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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1933 Right

Second Round

Phyllis King GBR6 6    
Olga Webb GBR1 1    
Ruth Kirk GBR6 6    
Elsie Pittman GBR1 4    
J.S.KirkPrevious RoundNext Round

Dorothy Shepherd Barron GBR5 3    
Freda James GBR7 6    
J.L.Seymour GBR3 3    
Hilde Krahwinkel GER (6)6 6    
H.KrahwinkelPrevious RoundNext Round

Mie Johnstone GBR1 4    
Joan Ridley GBR6 6    
Betty Nuthall GBR6 6    
M.A.Thomas GBR4 2    
B.NuthallPrevious RoundNext Round

Nancy Lyle GBR6 6    
Evelyn Goldsworth GBR1 2    
Kitty Godfree GBR2 6 3   
Peggy Scriven GBR (3)6 1 6   
M.C.ScrivenPrevious RoundNext Round

Evelyn Dearman GBR3 6 6   
Helen Dyson GBR6 2 0   
Eileen Whittingstall GBR6 6    
Mildred Nonweiler GBR0 2    
E.O.F.WhittingstallPrevious RoundNext Round

Edie Rudd GBR5 6    
Winnie Mason GBR7 8    
Winifred Bower GBR0 3    
Lolette Payot SUI (8)6 6    
L.PayotPrevious RoundNext Round

Virginia Rice USA4 4    
von Ende-Pflugner GER6 6    
von Ende-Pflugner
Phyllis Satterthwaite GBR3 0    
Silvia Henrotin FRA6 6    
C.F.HenrotinPrevious RoundNext Round

Mary Heeley GBR6 6    
Patricia Brazier GBR1 1    
Elizabeth Macready FRA0 0    
Helen Moody USA (1)6 6    
F.S.MoodyPrevious RoundNext Round