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Live Blog : Sunday 8 July 2012

by Caroline Cheese

21:07And there we must leave it. Thanks Wimbledon 2012, you were wet and weird (Lukas Rosol??) but mainly wonderful. Enjoy the break. In less than three weeks, we'll do it all again Olympic-stylee. SEE YOU!

21:04Lisa Raymond sticks the volley away to bring up three match points and they only need one. The American pair Elena Vesnina and Leander Paes 6-3, 5-7, 6-4 to win the mixed doubles title.

20:58Mike Bryan - as he did in the second set - is serving for the mixed doubles title.

20:55Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond have the break, leading 4-3 and two games away against Elena Vesnina and Leander Paes.

20:48The rain is Torrential. Yes, with a capital T. All dry and cosy under the roof though where Paes/Vesnina are 3-2 up on serve against Bryan/Raymond.

20:42Well said, Pat.

Email from Pat, Sarasota Florida

20:40You say 30s old. Well we play tennis with people in their 80s, the oldest is 86 years old and still can beat people younger than him. So 30, thats not old at all.

Email from Dheeraj

20:28I am a huge Roger fan.He is the greatest of all times..there will only be a 1 Roger Federer.He surely is king of kings...

20:15Lindsay Davenport and Martina Hingis have taken Ladies' Invitational Doubles glory. Meanwhile, Paes and Vesnina have a set point... And Paes puts away the volley to take us into a decider. Hurray! Wimbledon 2012 is carrying on...

20:14Mike Bryan is broken. It's 5-5 in the second set. Let's tie up some more loose ends: Genie Bouchard and Taylor Townsend are the girls' doubles champion, with Australia's Andrew Harris and Nick Kyrgios taking the boys' doubles.

20:11Mike Bryan is serving for the mixed doubles title. While I'm here, Filip Peliwo is the boys' singles champion, upsetting No. 1 seed and defending champ Luke Saville of Australia in straight sets. He and Genie Bouchard in the girls' singles make it a Canadian double in the juniors.

20:04Tweet from @JimmyConnors: Happy to c Fed back in the mix winning a grand slam. Nice 2 see that 30 is not old & with a little extra work, can still do it. #Wimbledon

20:02Right. Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond are a set and 5-3 up against Leander Paes and Elena Vesnina - who has lost five Grand Slam finals all in.

Roger Federer on Andy Murray

19:39"I've been there as well. He's done so well to be quite honest. I see what he goes through on a daily basis. He's giving himself so many looks at big titles, and I really do believe that he will win Grand Slams - not just one. I do really wish him the best - that's genuine. Today I'm sure he got another step closer."

19:36Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond clinch the first set against Elena Vesnina and Leander Paes. Which means we could be only one set from the end of Wimbledon 2012. NOOOOOOO!

19:30Tweet from ‏@milosraonic: Congrats to Roger Federer. He has a bigger collection of Wimbledon trophies than most players have towels

19:23Tweet from ‏@AndrewBloch: In 2003 a man predicted Federer would win 7 Wimbledon titles. He died in 2009 and left the bet to charity. Today Oxfam receives £100k payout

19:22Great screams of delight as Roger Federer appears on the bridge between Centre Court and the players' area to pose for fans. Like I said before, Wimbledon loves Andy Murray but they worship Roger Federer.

Email from Marcene in Bellingham, Washington

19:21To all the nay-sayers, doubters, and pundits who didn't think you would do it - I KNEW YOU WOULD!!! Love you, Roger!! From a long time and very devoted Federer fan

Email from Stella

19:16Federer may have won again but Murray won much more - the respect, admiration and loyalty of the British Public and the world. His day will come.

19:14Shall we all take a week off to relax mentally and rest our aching bodies? Not yet though. We've got the mixed doubles final to worry about. Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond leading 3-2 on serve against Leander Paes and Elena Vesnina.

18:57Murray says he will take a week off to relax mentally and rest his aching body before he returns to get ready for the Olympics.

Andy Murray on the fans

18:54"A lot of the stuff that is said over this period about there being so much pressure... it makes such a difference when you're on the court, when you have the support behind you, all these people wishing you well, wanting you to win. They're not the ones that make it hard, they make it much easier. So thanks for the dedication, sorry I couldn't do it for them."

18:53Tweet from ‏@SeppBlatter: Watching Murray's interview on TV shows sport at its most raw. Hugely brave. His time will come.

Andy Murray

18:46"I played better this time in the final. It's not an easy tournament for British players in many ways but I think I dealt with all the extra things away from the court pretty well - better than maybe in the past. It was my first time in a Wimbledon final after losing in three semi-finals. I'm still improving, still playing better tennis, trying to improve, it's all I can do."

18:42Tweet from ‏@justingimelstob: Wow, congrats 2 Federer, but @andy_murray just won over UK and most of the world. Total class, charm, and grace He will win Slams.

Andy Murray

18:41"Today is pretty hard, playing in front of a crowd like that, you whole family's come to watch. It's tough."

18:37Andy Murray is coming straight into press. Which isn't unusual for him after a loss - but I hope he's dried his eyes. I know I haven't.

18:36The BBC's montage is set to Let It Be by The Beatles. Let the tears flow...

18:33Roger Federer will wake up tomorrow as Wimbledon champion and world No.1, matching Pete Sampras' record of 286 weeks in the top spot. Then he'll break the record the week after because no one is playing next week. That's how Federer rolls...

18:29Well, not sure I've ever heard a more emotionally draining loser's speech. Andy Murray winning some more hearts there with his reaction to a heartbreaking fourth Grand Slam final defeat. But he's leaving this great arena now, and Roger Federer has centre stage to parade the trophy for a seventh time.

Roger Federer

18:27"As we know, world No.1, you don't get that gifted. I never stopped believing, I just started playing more. I got great momentum, great confidence and it all came together. It's a dream come true, it's the best (having his twin daughters here)."

Roger Federer

18:25"I think I played some of my bes tennis last couple of matches. It's worked out so many times here at Wimbledon that I play my best tennis in the semis and finals. The trophy feels nice - like it's never left me. I've gone through some struggles and this one obviously comes at the right time."

Andy Murray

18:23"Thank you to everyone who supported me, you did a great job. And last of all to you guys... (breaks down again)... Everybody always talks about the pressure of playing at Wimbledon, how tough it is, it's the people who are watching make it so much easier to play. The support's been incredible, thank you."

Tearful Andy Murray

18:20"I'm getting closer (to tears)... I'm going to try this and it's not going to be easy... (breaks down)... Firstly I'd like to congratulate Roger... I was asked the other day after I won the semis, is this your best chance? Roger's 30 now, he's not bad for a 30-year-old. He played a great tournament, he showed what fight he still has left in him."

18:19Huge ovation for Murray, who looks completely devastated. No tears, just an empty look about him. The cheers go on even after he steps aside to let Federer come forward.

18:17Presentation time. It always happens so quickly. Wait for the roar for the two players...

18:15Federer falls rather awkwardly on the turf as he sees Murray's final forehand fly wide. Tears from the now seven-time Wimbledon champion, and a warm handshake at the net with Murray. Murray sits and calmly puts his racket away. A fourth Grand Slam final loss for the British No,1.

Federer beats Murray 4-6 7-5 6-3 6-4 to win Wimbledon title

18:12More chants of "ANDY" as he wins the first point, but he can't take the second, lobbed return dropping long. 15-15 quickly becomes 30-15 as Murray misses the return. Ace and Federer has two championship points. Huge backhand from Muzz and Federer nets... There's that chant again... BUT FEDERER'S DONE IT! Murray goes wide with a forehand. FEDERER IS THE CHAMPION!

18:11Sensational stuff from the Centre Court crowd as they spend the changeover chanting "Andy". Will it work? We're about to find out.

Federer *4-6 7-5 6-3 5-4 Murray

18:04Murray loses the first point but steels himself to win the next three - courtesy of some solid serving. But at 40-15, Federer crunches the return and then powers a forehand winner. Deuce. Two points away. First serve missing for Murray, but Fed balloons the forehand long. Now Murray netting a forehand... Listen to this, the crowd clapping in unison to urge on their man and a HUGE roar as Murray spanks a 16th ace. Federer wide with a backhand, but he will now serve for a seventh Wimbledon title and 17th Grand Slam crown.

Federer 4-6 7-5 6-3 5-3* Murray

18:01Still cheering on Henman Hill and it seems to have stopped raining on them which is a nice touch. Murray bouncing around on his feet as he walks out to return serve. Booming forehand winner from Muzz gets the crowd going and now Federer goes long to make it 30-30. Murray can't find the return off the second serve though and Fed is now a game away...

Federer *4-6 7-5 6-3 4-3 Murray

17:57Murray bunting a smash into the open court - don't know what that came off. No matter. Murray holds to 30 when Federer swishes and misses at a second serve.

Federer 4-6 7-5 6-3 4-2* Murray

17:54The crowd can do nothing but gasp and applaud as Federer cuts at a volley and makes it die on the turf. But Murray has 15-30 here... Chance at a pass and the crowd catch the cheer in their throats as they see the linesman's arm come out. Just long. 30-30. Fed takes the game with an elaborate drive volley.

Federer *4-6 7-5 6-3 3-2 Murray

17:48Murray berating himself more and more often now. He goes wide to fall to 15-30, anxious murmerings from the crowd and now they're willing him to find something as another error gives Federer two break points. Brutal rally and if Murray gets off the canvas after that, well... he deserves two Wimbledon titles. Murray into the net behind a decent approach but Fed pulls off a miraculous backhand pass. The incomparable Federer is edging closer to Wimbledon title No.7.

Federer 4-6 7-5 6-3 2-2* Murray

17:46He's having a laugh now. Federer steps forward and shapes to hit a drop shot and somehow chips the ball deep into the corner. Murray flummoxed. Federer holds to love.

Federer *4-6 7-5 6-3 1-2 Murray

17:42Murray begins with a double fault, a tired second serve landing in the net. More danger as he faces 15-30. Responds with an ace. Murray definitely looking like he's struggling more physically than Federer.

Federer 4-6 7-5 6-3 1-1* Murray

17:37Murray crunches the return and gets the short ball as reward. 0-15. But Federer with a perfect point at net to level the score. Huh. Federer wide with the forehand. 15-30. Trademark forehand, going behind Murray, who challenges but in vain. 30-30, but Murray really upping the pace on his groundstrokes and forces Federer long. Break point. Flinging himself at a forehand pass down the line... CROWD ROARS! It's wide though. Federer holds.

Federer *4-6 7-5 6-3 0-1 Murray

17:32Federer off to the toilet during that changeover and then he jogs back on, just to show how fresh he is. He is playing sublime tennis right now. And as Game Six of that last set showed, he is mentally rock solid. Murray needs to start by upping his first-serve percentage which was down to 50 in that last set. Muzz holds to 30.

Federer 4-6 7-5 6-3 0-0* Murray

17:27Wonky backhand from Federer gives Murray a chink of light at 30-all. But Federer is really starting to get the better of these longer rallies now, Murray going wide with a forehand. Federer takes the set with an ace.

Federer *4-6 7-5 5-3 Murray

17:24Murray out to 40-0. Can he close it out this time? No. Up for a short forehand but into the net, and now Federer creams a forehand return for a clean winner. Ace No.10 does the trick. Federer to serve for a 2 sets to 1 lead.

Federer 4-6 7-5 5-2* Murray

17:20Unbelievable game. Truly an epic. And hard not to think it might be the turning point. Murray looking dead on his feet in between points, but not during them. He berates himself as a forehand slaps the net to give Federer 40-30 and Muzz goes long.

Federer *4-6 7-5 4-2 Murray

17:15Part 2 of this game: Murray saves a fifth break point and it's a ninth deuce. Sizzling forehand pass gets him to game point... This time? No. Forced long with a forehand. UNBELIEVABLE. Murray airborne for a high volley and Fed lobs it back RIGHT ONTO THE BASELINE. Break point and this time he's GOT IT. Murray slipping and sliding all over the place as he scrambles around the baseline on the defensive. He threatens to smash the racket, but just holds back.

Federer 4-6 7-5 3-2* Murray

16:59EPIC! Murray into a 40-0 lead, but pegged back to 40-30. Into the rally, and he's scampering into the net to retrieve a drop shot- ARGH! - horrible slip and he comes down very hard. He gets back to his feet slowly and unsteadily. Deuce. What a response. Service winner. But now a mis-timed forehand. Wonderful lob from Federer, Murray gets it back, but now he's running to his right and diving desperately to the turf to return the forehand from Fed. He can't. Break point. Murray saves it with a big serve and forehand. Federer with a forehand winner to bring up break point again. Huge serve out wide and the crowd responds. Murray chooses now to play his worst backhand of the day - into the net. Break point No.3. Ace! Wait, challenge from Fed. It was wide, but Murray wins the point behind his second serve instead. Murray spanking a forehand crosscourt, but Federer picking it up on the half-volley. He gets a 4th break point but missed again. Eight deuces already.

Federer 4-6 7-5 3-2* Murray

16:56Pretty emphatic from Rog there as Murray goes wide with a backhand to finish off a love game. Federer pretty comfortable indoors, but Murray has had some success under the lid too. Hard to say who it favours, in summary.

Federer *4-6 7-5 2-2 Murray

16:54It's absolutely chucking it down outside, you can hear it thundering onto the roof. Murray serves out to 15 to level up the set. Both players feeling their way a little bit in the new conditions.

Federer 4-6 7-5 2-1* Murray

16:52Federer resumes with a 40-0 lead and quickly puts away the forehand to hold. Federer walks straight to the other side. Murray fancies a sitdown.

16:50While we're all cosy under the roof or on our sofas, spare a thought for the Henman Hill dwellers: they'll be absolutely soaked to the skin as the rain continues to come down. Danger of trench foot setting in...

16:45We've just heard five-time Olympic rowing champion Sir Steve Redgrave's thoughts on playing under the roof. He says it's quite different. So there we go.

16:44Here they come. Smattering of applause from those people on Centre who aren't in the queue for the bar or for the toilet.

16:40Boris Becker: always first with the news. They're having to sweep the water away from the sides of the courts. Torrential downpour there. But we have ballkids, umpire, and linesmen on court. And net. Just need some players...

16:36Tweet from @Becker_Boris: Raining @Wimbledon,Roof is back on...

16:35Tweet from @GaryLineker: Come on Andy Murray, not even Fred Perry won Wimbledon with the roof on.

16:32Covers are off the Royal Box and seat cushions are being checked for any dampness, and now the court cover is being deflated.

16:29I'd imagine Ivan Lendl is just checking what time Murray wants to practice tomorrow... We should be back up and running in about 20 minutes on Centre Court once the air is regulated and all that technical stuff.

16:24Tweet from @TennisPublisher: To be a fly on the wall right now hearing what Ivan Lendl is saying to Andy Murray in the locker room....

16:22And just as I type that: they announce the roof is coming on.

16:20I know there is some confusion out there over the Centre Court roof policy. I think it's worth bearing in mind that Wimbledon organisers want this to remain an outdoor tournament if at all possible - the roof is for emergency purposes only. So they won't put the roof on on the offchance that it might rain...

16:17Tweet from American tennis writer @dougrobson: I think the break helps Murray. If play resumes indoors, I think that favors Federer. So maybe it's even. ‪#wimbledon‬

Play is suspended

16:13Now we wait to find out if this is a passing shower, or if it's set in. If it's the latter, the roof may well be coming on...

Federer *4-6 7-5 1-1 Murray

16:11Federer into a 40-0 lead and the rain is coming down now... That's it... THEY'RE OFF! Covers are coming on.

Federer *4-6 7-5 1-1 Murray

16:07Ivan Lendl still leaning, stony-faced on the edge of the box, as he has been since this match began, since this tournament began in fact. These are desperate times for Murray and Britain and Fred Perry and all that... It's 15-30 and he responds with a booming forehand. Phew. UMBRELLAS ARE GOING UP, the court coverers are looming. It's dark as night out there. Murray holds to 30.

Federer 4-6 7-5 1-0* Murray

16:05There is a stunned silence inside Centre Court. So impressive how Federer just sensed the chance and seized it. Federer holds to 15. It's quite gloomy out there.

Federer *4-6 7-5 0-0 Murray

15:57128mph ace to start the game and then a backhand smash winner off the top of his racket. Don't want to start talking destiny but blimey, he's had some luck so far. Nervy times now, and the crowd knows it. Murray goes long on a routine forehand and it's 30-30. Desperate urgings from inside Centre Court as he prepares to serve. AMAZING rally. Fed with a stunning drop volley and Murray narrowly long with the lob reply. Set point for Federer - and he takes it after another agonisingly tense rally, another perfect drop volley doing the trick. That's why he's a 16-time Grand Slam champion.

Federer 4-6 6-5* Murray

15:53Oh dear. Federer with his second double fault of the match and it gives Murray a little opening at 30-30. Big serve takes Fed to game point but then Murray gets the luckiest net cord you'll ever see. He barely gets a racket on the return but it clips the net and dribbles over. That's not going to help Fed's mood - but he steadies himself to win the next two points. Great dirty black cloud looming over Centre Court by the way... That's the last thing we need.

Federer *4-6 5-5 Murray

15:49Momentarily distracted there as we tried to spy David Beckham in the Royal Box. I have in my sights now though, don't worry. Murray to 40-0 with an ace and now a gorgeous drop volley gives him the love game. How will Federer respond?

Federer 4-6 5-4* Murray

15:46Federer dancing forward and looking to put away one of those trademark sweeping forehands, but that's long, and now he misses a backhand. What on earth? Murray with break point. Gah! Too much on the backhand, but here's a second... Federer pummelling the smash. The six-times champion clings onto his serve. How crucial could that be?

Federer *4-6 4-4 Murray

15:39Respectful crowd applauding Federer's errors but not yet cheering them. There was a gasp of horror there as the Swiss crashed the net with a simple backhand. Murray ruins a love game with a forehand long, but takes it to 15 with a beefy serve. Serve suddenly dominating. Pressure on Federer now though...

Federer 4-6 4-3* Murray

15:36Touche! Federer places a volley right onto the baseline to move to 40-0 and then destroys a smash to match Murray with a love game of his own.

Federer *4-6 3-3 Murray

15:34Very good, Jesse. Gold star for you, gold star for Murray. Ace No.5 takes the Brit to 40-0 and an unreturnable serve out wide gives him a love game. Perfect.

Email from Jesse

15:32Not Henman Hill, not Murray Mount, but THE ANDYS!

Federer 4-6 3-2* Murray

15:27Federer trying a sliced mid-court ball to try to confuse Murray. Not a great tactic: Murray whips the forehand down the line and gets to 15-30. Another booming forehand from Muzz sets up the volley winner and that's two break points. Huge moments. Murray has a chance at a forehand pass but Fed's there and then puts away the smash, before a service winner. "Come on," Fed yells. Murray makes him play not one, not two, but three smashes to win the next point. Muzz putting every ounce of energy into this, but Fed comes through.

Federer *4-6 2-2 Murray

15:24Serve-volley from Murray. That'll keep the old-timers happy. It gets him to 40-15 and Federer nets a backhand to close the game.

15:23Tweet from @PaulFMcNamee: Murray superiority on backhand is kicking in, and doing a good job staying away from Fed forehand...big hold for 1 all

Federer 4-6 2-1* Murray

15:20Murray a little unlucky to see his forehand clatter the top of the net and land wide. Gives Fed a 40-15 lead and he holds to 30. Eighteen unforced errors for Federer now, SIX for Murray. Fed leads 15-12 on winners.

Federer *4-6 1-1 Murray

15:11Mmmm. Ominous. Fed begins the game by rifling a backhand at Murray's toes, and now the Brit slaps his forehead as he misses with a backhand. 0-30 but he wipes out the advantage quickly. But not for long. It's break point. Missed first serve, but Federer goes wide with a backhand pass. Three deuces in the game but crucially, Murray clings on. And the Centre Court crowd breathes again...

Federer 4-6 1-0* Murray

15:10Sure no-one needs reminding that that was Murray's first ever set in a Grand Slam final, after three straight-sets defeats. The hard work starts now though. Federer opens the second set with a love service game.

15:10 Tweet from American tennis writer ‏@jon_wertheim: Murray wins set in a GS final for the first time. Two more to go for instant knighthood....

15:08Tweet from @chrishoy Federer is looking a little less than his usual solid self here... Come on Andy!

Federer 4-6 *0-0 Murray

15:04Murray with the first point but now another tense, tense baseline rally. Bit of slicing and now Fed with the topspin forehand - but called out. Challenge - and it's in by a millimetre. Fed wins the replayed point. 15-15. Perfect first serve from Muzz. 30-15. Ace out wide. 40-15 and two set points. First serve does the trick and the crowd are on their feet already, Union Jacks waving. Long way to go...

Federer 4-5* Murray

14:59Shanked backhand by Fed - not by any means the first - and it's 15-15. Murray up to the net and powering away the forehand and now FEDERER GOES LONG. Two break points. Missed first serve and another baseline rally - Federer into the net with a forehand this time. Hold tight. Murray about to serve for the first set.

Federer *4-4 Murray

14:46Time for Fed to strike maybe. Kim Sears looks on, aviators on, her face inscrutable. Brits onto the edge of their seats now as Murray sees two game points go astray. Fed upping the pace on a backhand and it's break point. The crowd responds. Murray onto the front foot and forcing Fed to net. Super tense now. Another break point as Fed's forehand fires. BRAVE volley from Murray off his toes. This game is getting more and more vital as the seconds tick by. Fed fends off a game point with a huge forehand, but he can't save the second as he returns into the net.

Federer 4-3* Murray

14:43Fed quickly into a 40-0 lead. Easy hold would be a welcome break, but he's into the net with a forehand after a baseline exchange. Murray can't get the next return back though and Fed is soon strolling back to his chair.

Federer *3-3 Murray

14:38The sun has come out for a shine as Andy Murray steps up to the line to serve, and only needs one ball to go it. Polite applause from the Centre Court crowd after that delivery. Another deep serve to the Federer backhand, the Swiss dinks it back deep, and Murray goes long. First serve missed by Muzz, the second is on the money though, they go backhand to backhand for a while, Federer tries to go down the line, and... the net gets in the way. Chalk flies up on the next serve, to rather louder hand-claps, two game points for Murray. But hello Roger. A backhand winner cross court that he seemed to hit from his belly button. One more game point for Murray, and, uh oh, he nets the forehand. Deuce. Deep second serve kicking up the Federer backhand makes it advantage Murray, and he knocks a big 'un to hold.

Federer 3-2* Murray

14:32What have we here? Murray manages to scramble back a smash and Federer goes wide with the next one - trying to go for too much against one of the best defenders in the game. Murray with a 0-30 advantage and now he's challenging a call on the baseline - it was out, call stands - and it's 15-30. Brilliant from Federer, as he manages to not only react to a net cord but prod the forehand right into the corner. Still a mixed bag from the Swiss and Murray still winning the long rallies. Shanked backhand from Fed takes us to deuce, but now sensational reaction volleying from him. Already LOVING this match. Fed holds after a couple of deuces.

Federer *2-2 Murray

14:24Murray sends down his first ace of the match out wide to move to 15-15. He has served more aces than Federer in the tournament, but not as many as Serena Williams. Murray over-slices a backhand and it swerves into the trams and then over-hits a topspin backhand to face deuce. Danger time... Stunning backhand down the line from Fed, who is starting to time his returns now, and it's break point. And this time there's a "come on" from Federer as Murray nets.

14:24@fredriknygren More like Roger Fed-Unforced-Error so far..

Federer 1-2* Murray

14:20Well, there's only one man feeling the heat here and it's the six-time champion. Murray swipes a lovely forehand cross-court to start the game. Fed's groundstrokes are all over the place at the moment... but that wasn't bad, a half-volleyed forehand down the line and into the corner. That's 40-30, but Murray with the brutal return for deuce. Fed survives, but he's second best in the early stages.

Federer *0-2 Murray

14:15Some tentative volleying from Murray there but he gets away with it when Fed hooks wide. First "come on" from Murray, but then two unforced errors. "I LOVE YOU ROGER," shouts an admiring man in the crowd. Murray at 15-30 and he drives a perfect forehand up the line for 30-30. Murray winning the long rallies so far and he holds to 30.

Federer 0-1* Murray

14:12What a start by Murray - peppering the baseline with a couple of backhands to force the error from Federer. Big first serve and a cool volley from Fed get the Swiss out to 30-15, but then he dumps a forehand into the net. Bit nervous, Rog? Maybe... He misses the baseline with a forehand and it's an immediate break point chance for Murray and Federer WALLOPS A DRIVE VOLLEY MILES LONG! I did not expect that.

14:10"Time" says umpire Enric Molina. I FEEL SICK.

14:06As the warm-up begins, a look at the Murray support camp where Judy Murray is putting on her (designer) glasses ready for the get-go. Kim Sears will no doubt be casting a sideways glance over at the Royal Box to see who won the blow-dry war between her and Duchess of Cambridge.

14:03Coin toss. Murray picks tails, it's heads. Federer will serve. Elijah Ortiz-Herrera threw the coin, the 11-year-old south Londoner representing the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

14:02Out they come... Murray is holding a racket, Federer is not. Not sure what to read into that. Great swell of cheers from the Centre Court crowd. Incredible sense of anticipation...

14:00Getting closer... Roger Federer leading the way as the players make that famous walk to Centre Court. Down the stairs they come and there's a huge scream as some fans spot them. "There's only one Andy Murray" goes a chant. Murray with a steely look, jogging up and down on the spot. He is standing by the honours' board and the camera zooms in on the name of Fred Perry in 1936.

13:58Here's David Cameron now coming down the stairs of Royal Box, shaking hands with First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond as he goes.

13:56Beckham, of course, was cut from the Great Britain team for the Olympics, so a diplomatic answer from the former England captain. Rumours that Beckham's former manager at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, is also here...

David Beckham

13:54"Playing someone like Roger, it's going to be a great game. Today's a great day for tennis and a great day for the country. And then we look forward to the Olympics..."

13:50The Beckhams have arrived!

13:46Fifteen minutes to go. How about you watch video preview of the men's final?

13:42Hello Mr Blue Sky. The covers are off again. We are determined to have an outdoor final.

Email from Diana

13:38Hope Andy wins for the historical significance of it but we rather fancy Roger ourselves, in the 1970's sense of the word "fancy"!!

13:35Ha. They took the Centre Court roof off - and it started raining almost immediately.

13:32Yes they have Peter. Many, many times. But not many people have mentioned that a Brit didn't win Wimbledon in the Queen's Golden Jubilee year...

Email from Peter

13:31Has anyone pointed out yet that Virginia Wade won the ladies' singles in the Queen's silver jubilee year?

13:28Ooh look, Olympic legend and possible flame-lighter Sir Steve Redgrave is being interviewed on Centre Court.

13:23Jonny Marray ended 76 years of doubles hurt yesterday when he won the men's dubs with Freddie Nielsen of Denmark. Britain hadn't had a men's doubles winner here since 1936. As the band plays in the background, Marray is signing autographs for a few early arrivals on Centre Court.

13:22The Centre Court roof is still closed and discussions are under way as to whether they'll open it in time for the final. Most experts seem to think that a closed roof gives Federer a small advantage.

13:21Roger Federer warmed up indoors with retired Frenchman Fabrice Santoro - coincidentally one of Andy Murray's favourite players - and Murray warmed up outdoors with British junior Oli Golding before the rain came.

13:16Some news from the grounds: there's a huge cheer on Henman Hill as everyone spots a camera crew. HELLO MUM! and the boys' singles final and girls' doubles final are under way. Luke Saville of Australia is trying to defend his boys' title against Canada's Filip Peliwo.

13:14Good omen for Murray: Roger Federer was seeded fourth when he won his first Grand Slam title here in 2003, beating Mark Philippoussis. Boris Becker (1986) and Bjorn Borg (1976) were also the No.4 seed when they won. And they weren't bad players either.

13:12As if you need reminding, Murray is trying to become the first British man for 76 years to win the men's singles title here. He would be the first British man to win any Grand Slam singles title since Fred Perry won the U.S. Open in the same year. He is only the third British man to reach the men's singles final.

13:10Federer is trying to become the third man to win seven Wimbledon singles titles, joining Pete Sampras and William Renshaw. He would extend his record to 17 Grand Slam titles. He would also reclaim the No.1 ranking and match Sampras' record of 286 weeks at the top - and he'd be guaranteed to break it the following week.

13:03Federer has dropped four sets en route to the final, Murray also four. The Brit has needed nearly 16 hours on court, Federer just over 12.

13:01Roger Federer and Andy Murray have played 15 times, Murray narrowly leading the head-to-head 8-7. However, in their two Grand Slam meetings - in the 2008 U.S. Open final and the 2010 Australian Open final - Federer has won both in straight sets.

12:56Just over an hour until Andy Murray and Roger Federer walk onto Centre Court. Still feels a bit weird typing a British player's name on a Sunday to be honest. Time to look at the stats...

12:47Tweet from‏ Andy's mum @judmoo: Loving this banner at Dunblane Tennis Club.....where it all started :) x pic.twitter.com/g5eoPvL6

12:46I don't know how they decide who sits in the Royal Box, and whether they can cram a few more chairs in if necessary, but the posh seats have proved VERY popular today. No Queen, but we get the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton, Mr and Mrs David Beckham (quivers a bit), the PM David Cameron, the Mayor Boris Johnson, Sir Steve Redgrave, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Stan Smith... The list goes on... And there's also Nick Clegg.

12:41Tweet from‏ @mattdvernon: What a final. The British hope against the Wimbledon legend. Hope it's epic. BRING IT ON. #wimbledon

12:35Tweet from‏ Andy Murray's mum @judmoo: What to wear? Decisions, decisions. Where's Trinny n Susannah when u need them?

12:31I hope all those people on Henman Hill have got spiked wellies and plenty of plastic bags to sit on. It's sodden out there. Torrential rain overnight and plenty more heavy showers this morning. Play was due to begin at 1130am on the outside courts, but didn't. The Centre Court roof is on at the moment.

12:23So then, welcome to Day 13 of the 2012 Championships. The grounds are buzzing. The Queue was full by early this morning and Henman Hill is already brimming. It's almost like they've waited 76 years for this...

12:22... But then there’s his opponent: Roger Federer, the 16-time Grand Slam winner, the six-time Wimbledon champion, the greatest player of the modern era (is that arguable anymore?). Perry once famously strolled into the changing room before a match and said: “I wouldn’t want to be playing me today.” Federer might easily say the same.

12:17Britain has had plenty of good sports since Perry, but not a sniff of a Wimbledon men’s singles champion in 76 years. Andy Murray is just one tiny win away...

12:10“I didn't aspire to be a good sport, champion was good enough for me." Fred Perry, Wimbledon champion 1934, 1935, 1936.

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