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Live Blog : Saturday 7 July 2012

22:51And that's it from Wimbledon 2012. It's been a tournament of great stories... You what? It's not over? Oh right yeah. See you tomorrow. It will be HUGE. I guarantee it. Can't wait already.

Venus/Serena beat Hradecka/Hlavackova 7-5, 6-4

22:47Venus closes it with an ace - and a scream of delight. Nice that Venus closed it out. They now have five singles titles each and five doubles titles here. Nice maths... math.

22:46Venus to serve for the Williams sisters' fifth Wimbledon doubles title...

22:39Venus's chin is on the floor. She can't believe what she just did. She's having the ball belted at her from all angles. She's on the floor to hit one volley back and then gets up again to scramble another one back - she does so, and the ball lands just on the other side of the net, so close it actually brushes the net. Oh. Double fault from Serena and it's deuce. Bit of a battle this game, but they come through to lead 5-3. And it's getting very close to CURFEW.

22:37Venus and Serena up 4-3 with Serena serving. Serena just had a nasty slip, almost ended up doing the splits, but she's absolutely fine. I, on the other hand, would never walk again if that had happened to me.

22:26Hradecka gets a new racket after netting a forehand and giving the Williams a break point. It doesn't do any good, Serena crunching the short ball into the open space. They lead 3-2.

Jonny Marray, Wimbledon men's doubles champion

22:19"I've been saying to Freddy, I don't feel any kind of different or anything. I don't know. It's just like winning another tennis match. I suppose it will take time to sink in. When I see my friends and family and speak to them about it, over the course of a few days, a few weeks, I'm sure it will sink in a bit more."

22:14Hlavackova hammers a return at Venus, who balloons her response over the baseline. Break point - but the return is into the net. Venus holds and it's 1-1 in the second.

22:09Tweet from‏ @jamie_murray: Congratulations to Jackpot Jonny Maz and Freddie Nielsen - Wimbledon Champions!!!! Couldn't happen to nicer guys! Enjoy the magic moment!!

Venus and Serena take the first set

22:05OOH. Venus slips and does the splits as she tries to change direction at net. Panic not. She's fine. Serena with a wicked second serve ace out wide and that's two set points. Ha. Hradecka defending stoutly, sticking her racket out to get back a couple of Venus volleys and eventually Venus goes wide. Serena into the net now. Two set points gone, but here's another one after yet another Serena ace - and this time, the return goes long.

21:59Venus holds and then the Williams strike, Serena sweeping a forehand wide and Hlaveckova unable to handle the pace. Serena to serve for the first set at 6-5.

21:48Hlavackova and Hradecka holding their own here against the mighty Williams sisters. They lead 5-4 with Venus about to serve.

21:45John Hurt there watching this women's doubles final. Which reminds me, wonder if Andy Murray can end 76 years of Hurt tomorrow? Perhaps a look at Murray's route to the final might help you decide.

21:45Tweet from‏ @annekeothavong: Just truly amazing from Jonny Marray and Freddie Nielsen. Brought tears to my eyes. #Wimbledonchampions

21:44It's 2-2. I don't know what else to tell you.

21:36Venus with a love game and it's 1-1.

21:34Tweet from‏ @judmoo: Jonny Maz!!!!!best player on the court. Amazing guy and now..... Wimbledon champion. Wahwahwhawah!!!!! So gooooood xxx

21:33Hradecka bangs a Serena-style ace down the middle and opens the final with an easy hold.

21:31HEY! You're not going anywhere. We've got a women's doubles final coming up. The Williams sisters and Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka are already out on Centre Court warming up.

21:26Tweet from‏ @HeatherWatson92 Jonny Maz!! I am soo happy or you #WimbledonChampion !!!!!!!!!! Can't say that everyday :)

21:25Tweet from‏ @kennethdalglish: Congratulations @jonnymarray and @freddienielsen. You can always rely on a Scouser to deliver on the big stage.

Jonny Marray

21:19"We can't believe it. It's tough to sink in. I don't know what to say."

21:18Freddie Nielsen is the first ever Danish winner of any Grand Slam title. Wimbleweird...

21:15The trophies for the doubles are presented in the Royal Box by the Duke of Kent. Lindstedt and Tecau looking absolutely devastated as they collect their plates. And now a MASSIVE CHEER from the Centre Court crowd as Jonny Marray and Freddie Nielsen walk down the steps to receive their trophies. Incredible story.

21:13Marray and Nielsen are wild cards playing in their first tour level tournament together. Lindstedt and Tecau have just lost their third Wimbledon final in a row - and the Swede is not hanging around to hear the applause for their opponents. He storms off the court very quickly.

Marray/Nielsen beat Tecau/Lindstedt 4-6, 6-4, 7-6, 6-7, 6-3

21:09Nielsen into the net with a difficult volley off a low return. 0-15. Ha. Mis-hit volley from Nielsen now. Perfect. 15-15. Lindstedt nets the return. 30-15. Crowd goes wild for an ace - but it's wide. And now Nielsen volleys straight at Lindstedt and the Swede manages to poke the ball back for a winner. 30-30. Lindstedt clatters the net with a forehand. It's match point. DONE IT! Nielsen coolly puts away the volley and Great Britain has a men's doubles champion for the first time since 1936.

21:06Lindstedt holds to love. It will be Great Britain's Jonny Marray to serve for the title.

21:04Nielsen volleying like a Danish demon out there. Two absolute stunners take them to 30-0 on his serve, and then a big serve makes it 40-0. Reaction volley from Marray - INCREDIBLE - drops on the baseline. How he even got a racket on that I will never know. Marray/Nielsen lead Tecau/Lindstedt 5-2 in the fifth.

20:56Lucky volley from Nielsen, ball thought about dropping his side but dribbled over instead. An apology from the Dane as he and Marray move to a 4-1 lead.

20:53Lindstedt holds to 15 to peg Marray/Nielsen back to 3-1.

20:51Eek. Double fault from Nielsen and he's 0-30 down, but here's an ace. Nice timing. And they go on to hold for a 3-0 lead. Great atmosphere on Centre Court. What better way to spend a Saturday night?

20:46Absolutely ridiculous defending by Marray/Nielsen, ending with the Dane blocking a winner down the line. Marray with a brilliant reaction volley and they have break point. Lindstedt misses an EASY volley wide. Marray/Nielsen lead 2-0 in the fifth.

20:44Nielsen turning to his partner and clenching his fist as Marray bangs an ace down the T. They were TWO POINTS AWAY only moments ago...

20:41Tweet from‏ @clarebalding1: Aargh! 5th set. #gojonny

20:36Massive roar from a still-quite-full Centre Court crowd as they change ends. Marray hammers down a big serve - wow, he's pumped up - and makes it 5-2. Closer and closer. Aieee. Marray just long with a backhand down the line. 5-3. And that quickly becomes 5-4. Marray has two serves to win it - but despite desperately diving for volleys off two brutal returns, he can't make either. Now Tecau to serve at set point. Lindstedt with a great roar of "come on" as the return goes long. Into a fifth we go...

20:32Freddie Nielsen stepping up with a wicked, dipping forehand winner, and now Marray consolidates with a mini-break with a volley to make it 2-0. Wow. Stunning forehand from Lindstedt to finish a tit-for-tat rally. Mini-break gone - but not for long. Yet another dazzling return from Marray and Tecau nets the volley. Marray/Tecau with a 4-2 lead as they switch over.

20:31Squeaky bum time for the British fans as their man serves at 30-30 - but it's a clutch serve out wide, that Lindstedt dumps in the bottom of the net. Tiebreak time. If Marray and Nielsen win this, well...

20:25Lindstedt and Tecau edge into a 6-5 lead, so Marray will have serve to stay in the set.

20:22Danger time for Nielsen as he faces 30-30 on his serve but he's fortunate to see Lindstedt overcook a return, and then Tecau does the same. That's 5-5 in the fourth.

20:19Crowd still urging the Brit-Danes on every point but it fails to put Lindstedt off his stride. An ace takes it 40-15. But now Marray moves across the net and puts away the volley to make it 40-30. That's as far as they get though.

20:13And now 4-4. Nothing between the two pairings at the moment.

20:08Nielsen swings an ace out wide to seal his service game and level the set at 3-3. Centre Court clapping in unison to try and lift the Brit-Dane pairing.

20:03Lindstedt yells "come on" as he swipes a backhand return down the line with Nielsen going the other way. He's yelling again a couple of points later - but in despair as his return crashes into the net. Marray holds to 30 and it's 2-2 in the fourth.

19:58Marray with a sizzling return and then another big forehand to force deuce but Tecau finds a big serve to see off the danger. Lindstedt/Tecau lead 2-1 in the fourth set, on serve.

19:56Tweet from‏ @coldplay: Good luck tomorrow @andy_murray. We'll all be cheering you on.

19:55Linstedt/Tecau up and running in the fourth set - which they must win - by holding in the opening game.

19:46Players are back out under the lid on Centre and we'll be back under way very shortly. The intention is still to play the women's final tonight. Hope Serena didn't have any celebration plans...

19:25The roof is coming on.

19:15Yep, play is suspended. Got to think that one way or another, we'll be finishing under the roof tonight. Still at least one set of this men's doubles final remaining, and then the ladies' doubles final to follow.

19:13Uh-oh. The ground staff are looming by the side of the court... Nielsen and Tecau go off court for bathroom breaks. And Nielsen is now talking to the trainer about something. Definitely raining.

19:08One mini-break gone but Jonny Marray with the balls for his two serves. Unreturnable first serve takes him and Nielsen to 5-3 and now Lindstedt belts one long. Three set points. Great move and volley by Tecau, and now a delicious angled volley from Lindstedt. But now the first set point on Nielsen's serve. Tecau goes long! Jonny Marray and Freddie Nielsen lead by two sets to one.

19:04Dipping return from Marray gives the pair a 2-0 lead and the early minibreak. Boom. Now 3-0. And what a moment here. Jonny Marray puts a volley away but immediately points at the net, telling the umpire he touched if before the ball bounced. Instead of 5-0, it's 4-1 and now 4-2 as they switch sides.

19:00Lindstedt on serve, and a glimmer of hope for the Brit/Dane pairing at 15-30. Ace from Lindstedt. 30-30, and now Nielsen completely messes up the return. Another ace and tiebreak it is.

18:54Marray and Nielsen leading 6-5 on serve against Lindstedt and Tecau in the third set. We might get that tiebreak I promised...

18:53Break point for Lindstedt/Tecau at 4-4, but good serve from Marray and the return is into the net. Relief from a partisan Centre Court crowd.

Girls' singles champion Genie Bouchard on playing on No.1 Court

18:40"When I walked on court, I was surprised at how full it was. Then when they clapped it was much louder than I expected, as well. I was like, 'Oh my God.' This is bigger than I thought. It was really cool."

18:39Still on serve in the third set of the men's doubles final, but the left wrist obviously still troubling Nielsen and he's getting some serious taping done during this changeover.

Serena on her big sister Venus

18:36"She's so strong. I can't imagine what she lives through every day ... I just am so influenced and amazed by her playing and doing so well. It's just amazing."

Serena Williams on what else she still want from life

18:35"Are you kidding? The US Open, the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon 2013, the Championships."

18:33Rod Laver rabbiting away to Maria Bueno as they watch this men's doubles final from the Royal Box. Still on serve early in the third. We could be in for quite a late finish tonight. The women's doubles final, featuring Venus and Serena Williams, follows this match.

Agnieszka Radwanska

18:31"This is the final of a Grand Slam, so you fight until the end and you're not giving up. Even when you're 6 Love, 4 Love, you're still fighting for every point ... So I was just fighting till the end. And I really tried. But in the end, I think she was starting to play much better. She starts to be very focused each point, play some good rallies. But she really did some great shots in the end."

Serena Williams

18:28"There was a moment I just remember I was on the couch and I didn't leave the whole day, for two days. I was just over it. I was praying, like I can't take any more. I've endured enough. Let me be able to get through this ... I had a tube in my stomach and it was draining constantly. Gosh, I mean, right before that I had the blood clot. I had lung problems. You know, then I had two foot surgeries. It was a lot ... You know, coming here and winning today is amazing because, you know, literally last year I was ranked almost 200. It's been an unbelievable journey for me."

18:23Elena Vesnina and Leander Paes are through to the mixed doubles final, beating Bob Bryan Liezel Huber 7-5, 3-6, 6-3. They'll face Lisa Raymond and Mike Bryan tomorrow.

18:22Trainer is out for Freddie Nielsen, who seemed to hurt his wrist in a rally during the last game.

18:16Lindstedt misses an easy bounce overhead... two set points for Marray/Nielsen. Poor lob by Nielsen punished on the first, and Tecau darts across the net to put away the volley on the second. But they've got another chance as Lindstedt nets a volley. Tecau into the net now - and we are level at one set all.

18:11There's a Mexican Wave on Centre Court, I'm sorry to report. Freddie Nielsen seems to be quite enjoying it though. Robert Lindstedt not so much as he bounces the ball and waits to serve at 5-4 down in the second.

18:09Tweet from wimbledon.com reporter @GilbertHels: Serena in press: Her dog's middle name is Pete - after Pete Sampras who was her idol.

18:02Nielsen under pressure again and a winning return from Lindstedt gives his partner a look at a break point. Nielsen puts the volley away though and then an ace helps him and Marray out of trouble.

17:51Robert Lindstedt, the dominant man of the first set, is suddenly in a bit of trouble in the second game of the second set. Marray/Nielsen earn their first break point of the match but can't take advantage.

17:48 Tweet from tennis writer @TennisReporters: Serena's mom Oracene: 'If she hadn't won this match I think we would have had to put her in an institution'

17:47Blimey. Murray will be chuffed to bits with that last tweet. Lindstedt and Tecau serve out the first set 6-4 against Marray and Nielsen.

17:45 Tweet from @KingJames (LeBron James): Good luck @andy_murray at Wimbledon tomorrow. Congrats on getn to the final. Honored by the shout out. Will be rooting for U.

17:38First blood to Sweden and Romania, some brutal returning from Robert Lindstedt in particular and Freddie Nielsen is the first man broken. Tecau/Lindstedt serving with a 4-3 lead.

17:36 Tweet from @serenawilliams: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

17:30Four service games gone on Centre. Four holds. No one has blinked yet. All four players solid on serve so don't be surprised if we get a few tiebreaks here.

17:16Some mixed doubles news for you: No.2 seeds Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond beat Nenad Zimonjic and Katerina Srebotnik 6-3, 6-4 to reach tomorrow's final. They'll face either Bob Bryan and Liezel Huber or Leander Paes and Elena Vesnina. Paes/Vesnina leading by a set to love on No.1 Court.

17:10Nielsen's partner Jonny Marray is the first British man to play in the men's doubles final here since 1960. On the other side of the net, Horia Tecau is bidding to become the first Romanian to win a Grand Slam men's doubles title since Ilie Nastase in 1975. Robert Lindstedt would be the first Swedish Grand Slam men's doubles champion since all the way back in... 2007.

17:08HEY! Where you off to? We've got a potentially historic men's doubles final coming up. Freddie Nielsen is the first Danish man into a singles or doubles final at Wimbledon since 1955, when his grandfather Kurt made the singles final.

16:55Serena and Venus Williams have won 10 of the last 13 Wimbledon singles titles. And they'll be back later to see if they can bag their fifth doubles title. Legends.

16:52Indeed she is. Sensational effort by Radwanska to make that final as competitive as it was. In her interview with Sue Barker, she absolutely refused to blame her respiratory infection for her performance - saying she played her best, and Serena was just better.

Email from Theresa

16:52Brawo Agnieszka! Jesteś prawdziwy zuch:) i.o.w. Bravo Agnes! You're a real trooper:)

16:50Richard Williams the official family photographer as Serena parades the trophy, and Radwanska goes the other way with her runners-up plate. Very appreciative crowd this: as they should be. Serena Williams is now a 14-time Grand Slam champion, a five-time Wimbledon champion, and a true legend of the game.

Serena on whether age 30 is the new 20

16:49"Oh my God, of course. Hello? I've been saying it all week: mentally I'm kind of 12, 13. I've always wanted everything Venus has had so... I had to copy you again, sorry!"

16:47Serena now breaking into tears as she thanks the people that were with her in hospital when she was recovering from a pulmonary embolism 18 months ago.

A choked-up Serena Williams

16:45"Oh my God I can't even describe... I thank Jehovah for letting me get this far. I almost didn't make it , two years ago I was in hospital... It's so worth is and I'm so happy. I never dreamt of being here again. You just never give up."

A choked-up Aga Radwanska

16:43"I'm still shaking so much, so I think I have the best two weeks of my life you know? Of course she played too good today. I already have great memories from 2005 when I won junior Wimbledon. I think it was not my day today but I will just try next year and we'll see. Thank you very much for the support. Thank you so much."

16:41Agnieszka Radwanska gets a huge cheer from the crowd - including an appreciative Venus Williams - as she goes to collect her runners-up plate. No trace of a smile there. Here comes the champion, Serena Williams, and Venus looks to be wiping away tears now... Three leaps in the air from the champ as she lifts the Venus Rosewater Dish.

16:39Meanwhile, Radwanska sits on her chair and blows her nose. Serena takes the safe route down the stairs and back to court where she puts on her cropped jacket. Venus still has her hands over her mouth. She and Serena now have 10 Wimbledon titles between them. Not bad huh?

16:37Serena falls flat on her back and covers her face. She's quickly back on her feet and shaking hands with Radwanska. Now she's up into the crowd and following the Pat Cash route up to the players' box. Hugs all round for mum, dad, sisters, other family members, anyone within reach. Emotional. Very emotional.

Williams beats Radwanska 6-1 5-7 6-2

16:33Radwanska wide with the return. 15-0. Gah! Smash into the net. The nerves, the nerves. 15-15. Ace out wide. 30-15. Service winner. Two match points. Backhand winner - SERENA WILLIAMS IS THE WIMBLEDON CHAMPION FOR A FIFTH TIME!

Williams *6-1 5-7 5-2 Radwanska

16:28Radwanska wide with a volley she probably should have landed and then into the net with a forehand. Given the nerves of the last set, pretty sure Williams would welcome two chances to serve it out. Brutal backhand return from Williams and she has three break points. Forehand into the net and Williams is fuming about that, and now a hooked return goes out. One left. Argh! Radwanska shot clatters the top of the net and drops over, Williams pushes the ball long. Deuce, but Radwanska into the net again. Can't. Bear. This. Tension. LOVELY drop shot from Williams, Radwanska rooted to the spot, and the American walks to the net with two clenched fists in the air. She will serve for her fifth Wimbledon title...

Williams 6-1 5-7 4-2* Radwanska

16:25Williams determined not to let this advantage slip. Another ace - her 16th - takes her to 40-0, and though she can't quite close the love game, Radwanska nets the return to leave Williams two games from the title. Although she has been here before of course...

Williams *6-1 5-7 3-2 Radwanska

16:19Stunning wrongfooting backhand by Williams and she's at 15-30. Can she pounce? No. Great defence from Radwanska but tentative again from Williams and she ends up pushing the ball long. But break point now despite some more staunch defending by the Pole. Williams pounces on a weak second serve and Radwanska can't defend that return. Given what happened in the second set, this isn't over by any means.

Williams 6-1 5-7 2-2* Radwanska

16:18Ace-Ace-Ace... Can she get the full house? YES SHE CAN. Four aces. Wow. 49 seconds.

Williams *6-1 5-7 1-2 Radwanska

16:12Brilliant rally, Radwanska defending like her life depends on it and making Williams hit not one, but about five shots more. Radwanska now pushing a simple forehand wide and she's 15-30 down. Double fault now and Williams suddenly has two break points. Big first serve, perfectly placed off forehand. One to go. Boom. Backhand winner down the line and a fist pump from the Pole. Back to deuce, and Radwanska squeaks through.

Williams 6-1 5-7 1-1* Radwanska

16:08To think I was looking up shortest ever finals... Williams with a welcome comfortable service game, hitting the baseline a couple of times to give her confidence a boost.

Williams *6-1 5-7 0-1 Radwanska

16:03Williams gets to 30-30 but then ruins the effort by listlessly netting a return. Ah. Double fault now from Radwanska and we're back to deuce. Backhand wide from Radwanska and she faces break point but her serve gets her out of trouble. Williams so inconsistent right now. She has hit 42 winners, to 32 unforced errors. Radwanska's figures are 11-10.

16:00A reminder: Serena Williams led by a set and 5-2 in the tiebreak against Virginie Razzano in the first round of the French Open last month, and lost in three sets.

Williams 6-1 5-7 0-0* Radwanska

15:57Poor start as Williams nets a volley and then double-faults - seems so, so nervous. She goes two set points down when she overhits a backhand. Radwanska only needs one, Serena slaps a terrible backhand into the net. This is a quite incredible turnaround...

Williams *6-1 5-6 Radwanska

15:55Roars of approval from the Centre Court crowd - who are desperate for a third set - as Radwanska holds to love. Pressure right back on Williams.

Williams 6-1 5-5* Radwanska

15:50New balls for Williams to serve to stay in the set. Boom. Backhand winner from Radwanska down the line, Williams nowhere near that one, and that's 15-15. Williams definitely nervous, but she recovers with a backhand on the front foot. "Get forward," she seems to be telling herself. Great scream of determination as she moves forward to put away a volley. Brilliant backhand down the line to take the game.

Williams *6-1 4-5 Radwanska

15:46Radwanska quickly 0-30 down but she responds with a confident forehand winner and a first serve that Williams is unable to handle. Williams should have this point - but she nets an easy, easy forehand. Quite a turnaround.

Williams 6-1 4-4* Radwanska

15:37Williams with ace No.9 to begin but then a poor backhand error. Now, Radwanska with a short ball to put away for a 15-30 lead - nooooooooo. Weird slice over the baseline. What was that? Oooh, double fault...immediately followed by a massive serve down the middle. Serena trying a running forehand pass but it's just wide. Deuce. Can Radwanska finally get to break point? ACE! Radwanska challenges - but even I can see that was in. Wait, back to deuce again as Radwanska wins an epic baseline rally with a stunning backhand down the line, Serena nowhere near. BREAK POINT and it's Aga's first of the match. Controversy here as Williams' serve is called out. She challenges and the ball is way in - Aga can hardly believe it, but she WINS THE REPLAYED POINT. GAME ON!

Williams *6-1 4-3 Radwanska

15:34Radwanska definitely playing better now and a tactically perfect rally, ending with a delicious drop volley, puts her 30-15 up. Hold to 14. She's hanging on in there.

Williams 6-1 4-2* Radwanska

15:29Radwanska suddenly with another chance as Williams goes into the net with a lazy backhand. It's 0-30 and Williams can't buy a first serve here. Wowee. Radwanska moonballs mid-rally and Williams puts the winner short and angled. Sounded like it came off the frame but no matter. Williams puts away a volley and delivers an eighth ace to come through. Still no break points for Radwanska.

Williams *6-1 3-2 Radwanska

15:25Williams seems to be apologising for challenging a Radwanska shot that was in. Huh. Brave, swinging second serve out wide - needs plenty more of those - to take the Pole to 40-15 and Williams obligingly thwacks a return into the net.

Williams 6-1 3-1* Radwanska

15:21Radwanska finding a devillish angle on a cross-court winner, one of her best shots of the day. Two big serves from Williams soon wipes out that advantage, but the American is a bit tentative on an approach, and Aga goes up the line with the pass. 30-30. Glimmer... glimmer gone as Radwanska nets. Unusual error from the Pole, and Williams survives.

Williams *6-1 2-1 Radwanska

15:18Any time Radwanska misses the first serve, she's in proper trouble. Williams batters two return winners to get to 0-40 and three break points. Radwanska manages to get the first serve in, but Williams is still onto it in a flash with a deep return and Aga dumps the response in the net.

Williams 6-1 1-1* Radwanska

15:15Serena sends down her 90th ace of the Wimbledon tournament - breaking her own record from 2010 - to move to 40-0 but then follows it with a double-fault. It's the only point she drops.

Williams *6-1 0-1 Radwanska

15:13Oops. Williams punches a return onto Radwanska's toes but then balloons a short ball over the baseline. John McEnroe calling it a "mixed message". At 30-0, Williams has a short second serve to look at but again goes miles over the baseline. Radwanska double-faults to ruin the love service game but another overcooked return gives the Pole the game.

Email from Cec

15:08It's 2 am in New Zealand....but lots of us watching. Hope Aggie gets going after the rain...

15:05No time for the roof. It has stopped raining, so we will carry on in the good old open air. Players are returning now.

15:01That men's doubles final will follow the women's final. Jonny Marray seems to be a universally popular fella. He and Freddie Nielsen very much the underdogs against the Romania/Sweden pairing of Horia Tecau and Robert Lindstedt. But they have been pretty much underdogs since the first round. It's their first Grand Slam tournament together.

14:59 Tweet from @laurarobson5: I'm really excited for the mens doubles final. #GoJonnyMarray!

14:53If you're worried about this being the shortest women's final in history, don't. Chambers beat Boothby 6-0, 6-0 in 24 minutes in 1911. Lenglen beat Mallory 6-2, 6-0 in 23 minutes in 1922. That first set between Williams and Radwanska took 36 minutes.

14:49Indeed, Genie Bouchard is the new Wimbledon junior champion, beating Elina Svitolina of Ukraine 6-2, 6-2... HERE COME THE GROUNDSTAFF! Centre Court is covered. Play is suspended.

14:49Tweet from @Tennis_Canada: SHE DID IT!!! @geniebouchard: Canada's first ever Grand Slam singles champion!! #GoGenie #Wimbledon #CdnTennis

Williams 6-1 0-0* Radwanska

14:47As the rain begins to fall, Radwanska draws an error to move to 30-30. An ace takes Williams to set point. Ground staff hovering. Big serve out wide to take the set. Will we carry on?

Williams *5-1 Radwanska

14:41Radwanska plays one of her best points so far, using her variety to keep Williams off balance, but she still loses the point. She goes long to give Williams two set points. Good serve down the middle and Williams' errant return is given a huge cheer by the crowd. And another first serve saves the second. An ace! But now Williams is onto a second serve and putting away the easy smash. Radwanska wastes another game point but a second ace finally gets her on the board. Great roar from the crowd... But Williams to serve for it.

Williams 5-0* Radwanska

14:36Too easy. Williams steps up to the baseline and pounds another backhand winner. Williams misses a first serve but the second one kicks up so high, Radwanska can only dump the return into the net. That's 40-15 and an ace finishes it off.

Williams *4-0 Radwanska

14:31Williams slipping and sliding as she scrambles after a drop shot. Some gasps of horror around Centre but she's OK. Game point for Radwanska, but yeesh, a double fault. She can't handle the pace off the next return and Williams has break point again. Woeful second serve and Williams gives it the treatment, swiping the return down the line for the double break.

Williams 3-0* Radwanska

14:25Not sure if Radwanska is a big fan of Journey or not... Williams to 40-15 when Radwanska goes narrowly wide. Serve called out - and a rare challenge from Williams. Neither sister tends to use HawkEye much, and here's why: it was well long. Two Williams forehands clatter the net. Back to deuce we go. Williams out of trouble with a dinky drop shot.

Email from Tom

14:25TO. AGNIESZSKA You,ve' JOURNEY'ed to your first Grand Slam final...so..."DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'" !!!!!

Williams *2-0 Radwanska

14:15Bit of an epic. Williams has two break points but plays a bit cagily. Maybe a few nerves on the occasion of her 18th Grand Slam final? She should earn a third but despite chasing down a loopy drop shot and hammering it back, Radwanska gets a racket on it and Williams chases back and her response almost hits the umpire. Here is a third break point though and this time Williams draws the error.

Williams 1-0* Radwanska

14:13Radwanska gets a few returns back - which is encouraging - but Williams gets off the mark with an ace to close the game.

14:12Here we go then...

14:11Watching from the Royal Box: Tracy Austin, Martina Navratilova, Maria Bueno, Martina Hingis, Ann Jones, Iva Majoli, Jana Novotna, Virginia Wade...

14:08Radwanska cancelled her press conference yesterday because of an upper respiratory infection that was affecting her voice. Hopefully it doesn't affect her game. These two have played twice before, with Williams winning both in 2008 including an encounter at Wimbledon.

14:06Serena Williams wins the toss and will receive... kidding, she'll serve of course. Serena has served 85 aces in six matches. She has the joint quickest serve at 120mph. She is winning 80% of points behind her first serve. In summary: she good at serving.

14:02The coin toss is carried out by 13-year-old Archie Barker, representing the children's medical research charity Sparks. Lovely job he does too before having his photo taken with the two finalists.

14:00Eugenie Bouchard is 5-2 up in the girls' singles as attention switches to Centre Court where Serena Williams and Aga Radwanska are waiting to make their entrance. They've just been given their bouquets of flowers and here they come now...

13:50Getting a few queries about queuing for a spot on Henman Hill tomorrow. As far as we are aware, the queue is not full, but tents have been pitching since yesterday, so you are advised to get here soon.

13:49With white cloud overhead - which is about as good as it gets around these parts - the Centre Court roof is.... drum roll please... OFF.

13:45As for Aga Radwanska. She is trying to become Poland's first ever Grand Slam singles champion. Jadwiga Jedrzejowska was the last to reach a final, and that was way back in 1939. She is also bidding to be the fifth player to complete the junior-senior double at Wimbledon after winning the girls' title in 2005.

13:38What more is there to learn about Serena Williams? How about that one in five of her serves that have landed in during this tournament have been aces? How about that she hasn't won a Grand Slam title since she won for the fourth time here in 2010? And how about that she's bidding to become the first 30-something major winner since Martina Navratilova in 1990?

13:32There is all manner of stuff for to soak up on wimbledon.com right now. You could enjoy the weirdness of Andy Murray's post-match press conference yesterday. Or you could learn a bit more about our ladies finalists Serena Williams and Aga Radwanska.

13:29And her opponent is Eugenie Bouchard of Canada, who is the No.2-ranked junior behind American Taylor Townsend. She is 18 years old and hails from Montreal. Her hobbies are shopping, reading and swimming. Standard.

13:22Good news! The courts are being "dressed" - Wimble-word for prepared - and the girls' singles final should be under way shortly. Ukraine's Elina Svitolina is 17 years old and she won the French Open juniors two years ago. She tried her hand on the seniors last year, but decided to give junior Wimbledon a go this year. Her ambition is to "win all the Grand Slams".

Email from Michal

13:19(Re 1236 entry) The mysterious R. Wilson - according to english version of wikipedia - was Robert Keith ("Bobby") Wilson. And Polish fans cheering Aga :)

13:14If you have any memories of 1985, tennis or otherwise, please feel free to email socialmedia@aeltc.com or tweet me @carolinecheese or give @wimbledon a shout.

On This Day

13:05In 1985, a 17-year-old German with a bowl haircut served and dive-volleyed his way to the Wimbledon title in one of the biggest shocks in tennis history. Boris Becker is still comfortably the youngest men’s champion in history. Eleven million Germans watched on TV as Becker double-faulted on his first match point before clinching a 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4 win over Kevin Curren of South Africa. “The victory was my personal lunar landing,” Becker has said. “On the one hand it appears like yesterday. On the other hand it seems like 100 years ago.”

12:56The girls' singles final might be due to start at 1pm, but it's raining, and since that match is on No.1 Court, we wait. I vote for an On This Day to pass the time...

12:48Serena Williams will go for the singles-doubles double today. After playing the singles' final, she'll be back on Centre Court with her sister Venus in the dubs final against Czech pair Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka. In the girls' singles, which is due to start at 1pm, Ukraine's Elina Svitolina faces Canada's Eugenie Bouchard.

12:36Also to be decided today: the men's doubles, the ladies' doubles, and the girls' singles titles. Jonny Marray will no doubt be fuming with Andy Murray for raining on his parade. Marray is the first British man to be in the men's doubles final here since 1960 when Mike Davies and the mysterious R. Wilson were runners-up. You know it's a long time ago when the first name is not recorded.

12:33The Ladies' Singles Final is due off at 2pm. To roof or not to roof? That is the question I don't know the answer to. I walked in this morning in bright sunshine. Just now, the heavens opened and play on the outside courts was abruptly suspended. And now it has stopped again...

Good Afternoon

12:30There is a sense of the calm before the storm about today - and I'm not just talking about the atrocious weather forecast. Britain is on the edge of its collective seat as it awaits Andy Murray's bid to become the first home winner of the men's title since 1936. First, though, Serena Williams faces Agnieszka Radwanska in an intriguing clash of styles on Centre Court. And if you consider this some sort of appetiser, try telling Serena. Go on, I dare you.

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