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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1951 Right

Fourth Round

Margaret du Pont USA (2)7 6    
Peggy Dawson Scott GBR5 2    
W.du Pont
Beverley Baker USA (5)10 6    
Helena Matous STA8 3    
B.J.BakerPrevious RoundNext Round

Doris Hart USA (3)6 6    
Jean Quertier GBR4 3    
Nancy Chaffee USA (7)6 6    
Bibbi Sanden SWE0 3    
N.ChaffeePrevious RoundNext Round

Rita Anderson USA4 1    
Jean Walker-Smith GBR (8)6 6    
Lorna Cornell GBR0 1    
Shirley Fry USA (4)6 6    
S.FryPrevious RoundNext Round

Barbara Davidson USA2 6 1   
Kay Tuckey GBR6 3 6   
Pat Lewis GBR1 0    
Louise Brough USA (1)6 6    
A.L.BroughPrevious RoundNext Round