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Live Blog : Friday 5 July 2013

by Caroline Cheese

21:52So after all the shocks and upset and general #Wimbleweird, we'll see the world Nos. 1 and 2 face off in Sunday's final. Not quite such an expected match-up in tomorrow's ladies' final when Marion Bartoli meets Sabine Lisicki. Looking forward to it. Thanks loads for your company on a Christmas cracker of a day at Wimbledon. See you tomorrow!

21:50Murray adds that he's only played Djokovic once on grass - and that was at last year's Olympics. Says he'll keep that in his mind on Sunday. Djokovic leads the overall head-to-head 11-7. They will meet in a final for the third time in the last four Grand Slams. Murray win the US, Djoko the Aussie.

Murray on his emotions at the end

Andy Murray shows fighting spirit.21:47"It was very different to last year. This year there was a lot of expectation on me to get to the final from early on. I was just delighted to come through and get another chance to play in a Wimbledon final. It will be a tough match [against Djokovic]. Him and Del Potro played an incredible match today. Novak is moving very, very well and it'll be tough."

Murray on the roof

21:45"It's a tough situation: I like to think it's an outdoor event and you try to play outdoors as much as you can. But I managed to regain my focus. I had a shower, spoke to the guys...[Janowicz] was on his phone! He seemed very, very relaxed for the semi-finals of Wimbledon - that's the sort of player he is."

Andy Murray

21:43"I'm delighted with that. It was very tough - completely different to any of the matches I've played so far. He's talented and unpredictable and he gave me very little rhythm. The first set was a tough one to lose. The third set was huge and then the momentum was really with me."

21:39John McEnroe says he favours Andy Murray in Sunday's final. Now now Mac, that's not going to help the nation's collective heartrate.

21:38Nice hug at the net between the two players - all that roof kerfuffle long forgotten. Excellent day's work by Andy Murray against an extremely dangerous opponent. Hard to think we won't see Janowicz playing one of these again soon.

Murray def. Janowicz 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3

21:35Murray marches with purpose to receive serve having just made it 30-30. Eesh, double fault from Janowicz and it's match point... Winning forehand return! Andy Murray is through to the Wimbledon final.

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 5-3* Janowicz

21:32Murray has the crowd in the palm of his hands - and you can understand why. He plays the most outrageous leaping volley winner - and turns to them to ask for even more noise. They oblige - of course. One. More. Game.

Tweet from @NickMcCarvel

21:30"9:30 at night, the roof is closed and the sun is down. But yes, Anna Wintour has put her sunglasses back on."

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 4-2* Janowicz

21:29Janowicz clings onto Murray's coat-tails. John McEnroe calls this "one of the great days". He's right, you know.

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 4-2* Janowicz

21:26Murray with a comfortable hold to 15. Just got to keep holding and he's into his second straight Wimbledon final. Easy.

Murray *6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 3-2 Janowicz

21:21Janowicz out into a 40-0 lead - but a double fault then an error then a Murray pass makes it deuce. No double break for Murray though as the Pole squeaks through.

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 3-1* Janowicz

21:16Holes starting to appear in Jerzy. He sits at the changeover with his head under a towel. Slapping a return into the bottom of the net, he bounces his racket on the ground in annoyance. Murray's 19th ace of the match closes out a love game.

Murray *6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 2-1 Janowicz

21:12Another roar that can he heard right around the grounds as Murray sprints along the baseline and whips a forehand down the line. Now a backhand into the net makes it 0-30. Ace followed a massive double fault. Two break points. First one saved with a smash that goes perilously close to the line. Forehand into the net from JJ - and Murray has the early break...

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 1-1* Janowicz

21:10Murray trying to keep himself pumped up between points - and succeeding. Murray holds to love - every Janowicz error cheered to the rafters.

Murray *6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 0-1 Janowicz

21:06Don't think we've had a villain like Janowicz around these parts since...that rain cloud that ruined Tim Henman's chances of winning Wimbledon in 2001. Murray has a glimmer at 15-30 - but Janowicz reels off the next three points.

21:04Some stern faces in the Royal Box - until the lovely Lindsay Davenport arrives to lighten the mood with some cheery greetings all round.

21:01Hard not to think back to last year's final - and who knows, maybe Murray was too - when the roof was shut because of rain and Federer took control. Janowicz didn't do much for his popularity around these parts by waving almost sarcastically as he came out under the roof.

20:56Britain will be hoping Becker is right... The players have returned and will have a five-minute knock-up in the changed conditions.

Tweet from @TheBorisBecker

20:54"Lendl would know what to tell #murray now....been there and done it many times!!!"

Tweet from British comedian @davidschneider

20:52"With this roof-shutting nonsense Janowicz has completely screwed up the planned parachute jump with James Bond and the Queen"

20:47I think it's safe to say this decision has not gone down *particularly* well with the British public... Andrew Jarrett is trending worldwide on Twitter - so that's something to tell his grandkids anyway.

20:42The players head off and will return in 20 minutes once the roof is over. Have to feel great sympathy for Murray who had all the momentum there - and his mood won't be helped by Janowicz pointing to his coach and telling him to come the locker room. The Pole has the chance to regroup.

20:39"THIS IS NOT FAIR!" Murray is absolutely fuming. Referee Andrew Jarrett is telling him the roof will be closed - but Murray is insistent there is 45 minutes of light left. He points out that Janowicz has been asking for the roof to be closed for about an hour.

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 0-0* Janowicz

20:36Total confusion on Centre. Set point and Janowicz's shot cannons off Murray's shoulder and goes over. Crowd think he's won the point - Murray shakes his head forlornly. The Brit dusts himself down though and brings up a second set point before sending down an 18th ace of the match to seal it. Still only seven for Janowicz.

Tweet from @rnnbrwn

20:35"Jerzy looks frayed here."

Tweet from @NickMcCarvel

20:34"Jerzy shore looks tight"

Murray *6-7, 6-4, 5-4 Janowicz

20:29Jerzy is unravelling*... He slaps the net with a forehand and smacks the net with his racket. No warning. Now a double fault puts him three break points down. ANOTHER DROP SHOT?! It's a winner too! But the All England Club explodes with delight as Janowicz goes long. Murray wins his fourth straight game.*I thank you

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 4-4* Janowicz

20:26And suddenly - almost unexpectedly - the momentum is with Murray. He powers down a hat-trick of aces - taking his total to 17 - and holds to love. Real test for Jerzy now.

Murray *6-7, 6-4, 3-4 Janowicz

20:22Desperate, guttoral roars of approval as Janowicz tries yet another drop shot - and is passed by Murray. OOOH! Lucky, lucky netcord for Murray and he has a break-back point. Missed first serve and - almost unbelievably - another drop shot! Murray reaches it and whips it cross-court - and joins in the celebrations with a fired-up crowd.

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 2-4* Janowicz

20:20A hold to love in double-quick time by Murray.

Murray *6-7, 6-4, 1-4 Janowicz

20:18Janowicz reaches a century of aces for the tournament as he gets to 40-30 and although he is pegged back to deuce, that big serve comes to his rescue yet again. The Centre Court crowd - apart from the Poles sitting in Janowicz's player box - is stressed.

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 1-3* Janowicz

20:09Guessing the roof will be closed at the end of this set. Only guessing, mind. I'm nowhere near the big button marked 'close,' I have no influence on these matters. A big yelp of "nooooo" and a slap of the thigh as Murray nets a backhand - and now a devillish slice by Janowicz forces Murray to net again. Break point for the Pole - and he's pumping his first now as a drop shot gives him the break. Sure you want the roof closed, Jerzy?

Murray *6-7, 6-4, 1-2 Janowicz

20:06Coo-ee. Janowicz loses the first point, but responds with a stunning drop shot - that Murray didn't anticipate at all. Good hold from the Pole. Eastenders has been delayed on the BBC coverage. This is serious... Janowicz STILL fussing about the roof and the lights.

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 1-1* Janowicz

20:00Terrible miss by Murray to begin the game - missing a volley with the court gaping - and a missed forehand leaves him 15-30 down. The net turns Polish as Janowicz crashes a backhand at the top of the net and the ball has enough momentum to trickle over. Two break points...ace out wide...ace down the T. What a response. Another one! Murray is an ace machine - 12 in total now.

Murray *6-7, 6-4, 0-1 Janowicz

19:57Murray heads off to the bathroom, leaving Janowicz to chunter on a bit more about the light/roof etc. It has been confirmed that the match will continue to a finish - under the roof if necessary. Murray with a sensational lob over the 6ft8ins Janowicz but it gets him nowhere as JJ gets off to a solid start in the third set.

Murray 6-7, 6-4, 0-0* Janowicz

19:52Murray serves out to 15. Fist pump from the Brit.

Murray *6-7, 5-4 Janowicz

19:47Angry swish of the racket from Janowicz as he wildly swings a forehand wide. He also hits his fifth double fault of the match - more than his four aces - but Murray can't take advantage. Janowicz chatting to the umpire about the light at the changeover - still about an hour of natural daylight remaining, but the Centre Court lights seem to be coming on too to give it a boost.

Murray 6-7, 5-3* Janowicz

19:38Thriller of a rally to open the game - and Murray is on the turf in vain as he scrambles to retrieve. Trouble at 15-30 - and he wellies a backhand well long. A very frustrated shrug of the shoulders. Two break points: he finds a swinging second serve to save the first and then an ace down the T. Hold up, here's another break point: and here's another pinpoint serve. He survives but he's not making it easy for this stressed-out nation.

Murray *6-7, 4-3 Janowicz

19:35Another chink for Murray as he gets to 15-30...JJ stays solid though, finishing the game with a screamer of a forehand onto the baseline - his 21st winner of the match.

Murray 6-7, 4-2* Janowicz

19:28Danger for Murray at 0-30 - and a very real danger as JJ chases down a short ball and goes straight at Murray, who ducks like a boxer and sees the ball fly out. Back to 30-30 but now Murray overcooks a volley. Break point for Janowicz - and he's on the serious defensive but somehow escapes as JJ nets a forehand.

Murray *6-7, 3-2 Janowicz

19:24Two more break points for Murray but he makes a mess of a forehand on the first and then Jerzy digs out his fourth ace of the match. Frustration for the Brit.

Murray 6-7, 3-1* Janowicz

19:22Murray up to seven aces now - to Janowicz's three - and that's another love hold. Superb serving from the world No.2.

Murray *6-7, 2-1 Janowicz

19:20Del Potro was asked in his news conference whether he knew who Del Boy was (he's a character in a British sitcom) as some people in the crowd were yelling it at him. After it was explained to him, the genial Delpo replied: "Well, I have a few nicknames, so one more, it's OK."

Del Potro on the crowd

Juan Martin Del Potro sits on a ledge on Centre Court after a long point during his Semi-Final match against Novak Djokovic. 19:19"I think they saw my effort, my big effort. It's not easy jump to the Centre Court on Wimbledon and play against the No. 1 on the world my first semi-finals here. Many pression [pressure] on me...But I did a big, big effort. Of course, I would like to say thank you to the crowd. They help me a lot to survive in the fourth set and keep trying. I think I will be very happy in a few days."

Murray 6-7, 2-0* Janowicz

19:16Murray backs it up with a hold to love. He has still lost only nine points on serve...

Murray *6-7, 1-0 Janowicz

19:13Murray immediately back on his toes, and he has two break points after a Janowicz double fault. On the second, the Pole chucks in another double and Murray with the advantage already. First sign of vulnerability from JJ.

Juan Martin Del Potro after losing to Djokovic

19:12"Was a really high level match during four hours. He hit so hard the ball. I think was unbelievable to watch, but, of course, I'm sad because I lost and I was close to beat him."

Murray 6-7, 0-0 Janowicz

19:07Huuuuuge cross-court forehand from JJ makes it 5-2. He is right in the zone - and now he forces Murray to mistime one. Four set points...Wow. Murray chooses precisely the worst time to deliver his first double fault. Buckle up Britain, it might be one of *those* matches...

Murray 6-6 Janowicz

19:03Murray on the back foot immediately, losing the first point on serve. Not a good idea when you're facing a serve like Janowicz's. Sure enough, the Pole is out into a 3-0 lead - and now an under-pressure Murray belts an easy volley over the baseline to go 4-0 down. Now the fightback: Murray up to a drop volley and sticking it down the line. They switch over at 4-2.

Murray 6-6 Janowicz

18:59Little bit of attention from the trainer for Janowicz at the changeover - adjusting some of the tape that appears to be holding his right elbow together. Murray showing a little frustration as JJ eases into a 30-0 lead - and Janowicz takes the game to love. Tie-break it is...

Murray 6-5* Janowicz

18:56Murray with a delicate drop shot - but Janowicz gets there and responds with a perfect dink down the line. 15-15...Boom, Murray with a fourth ace of the match, and a fifth sends him back to the chair knowing he'll at least get to a tie-break.

Murray *5-5 Janowicz

18:53Expectant crowd sense a chance as Murray moves to 15-30 - and then a dipping forehand forces JJ to volley over the baseline. Two set points for the Brit all of a sudden. Two returns into the net off two massive serves - including a 118mph second serve. A pumped-up Janowicz survives.

18:51"Re 1843 - I don't blame Rafa - must be miffed that he's not playing today, gotta distract himself somehow"

Murray 5-4* Janowicz

18:49Murray with three aces to Janowicz's one. Who's the big server again? A hold to love for the Brit - and he has still only dropped three points on serve.

Murray *4-4 Janowicz

18:46Janowicz certainly doesn't seem too nervy in his first Grand Slam semi-final. There's another drop shot from the big Pole - how many so far? - and though Murray reaches it, JJ dinks it back down the line and holds to love.

Murray 4-3* Janowicz

18:43Meanwhile, Rafa Nadal is tweeting about a poker game he's playing with his mate Alfonso. Maybe he's recording the tennis for later - no one tell him the result. Murray is serving well early on here, only dropping three points so far.

Murray *3-3 Janowicz

18:40Henman Hill is now officially full to capacity - and people have been sent over to No.2 Court to watch this match on the screen there. I'm not saying that Britain is tennis obsessed at the moment... Murray is getting into Janowicz's service games but hasn't been able to strike yet...

Murray 3-2* Janowicz

18:35Janowicz is wearing a cap for the sunny end of Centre Court - the Royal Box end obviously where the sun ALWAYS shines. Oof. The lineswoman who was clattered by a Murray ace earlier has just been hit again. Send out the armour. Love hold for Murray.

Murray *2-2 Janowicz

18:30Anything exciting happen while I was gone? No? I took a little wander out to Henman Hill during that fifth set of Djoko-Delpo and let me tell you: there's a lot of sunburn and a fair amount of Pimm's-related giddiness. If this match gets going, the Hill could take off... And here's a great chance for Murray: a break point and a second serve to look at. A 121mph second serve, that is. Murray can't control the return.

18:29With that I'm going to hand you back to Caroline Cheese, it's been lovely wittering along with you, let's go Muzza! And JJ!

Murray 2-1* Janowicz

18:26Brad Gilbert's nickname for young Janowicz is 'Jerzy Boy,' which I do think is rather inspired. It's Murray who looks inspired at the moment though, making no mistake with some very nice first serves. And I've just noticed that the Scot has a patch for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity on his shirt sleeve, which is of course in aid of his good friend Ross Hutchins. Get well soon Ross. We miss you. Murray holds to 15 though, and so far so grand.

Murray *1-1 Janowicz

18:22Let's get a look at this Pole's serve then. And Murray sends down a warning with a backhand winner. Nice. The key for him will be to avoid giving Janowicz targets to hit at. Which he fails at on the very next point as Jerzy fizzes a backhand cross court zinger. James Corden does not approve. Murray's forehand return pops out, and it's 30-15 to JJ. Who incidentally has 'JJ' emblazoned on his socks. A tribute to Jelena Jankovic? A 139mph serve into the corner, and it's game point Janowicz. Serve and volley and game.

Murray 1-0* Janowicz

18:20Off we go then. Andy Murray serves first, and on the second point bangs down an ace that bops the line judge on the head. She sort of dipped into it. Which is an interesting, if not dangerous, tactic. Murray holds to 15, and he's on the board. Huzzah.

18:18Couldn't agree more Laura. So, while Andy Murray sits in his chair after the warm-up against the very tall Jerzy Janowicz, young Brit Kyle Edmund and his doubles partner Federico Silva are into the boys' doubles semi-finals after a 7-6, 6-3 win over Geens and Rubin. Edmund and Silva are the reigning French Open champions, did you know.

Tweet from @laurarobson5

18:17That was a classic tennis match. Unbelievable quality. #Djokovic #DelPotro p.s #comeonandy

Some stats

18:12Would you like some facts and figures from that match? Match time 4hrs 43mins Aces Djokovic: 22, Del Potro: 4 1st serves Djokovic 69%, Del Potro: 60%, Winners Djokovic: 80, Del Potro, 48 Unforced errors Djokovic 48, Del Potro 37. Total points Djokovic 190, Del Potro 178.
80 winners?!?!?!

Tweet from @par3000

18:09"how is the final going to be better than this?"
Very good question!

Here comes Andy...

18:08So, after that little warm up. Here's the main event. Andy Murray v Jerzy Janowicz, the one all those on the mound have been waiting for. I'd imagine they are just a little bit excited.

18:04I do apologise. The far-more-experienced Caroline Cheese tells me my entries are a little long. I will be more concise in future :) So what did you think of that then? Let us know - socialmedia@aeltc.com or @Wimbledon. All thoughts and views welcome.


18:02Who enjoyed that then? That really was quite a gladiatorial fest, and as Djokovic said, all credit to Del Potro for putting every single last ounce of his effort out there. And on a twice-hyper-extended knee too.

Reaction from Djokovic

17:58"It was one of the best matches that I've been part of, one of the most exciting definitely. It was so close, really, you couldn't separate us. That's why he's a Grand Slam champion, he's right at the top. He comes up with unbelievable shots. I didn't think I played wrong when I was match points up, maybe I should have stepped in and be more aggressive. But I kept fighting and I'm very proud to go through. It's five sets, when I lost fourth, it was disappointing because I was very close to the win, a lot of opportunities, but credit to him for fighting and coming up with some big shots. It was a very high level of tennis today, this is what I expected, I managed to stay tough and hold at the end. I'm just enjoying this victory. I'll think tomorrow about the final. It's one of the best, most exciting here in Wimbledon, I've played a few times five sets here, but such a high level from first to last point, I'm privileged to be a winner of this match."

Bow down

17:56At 4 hours 43 minutes that was, I believe, the longest semi-final in Wimbledon history. Wowsers. Djokovic signs autographs for the crowd, and walks in to have a word with the BBC's Phil Jones...

Djokovic beats Del Potro 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, 6-3

17:48Can Del Potro summon one last bit of something to keep this match alive? Perhaps. He punts a backhand wide, and it's 0-15. Good golly. Another unforced error from Djokovic on the backhand and it's 0-30. He's wound up very tight. He grabs one point back by not making a mistake on a smash. By the bye, this match is fast approaching the length of the epic Olympic semi-final between Del Potro and Roger Federer here at SW19 last year, the one Federer won 19-17 in the third. I digress, sorry. A backhand error from Del Potro, and we're back to 30-30. Two points to go for Djokovic. Second serve. Backhand to backhad they go, forehand to forehand, a NET CORD! And Del Potro buries the forehand without mistake. Break back point for Del Potro. Unreal. The crowd are whooping and cheering in the sunshine. I hope they've got sun cream on. And oh my giddy wow, Del Potro's return creeps over the net, Djokovic charges in and makes the drop shot. The Tower can't get to it. Deuce. Big big serve down the T again, his most successful shot of the day, and it is match point Djokovic. Never in doubt? Let on the first serve. Ping. First serve in the net. Clunk. But he takes a step into the court and buries the backhand winner down the line, and that is the game, set and match. Novak Djokovic will play the men's singles final on Sunday. He fist pumps the air, crouches down on his haunches, his box are on their feet, and the world No.1 defies description once again.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, *5-3 Del Potro

17:45Back to the players... and both these young gentleman are starting to look ever-so-slightly weary. Or "so gassed" as one of my colleagues describes. Djokovic gives Del Potro a proper run around with a drop shot and then dink lob over the head, and the big man just flops his limbs and drops his head in acknowledgement. He looks sore. The bit is very much between Djokovic's teeth here, and he earns himself two break points. Del Potro escapes one as the Serb's forehand flies long, but on a second serve delivery, Djokovic makes him play one more shot than he'd like, Del Potro's positioning isn't quite right, and his forehand sails beyond the baseline. Djokovic breaks and will serve for his spot in the final.


17:43The infamous man in the black stetson hat continues to attract attention in our email inbox, with Sandra Bayley emailing in to inquire. The answer, as we revealed yesterday, his name is David Spearing and he's the steward of the players' box.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, 4-3* Del Potro

17:39A ratty Novak Djokovic can go either way - he can either start playing ridiculously well, or ridiculously not-well. And at the moment, it's the latter. He nets another forehand, and it's 15-15 on his serve. But here we go, a 22nd ace down the middle. And I for one am quite boggled by the fact he's hit 22 aces. Del Potro's served just four. Del Potro's forehand return goes long, although he challenges it. And he's quite right to! It clips the back of the line, and we replay the point. But it's in vain as another first serve goes in, and another return goes out. 40-15 to Djoker Nole as his twitter handle goes, and Del Potro's forehand return again finds the net. We stay on serve.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, *3-3 Del Potro

17:34The Tower of Tandil's turn to serve. And his percentages are not nearly as impressive as Djokovic's, a mere 59% of first serve deliveries booming in. Djokovic is doing his best to get his teeth into this set early on, 30-30, and this game could go either way... a ball down the middle of the court, Del Potro slightly wrong-footed, and he hits wide. Break point Djokovic. First serve finds...the net. High bouncing return from Djokovic, Del Potro returns right into the Serb's body, and he can only bury the ball into the net. Deuce. That was Djokovic's 13th break point, incidentally. He's converted just two. And oh my wow. Long exchange from the baseline as Djokovic pounds a backhand into the corner with Del Potro can only chip back, the world No.1 has all the time on this earth to dink it over and he nets it. Not good. Game point Delly, as Heather Watson is calling him, and Djokovic again nets a seemingly simple forehand. Lucky escape for the big man there? I think so.

Say hi!

17:32So if you hadn't figured, I'm giving the wonderful Caroline Cheese a little break, so do get in touch - email in socialmedia@aeltc.com or tweet me - @alex_willis.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, 3-2* Del Potro

17:25Can Djokovic produce an equally simple service game? He's put in a phenomenal 71 % of his first serves which is really quite good. But it does seem like Del Potro is running him a wee bit ragged at the moment. At 40-15 to the world No.1, he draws DelPo into the net yet again, and the big man leaps up to a lob. 40-30. Del Po takes a moment to catch his breath, rather like I do at the start of a match. His patience proves worthwhile, he thumps a return down the line and we're at deuce. Another first serve in from Djokovic but then he goes wide with the forehand, and hey ho whaddya know, it's break point. Crumbs. No miss on the next backhand though, and Djokovic pulls it back to deuce. 171-166 on points they are at the moment. And a clutch first serve delivery from Djokovic brings up advantage. Fist clench. First serve goes...long, and so does the second! Double fault.. oh wait, he's challenging. Nope, still out. Deuce. Another first serve finds its mark, once, twice, and Djokovic holds. How crucial will that prove to be? We shall see.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, *2-2 Del Potro

17:22Thank you very kindly Caroline. Quite honoured to be allowed to be add to this page of esteemed scribblings. So. What turn will this fifth set take? Del Potro reaches up into the sunshine on his serve, and charges the net eagerly to put away a backhand approach cross court. Delightful. Rooting himself to the baseline, a forehand wide to Djokovic's backhand does the business, and, a big serve later, he holds to 15. Simples.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, 2-1* Del Potro

17:19Super impressed with the way Djokovic has rebounded from the agony of that fourth-set tie-break - and that's another hold to love. The doctor is on for Del Potro again - but not his knee, looks like his armpit he's getting massaged?! Anyway, your esteemed Wimbledon.com editor Alex Willis is going back to the floor with a turn on the live blog, so I'll let her figure that one out.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, 1-1 Del Potro

17:15Del Potro out into a 40-0 lead - but Djokovic drags him back to deuce. Forehand gets him out of trouble of course.

Email from Jane in Sydney

17:14"Pulling an all-nighter here in Sydney. Extraordinary tennis - and that's just the first main event of the night...don't want to see either lose."

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, 1-0* Del Potro

17:12Djokovic somehow collects himself to hold to love. He has seen two match points come and go against an opponent who just seems to be having an awful lot of fun out there.

Tweet from Daily Mail reporter @Alex_Kay_DM

17:09"JUANBELIEVABLE #delpotro"

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-7, 0-0 Del Potro

17:08Big serve from Del Potro, who puts away the short ball to make it set point. He can't, can he? He's got a second serve to look at: sensational return and Djokovic can only net the response! We're going all the way, folks. AMAZING!!!!!!

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-6 Del Potro

16:57Del Potro stops the point to challenge - and even before the HawkEye replay is shown, I think he knows he's messed up. Djokovic is out into a 2-0 lead but Delpo gets the mini-break back with another huge forehand. Djoko breaks again and he has a 4-2 lead at the changeover. Break wiped out by yet more crunching forehands. And there's another! Djokovic slips and falls but he never would've got there. Another incredible rally, Delpo scrambling cross-court to get to a smash, but Djoko cutting off the volley. No one wants this match to end - except Djokovic, who puts away a forehand to bring up two match points. Another LOL moment as Delpo waves the ball out following an EPIC 24-stroke rally. Can't quite believe what I'm seeing here. Djokovic with one more match point - but on Delpo's serve. The fearhand does the trick! It's 6-6 - and there's almost a standing ovation as the players swap sides for a second time...

Tweet from NY Times writer @BenRothenberg

16:56"If you're not bursting out laughing at some of these del Potro forehands, you're simply not watching this match correctly. "

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 6-6 Del Potro

16:54Vroom. Del Potro hits a 120mph forehand cross-court winner. He's smiling. We're all smiling. Djokovic isn't - and he quickly holds to 15. Tie-break time!

Email from Andrew in Bangkok

16:52"It's going to be another late night watching Wimby here in Bangkok. While I'm waiting for the match I REALLY want to see (Murray v. Janowicz), Djokovic and Del Potro have decided to stage an absolute classic of power hitting. Djokovic is lucky they don't have the three-knockdown rule in tennis - Delpo has had him off his feet at least a half dozen times as he tries to cope with the big man's overpowering groundstrokes."

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 7-6, 5-6 Del Potro

16:51Clock ticks to 3 hours 40 minutes as Delpo runs through one of the quickest games of the match - a love hold for the Argentine.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 5-5* Del Potro

16:46Del Potro flings another of those zipping forehands cross-court - but misses. He challenges, but it's well wide. He nails the next one though, to get back to 40-30. He has one challenge remaining - and he chooses not to use it on the next point when his forehand is called long. Replays show it clipped the line. By such tiny margins are matches like this won and lost.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 7-6, 4-5 Del Potro

16:41Two sizzling returns from Djokovic to open the game, but Del Potro inches his way back in. I don't want this match to ever end - so I'm pulling for Del Potro at this stage. How about you?

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 4-4* Del Potro

16:37Uh-oh. Djokovic takes his eye off the ball - and balloons a forehand long to give Delpo a break point. The Argentine gratefully accepts the gift by belting a backhand down the line for a clean winner.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 7-6, 4-3 Del Potro

16:31"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo," is the plaintive cry from Djokovic as he misses a backhand. He's quickly back on it, plucking a high bouncing back out of the air with a clean winner and then drawing an error from Del Potro for two break points. Another mindboggling point from both ends with a volley winner from Delpo - but then he puts a tired forehand into the net to give up the break. Djokovic is getting closer...

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 3-3* Del Potro

16:28Haha, weird and wonderful on Centre Court. Del Potro sprints cross-court and whips a forehand just long - called out by the umpire. He carries on to the other side of the net before having a chinwag with Djoko - and playfully unzipping his opponent's shirt. Leconte and Bahrami have got competition.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 7-6, 2-3 Del Potro

16:23Del Potro puts away the game with another brutal forehand winner. He's up to 32 winners for the match - 20 short of Djokovic's total.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 2-2* Del Potro

16:20We've hit a lull - which is not in the least surprising. Feels like Del Potro is conserving energy for the business end of the set.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 7-6, 1-2 Del Potro

16:15Djoko went off court and had a full change of clothes at the end of the third set. That's how hot it is, folks. Djokovic gets from 40-0 down to 40-30, but then ruins all his hard work by netting a simple forehand. Frustration for the Serb.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 1-1* Del Potro

16:14Pretty disastrous effort at a high backhand volley from Del Potro - needs some lessons from the master, Tim Henman. Djoko holds to 30.

Tweet from British player @HeatherWatson92

16:12"Who's watching!? #Djokovic vs. #DelPotro Unbelievable Tennis"

Tweet from NY Times writer @christophclarey

16:11"Someone just popped open a bottle of champagne in the press seats at #Wimbledon. This match deserves it"

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 7-6, 0-1 Del Potro

16:06Delpo with the Becker-style diving volley - but fails to get the ball over the net and goes 0-30 down. It's all going on: Del Potro looks to the skies in thanks after he gets a very lucky net cord, and he manages to come through. He needed that...

16:03Djokovic won 23% of his second serve points in that third set, which included 31 winners combined. It felt like a lot more. Not sure how Djokovic managed to stay with a rampant Del Potro - but I guess that why he's world No.1 eh?

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 7-6, 0-0 Del Potro

15:53Djoko's on the turf, but it doesn't matter because Del Potro has netted a simple smash. Djokovic takes a 4-2 lead to the other side of the net. A netted forehand gives Djokovic three set points...and he takes the first with a reaction backhand. That could have been the best set of tennis we've seen this tournament...

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 6-6 Del Potro

15:49Djoko on the charge again, a measured backhand drawing the error from a stretching Del Potro. Big return sets up the forehand winner and that's three set points. Misses the first two - and then Delpo comes up with another ridiculous forehand winner - 90mph! Djokovic will be fuming - we're into a tie-break.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 6-5* Del Potro

15:44Del Potro is back hitting his spots with metronomic regularity - and even the energy bunny that is Djokovic can't keep up on the second point. It's the only point he loses though and he edges ahead again. I'm starting to worry a bit about Pimm's consumption on the Hill.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 5-5 Del Potro

15:41Terrible start for Del Potro, whose concentration wavers for the first time in a long time as he falls to 0-30. WHAAAA?!! That's a simply outrageous forehand on the run from Delpo, snapping it cross-court and leaving Djoko flailing. Incredible shotmaking. Incredible.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 5-4* Del Potro

15:36Djoko plays a half-volley drop shot like it's the easiest thing in the world. I think we all know it absolutely isn't.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 4-4 Del Potro

15:32Will Del Potro suffer a letdown after the disappointments of that last game? Absolutely not. Holds to 15.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 4-3* Del Potro

15:23Djokovic punching the air in disgust after going for an ill-advised attempt at a winner-down-the-line that only finds the net. Two break points for Del Potro...he's up to the net but NO! His volley goes in the net, and on the second he fires a backhand wide. Del Potro winning yet more fans as he stands on the side of the court after a gruelling rally and high-fives a fan. He didn't win the point - and now Djokovic is looking at his box and yelling after coming through an epic game.

15:21American Taylor Townsend will meet Swiss prodigy Belinda Becic in the girls' singles final after a 2-6, 7-5, 7-5 win over No.2 seed Ana Konjuh that took well over two hours. Final is tomorrow.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 3-3 Del Potro

15:15Will Del Potro live to regret missing that break point in the last game? He's teetering at 30-30 and second serve - but comes up with an absolutely sensational off-forehand that even Djokovic is applauding. Delpo is taken to deuce but comes through. More frustration for Djokovic.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 3-2* Del Potro

15:08A strangely hesitant Djokovic overcooks a forehand to leave him 0-30 down. Two brave second serves get him back on level terms though. He misses a game point when Delpo's return clips the net and dribbles just over - before a netted forehand gives Delpo break point. Big serve saves the day, but the Serb still seems out of sorts here.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 2-2 Del Potro

15:05Del Potro winning quite a few of these baseline exchanges now - with Djoko rolling his eyes as he slaps the net with a weak backhand. Love game for Delpo.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 2-1* Del Potro

15:01Actor Jude Law among the celebs in the Royal Box - and his celebrity sunglasses are very necessary on a baking day at SW19.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 1-1 Del Potro

14:58Djokovic's run of 16 straight sets here is over - so how does he respond? Well, not much sign of a response yet as Del Potro holds to 30.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-6 1-0* Del Potro

14:51Jerzy Janowicz has been spotted eating lunch - pasta, since you're asking - and comedian James Corden is also here, ready to support his pal Andy Murray later. Djokovic opens the third set with a comfortable hold.

Djokovic *7-5, 4-6 0-0 Del Potro

14:49Del Potro chases down another drop shot and replies with one of his own to move to 40-0 and three set points before a big first serve levels the match. Great effort by the Argentine - seems like those pills are working their magic again...

14:47The Barty never stops... Aussie duo Ashleigh Barty and Casey Dellacqua are through to the ladies' doubles final, beating Groenefeld and Peschke 7-6, 6-2. That's their second Grand Slam final of the year - after just missing out on the trophy at the Aussie Open in January.

Djokovic 7-5, 4-5* Del Potro

14:46Del Potro quite content with one break, thanks, as Djokovic holds to love.

Djokovic *7-5, 3-5 Del Potro

14:42Del Potro out into a 40-0 lead - but then pegged back to deuce. Nervous times for the Delpo army. Big forehand error from the Argentine and it's break-back point - saved with a net attack. Sighs of relief for the Delpo army.

Djokovic 7-5, 3-4* Del Potro

14:36Great roar of approval as Del Potro gets those legs moving to reach a drop shot and dink it cross-court for the winner before urging the fans to up the noise. He suddenly has three break points - his first of the match. He only needs one, cracking a backhand down the line that Djokovic can't get back. Huh. Wasn't expecting that...

Djokovic *7-5, 3-3 Del Potro

14:27Errors coming thick and fast for Del Potro now and he faces two break points. The Argentine is into the net and showing off some very decent volleying skills - picking one off his toes to win the point. Only his second ace of the match gets him to deuce - but Djokovic is sensing blood and he forces another break point. Another one saved as Djoko frames a forehand, but here's a fourth...huge first serve and Djokovic nets the response. Delpo hangs on - much to Djoko's frustration.

Djokovic 7-5, 3-2* Del Potro

14:23Djokovic still winning 85% of points behind his first serve and he's getting 72% of those serves in. Hold to 15 - and Del Potro has got the doctor on at the changeover. More "magic pills"?

Djokovic *7-5, 2-2 Del Potro

14:20Few strange errors from Djokovic in that game - he's up to 14 in total, Delpo is on 10.

Djokovic 7-5, 2-1* Del Potro

14:16Del Potro holding his dodgy knee after another long rally - but it doesn't stop him leaping to power a backhand return into the open court on the next point. Still no break point for the big Argentine though and Djoko holds to 30.

Djokovic *7-5, 1-1 Del Potro

14:12Crunch... Del Potro's forehand comes flying past Djokovic's outstretched racket at an astonishing rate. The Serb tumbles over, and Del Potro checks to see if he's ok before getting the thumbs up from his opponent. Nice touch. Delpo holds to 15.

Djokovic 7-5, 1-0* Del Potro

14:08It's going to take a superhuman effort for Del Potro to come back from that set - especially the way in which he lost it at the death. He managed only 4 winners in that first set, to Djokovic's 14. The world No.1 is quickly up and running in the second set too.

Djokovic *7-5, 0-0 Del Potro

14:02Typical backhand on the stretch from Djoko, firing it down the line for a miraculous winner, and the Serb gets to 30-30 with a well-timed drop shot that Delpo fails to deal with. Djokovic on the attack now and forces Del Potro to float a backhand long. Only the second break point - and it's a set point. Missed first serve and Del Potro overcooks a forehand. A desperate challenge by the Argentine - but it's well wide. Del Potro blinks first.

Djokovic 6-5* Del Potro

13:560-15 and Delpo has a forehand pass to look at. He absolutely creams it cross-court. Not sure how the linesman made the call, it went so fast, but it lands wide. Djokovic off the hook.

Djokovic *5-5 Del Potro

13:52Stefan Edberg looking on from the Royal Box, no doubt wondering what damage he could do at the net behind some of these thundering serves. Djokovic - who has removed his white cap - is looking a bit fed up because he keeps getting himself into good positions - and then making wasteful errors. Delpo holds to 30.

Djokovic 5-4* Del Potro

13:49Bit distracted by the #AndyMurrayHittingThings hashtag on Twitter... Have a look if you need some light relief. Brilliant serve by Djokovic, swinging out wide and completely baffling Delpo. A hold to 30. One break point so far in the match. Djoko winning 89 percent of points behind his first serve, Del Potro 88 percent.

Djokovic *4-4 Del Potro

13:44Lovely stretch volley from Djokovic gets him to 30-30 and another small window of opportunity, but he wastefully bunts a backhand wide. Delpo must win this set to have a chance in the match I reckon - anyone disagree?

Tweet from @annekeothavong

13:43"There's a Keothavong in the semi's at Wimbledon and it's definitely not me. Big bro [James] is in the chair for Djokovic - Del Potro"

Djokovic 4-3* Del Potro

13:40He might not be moving brilliantly - but he is absolutely cracking his groundstrokes. Djokovic is 15-30 down after a crunching forehand from Delpo - but the Serb rattles through the next three points. 'Muscular' I think you'd call this encounter.

Email from Gagan

13:39"Looks like, DelPo is very careful with his movement. He is not gonna have a chance, if he continues like this :("

Djokovic *3-3 Del Potro

13:27Not so fast, Tim...An unexpected double fault from Del Potro and he's at 30-30. First glimmer for Djokovic and after another baseline exchange, Del Potro hooks a backhand wide and that's a first break point of the match. Big serve, return into the net. String of deuces, several gruelling rallies later and Del Potro clings on.

Email from Tim

13:25"I foresee tie-breaks.."

Djokovic 3-2* Del Potro

13:23Three points have gone against serve so far. Djokovic has won all 10 points behind his first serve. It's a very good start by both men.

Djokovic *2-2 Del Potro

13:21Djokovic has been returning brilliantly so far this tournament but he hasn't yet got to grips with the Delpo serve, the Argentine holding to love.

Email from anon in Norway

13:19"It is not only Serbs from Serbia who are waiting for this match! There are Serbs all around the world who are excited and waiting for the start. Go, Novak, go, you are our hero! We are with you and you are in our hearts, no matter where we are! Vamos, Nole! You are the best! Greetings from Norway"

Djokovic 2-1* Del Potro

13:17This is a typically emphatic start by Djokovic. He has been supreme at this tournament so far - yet to drop a set so far.

Djokovic *1-1 Del Potro

13:14It's safe to say serve and volley aficionados are going to be disappointed here. Djoko and Delpo belting crisp groundstrokes back and forth from the baseline.

Djokovic 1-0* Del Potro

13:12Some hard hitting from Del Potro prevents Djokovic getting started with a love service game, but an ace closes out a solid start for the world No.1.

13:10Here we go then: semi-final one about to get going and it's Novak Djokovic to serve.

Gianluigi Quinzi def. Kyle Edmund 6-4, 6-4

13:06The Italian No.6 seed just needed a single break in two sets to work his way by British hope Kyle Edmund, the 5th seed in the boys' singles semi-finals. Last Italian to win the junior title here? Diego Nargiso in 1987.

13:01Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin Del Potro are warming up on a buzzing Centre Court. They have met 11 times in all, Djoko leading the series 8-3. Delpo looking to become the second Argentine to reach the men's final here after Nalbandian in 2002.

12:58Sabine Lisicki and Marion Bartoli have been talking to the media ahead of the ladies' final tomorrow. Pigtails and leggings for Lisicki, white dress and knee-high black boots for Bartoli.

12:54Gianluigi Quinzi is a set and a break up in his boys' singles semi-final against Britain's Kyle Edmund. Not looking like a great start to the day for the home country...

12:50This is the fourth straight semi-final meeting for Delpo and Djoko. Djokovic won at the ATP Finals and in Dubai, but Del Potro won the most recent last four encounter in three sets in Indian Wells. The Argentine also won their only grass-court meeting, at the Olympics last year.

12:45We are less than 15 minutes away from seeing Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin Del Potro walking onto Centre Court. The grounds are officially at full capacity.

12:35Love, love, loving the Polish missives. Although if there's anyone from Serbia, Argentina or Britain who wants to get involved, please do. A message from John McEnroe who tells the BBC that Janowicz is "gonna be around for a long time - big time."

Email from Marian in Chicago

12:30"You wanted to hear about mood in Poland... but I am writing from the second Polish City in the world... from Chicago, where live around 1m Polish people. It is just after 6 am and I am awake for more than 1 hours. I rescheduled my patients (I am a pediatrician) and now I am waiting. I really can't describe how proud I am now. Powodzenia (you were right) Jerzy!!!! It will be a great match. CHICAGO SCREAMS - DAWAJ JERZYK!!!! (Go Jerzyk!!!!) We call him Jerzyk - little Jerzy"

Email from Jacek in Poland

12:24"All of us are filled with hope. Hope that Jerzy has a chance of achieving the final, or even winning the tournament, as long as he keeps his nerves and emotions under control. Of course we are trying not to clearly demand such result from him. We all know that he achieved very much, and we will not blame him for losing today. Also hope that Jerzy will become a tennis star for years. He is only 22 years old, and has a great potential to be another polish sport superhero (as we are lacking one after Adam Malysz retirement and Robert Kubica accident). All in all, we are over the moon for all he has achieved but we know that he will have to work hard to progress even further."

Tweet from @AvishayEV

12:15"can't wait for semis to start really jealous of the fans in the stedium, greetings from israel"

12:09Not necessarily Mariusz, unless you can see into the future and Murray and Janowicz will be the No.1 and 2 seeds? Back to the present, the girls' No.1 seed Belinda Bencic - a highly-rated Swiss teen - is out on Court 18 in her semi-final against American Louisa Chirico. She's made a solid start, taking the first set 6-0.

Email from Mariusz

12:07"I can tell you what is the mood of all the Poles here in UK. To sum it in one sentence - Don't worry Andy, you will make it to the final next year. JJ will be in the other half of the draw."

11:56We may be more than an hour away from the men's semi-finals, but balls are already being hit in anger around these hallowed grounds. A packed crowd on No.3 Court are watching Britain's Kyle Edmund's attempt to reach the boys' singles final. The 18-year-old No.5 seed is up against No.6 seed Gianluigi Quinzi of Italy.

11:51"This is a really big thing for me. This is what I was waiting for. This is what I was dreaming about. Sometimes if you dream really hard about something it can actually happen." But Jerzy Janowicz isn't ready to go home yet. Read more about the Polish ace machine.

Email from Michal in Poland

11:50"Polish people are in the mood, having oportunity to watch polish player in Wimbledon semis day by day for the first time is super cool. Unfortunately Aga didn't make it but we keep our finger crossed for Jerzy!!! It's a little bit problematic for me 'cuz I like Andy probably the most from the top 4 but I'm with Janowicz today for sure."

11:31If anyone wants to let me know the mood in Poland, or indeed anything else that's on your mind, please feel free to drop an email on socialmedia@aeltc.com or tweet me @carolinecheese or using #Wimbledon.

11:26And if Britain is giddy, how must Poland be feeling? They'll watch one of their own in a Grand Slam men's singles semi-final for the first time ever when Jerzy Janowicz takes on Murray later. Powodzenia! (which hopefully means good luck)

11:14What with it finally being summer and Andy Murray being in his fifth straight Wimbledon semi-final, Great Britain has officially reached GIDDY on the excitometer.

11:09Also hope those Hill dwellers have brought the Factor 30. It's a scorcher. Official weather: Cloud around at times, especially late morning to early afternoon, but it is likely the sunshine will become more prolonged during this afternoon. Very warm in the sunshine, high of 26C (79F).

11:04The gates have been opened, prompting a mad dash for the prized spots on Henman Hill. We are still four or five hours away from complete and utter Andymonium. I hope they've brought a lot of sausage rolls. It could be a long one.


11:00Greetings from a very lively All England Club: people are milling, the atmosphere is building, and the sun is blimmin well SHINING!

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