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Live Blog : Tuesday 2 July 2013

  • Flipkens stuns Kvitova to reach semis
  • Flipkens to meet Bartoli in last four
  • Lisicki to play Radwanska in the other semi
  • Tuesday's Results
by Caroline Cheese

19:27Uh-oh. Tennis's clown prince Mansour Bahrami is out on No.2 Court - so chaos will inevitably ensue. Chaos that will be way too much for me to handle, so I'll bid you farewell for today. Tomorrow: men's quarter-final day. Expect the unexpected...

19:23The match on No.1 Court has simply been shortened to MCE/MCE v MCN/MCN. Much easier. It's the MCEs (McEnroe brothers) who have taken the first set - 6-1.

Email from Martine

19:22"well done Kirsten FLIPKENS. Belgium is proud"

19:19I bring sad news: Wishaya Trongcharoenchaikul has gone out of the boys' singles to the more snappily-titled Johan Sebastien Tatlot.

19:11After the high tension of those ladies' quarter-finals, the Centre and No.1 Court crowds are treated to some legends in action... On No.1, we have the rare sight of brothers Patrick and John McEnroe teaming up against McNamara/McNamee. And on Centre, it's the intriguing pairing of big-serving Greg Rusedski and wily Frenchman Fabrice Santoro against Bjorkman/Woodbridge.

Tweet from @Clijsterskim

19:07"Still drying my eyes :-)) So proud of how @FlipperKF handled the big occasion for the first time!"

Tweet from @SI_BTBaseline

19:06"Kirsten Flipkens hit FIVE unforced errors in that three setters. Even by Wimbledon's conservative standards, that's amazing"

Kirsten Flipkens

Kirsten Flipkens serves on Centre Court.19:03"It's ridiculous! Last year I didn't even get into qualifying. To be a semi-finalist at Wimbledon, it cannot be better. I was so calm on the court, I had nothing to lose and I just went for my shots...I'm so, so happy, you cannot imagine. I don't know what to say...Kim (Clijsters) was one of the few people still believing in me last year so I have to thank her. I'm just enjoying every moment. It's more than a dream."

18:59That result means we will have a new Wimbledon champion. Your semi-final line-up: Lisicki v Radwanska, Bartoli v Flipkens.

18:58Wow. Nice from Kvitova, who waits patiently for Flipkens while she packs up her stuff. The Czech waves forlornly to the crowd as she walks off, looking a little dazed it has to be said.

Flipkens def. Kvitova 4-6, 6-3, 6-4

18:54Flipkens thunders an ace down the T to bring up three match points. Kvitova saves one with a thumping forehand winner, and then a second with an angled return... One more... ACE!!! Challenge from Kvitova, but it's right in the corner. Flipkens falls face-first on the court. Kirsten Flipkens is a Wimbledon semi-finalist.

Kvitova 6-4, 3-6, 4-5* Flipkens

18:53From 40-15 up, Kvitova is broken... Kirsten Flipkens will serve for a place in the semi-finals.

Bartoli on the crowd

18:52"I didn't really get why the crowd was so against me - when it gets wet it can get really dangerous. I just didn't want to hurt myself, that was all. Obviously the crowd kind of went against me - but that's the way it is."

Marion Bartoli

18:50"Gosh...I feel so great here since 2007. The grass suits my game. It was a very tough battle. In the last set I was returning well but not serving well, before the break, the opposite! If I can put it together for the next match..."

Bartoli def. Stephens 6-4, 7-5

18:46Double fault from Stephens - her third - and then an unforced error gives the skipping and bouncing Bartoli three match points - and she's done it now! Bartoli swings a forehand cross-court for a clear winner. She's through to her first semi-final here since her run to the final in 2007.

Kvitova 6-4, 3-6, 4-3* Flipkens / Stephens *4-6, 5-6 Bartoli

18:45And now they can't stop holding serve... Bartoli holds pretty comfortably to force Stephens to serve to stay in it for a second time.

Tweet from Wimbledon.com writer @NickMcCarvel

18:44"Seven holds in seven games in the Kvitova-Flipkens third set. TWO holds in ten games for Bartoli-Stephens in the second"

Kvitova 6-4, 3-6, 4-3* Flipkens / Stephens 4-6, 5-5* Bartoli

18:40Stephens had won one point out of 17 on serve in this set - but she gets back on track here with a hold to 15, her first hold of the set. Iiterally have no idea what will happen.

Kvitova 6-4, 3-6, 3-2* Flipkens / Stephens *4-6, 4-5 Bartoli

18:32Bartoli eases out to 30-0 and within touching distance of the semi-finals...and she quickly loses the next three points. Zut alors! Bartoli saves two break points - but on the third, the American sends a lovely backhand down the line. Seven breaks in a row - quite the contrast to the serve-dominated third set on Centre.

Kvitova 6-4, 3-6, 2-1* Flipkens / Stephens 4-6, 3-5* Bartoli

18:30Bartoli breaks to love. Obviously. That's six breaks in a row on No.1 Court. Now, all Bartoli has to do is serve it out. Easy!

Kvitova 6-4, 3-6, 2-1* Flipkens / Stephens *4-6, 3-4 Bartoli

18:24Stephens moving Bartoli around nicely, and - you won't believe it - it's break point! Stephens zips a forehand up the line and we're back on serve. Breaking is the new holding on No.1 Court. Still on serve on Centre.

Kvitova 6-4, 3-6, 1-0* Flipkens / Stephens 4-6, 2-4* Bartoli

18:20Despite the world's worst smash, Kvitova manages to hold in the opening game of the decider. Two of her three matches have gone to three sets this tournament - the other was a walkover. Bartoli breaks...but really, does it mean anything? What does any of it mean?

Kvitova *6-4, 3-6, 0-0 Flipkens / Stephens *4-6, 2-3 Bartoli

18:14Bartoli breaks to love to re-establish her advantage there - and then Stephens breaks right back. Kvitova has been off court and appears to have had a change of clothes. She returns carrying a half-eaten banana - and her dirty washing.

Kvitova *6-4, 3-6, 0-0 Flipkens / Stephens *4-6, 1-2 Bartoli

18:08And the drama continues... Kirsten Flipkens wraps up the set on her third set point. Into a decider we go. The No.1 Court crowd goes wild as Sloane Stephens breaks back.

Kvitova *6-4 2-5 Flipkens / Stephens 4-6, 0-2* Bartoli

18:04All a bit dramatic at the moment. Kvitova is soldiering on after a bit of attention from the doctor. The crowd on No.1 Court are not at all happy with Marion Bartoli - apparently a hangover from her insistence that they should stop for the rain before the delay came. She breaks and gets a smattering of polite applause for her trouble.

Kvitova *6-4 2-5 Flipkens / Stephens *4-6, 0-1 Bartoli

18:01The doctor has been called to Centre Court to attend to Petra Kvitova. Not sure what the problem is... They seem to be taking her temperature.

Kvitova 6-4 2-4* Flipkens / Stephens 4-6, 0-0* Bartoli

17:57Sloane Stephens reaches a short ball but her reply clatters the top of the net and lands wide. Fist-pumping from Bartoli and in the blink of an eye after the restart, Bartoli nabs the first set. And look at that: Flipkens fighting back on Centre...

Kvitova *6-4 2-3 Flipkens

17:51Flipkens is 40-15 up - but after challenging a first serve that is out by the width of a blade of grass, she doubles. Kvitova obligingly fails to return the next serve though. Still on serve in the second.

17:49We have players on No.1 Court! Bartoli and Stephens begin warming up after a fairly long break for rain. Once that's finished, Stephens will attempt to hold from deuce at 5-4 down.

Tweet from @clijsterskim

17:48"Flipkens wears prescription glasses all the time ! In the sun she changes them for prescription tinted glasses :-)"

Kvitova 6-4 1-1* Flipkens

17:44A hold each to start the second set. Little-known fact: Petra Kvitova has won 19 straight matches at Wimbledon against players not named Serena.

Li Na on her plans

17:41"I will get out of here as soon as possible (smiling). No, I mean...how you say...it's very tough after you lose the match still pay attention in the tournament...Maybe go shopping. Maybe go somewhere else. Just try relax a little bit, yeah."

Li Na on her net-rushing v Radwanska

Na Li stretches for a forehand return.17:39"I never thinking I can come to the net as like today so many times...We know what we should do for next step. It's not bad, right? I mean, I come in I don't know how many times because today I didn't get any information. Oh, they say 71? Not bad. So I think maybe today I was come to the net much more than my whole life (laughter)."

17:36Hooray, the covers are off on No.1 Court, the net is up. Just need a few linespeople and some players and we're good to go.

Kvitova 6-4 0-0* Flipkens

17:28Two break points for Flipkens... Big serve from Kvitova and netted return. One left... Ouch, hooked forehand goes out. Kvitova wastes one set point and then a second with a double fault. Methinks it's a little bit nervy out there. A break point for Flipkens, a big serve from Kvitova. A third set point for Kvitova now - and Flipkens nets the return off a second serve. Fist pump from the Czech...


17:26Centre: Ferrer v Del Potro, Verdasco v Murray. No.1 Court: Djokovic v Berdych, Kubot v Janowicz. Kick-off: 1pm.

Kvitova *5-4 Flipkens

17:25Despite trailing, I'd say this is an impressive showing from first-time quarter-finalist Flipkens - doesn't seem overawed at all.

Kvitova 5-3* Flipkens

17:23Yes, she can. Kvitova with a pressure-releasing hold to 15 to move to within a game of the first set.

Kvitova *4-3 Flipkens

17:21Kvitova with the break again. Let's see if she can back it up this time... Meanwhile, covers are being deflated on No.1 Court.

Kvitova 3-3* Flipkens

17:17Kvitova does not consolidate the break. There will be regular WTA-watchers among you who may not be overly surprised by that.

Tweet from @Kfish_WTA

17:15" WTA Ranking Watch: After @Wimbledon Top 4 will be 1.Serena, 2.Sharapova, 3.Azarenka, 4.Aga Radwanska"

Kvitova *3-2 Flipkens

17:09Kvitova spanks a backhand return down the line for a clean winner. That's break point and Kvitova only needs the one - first blood to the Czech. A reminder that the Stephens-Bartoli quarter-final is suspended by rain, with the Frenchwoman leading 5-4 on serve in the first set.

Kvitova 2-2* Flipkens

17:01Flipkens gets to deuce several times, but Kvitova holds firm. At the age of 27, Flipkens is playing in her first Grand Slam quarter-final. She didn't even play last year's Wimbledon because of injuries - including blood clots in her calf - that saw her ranking nosedive to No.262.

Kvitova *1-2 Flipkens

16:58Flipper with another screamer up the line and she holds to 15. Still no sign of movement from the No.1 Court covers... Hold up, here's The Voice of Wimbledon with an update: another half an hour of these showers, and once a dry spell sets in, they'll have a look at the courts and see what's what.

Kvitova 1-1* Flipkens

16:55Mmmm... Flipper with a lovely down-the-line pass on the run but she can't engineer a break point and Kvitova holds to 30.

Kvitova *0-1 Flipkens

16:51Double fault from Flipkens in the opening game but she comes through it. The Belgian actually leads the head-to-head 2-1, all their meetings have been on hard courts.

16:44Petra Kvitova and Kirsten Flipkens are out on Centre Court warming up under the roof - and Kvitova has already completely whiffed a ball. Amazing. Flipkens is a glasses wearer by the way... Martina Navratilova was the last woman to win the Wimbledon title wearing specs - back in 1990.

Lisicki on why she loves tennis

Sabine Lisicki delighted with her quart-final victory.16:42"I think there are a lot of things. First of all, to have your hobby as a job is something that not a lot of people say they can have. That opportunity that my parents gave me, I'm very thankful for that. The traveling around, meeting different cultures, playing in the biggest stadiums of the world, especially playing in full stadiums, the centre courts, is what I love the most."

Radwanska on playing Lisicki in the semis

16:40"We've been playing each other since juniors. Will be a great challenge on the grass. Just looking forward."

Agnieszka Radwanska

16:38"I had really tough two matches, so I'm just very happy to have got through. Just too much tennis! That's why I was struggling."

16:36That last game felt like a match in itself - not sure I've ever needed three entries for one game. Covers are back on No.1 Court as the rain comes down again.

Radwanska def. Li 7-6, 4-6, 6-2

16:34OK, time for match point eight - eight's a charm right? - YES IT IS! Radwanska finally closes it out and the crowd are on their feet to applaud both players for a fabulous contest. A disappointed Li Na trudges off, but gives a wave as she hears a crescendo of cheers.

Radwanska *7-6, 4-6, 5-2 Li

16:32Match point six comes and goes as Li crunches a forehand into the open court. When will it end? Will it end?? Wrongfooting volley to bring up match point seven: another weird, loopy serve by Aga and Li Na again gives it the treatment. Back to deuce we go. Is it still Tuesday?

Radwanska *7-6, 4-6, 5-2 Li

16:25Break points for Li... but on the first, Radwanska comes up with one of her miraculous squat-shots for a clean winner and then Li goes wide. We get to match point for a third time... DOUBLE FAULT! Up the line with a backhand pass and it's match point FOUR. Sheesh. Li Na has the entire court to aim up - and goes for the line with a volley. Just about in. Break point saved and now a fifth match point. Miserable second serve and Li Na gives it the treatment... Time for a new entry.

16:23Trainer is out again - and this time Radwanska is having her left thigh massaged, having had her right thigh strapped earlier.

Radwanska *7-6, 4-6, 5-2 Li

16:18Li Na saves a match point with a brave drive volley - but now a double fault! Match point No.2 and that one is saved too - a dinky volley that Radwanska can do nothing with. Li holds. Covers are coming off No.1 Court...

16:17So much for Li Na having the huge advantage under the roof at Centre Court. Radwanska is now up 4-1 in the third. #Wimbledon

Radwanska *7-6, 4-6, 5-1 Li

16:15Easy hold there for Radwanska as Li adds to her tally of 36 unforced errors. The 2012 runner-up is just four points from the final four, where Lisicki awaits her.

Radwanska *7-6, 4-6, 4-1 Li

16:06Radwanska has two points for the double break. Strong serve out wide saves the first, then Radwanska's forehand flops into the net. Li saves a third with a fizzing forehand down the line. Here's a fourth...Radwanska slips mid-rally and Li takes advantage. Fifth time lucky? YES! Li goes narrowly wide and Aga finally has the double break.

Radwanska 7-6, 4-6, 3-1* Li

16:02Maybe not...Strong start by Radwanska, stretching her advantage. Not everyone has returned to their seat on Centre after the rain delay - they better hurry if they want to see the denouement of this one.

Radwanska *7-6, 4-6, 2-1 Li

15:59Li wins the first point after a 29-minute break for the rain/roof and is on the board in the third set. Break might have helped her more than Radwanska, we'll see...

15:55Anyway, mercifully, we can end the dairy diversions now, because we have tennis players on Centre Court. Radwanska and Li are warming up and when they begin, Li will be serving at advantage and 0-2 down in the third set.

15:51As Millet has just reminded me via email, Roger Federer was presented with a cow on one of his previous visits to Gstaad as a reward for winning Wimbledon in 2003. According to reports, Juliette the cow is now dead :( - although she was apparently quite a grand old age when she was presented to Rog.

15:49"Ladies and gentlemen," booms The Voice of Wimbledon. "This rain shower is not expected to last very long." Update soon on when play on the outside courts can restart.

15:44The roof has safely made its painstaking journey across Centre Court and we're just readjusting the temperature before we welcome back the players. Bud Collins still in the Royal Box. On his own.

15:33Everyone in the Royal Box has scarpered for tea and scones - all except veteran American journalist Bud Collins, who merely pulls on a mustard raincoat and sits it out. Perhaps he wants to see how the Centre Court closing looks from the posh seats. Or maybe he doesn't like scones.

15:31A giddy brother of Jonny O'Mara has been in touch and promises to tweet us next time our Jonny is in action. I think we should adopt him - I don't mean literally, just, you know, unofficially sponsored by the Wimbledon.com live blog...

Radwanska 7-6, 4-6, 2-0* Li / Stephens *4-5 Bartoli

15:29The players are scampering off, the court coverers are sprinting on. It's RAINING. Both matches are suspended mid-game, with Li serving at advantage and Stephens serving at deuce.

15:27Uh-oh... Marion Bartoli is remonstrating with the umpire. "IL PLEUT," she may well be saying... Because there is wet stuff falling from the sky which does indeed appear to be rain. It's deuce on Stephens' serve, Bartoli leading 5-4. They're carrying on on Centre...

Radwanska 7-6, 4-6, 2-0* Li / Stephens *4-5 Bartoli

15:21Radwanska breaks straight away - which may have more to do with Li Na losing a bit of momentum during the medical time-out - and then backs it up with confidence. It's a helluva battle on No.1 Court - they'll be worrying about the light if it carries on at this pace.

Radwanska 7-6, 4-6, 0-0* Li / Stephens *4-5 Bartoli

15:19Pretty heavy taping on Radwanska's right thigh now... EPIC game over on No.1 and Bartoli comes out the other end with a huge hold for 5-4. Looks like a pretty decent encounter.

15:16Roger Federer has just announced on Twitter that he has entered the Gstaad clay-court tournament in Switzerland, beginning 22 July.

15:14The trainer is on for Radwanska, who has her head bowed as she explains the problem. Still not sure what it is... Right thigh?

Li Na wins the second set, 6-4

15:11Make that four games in a row. Li Na pummels a return onto the baseline on her first set point and not even the famously bendy Radwanska can do anything about that. Ooh, trainer has been called - not sure who for...

Radwanska *7-6, 4-5 Li / Stephens 4-4* Bartoli

15:10Three games in a row for Li Na and the pressure is right back on Radwanska...

15:07Better than that, Charly, he's gone and won the thing! The match, that is, not the whole thing. Britain's Jonny O'Mara reaches the third round of the boys' singles with a 7-6, 6-2 win over No.11 seed Pedro Cachin. Fellow Brit Kyle Edmund joins him with a straight-sets win.

Email from Charly

15:02"Since his brother tweeted about him (see 13:33 entry )I have become emotionally invested in Jonny O'Mara - and now he's up a set and a break!! Goooo Jonny!"

Radwanska 7-6, 4-4* Li / Stephens *2-3 Bartoli

14:59Li Na up for a swing volley...I hardly dare look...but she finds the court and that's the break back! This match deserves a decider...

Radwanska *7-6, 4-3 Li / Stephens *2-3 Bartoli

14:51Li Na whips a forehand into the open court to hold and keep Radwanska honest. Looks like a decent opening few games between Stephens and Bartoli - on serve.

Radwanska *7-6, 3-2 Li / Stephens 1-1* Bartoli

14:43It might not be a Wimbledon first. I'm only guessing. Sloane Stephens digs out an ace to hold from deuce in her opening service game. Similar battle for Li Na on Centre - but she stems the tide after a couple of deuces.

Radwanska 7-6, 3-1* Li / Stephens *0-1 Bartoli

14:40Both Stephens and Bartoli are in LONG SLEEVES. A sad indictment on British summertime - and probably a Wimbledon first. Radwanska consolidates the break against Li Na and is all of a sudden three games away from the semi-finals.

Radwanska *7-6, 2-1 Li / Stephens 0-0* Bartoli

14:36Li Na holds to love in the first game back after the rain break - but she can't repeat the trick a second time, and Radwanska has the advantage.

14:30Sloane Stephens and Marion Bartoli amble out onto No.1 Court. The Frenchwoman won their only previous meeting in New Haven last year - despite being bagelled in the second set.

14:27The players are back out on Centre - and after a little chinwag at the net, they decide not to bother with a warm-up. Common sense at last, folks! Li Na serving in the opening game of the second set after dropping the first on a tie-break against Radwanska.

Tweet from @Kfish_WTA

14:26"With her win today (d. Kanepi in QF) Lisicki improves to 18-4 @Wimbledon (she is 16-15 at the other Slams) #Wimbledon"

14:22You won't believe this...or maybe you will...but it has apparently stopped raining and the covers are coming off again.

Sabine Lisicki on being the new favourite

14:19"With the experience I have with the last three times I played in the quarters, it helped me a lot. No pressure, because it's a game I love so much and I want to keep it that way! I'm going out to win every match and we'll see what happens. It's so great to have the crowd behind me - it's the best support you can get."

14:18Sabine Lisicki is signing as many autographs as she can - and there's no hurry for her to vacate the stadium as the rain is falling. And the more she signs, the more people come to try their luck...

14:16Court coverers get a chance to stretch their legs, sprinting full pelt onto Centre Court and dragging the covers across. Still quite bright outside so thinking it's only a shower...

Lisicki def. Kanepi 6-3, 6-3

14:14We have our first women's semi-finalist. No letdown from Lisicki after yesterday's heroics and the German is through to her second Wimbledon semi-final... Just in time too, it's RAINING!

Radwanska wins first set 7-6 (5)

14:10So so close. Li Na had four set points, remember, but ends up losing it - slapping the net with a backhand.

Radwanska 6-6 Li / Lisicki *6-3, 5-3 Kanepi

14:08Radwanska and Li switch over at 3-3 in the breaker. Kanepi holds to keep Lisicki at bay for at least one game. The German is serving for the match.

Radwanska 6-6 Li / Lisicki 6-3, 5-2* Kanepi

14:04The end is looking nigh for Kaia Kanepi... But Li Na does awfully well to get through that game under pressure - and take the first to a tie-break. Absorbing match - hope the world is watching and loving.

Radwanska 6-5* Li / Lisicki 6-3, *4-2 Kanepi

14:01Not sure what is going on in Li Na's head right now. Break point down in that last game, she hit a backhand into the corner which was called out. She didn't challenge - but replays showed it was in. Now she drops this game with an awful forehand into the net. She'll have to serve to stay in the set. I'm scared for her.

Tweet from @Clijsterskim

14:00"Fun match to watch between li na and radwanska!"

Radwanska *5-5 Li / Lisicki 6-3, *2-2 Kanepi

13:57Tough recovery for Li Na now as she sees four set points come and go before being broken. Over on No.1, exchange of breaks early in the second set, with both players double-faulting at break point down. Expect the unexpected...

13:51Set point for Li Na - but she gives Radwanska too much of a look at a volley, and ends up losing the point. On a second, she has control of the point but hooks a forehand wide. WHAT THE...? Li Na again in control, but her smash goes straight to Radwanska who nails a backhand down the line. Fourth set point: forehand into the net. We go on...

13:48And now Li Na takes the break for a 5-4 lead against Radwanska... Can she?

Lisicki wins first set, 6-3

13:43The German hit another pair of winners in game nine and takes the first set going two for two on break points while not allowing Kanepi a break point chance. She's one set from her first semi since 2011, when she lost to Maria Sharapova.

Radwanska *4-4 Li / Lisicki 5-3* Kanepi

13:36Li Na continues to mix the sublime with the completely ridiculous - as only Li Na can. She weathers two break points to level the set against Radwanska. Kanepi is getting into Lisicki's service games - which is no mean feat - but can't yet make the breakthrough.

13:34Hi Jonny O'Mara's big brother! Jonny has a tough ask against the No.11 seed Pedro Cachin of Argentina. Just heard word that there might be some rain in the air - so maybe Jonny can take advantage of the home conditions.

Tweet from @aramoc

13:33"Best of luck Junior Brit @Jonny_OMara about to play on court 9 in his second round! Very proud big bro! #wimbledon #GoJonny"

Radwanska *3-3 Li / Lisicki 4-2* Kanepi

13:22Kanepi threatening to peg back Lisicki, taking the German to deuce on serve, but Lisicki plays a delicate drop shot and then forces the error to get out of trouble. Still nothing to choose between Radwanska and Li.

Radwanska *2-2 Li / Lisicki *2-1 Kanepi

13:16The match on Centre is, as expected, completely unpredictable: as exemplified by Radwanska's decision in that last game to play a slice drop shot instead of putting an easy winner away. Why go for the obvious when the obscure would do?

Radwanska 2-1* Li / Lisicki *1-0 Kanepi

13:14Radwanska into net to put away the volley and hold for 2-1... Meanwhile, they've only just finished the first game on No.1 - Lisicki breaking after a right old battle against Kanepi.

13:11Li Na breaks to love to open the match on Centre, Radwanska breaks back to love in the next game. First eight points go against serve. Welcome to Wild Wimbledon.

13:08No.1 seeds Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci, reigning US and Australian Open champs, are out of the tournament - beaten in the third round by the German-Czech pairing of Julia Goerges and Barbora Zahlavova Strycova.

13:06Head-to-heads: Li leads Radwanska 6-4, but the Pole has won two of their three meetings on grass. Lisicki and Kanepi have only met once officially - but Lisicki withdrew from their match in Beijing two years ago.

Tweet from @oddepinn

13:04" i think bartoli could surprise us all. she plays a wild game. and this is a wild tournament"

Tweet from New York Times writer @christophclarey

13:01"Death by a thousand cuts" -- @Martina Navratilova on the BBC on Aga Radwanska's playing style #wimbledon

12:59Sir Terry Wogan just taking his seat in the Royal Box - and here come the players, Li Na and Aga Radwanska having a friendly chat as they stroll down the stairs inside Centre. By contrast, Sabine Lisicki has her headphones on and her game face on as she and Kaia Kanepi walk onto No.1 Court.

12:54The No.2 seeds Hlavackova and Hradecka are safely through to the quarter-finals of the ladies' quarter-finals - but will the top seeds join them. Errani/Vinci are 3-2 down and a break down in the decider against Goerges/Zahlavova Strycova.

12:45Quick trip to Court 14 where Mark Philippoussis and Thomas Enqvist are up against Cedric Pioline - and his last-minute replacement partner Barry Cowan in the invitational dubs. The man-who-nearly-beat-Sampras was parachuted in last night when Goran Ivanisevic succumbed to injury.

Tweet from @tennistweetscom

12:41"how bout this: sabine lisicki's fastest serve of 122mph this fortnight is the same as lleyton hewitt's #wimbledon"

What's BB up to?

12:28Um, bad news, Boris Becker is stuck in traffic on the way to Heathrow - from where he will travel to Berlin. Hopefully it's just a day trip... In the mean time, let's all head to BB's Official Facebook page and remind ourselves of Boris dressed as a Royal Mail postman. Still not sure why that happened...

12:23We've got the No.1 seeds in women's doubles in action right now: Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci took the first set against Goerges/Zahlavova but are now 4-1 down in that third-round match.

12:13Philosophy Corner from Sandy there. Lovely.

Email from Sandy

12:10"Anyone can lose or win on the day. Andy understands that…fans want good matches and hope the greats can overcome everything. Gods we treat them like but human they are."

12:07Thanks for asking, Jessica. I'd love to see Li Na in the semi-finals - but I think Aga Radwanska will edge that one. So I'll go for Boom Boom Lisicki v Aga in the top semi-final, and Sloane Ranger v Petra K in the bottom half. I wouldn't be in the least surprised if none of those predictions came to pass...

Email from Jessica, Down Under

12:03"What is your prediction for tonight ladies' quarter finals? I hope Li Na will have another blasting win!"

11:53All sorts of doubles and junior action is up and running around the grounds. Later on, we'll see the opening rounds of Invitational Doubles - a boost for the legions of Mansour Bahrami fans out there (he's last on No.2 Court). Davenport/Hingis are up on Court 18. The veterans are all on awfully late, it's almost like Wimbledon thinks they might benefit from a lie-in?

11:47Serena Williams may have departed the tournament - but you lot continue to flood the inbox with queries regarding her outfit. For (hopefully) the last time: the predominantly-white rule does apply to trainers but DOES NOT apply to undergarments. See also: Tatiana Golovin (2007).

11:44Want to know what's "on tap" today? American-in-London Nick McCarvel has got your back. Read his Five to Follow.

Andy Murray, speaking after yesterday's win

11:39"When someone like Serena loses, she's won, what, 37 matches in a row or something, I don't know, but she hasn't lost for a long time. So for her to lose at Wimbledon in the fourth round, especially a match where she'd sort of come back, had a lot of chances, it's surprising. When those sort of results can happen to a player as good as her, there's absolutely no reason why it can't happen to me. That's why I'm not getting ahead of myself, and no one else should."

11:27Well, it's a game of opinions - so keep them coming. The International Herald Tribune's headline says Serena fell victim to the "Wimbledon hex." American Sloane Stephens referred to "Wimble-geddon." Whatever you call it, there's something in the Wimble-water this year - and Andy Murray is wary of it...

Email from Andrew

11:26"First shock was the deepest." Nadal. In the first round. To someone who it turns out was injured in the match.

Tweet from @vishysblue

11:22"For shock values, I think nothing can beat Roger Federer's second round loss. Serena's loss comes in second, I feel"

11:19In my humble opinion, Federer losing was not shocking in itself - but the player he lost to and the stage at which he exited was indeed deeply shocking. Serena Williams was the hottest favourite for a Wimbledon title we've had for many, many years - not true of Federer.

Email from Madhukar

11:16"Federer's loss was the deepest shock"

11:07Or maybe Maria Sharapova's loss to Larcher de Brito has to come into the equation? Drop me an email on that or anything else on socialmedia@aeltc.com, tweet me directly @carolinecheese or just use #Wimbledon.

10:57Was Serena's loss the biggest shock yet at this Wildest of Wimbledons? I say yes - but plenty of people disagree. My thoughts: Serena was in the form of her life, perhaps the most dominant sportsperson on the planet on a phenomenal 34-match winning streak. You could make cases for Nadal and Federer being vulnerable - not Serena. But I fully accept that Lisicki was a much tougher opponent than the ones Roger and Rafa lost to.

10:55Following the shock exit of Serena yesterday, the remaining quarter-finalists have two Grand Slams between them, and one Wimbledon title. Eight different nationalities are represented, with Radwanska (4) the highest seed among them. It's pretty much all worked out exactly as I predicted...

10:47The official weather forecast is dry with bright or sunny spells, with a dizzying high of 17C (62F). Not sure what the unofficial weather forecast is...


10:37I'm calling it Hipster Day at Wimbledon. We may have no Sharapova, Serena or Azarenka, but when you have the myriad and unpredictable skills of Sabine Lisicki, Li Na and Aga Radwanska on the agenda, who's complaining? Not me...

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