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Draws Archive - Ladies' Singles

Left 1967 Right

Second Round

Carol Sherriff AUS3 3    
Mary Anne Eisel USA6 6    
Ingrid Loeys BEL1 4    
Cici Martinez USA6 6    
C.A.MartinezPrevious RoundNext Round

Francesca Gordigiani ITA2 2    
Anna Dmitrieva URS6 6    
Joyce Williams GBR0 5    
Nancy Richey USA (5)6 7    
N.A.RicheyPrevious RoundNext Round

Lidy Jansen Venneboer NED3 10    
Stephanie De Fina USA6 12    
S.R.De Fina
Eva Lundquist SWE1 2    
Karen Krantzcke AUS6 6    
K.M.KrantzckePrevious RoundNext Round

Esme Emanuel RSA2 6 6   
Vera Vopickova TCH6 1 0   
Carole Graebner USA6 3 4   
Ann Jones GBR (3)4 6 6   
P.F.JonesPrevious RoundNext Round

Alex Soady GBR4 3    
Judy Tegart AUS6 6    
Mimi Henreid USA1 0    
Pat Walkden RHO6 6    
P.M.WalkdenPrevious RoundNext Round

Jill Cottrill AUS6 6    
Betty Stove NED0 1    
Susan Behlmar USA4 4    
Annette van Zyl RSA (7)6 6    
A.M.van ZylPrevious RoundNext Round

Rita Bentley GBR0 6 3   
Winnie Shaw GBR6 4 6   
Evelyn Terras FRA1 3    
Rosie Casals USA6 6    
R.CasalsPrevious RoundNext Round

Monica Giorgi ITA4 0    
Lynn Abbes USA6 6    
Laura Rossouw RSA3 1    
Maria Bueno BRA (2)6 6    
M.E.BuenoPrevious RoundNext Round