. Djokovic maybe a great player, but GO FEDERER!

Federer *6-3 3-6 4-4 Djokovic

14:38Eoin, I bring good news. In a meteorological miracle, it has stopped raining. No time for start of play yet, but they're about to uncover the outside courts and see what's what. Djokovic ruins a love service game by framing a forehand - which is always good fun to watch - but then closes out with an ace.

Email from Eoin

14:37Is it still raining at Wimbledon? If so is there a predicted time the women doubles will be starting on court 1?

Federer 6-3 3-6 4-3* Djokovic

14:35Fed needs his serve like never before - and he begins with an ace. Federer clenches his fist as Djoko clips the top of the tape with a backhand and an unreturnable serve gives him the game to 15.

Federer *6-3 3-6 3-3 Djokovic

14:26Opening here for Federer, who is trying to dictate the rallies with his forehand. It's 30-30, and Djoko misses the first serve. AND THE SECOND. Wow. Double fault, and Federer has a break point. Scintillating rally, this way and that, both players looking to land the knock-out blow, both putting up amazing defence - 23 shots - and it ends in the worst possible way with Fed shanking a forehand into the trams. Couple of deuces - SO TENSE! Fed then wallops a backhand down the line to end another impossibly long rally and it's break point again. Amazing depth from Djoko and forces the error. This match just caught fire. And how crucial was it to Federer's chances?

Email from Sasha

14:25Another hot day in Novi Sad, the birthplace of Monica Seles. Greetings from Serbia!

14:24Tweet from tennis writer @TennisReporters: Very interesting 2 see Novak battling with nerves even though better from back, & Federer unsure whether to play hyper aggressive or cagey

Federer 6-3 3-6 3-2* Djokovic

14:22Djokovic hammers a backhand over the baseline and that allows Federer to respond by dropping only one point on serve. Way too close to call.

Email from Diana

14:21Sure you'd like to know we have 40C here in Córdoba (south of Spain) and we'd do anything to swap weather with you! best regards and good luck, hope Murray wins

Federer *6-3 3-6 2-2 Djokovic

14:23Routine as Djokovic loses just one point on serve. This match hasn't caught fire yet. Plenty of time...

Federer 6-3 3-6 2-1* Djokovic

14:20Do I get paid double for the worldwide weather updates? "Super thanks" right backatcha, Irelaunty. Federer with a 40-0 lead and Djokovic plays an awful drop shot. Surely he's toast... NO! Federer completely misjudges it and goes way long. That's the sort of mistake he wouldn't have made back in the day, if you ask me. Anyway, no big deal, he holds to 15 instead.

Email from Irelaunty

14:19It’s also drizzly here in Copenhagen, and your blog is a life-saver super thanks and go FED !!

Federer *6-3 3-6 1-1 Djokovic

14:13Definitely more support for Federer on Centre. There is encouraging applause all round as Federer moves to 15-30, then a groan as Federer misses the return off a second serve. The usually unflappable Fed actually looks a tiny bit annoyed about that... but Djoko obliges by going slightly long and it's break point. Djoko challenges the first serve - but it was out - so he'll have a second. Fed into the rally and he goes for broke on a forehand - wild and wide. Couple of deuces but Djokovic survives.

Federer 6-3 3-6 1-0* Djokovic

14:09Is Federer starting to feel the tension? He has lost his last two Grand Slam semi-finals against Djokovic, don't forget. He spanks a forehand wide, but there follows a groundstroke rally of phenomenal accuracy from both players - until Djoko nets. Fed holds to 15.

Email from Giles

14:09If Federer is going to win this he needs to tap his inner anger animal. No more Mr. Cool. Some chest thumping and roaring might do the trick... seems to work for Djoko.

Federer *6-3 3-6 0-0 Djokovic

14:06Federer forehand called out - but he challenges - and he's right! Very unusual for Fed, who may be one of the greatest ever players but is one of the world's worst at HawkEye challenges. He can't win the replayed point though and Djokovic moves to three set points with two forehand winners and then takes the first with an ace. Clinical. We're into a best of three set semi-final.

Federer 6-3 3-5* Djokovic

14:04A hold to love from Federer in double quick time. Djokovic to serve for the set though.

Email from Popoola dayo, in Lagos, Nigeria

14:02It just stopped raining in Lagos, cloud beginning to clear and hopefully sunshine soon. Thanks for the blog, allows me to keep up with the game without getting fired.

Federer *6-3 2-5 Djokovic

13:58Completely shanked return from Federer and it's a clean winner. No apology from Federer whatsoever, just a steely look at where the ball landed. Djokovic powers a forehand cross-court at 40-15, called out - and believe me it really looks out. Djokovic challenges, and IT'S IN! Just caught the edge of the line...

Federer 6-3 2-4* Djokovic

13:55They won't open the roof in the middle of a match but they could for the start of Murray-Tsonga, which is next on Centre. It is, however, still raining. Obviously. Federer forcing Djokovic to volley off his toes and it doesn't go too well for the Serb. Got to admire his bravery in coming in though. Federer holds to 30.

Email from Paul in Louisville, KY

13:55Will they open the roof up if weather permits? Is it raining now there? Thanks

Federer *6-3 1-4 Djokovic

13:53Can't get enough of these emails from people in sunny places. Really, really can't. Still drizzling here. Djokovic hammers an ace out wide and holds to love.

Email from Sarah P-J, Durban

13:53Just so you know we have a glorious sunny day here in Durban, South Africa! Thanks for your marvellous blog. Looking forward to this match…

Federer 6-3 1-3* Djokovic

13:49Was distracted by American colleague's confusion over the concept of eating a jelly sweet the shape of a baby. But here's Federer at deuce... Squeaks through the game thanks to his serve but Djokovic suddenly very much in the ascendancy.

Federer *6-3 0-3 Djokovic

13:46Djokovic into the net and placing a volley that curves agonisingly away from the Federer racket. The Serb is suddenly on fire and he consolidates the break to love.

Federer 6-3 0-2* Djokovic

13:43If you didn't already know this, the Wimbledon crowd might love Andy Murray but they worship Roger Federer. The six-time champion is rocking here though as Djokovic gets to 0-30 and then forces the error for his first three break points. Just long on the return on the first, and then Federer nets a forehand. Much deeper hitting from Djoko and it does the trick.

Federer *6-3 0-1 Djokovic

13:40"I LOVE YOU ROGER" comes the shout from the crowd. A male shout, I might add. Djokovic begins the set with a double fault and it's not an easy game, but he comes through it.

13:39Tweet from @Infostrada2012: #Federer wins 1st set. He is 5-2 against #Djokovic in Grand Slams when winning 1st set. Djokovic came back to win at US Open 2010 and 2011.

Federer 6-3 0-0* Djokovic

13:36Federer serves it out to love. One break was all he needed. Bit old-school this match, the speed at which the points are played. First set took 24 minutes.

Federer *5-3 Djokovic

13:33Huh. Federer smacks a forehand return down the line and Djokovic almost nonchalantly leans over and flicks a winner back cross-court. Djokovic holds to love, great response, but Fed to serve for it. This is going very quickly...

13:33Tweet from @bgtennisnation: Seems like Djoker stuggling a bit with his movement and Fedfan serving alot to the fearhand,and keeping the rallys short all good for Fedfan

Federer 5-2* Djokovic

13:31Emphatic from Federer as he serves out a hold to 15 with an ace. Serving very, very well so far.

Federer *4-2 Djokovic

13:28Small consolation, Daniel, very small. Still drizzling here. Anyway, first glimmer as Djokovic hooks a forehand long to make it 30-30 - and now the Serb slips as he goes for a volley to give Federer break point. Great yell of "COME ON ROGER" as Djokovic is about to serve. Djokovic hits the net with a backhand. First blood to Fed.

Email from Daniel Farrel

13:27have been following the blog for the two weeks, thank-you! If it's any consolation for you in London, I live in Weimar in Germany and we're have the mother of all thunder storms today. Does mean I can just sit in the office and sneak a look at the updates every few minutes though!

Federer 3-2* Djokovic

13:24Fabulous forehand from Djoko, hitting the baseline and forcing the error, but he just misses the paint with a backhand on the next point. Federer serves his first and second aces of the match and we're still on serve.

Federer *2-2 Djokovic

13:21Awkward volley from Djokovic and Federer is onto it immediately, stroking the backhand cross-court. But Federer still hasn't got his return firing and Djokovic takes the game to 15. Not a sniff of a break point in the first four games.

Federer 2-1* Djokovic

13:18Djokovic with the first challenge of the match on a Federer serve out wide. It hit the corner, so he's down to two for the set. Federer walks to the chair after a love game.

Federer *1-1 Djokovic

13:15Djoko slipping on the baseline a little but recovering to punch a backhand past the flailing racket of Fed. Not a lot of first serves from Djoko, but not a lot of returns from Fed either.

Federer 1-0* Djokovic

13:15Federer misses the first serve, but makes up for it with a trademark sweeping forehand into the corner. Federer still wearing the black vest under his white one, which we reckon is some sort of compression thingy for his dodgy back. One errant volley from Fed, but he holds easily.

13:12Hold tight, here we go. Federer to serve first.

13:08Tweet from @JimmyConnors: They put the main event on 1st at #wimbledon, interesting? Who u like? If Djokovic comes to net like he has been he will be tough 2 beat.

13:04Hope she's OK for tomorrow. Blimey. Onwards... Cheers echoing under the roof as Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer walk onto Centre Court. There's no doubt most of this crowd are here to see Andy Murray later on, but they didn't get a bad appetiser did they?

13:03Tweet from New York Times tennis writer @christophclarey: Agnieszka Radwanska skipping her presser today at #Wimbledon. Respiratory infection, struggling to talk. Unclear what means for final

13:01A message from your friendly stewards: The Queue is now full. I walked past Henman Hill at about 10.30a.m. and it was already filling up - in the pouring rain. Bonkers Britain.

12:58If everyone who lives anywhere with warmth and/or sunshine could pipe down, I think us Brits would be awfully grateful. Getting very close to sense of humour failure over here.

Another email from Brian

12:58Have just found your blog that gave the rain info!! Apologies &thanks for the live web coverage. Oz beach bum enjoying fine days

Email from Brian

12:57I'm isolated on a beach and can't find somewhere on your site that tells us if play has started. Or if play is delayed and when to?? Thanks Oz beach bum

12:54Back again. And I realised I forgot to tell you today's big news and that is: KYLIE MINOGUE IN THE ROYAL BOX. Also in the posh seats: Luke Donald, Sir David Frost, Goran Ivanisevic, Rocket Rod Laver, and Sachin Tendulkar. Nice.

12:46Now then. Fifteen minutes until showtime. Time for a quick five-minute bathroom break and re-fuel. I suggest you do the same. We're in it for the long haul...

12:38Four years ago already... *sighs*. Federer has won all seven of his previous Wimbledon semi-finals, although this is his first since 2009. He and Djokovic are about to meet in a ninth Grand Slam semi-final to extend the record they set at the French Open last month. Djokovic has won five, to Fed's three.

On This Day

12:34The Centre Court roof, as we are about to discover, is undeniably a thing of brilliance, but it does mean we will never again see moments like the one that happened four years ago today. In the fast-fading light, Rafael Nadal completed a 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-7 (8), 9-7 win over Roger Federer. "This is the greatest match I've ever seen," said John McEnroe, and we all nodded in agreement. It ended at 9.16 p.m and Nadal was only just visible in the flashlights going off around as he paraded the famous trophy for the first time.

12:28Maybe not, @craig_moy. If Federer does beat Djokovic today, he'll have a chance to reclaim the world No.1 ranking if he goes on to win the title - and beat Pete Sampras's record for weeks spent at the top.

12:21Tweet from @craig_moy: I'm thinking Federer's got one last @Wimbledon title in him. Hopeless optimism?

12:21Before I sink any deeper into despair, maybe we should turn our attentions to the first semi-final. One INCREDIBLE stat leaps out: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will today break the record for most matches played at Grand Slams with 11. Federer v Nadal and Lendl v McEnroe are next on 10. But this is the first time Djoko and Fed have met at Wimbledon.

12:15Andy Murray is into his fourth Wimbledon semi-final. Only one man in the Open era has lost four Wimbledon semi-finals - and that's Tim Henman.

12:14There are some quite terrifying stats going around, from a British perspective. British men have lost 11 straight semi-finals here since 1938 when Bunny Austin beat Henner Henkel. Two things that tell you just how long ago that is: Henkel died in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942, while Austin died 12 years ago at the grand old age of 94.

12:03The roof is ON at the moment, and with the rain still falling, it could well stay on for the first semi-final between Djokovic and Federer. Not sure who that favours. Probably Djokovic.

11:58It's only fair that I tell you: it's raining. Play was due to begin at 11am on the outside courts, but didn't. The forecast is for the rain to clear at about 2pm, although with a risk of further showers from 4pm.

11:52Tweet from @SharkoTennis: Streaks on line: #RogerFederer never lost in 7 @Wimbledon SFs, @DjokerNole has won last 4 GSlam SFs (6 of last 7)

11:51And so say all of us @m0rven. Coming up from 1pm local time, Roger Federer faces Novak Djokovic before Jo-Wilfried Tsonga attempts to crush the hopes and dreams of a nation when he plays Andy Murray.

11:48Tweet from @m0rven: "If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same..." Here's to an epic SF day.

Good morning

11:45When a semi-final between the world No.1 and No.3, between two players who share 21 Grand Slam titles, is relegated to second billing, fighting for space in the local press, you know you're in a country starved of a home Grand Slam champion for 76 years.

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