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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1936 Right

Second Round

Helen Jacobs USA (2)6 6    
Marjorie Cable GBR1 0    
Jacqueline Goldschmidt FRA6 6    
Nancy Lyle GBR3 2    
J.GoldschmidtPrevious RoundNext Round

Phyllis Xydis GRE0 6    
E.W.A.Luxton GBR6 8    
Ruth Kirk GBR3 2    
Countess Lili de la Valdene FRA6 6    
Lde la ValdenePrevious RoundNext Round

Anita Lizana CHI (8)6 6    
Magda Baumgarten HUN1 1    
Marianne Wittenstrom SWE4 0    
Hilda Wallis IRL6 6    
H.WallisPrevious RoundNext Round

Elsa Haylock GBR3 4    
Mary Heeley GBR6 6    
Nancy Dickin GBR6 6    
Sonia Mavrogordato GBR1 1    
E.N.S.DickinPrevious RoundNext Round

Kay Stammers GBR (4)6 6    
Audrey Wright GBR3 0    
Josanne De Meulemeester BEL6 6    
Billie Yorke GBR4 1    
J.De MeulemeesterPrevious RoundNext Round

Jean Saunders GBR4 6 6   
Rita Jarvis GBR6 4 1   
Freda James GBR7 6 6   
Penny Weekes GBR9 3 2   
W.A.JamesPrevious RoundNext Round

Jadwiga Jedrzejowska POL (7)6 6    
Joy Mowbray-Green GBR2 2    
Alex McOstrich GBR0 6 3   
Phyllis King GBR6 4 6   
M.R.KingPrevious RoundNext Round

Susan Noel GBR6 6    
Madge Slaney GBR2 2    
Gladys Southwell GBR3 3    
Margot Lumb GBR6 6    
M.E.LumbPrevious RoundNext Round