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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1948 Right

Second Round

Margaret du Pont USA (1)6 6    
Valerie Cooper GBR3 0    
W.du Pont
Trudi Blaisse-Terwindt NED7 6    
Barbara Behr GBR5 4    
G.Blaisse-TerwindtPrevious RoundNext Round

R.A.Bain IRL7 3    
K.Keith-Steele GBR9 6    
Penny Durlac GBR5 2    
Peggy Dawson Scott GBR7 6    
E.W.Dawson ScottPrevious RoundNext Round

Jean Bostock GBR (5)6 6    
Hilde Doleschell AUT1 4    
Gem Hoahing GBR6 6    
Enid Kerr GBR3 1    
C.G.HoahingPrevious RoundNext Round

Dorothy Muller RSA2 6 6   
Sheila Dowdeswell KEN6 2 3   
Pat Cowney GBR1 6    
Colette Boegner FRA6 8    
C.BoegnerPrevious RoundNext Round

Doris Hart USA (4)6 6    
Helen Rihbany USA0 1    
Gladys Lines GBR6 3 6   
Edith Sutz TCH0 6 2   
G.R.LinesPrevious RoundNext Round

Joan Curry GBR6 6    
Gay Chandler GBR4 3    
Barbara Scofield USA6 7    
Maria Weiss ARG3 5    
B.ScofieldPrevious RoundNext Round

Nelly Landry FRA (7)     
Patsy O'Connell GBR     
Kay Tuckey GBR6 8 6   
Patsy Rodgers GBR8 6 2   
K.L.A.TuckeyPrevious RoundNext Round

Gloria Butler USA2 3    
Vera Thomas GBR6 6    
Marta Peterdy HUN6 7    
Miriamme de Borman BEL3 5    
W.M.PeterdyPrevious RoundNext Round