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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1931 Right

Second Round

Cilly Aussem GER (1)6 6    
Jacqueline Goldschmidt FRA4 1    
Gladys Seel GBR4 4    
E.Alexandroff EGY6 6    
E.AlexandroffPrevious RoundNext Round

Arlette Neufeld FRA4 6 7   
P.Thomas GBR6 3 5   
Betty Soames GBR6 6    
Joan Marshall GBR3 1    
B.SoamesPrevious RoundNext Round

Grace Vaughton GBR     
Freda Scott GBR     
Lolette Payot SUI6 6    
Margery Elton GBR4 2    
L.PayotPrevious RoundNext Round

Simone Mathieu FRA (3)6 6    
Jeanette Morfey GBR2 4    
E.Sander GER3 2    
Helene Nicolopoulo GRE6 6    
J.NicolopouloPrevious RoundNext Round

Elsa Haylock GBR2 6 6   
Marjorie Van Ryn USA6 3 8   
J.W.Van Ryn
Freda James GBR1 6    
Naomi Trentham GBR6 8    
N.TrenthamPrevious RoundNext Round

Phyllis Mudford GBR (7)6 6    
Nancy Lyle GBR3 1    
Joan Ridley GBR6 6    
Betty Dix GBR3 3    
J.C.RidleyPrevious RoundNext Round

Dorothy Shepherd Barron GBR5 5    
Mary Heeley GBR7 7    
Ermyntrude Harvey GBR7 4    
Peggy Scriven GBR9 6    
M.C.ScrivenPrevious RoundNext Round