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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1950 Right

First Round

Doris Hart USA (3)6 8    
Kay Tuckey GBR4 6    
Bibbi Sanden SWE6 6    
Sheila Dowdeswell KEN3 4    
B.SandenNext Round

Myrtil Dubois FRA2 3    
Gem Hoahing GBR6 6    
Joey David GBR4 0    
Katie Johns GBR6 6    
P.M.JohnsNext Round

Helen Rihbany USA6 6    
Effie Peters GBR0 4    
Nancy Chaffee USA6 6    
Marta Barnett USA2 4    
N.ChaffeeNext Round

Freda Hammersley GBR6 6    
Bea Walter GBR3 4    
Betty Coutts GBR3 4    
Joy Hibbert GBR6 6    
J.A.HibbertNext Round

Annelise Bossi ITA (8)1 7 3   
Maria Weiss ARG6 5 6   
Rosemary Walsh GBR6 8    
Andree Varin FRA8 10    
R.VarinNext Round

Pam Bocquet GBR6 6    
Wendy Stork GBR4 3    
Billie Woodgate GBR8 9    
Gladys Lines GBR6 7    
R.F.WoodgateNext Round

Rosemary Bulleid GBR3 6 6   
Maud Galtier FRA6 2 3   
Hilary Stoodley-Morgan GBR4 1    
Barbara Scofield USA6 6    
B.ScofieldNext Round

Peggy Dawson Scott GBR6 7    
Edie Luxton GBR3 5    
E.W.Dawson Scott
Gilberte Jamain FRA6 7    
Andy Ross Dilley GBR4 5    
J.JamainNext Round