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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1930 Right

Fourth Round

Helen Wills-Moody USA (1)6 6    
M.Canters NED0 1    
Phyllis Mudford GBR (7)6 6    
Betty Uber GBR0 0    
P.E.MudfordPrevious RoundNext Round

Esna Robertson AUS4 1    
Joan Ridley GBR6 6    
Simone Mathieu FRA (5)6 7    
Phyllis Satterthwaite GBR4 5    
R.MathieuPrevious RoundNext Round

Betty Nuthall GBR6 6    
Mary McIlquham NED2 3    
Elizabeth Ryan USA (8)6 3 8   
Lolette Payot SUI0 6 6   
E.M.RyanPrevious RoundNext Round

Helen Jacobs USA (3)6 6    
Madge List GBR0 1    
Cilly Aussem GER (6)7 6    
Freda James GBR5 4    
C.AussemPrevious RoundNext Round