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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1947 Right

First Round

Doris Hart USA (3)6 6    
Dorothy Muller RSA1 1    
Vera Dace GBR2 1    
Mary Halford GBR6 6    
W.C.J.HalfordNext Round

Bibbi Gullbrandsson SWE6 7    
Pam Bocquet GBR1 5    
Rollin Couquerque NED6 6    
Monique Hamelin FRA4 4    
M.C.R.CouquerqueNext Round

Magda Rurac ROM6 6    
Alison Baker AUS4 0    
Nancy Liebert GBR2 3    
Valerie Cooper GBR6 6    
O.V.CooperNext Round

Pearl Panton GBR1 3    
Peggy Dawson Scott GBR6 6    
E.W.Dawson Scott
Molly Blair GBR6 1 8   
Bea Carris GBR3 6 10   
B.E.CarrisNext Round

Jean Bostock GBR (8)6 6    
Suzy Kormoczy HUN4 3    
Luzia Studer SUI1 3    
Thelma Lister GBR6 6    
C.F.O.ListerNext Round

Gladys Lines GBR6 6    
Betty Wilford GBR4 3    
Patsy O'Connell GBR4 3    
Alex McKelvie GBR6 4    
R.D.McKelvieNext Round

Madge Slaney GBR6 6    
Doritt Herbst GBR1 2    
Joan Curry GBR6 6    
Pat Cowney GBR0 1    
P.J.CurryNext Round

Kay Tuckey GBR     
Betty Lombard IRL     
Phyllis King GBR6 6    
Miriamme de Borman BEL2 4    
M.R.KingNext Round