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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1935 Right

First Round

Florence Ford GBR6 6    
Gladys Osborne GBR2 1    
Leela Row IND2 1    
Evelyn Dearman GBR6 6    
E.M.DearmanNext Round

Jadwiga Jedrzejowska POL7 6    
Betty Soames GBR5 4    
Lucia Valerio ITA6 6    
Sonia Mavrogordato GBR2 2    
L.ValerioNext Round

Eileen Whittingstall GBR6 6    
Sybil Edwards GBR2 2    
Nell Hopman AUS6 6    
Yvonne Law GBR2 1    
H.C.HopmanNext Round

Mary Whitmarsh GBR4 4    
Dorothy Shepherd Barron GBR6 6    
W.P.Shepherd Barron
Elsa Haylock GBR2 5    
Peggy Scriven GBR (7)6 7    
M.C.ScrivenNext Round

Edith Belliard FRA6 7    
Rosemary Smith GBR0 5    
Patricia Brazier GBR5 7 6   
Jenny St John Maule GBR7 5 2   
P.G.BrazierNext Round

Effie Peters GBR6 7    
Barbara Drew GBR1 5    
Beatrice Watson BEL3 1    
Nancy Dickin GBR6 6    
E.N.S.DickinNext Round

Nancy Lyle GBR6 4 6   
Gethyn Harry GBR0 6 4   
Phyllis Whitley GBR1 4    
Madge Slaney GBR6 6    
M.SlaneyNext Round

Joan Strawson GBR2 2    
Rollin Couquerque NED6 6    
Nelly Adamson BEL3 2    
Helen Jacobs USA (3)6 6    
H.H.JacobsNext Round