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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1899 Right

Second Round

Muriel Robb GBR6 2 6   
Maud Garfit GBR3 6 4   
Ruth Durlacher IRL6 6    
Mrs Tanner GBR0 0    
N.J.DurlacherPrevious RoundNext Round

H.A.Kirby GBR6 3 6   
Alice Pickering GBR4 6 3   
Bertha Steedman GBR6 7 8   
Ruth Winch GBR2 9 6   
B.SteedmanPrevious RoundNext Round

Blanche Hillyard GBR6 6    
H.Smythe GBR3 0    
Edith Austin GBR6 6    
U.Templeman GBR4 0    
E.L.AustinPrevious RoundNext Round

Beryl Tulloch GBR7 6    
Miss 'Miss Ireland' GBR5 2    
E.J.Bromfield GBR7 5 6   
Ellen Thynne GBR5 7 2   
E.J.BromfieldPrevious RoundNext Round